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01-09-2011, 01:15 PM - 2 Likes   #1
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Are you the one that killed Pentax?

Ok, this may well be my last ever post on here (that'll be a first for me, being kicked off a forum) but Adam will probably chuck me off after I start world war three here.

BUT, many of you moan about the small market share Pentax have, the lack of profile and they need to sell more to survive.

However, many of you are so damn negative, so determined to find fault, so obsessed with this pathetic FF issue that you are helping to KILL not only ther KR but Pentax as well.

Bearing in mind that By the end of 2011 most tungston bulbs will have been phased out in the EU, and even parts of the US and Canada, the amount of times you would actually use it in those low-light under tungston circumtances, and the utterly un-scientific way in which many of these so called "tests" are conducted, one is forced to wonder if you actually wish the camera to fail.

I was very wary of buying the camera because of the FF reports, Mystic nearly didnt buy it for same reason, others are now asking about it, HOW MANY MORE HAVE YOU PUT OFF?

Go -ahead, kill one of the best cameras produced not only by Pentax, but in the marketplace, for years. I have rarely (In about 7 years of being on photo forums) come across such negativity about a new camera as found about the Kr by so called brand supporters.

It's about time you started singing it's praises, highlighting it's good points, amazing people with the level of detail it produces from a 12Mp sensor, the superb build quality over Sony, canon etc. Bearing in mind how little Hoya appear to spend on marketing, it's upto US to sell the camera to support our future. I dont even have one yet (see earlier posts re job loss) yet I can support it.

Yes some Kr cameras do have a problem, mostly minor, and some correctable, but many of you make it sound like the majority do, it has major faults and it isn't worth buying. Go and buy the A33 - the battery will last about 150 shots, and the video will over heat. The Top Nikon D7000 has focussing problems, the new Panny produces soft images, etc etc etc.

If I was Hoya, I'd be saying stuff you, we'll put our money elsewhere then - trouble is, so are the consumers you want to buy into the system...

If you really think you've got a faulty camera, send it back to pentax for replacement or get your money back then shut up.

It's depressing.

I'm now seriously considering other cameras when I get another job, I wonder how many others are.

I thought it was "the other forum" that was known for it's infighting and negativity. Seems it must be Pentax folk.


01-09-2011, 01:20 PM   #2
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It's not Pentax folk, it's forum folk. Same everywhere, not just cameras either.
01-09-2011, 02:34 PM   #3
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I haven't read anything negative about the K-r. And the worst thing I've read about the K5 is the stain issue.

Who's infighting? This isn't Rice High's blog.
01-09-2011, 02:39 PM   #4
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Hey Woody, I for one appreciate the honesty of your comments, because I like to call people on their actions as well. However, I'm as guilty of others here with how I, for example, was slamming problems I was having with my K20D after I got it two years ago, but it was fixed and has been perfect since. I had to get over the fact that, like computers, sometimes a camera will crash or hang up as well. I suppose people post bad experiences when they're frustrated without considering the consequences of their actions, such as turning others off of Pentax.

But it's been said that there's always a large silent majority of owners of most products that have no problems at all, and thus they have no reason to make a stink about anything. It's usually those who are extremely excited or extremely frustrated that show up on forums like these to express themselves.

As for me, I decided well over a year ago that Pentax is a fantastic brand and the strides they've made from the K20D to the K-5 are very significant, yet the K20D is still a great camera. And the K-x and now K-r have made major headway into the entry-level market. As for the 645D, it's put Pentax back into its place as a medium format leader in the digital age.

Regarding full-frame, who cares anymore unless you're the small majority of photographers actually making a living from sports photography who require a Canikon machine gun. Or who are so photographically incapable that rather than taking the time to set up a good shot they feel the need to "spray and pray", hoping to get one decent shot out of the ten they just fired off in 1.3 seconds. Or who brags about how many pixels they have like they brag about their ... Well, ahem, I think you get my point.

01-09-2011, 02:47 PM   #5
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I have to agree with ukwoody about the negativity being posted about this great new camera. I almost didn't buy Pentax digital although I was a real Pentax fan from my film days. I overcame my reluctance and bought a 2 lens Kr kit and I am more than happy I did. Only problems encountered so far are operator error. I was shooting pics of my grandkids at our local indoor water park and was asked by a Canon XTi user about my focus problems. I told him I had no problems and he was surprised and said because it was on the forums he assumed all Kr's had problems. We sure need more positive posts about the Kr.
01-09-2011, 03:05 PM   #6
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It is an unfortunate truth that people usually only post when they feel that they've been wronged or that they've had a gear failure that someone else should pay for. It seems to be the current trend, anyway.

I work in an industry that monitors and listens to a great deal of user feedback... we know that for every 1 person who complains, there's 10 others who agree - and 100 others who are happy with the product and wouldn't even know how to contact us if they wanted to.

As with most Web forums, the folks who type in CAPS and use lots of exclamation marks seem to get the most attention and response. People dig that sort of thing, and the folks who do it ... know what they're doing. It's unfortunate that sometimes legitimate threads with good questions and better answers are lost among the shouting and waving pitchforks.

Is that PF's fault? No. Just the price of this forum's popularity and growth. Will it kill Pentax? Not really, because regular people are getting smarter about opinion forums like this one ... they know the trolls and malcontents often bellow in places like this, and it take a while to find out what's the real story about the camera they'd like to buy.

I do miss the old days, though.
01-09-2011, 03:09 PM   #7
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QuoteOriginally posted by timh Quote
It's not Pentax folk, it's forum folk. Same everywhere, not just cameras either.
Yeah! Welcome to the Internet. Anonimity + time on hands + sitting in front of a computer rather than shooting .. you get a lot of meaningless content.

From your stats you seem to be newish here .. don't let the whingers and the constant FF drumbeat (still, FFS?) put you off.

Good luck with the income situation, my own recent bout took a move to a new continent to fix, you are not alone.

01-09-2011, 03:22 PM   #8
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QuoteOriginally posted by ukwoody Quote
Ok, this may well be my last ever post on here (that'll be a first for me, being kicked off a forum) but Adam will probably chuck me off after I start world war three here.
You don't know the place, it needs much more than this to get your a.s kicked
01-09-2011, 03:28 PM   #9
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IMHO people need to chill a bit about the focusing issue. These are not point and shoot cameras. I would always tweak the focus on my K100DS and I now do it on my K-r. Sometimes it's right on, others are not. Most of us consider ourselves photographers and not just button pushers. I LOVE my K-r and highly recommend it.
01-09-2011, 03:44 PM   #10
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hi Woody,

There might be a few Canon fanboys here that discredit Pentax on some minor issue or problems. I've always been a fan of Pentax brand, although I have the Nikon Pro body, I still enjoy shooting with my K-5 daily.

I think some of the negativities against Pentax are solely from certain Pentax bloggers and haters, I wish someone out there can drop some damn worms or viruses on RH blog, that fool's idiotic blog is turning some people away from Pentax, that punk is so negative towards Pentax...

I totally agree with you on the other brands, I used the D7000 for a day at work, its AF performance is not very impressive at all under artificial lighting condition; A33 and A55's battery life suck badly; and 60D(Canon), don't wanna start anything here, it's a big piece of plastic and the WB is awful...

I am sticking with Pentax as a back up, no intention to leave Pentax; I basically ignore the negative commons sometimes, because I know personally how well Pentax has been serving my need, I have no problems with Pentax what-so-ever, no stains on my K-5, no SDM problems with all my previous DA* lens(even though I'd sold them all to fund Nikon system), no problems contacting and getting great service from Pentax USA, the list can go on and on... ...
01-09-2011, 03:48 PM   #11
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I hope that you (and others) stay with Pentax. It seems that many of the different camera make forums are full of hypercritical claims, so there is no escape if one spends time on them. I appreciate the insight into the capabilities of equipment and how to better use it for photographs (rather than just tests) that people contribute.
01-09-2011, 04:34 PM   #12
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G'day Woody.
I have been on the forum a little while, and this forum has generally been quite civil and objective. Now, there will *always* be emotive posters who overtly and/or unknowingly scaremonger and unfairly criticise Pentax's gear, but I'm thankful that at least here, they're in the minority. Forums are free for discussion by anyone and everyone who wants to be a member, and there is nothing to lose on the part of the member with ulterior motive in writing negative, even abusive, threads.

Moderators on the forum do a good job keeping a lot of this rif-raf under check, but ultimately people are free to express their disdain or otherwise of anything they please here, and if kept impersonal is usually permitted. I do not see how this is in any way linked to a threat to K-r's or Pentax's future - such a claim is just as scaremongering as any other nay-sayer assertion.
01-09-2011, 05:23 PM   #13
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QuoteOriginally posted by timh Quote
It's not Pentax folk, it's forum folk. Same everywhere, not just cameras either.
Really? Because I have frequented a lot of forums on a LOT of subjects. Yes, there are always more noisy unhappy people than noisy happy people. That's normal. But outside of photography blogs, I have NEVER seen a group of people as obsessed and impossible to please as photography forum dwellers.

Seriously, it's the same thing time and time again. It starts off with overly grandios visions of some revolution in picture taking as the next model. Then a bunch of people get all pissy when the rumors and leaks are much more realistic. Then you have the infighting between that group and those who still think it will be awesome. That goes on until you get near the release date and real information starts hitting the internet, at which point you get the crowd that insists that this is the last straw and they will finally take their toys and go home for real this time. Then it comes out and you have the crowd that proclaims it is indeed the awesomest thing ever. They then proceed to fight with the people who are very disappointed that attention has been taken away from their announcing the end of the world. A third crowd develops who didn't buy the last one, didn't buy this one, and must start speculating immediately if the NEXT one will be the one true camera body they will finally buy to replace their current one. Then inevitably, the less than perfect reality of releasing a complex product on 18 month cycles or less rears it's ugly had and some real flaws are found. Then there is the wailing and gnashing of teeth as the doomsayers say doom is upon us, the procrastinaters decides this definitely means they will have to wait for the next one, and the previously happy people grumble at how long new firmware is taking to come out or how inventory it tight on a new product making it hard to get exchanges.

Seriously. Every photography forum has about 50% non photography bickering, 20% speculating about the next revision of cameras, 20% angry people saying the end is nigh or something equally negative, and about 10% of the people taking pictures. Of those 10% about half might be taking stuff interesting to talk about, of that half, about 1/4 do.

That's for pretty much any brand, we just amplify the negative here because Pentax is not one of the big two, or a giant electronics company that can toss truckloads of cash at a product hoping for market share like Sony or Panasonic can.

Honestly, I think the only area of interest that has bigger drama queens that whine about stuff more than photography are froums dedicated to audio equipment.
01-09-2011, 06:27 PM   #14
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QuoteOriginally posted by ukwoody Quote
it's upto US to sell the camera to support our future. I
hope you don't REALLY believe this....they got people who they pay for that job you know?
And it's just a brand...and it got a fat corporation behind...very unlikely to die...
People will find tons of info out there..some good, some bad...and those who will chose pentax will have their reasons...some will go with Canon or Nikon..who cares???
Pentax won't die...Corporations, profitable ones don't usually let a brand (with it's niche and name and etc) die just like that..and the fact that pentax got the first "affordable" MF digital system is probably much more reliable in terms of future than all the things the forums members can say....So all the "who killed pentax" and criticism about the way people act in the forum is pretty pointless..and Adam is a reasonable guy and won't kick you for thinking how you think..
Then very unlikely to be a WWIII topic XD so relax and enjoy your Kr!
01-09-2011, 06:47 PM   #15
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I don't think you could or should call us Fanboys.

I generally am impressed with the level of praise here. Criticism seems limited to the very ew errors Pentax makes and frustration with their lack of communication on these issues.

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