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03-21-2011, 02:23 AM   #1
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Who else are waiting for a firmware update for K-r to fix the FF problem

I know it might not be a good time to bring this up considering the situation in Japan. But I really want to know who else are waiting for pentax to fix FF problem for K-r.

Not sure if it's a matter of time or whether there will actually be a firmware fix for K-r.

Bahhh, I really like my K-r but the FF problem is quite frustrating indeed.

03-21-2011, 02:46 AM   #2
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Indeed it is.
It is prety much useless whit aparatures faster than f4.
I hope that firmware will be released soon.
03-21-2011, 02:51 AM   #3
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Hello there fellow photographer!

It's frustrating because you focus on it with obsession and everyone's talking about it with the same obsession.

Stop doing that and enjoy your K-R, take pictures with it and use live view to focus in low tungsten light, and you won't have this FF problem. How many shots do you take under those conditions anyway?

There will be a fix, just be patient. And even if there won't be, it''s not that big of an issue really.

We are, generally, obsessed with perfection, when this perfection really doesn't exist and we allow this greedy state of mind to ruin the fun and kill our joy. (I have a perfectionist girlfriend -killing me - and was a perfectionist myself, but i'm almost *laughs* cured)

Don't allow a minor thing ruin your joy

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03-21-2011, 02:59 AM   #4
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Original Poster
sorry but i can't fully agree with you. Yes, I am enjoying shooting with my k-r as much as possible. Still, I want my camera to focus normally in doors. I really don't think it's an obsession with perfect focus nor it's just because everyone's talking about it.

03-21-2011, 03:00 AM   #5
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I used to think this was a non issue, but now I'm beginning to change my mind. Its really one of those issues that you don't care about until you are directly affected by it. I wish I could return the camera and get a refund but I've already bought extra lenses and k-r accessories, so that's not an option any more, unless I e bay the items I bough which I prefer not to do. So, now I'm just hoping very very much that a fix can be released soon.
03-21-2011, 03:46 AM   #6
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This FF problem exists under other lighting conditions NOT just under Tungsten. Even outdoors the focus accuracy is not good. So yes I hope for a firmware update ASAP.
03-21-2011, 04:37 AM   #7
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hello,i was very tormented whether i should change my kr (to other brand) or keep it and wait for the firmware update.From one side the ff problems were just to severe to deal with and the lack of pentax info about when the firmware update will be ready and from the other side the great specifications ,looks (i had the white one) the ability to work with older manual lenses and the great video shooting was a very difficult choice.I had the kr for more than 30 days (so the return-refund period was passed).After contacting (from where i had purchased it) and advise me to deal with pentax and if pentax wont respond in my favor they will honor my loyalty to them (amazon) and accept the return ,i sent it over and bought a different brand from them(i must congratulate amazon for their services) .Even when i had the return authorisation of amazon to return it ,i had the kr packed for 2 days on my office desk wondering if i will regret to return it (kr has a <<strange>> ability to make you <<fall in love>> with it.)The end of story is that i finaly change it and now i have a camera with no focus issues at all even in very difficult situations (dark places-different kind of lighting mixed-lots a different layers of objects (branches-wires etc).With kr i was starting to question my photography skills (even though not proffessional) and passing my time to try to find ways(improvise) to dicrease the ff problem) now i try to find ways to chalenge my new camera.To be honest i still love the kr and in time when it will be an obsolete model(with very low price) i will rebuy it (great video mode) but for now the difference of the af ability between the cameras are day to night.

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03-21-2011, 05:24 AM   #8
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still waiting!
I got a 50mm 1.4 not a cheap one! cuz the DOF control and to be able to shoot under _low light_ conditions.... which is useless without a good focus accuracy..... my K100D focus better than the K-r..... however the performance of the K-r at high ISO is very very good IMOHO....
I know that perfection doesn't exist... that's why I can accept the not that good video mode of the K-r, the not having the AAs battery adapter included, the cheap plastic mounting of the DALs, but I think is not too much to ask an accurate ff which is not a new feature.... is that kind of thing you just expect to work.....
and btw.... the K20D except for the fact that is not free and that battery is not infinite has any other "flaw"?

The only thing that really scares me is that the frmwr for the K-5 seems to be working or not depending to who you ask.... but for all I have read there is no conclusive verdict about frmwr 1.03 and ff issue.....

03-21-2011, 05:35 AM   #9
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hello jorgemarmo@K100D. why do you say the <<not that good video of the kr>>?For me video mode of the kr was one of the advantages of the kr (except the only hd fact).Full manual controls + the use of a fast lens + the balanced construction of the kr body and body sr (less shake) was a hesitating point for return it.
03-21-2011, 05:43 AM   #10
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I think my KR must be defective too, because it has no sensor stain after 3 months use, I have taken shots with 5 different lenses at different f stops indoors with no focusing issues using auto or manual, caught birds in flight and have stopped surfers in their tracks from 200 meters away with my Sigma 70-300 DG APO with perfect focus maintained despite the changing white balance point between white water and blue sea. Live View ? Whats that - a battery waster for lazy people. I thought I got rid of that with my first Fuji Point and shoot 10 yrs ago - hated it then too.
Every body here says its a defective camera from Pentax so I guess it must be. Oh well I will have to follow the rest of the flock and sell it too! rofl

Seriously though, I can not believe how many people here say that they have KRs with problems. I know 2 other people on the Gold Coast with them too and they swear that they don't have any problems either. The only out of focus shots in any form that I have taken with mine were my fault when I forgot to switch it back to AF while out shooting birds but only for the first couple of shots before I realised. Duh
Sometimes reading this Forum about the KR and the K5, I wonder whether I should sell all my Pentax gear and buy a different brand or go back to a Point & Shoot before mine goes bad too. Then I think , No because I have had to scrimp and save to get everything I have now for many years and I cant afford to just change on a whim like many here seem too. For me money does not grow on trees unfortunately as I would still like a K5 despite what many say.

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03-21-2011, 07:11 AM   #11
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Count me in as one who is waiting. This week I am going to take matters into my own hands and buy a Katz Eye for my K-r. It adds 25%-33% to the base cost of the camera, but I need to move on. At least I will know if I am in focus or not in time to correct the problem manually.

I appreciate this thread because I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone with my frustration.

For those who feel the need to come into this thread and say that they are not interested in reading about us discussing the ff problem (and have nothing constructive to offer), then the feeling is mutual. If you are not waiting for a firmware to fix the ff issue then I am personally (and thoroughly) not interested in your opinion. Although you are free to post here or anywhere else, there are many other threads for you to participate in so I would like to politely urge you to please have your fun elsewhere.
03-21-2011, 07:16 AM   #12
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Im waiting but not going to hold my breath that the fix will even work when it comes.

03-21-2011, 08:32 AM   #13
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Add me to the list of folks who are waiting...

I don't believe folks that minimize the issue... my focus outdoors is great, indoors, in anything below about EV5-6, it FF like a MF! Even with the kit lens at higher f stops.

I agree the the most disheartening thing about it is that PentaxUSA won't even address the issue exists.
03-21-2011, 08:55 AM   #14
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Im waiting as well.

QuoteOriginally posted by Deimos Quote
I second that. LV works good.
03-21-2011, 08:56 AM   #15
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Recent inquiry with Pentax Support

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to Randall S.
Randall S: Thank you for contacting Pentax chat support Kevin, how may I help you?
Kevin Dufresne: Hi Randall, any new news about the K-r front focusing fix?
Kevin Dufresne: the K-5 got their firmware fix for it about 2 weeks ago, and I had heard the K-r fix was soon to follow, but nothing yet
Randall S: no, we haven't had any word from Pentax Japan yet about this.
Kevin Dufresne: do you have any way of communicating with them directly to inquire about whether a fix is even planned?
Kevin Dufresne: the issue is quite pervasive, even at EV 5-6
Kevin Dufresne: even in higher f-stops like f5-7
Randall S: We sent up sample images to them bu, no, we don't have that level of access to their product developers. They will niotify us if or when they have a new version of firmware for the camera.
Kevin Dufresne: Have you been hearing this more lately?
Kevin Dufresne: seems to be a universal problem, but could be a few dozen vocal voices online... just trying to judge the possibility that it may be unit specific
Randall S: you can test your camera and lens with a focus test chart. It's possible the problem you're having is specific to your camera.
Kevin Dufresne: mine certainly exhibits it, but am hesitant to send it in and be without the camera for a few weeks... might change my mind if you had heard reports of CRIS being able to fix it
Kevin Dufresne: I tested using focus chart, and also notice it in normal indoor shots under most artificial light
Kevin Dufresne: the focus chart tests were very controlled...
Randall S: you'd have to send us the camera and lens to examine and determine if the camera is operating within specifications.
Kevin Dufresne: tripod, 2 second release (MLU), center focus point only, etc
Kevin Dufresne: I guess what I am trying to understand is if there has been anyone to your knowledge that sent in their camera to CRIS, and had the FF resolved?
Kevin Dufresne: from my reading in the usual sources (dpreview, pentaxforums, steves digicams), seemingly, the answer is no
Randall S: That I couldn't say since it would depend on the nature of the problem. If the autofocus system just needs to be recalibrated to bring it in to factory specs. it would have been taken care of.
Kevin Dufresne: I have no way to verify the validity of those claims though, and you as a Pentax representative, could have info that would help me to make the call of whether I am comfortable being without my camera for 3 weeks during the spring.
Kevin Dufresne: Well, I guess the simple question is does Pentax recognize the existence of a FF issue, other than normal calibration? I think normal calibration is not wise since the camera focus quite well outdoors.
Randall S: All we can do is check the camera to see if it is operating within the factory specifications. If it's not, we would perform necessary repairs to bring it in to specs.
Randall S: Pentax Japan has not informed us of a problem with the K-R autofocus in low tungsten light.
Kevin Dufresne: And I would send the camera in if there was any possibility that the camera could be adjusted to within factory spec
Kevin Dufresne: but before I do that, I am trying to find evidence of anyone else (and there are hundreds from what I can gather with this problem) who has had such a positive effect sending it into CRIS
Kevin Dufresne: can you appreciate my reasoning?
Kevin Dufresne: It just seems silly to send a camera in that cannot be brought within spec and the only thing that will fix it is either Firmware, or hardware replacement
Randall S: I would suggest you inquire about that in the forums you're reading. I don't know that these customers have ever sent their cameras in to us for examination.
Kevin Dufresne: I think you are missing my point Randall, although I do appreciate you trying to help
Randall S: We advise any customer who contacts us with a suspected problem in their cameras to send it in to us to be examined.
Kevin Dufresne: Forget about the forum members
Randall S: Until we see your camera, we don't know why its not autofocusing properly.
Kevin Dufresne: Yes, and with that legacy of customers sending in their K-r, have you had a single camera sent in for FF under tungsten, returned and fixed to the customer's (any customers) satisfaction?
Kevin Dufresne: CRIS must keep records
Randall S: you're welcome to contact CRIS and inquire. their toll-free number is 877-269-7179.
Kevin Dufresne: super, thanks

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