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Come with me and enjoy wildlife,landscapes and some cities of South Africa
Posted By: traveler57, 07-24-2017, 04:02 AM

What a beautiful and diverse country.
And it's really a truth, when another person says: "When you come to Africa and you get the virus in your body, you'll be back as soon as possible."
This is how it happened with us. Since 2013, we visit this beautiful country for the third time.
The first time we started our trip from Cape Town, drove along the coast from the Garden Route and spent 5 nights near the Kruger NP.
The whole trip was self-booked, - flights, hotel, B & B and the car for our self drive.

And believe me, there are so many places to discover things and nature, there that would suffice for so many journeys.
For us Europeans, it is always impressive to be able to experience this wide range of landscapes.

So again, my invitation to discover this country.
I will not always appear in chronological order.

But now, we are starting ,- January 2013

1. Amazing view: from the Table Mountain, down to Cape Town City

2. Another Place : on the way to the Cape of Good Hoop

Cape of Good Hope - Wikipedia

Look to Hout Bay, from the Chapman's Peak Drive

Chapman?s Peak Drive ? Wikipedia

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Original Poster
Somerset West - Kirstenbosch - Botanic Garden -

Accommodation in a B & B: Majorca House

Majorca House Guest House | Luxury Accommodation in Somerset West

After arriving in Cape Town, we took the slightly longer route to the car rental companies.
As described in the first post that was not so smooth.
How we finally got rid of it, a whole time had passed.
So we caught on the highway the rush hour traffic with a large construction site.
Traffic jam without end.
Patience and calm were now announced.
Always looking for the vans cruising the lanes, always looking for the fastest way.
This was done after just over 1 1/2 hours.
Now it was progressing quickly and thanks to the navis, we found the accommodation in a residential area quite safe.
The gate was opened for the separate parking lot.
Only half?
Ok, I fit there with the Polo through.
So I started rolling and was almost to the A-pillar, when the gate closed again.
Eijeijei ....! - the gate hit the fender and I stood there now "squeezed".
Lesley, the homeowner, stood at the front door with the remote and was terrified when she saw the mishap.
Now she used the other transmitter and the gate finally opened.
Fortunately, the car had not been damaged, because I had stopped and the gate had not exerted much pressure.

We moved into our rooms, one of three available for rent.
Great room, with modern bathroom, outdoor terrace and pool. Here it was.
We inquired about the nearest restaurant because we were hungry.
It followed 2-3 phone calls, but everywhere it was fully booked.
So she explained the way to a mall, - "There is an Italian, a steak house and Spur's".
We drove to Waterstone Village Mall, went in and searched.
Also at the two restaurants everything full.
So we looked at track, a restaurant chain over, - tables free and pure .....
We got one of the last free tables and a very friendly and dedicated service.
The food, the wine and the dessert were very good.
All in all, a nice evening.

After a restful night, the delicious breakfast and dinner planning, we drove to Kirstenbosch, the botanical garden we did not visit in 2013.
It was already clear to us, that we had to expect not so many flowering plants in late summer.
And yet the visit was worthwhile.
Despite the drought, the park was super green and well maintained.
The everywhere you could enter the lawns and many benches under shady trees invited to linger, rounded off the very positive impression.
We hiked through the individual sections for a good 2-3 hours and were quite exhausted towards the end.
-The bottle always there, which could be filled in the park at various water points. !! GREAT !!

- extremely quick and hard to catch .... a sunbird -

Now we had plenty of time and so we drove in to Cape Town and parked in a parking garage at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront .

Waterfront and Eikendal

We let ourselves drift over the area, ate something and continued to stroll through the shops.

In addition to the old things, we also "discovered" quite a bit what had changed there since 2013.
It was this hall that had been a very simple hall in 2013 andn has now become a real gem.
Very diverse in the offer and with not completely exaggerated prices.
We liked it.

We lost track of time completely. It was already late .....

Back to the car and paid the cheap parking ticket, we were already in the city in a traffic jam ...... and that was - as on the previous day, - a lot of patience was in demand.
It goes in every day until 9.00 in the morning and in the afternoon from 2.30 / 3.00 pm - until well after 6 pm!
So we only had a short break at the house, until we drove off again.

The dinner was then booked nearby at a winery (Eikendal), - wine and food very good, - but very busy, the basements always ran in a jog, so it was never really quiet .....

In addition to the tables of two and four, many large groups were also gathered, - at the tables was spoken predominantly German.
It was noticeable that the region was not only well-attended and mostly by guests, with native dialects familiar to us.
Whether golfers or cyclists or normal tourists, all groups were very strong represented

We stayed a long time, it was a bit fresher, - but a light sweater was enough and so we enjoyed the evening.

Market and wine ......

Weekend and thus an open Farmstallmarket, very close to us.

In addition to the food court, also small stalls in the big tents.
From jewelery, furniture, textiles and other curiosities, everything was there.
Not to mention the delicious figs , we took with us.


Then we went to the winery of Ernie Els, very classy!
- stayed there for a while and wanted to continue to the next winery, which was still higher on the mountain.
The guard at the barrier told us that the restaurant was closed.
- there was nothing with the picnic in the countryside ..... for us .... :-(

So drove down again and on to other wineries.
We landed at Rust en Verde, one of the best but high priced red wine vendors.
Since we were already there, we had a wine tasting.
5 red wines, which were presented to us very competent and very, very good.

Priced just below and above the 20.00 euros per bottle and thus not the most expensive.
It was a very nice experience on the estate.
Everything very noble !! to the toilets !!!
- That must have seen a man / woman.

On the way back we have strengthened ourselves on the farm stall market, then.
If I had even drunk a small sip of the red wines, so I needed something as a basis.
Strengthened it went on, through Schwellendam over the mountains to Frankschoek, past some other wineries.

Our goal was now the winery Leopards Leap, which we had drunk again and again in the years before.
We liked the white wine quite well and the value for money was right.

So we made a wine tasting here, where I always just tried and "sank" the rest in the table container.
Too bad, but if you have to drive .....

The prices for the restaurants were very cheap, - delivered / delivered in Germany - acceptable.
So we ordered 12 fl. Chardonay and 6 fl. Chenin Blanc.
These have been delivered in the meantime.

The weather tipped on the way back as we got to Somerset West, no rain, but wind and it got noticeably cooler.
So no sunbathing at the pool was possible ......

Sunday: Wind in False Bay, Betty's Bay - to the penguins ....

Sunday morning, bright blue sky and some wind on the spot.

It went to Bettys Bay, - along the mountains on Clarens Drive. (a good alternative to Chapmans Peak Drive)

If it was still a middle breeze, the wind became stronger, the farther we got to the coastal road.
Fall winds blew down on us and shook the polo pretty well.
At a viewpoint at the bay we stopped to take some pictures.
I parked the car against the wind, the car doors were only opened with force.
Once outside, that did not get better, the gusts of wind almost blew you over.
My wife immediately crept back into the car.

I ducked a few shots slightly and stood upright.
Already very wrong what happened there.
And since we live in northern Germany, a stiff breeze can not easily unbalance us.

Back in the car, - a few kilometers further back a great view and a viewpoint in the lee side of the mountains, without falling winds.
Waveborder in the water and at the parking lot a hut with a signal mast and an observer. - a shark spotter with special glasses on.

(There were almost never any sharks in False Bay, but that changed dramatically when a documentary on South African sharks was being filmed.
To get the animals film-ready, fish waste and blood were brought into the bay to attract the animals. Following this trace of smell, the
Animals in the bay. The film was shot and the film crew disappeared).

What remained were the sharks, who now and again looked past the bay.

So it came to a corresponding incident, where a person was seriously injured. After that, the post was created to guarantee a degree of security .

- What such a mischief has an impact!

Following the coastal road we reached our destination.
The beach section in Betty Bay, where the Cape penguins have their colony.
Again, wind, but more from the sea and thus quite fresh, - no t-shirt temperatures despite the sunshine.
Everything we had on light sweater and cardigan we put on.
Other visitors were wearing their summer down jackets.

The small entrance fee, we liked to pay and went on the boardwalks along the coast.
Here and there a few signs on the past, in which the bay had been a landing place of the whalers.

We watched the penguins in different life situations.
Only the sun was wrong for many things.
Backlight and very bright .....

It was worth it anyway and it was more relaxed than back then in Boulders!
In the vicinity of Bettys Bay there is a small botanical garden with the possibility to hike in the mountains, sometimes as a tip.

Harold Porter National Botanic Garden

Do not forget hiking boots!

But we drove back and saw many a cyclist, who had his difficulties with the adverse wind conditions and could be picked up.

The Cape Town Cyclink Tour had to be canceled 3 weeks later because of the strong wind.

After a visit to a mall, we went back to the garden.

......even our vacation was coming to an end ....

One of the last 3 days, we spent in u.a. in Cape Town's inner city and on the waterfront.
One day without a camera and back in time before the traffic jam.
In the evening we drove in Somerset West to the Oceans 8 Seafood & Sushi. Somewhat hidden, but very good.
Whether fish or sushi!

The day before departure, the visit to Stellenbosch was on the program.
However, I had expected a little more from the city, - well it was nice, but nothing more.

Afterwards we went to the winery of Durbanville Hill,
where we made a wine tasting with the matching chocolate.
Of red, rose and white wines everything was there.
And how the taste of the wines changed by the chocolate, was already striking - especially with the red wines. !!

In the evening we visited the Ocean8 again and were again not disappointed.

Now our vacation was almost over.
The late morning and lunch we spent at a nearby winery.
Then early we to drove to the airport.
The delivery of the rental car and the task of luggage went quickly and easily.

In a small restaurant, overlooking the runway, we spent the time until our departure.
Via Istanbul, we went back to Hamburg, where the rain greeted us to arrive, at "friendly" 6-7 degrees.

An exciting journey was behind us.
With many, many different impressions of land and people.
Once again, the country surprised us.
It was very different in some ways from the two previous visits.

It just remains an exciting and exciting country that you can travel so easily.
Much of what is not so good and in conversations was expressed again and again, true,
but during the short stay can hardly make it a comprehensive picture.
So for us tourists, it is a pleasure of traveling .....

In this sense, as always - "beautiful wanderlust"

This summarizes the impressions of the last trips to South Africa.

What awaits us in 2018, let us surprise ourselves .....

Thank you for your visits to all those who did not let themselves be scared, of the many pictures and the lyrics
- those who commented and took the thumbs up button are my special thanks.

In this sense until later, after the trip .....

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After a longer break, - the new trip to South Africa and the processing of the same, we start again.
If you feel like it, join in and join us.
The travelogue, which is published in a German South Africa forum, is taken over orginally and roughly translated with the help of a translater.
Look at the mistakes that will surely creep in and rather enjoy the story with the pictures.

In this sense

From lack - heat-dust and "cold" - South Africa the fourth....

Yes. Yes....
And now that too, another travelogue ....
As already threatened, I hit the keys again, sort out a few shots and tell you what happened on our trip this year.
It should be briefly mentioned that it was our fourth trip to this great country and basically a little more relaxed than in previous years.
What we really enjoyed.

"Lack of water" - heat, dust and loneliness - elephants in mass and a few cooler days,
that's the way to describe this year's trip to the southern hemisphere.

Moin, moin in the round,
and so everyone is invited to join us on our fourth round trip in South Africa, a few hundred kilometers via travelogue
From the end of January to the end of February, we were on a tour that does not quite fit into the normal itineraries.
Very quiet and with a lot of time in the middle of it.
The regions we toured were the West and East Cape and into the RB.


Hout Bay / Cape Town view from the B & B

For those who can not wait, here is the itinerary ......
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The backside of the Table Mountain The Cape Peninsula is a wonderful area. Looking forward to following your trip through the Karoo. The Karoo NP and Mountain Zebra NP are both on my list, as is (yet another) re-visit along the coast of Eastern Cape.
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Now it starts, - please get in and off you go

At the end of January, finally the time has come, everything is packed, loaded and we are off to Hamburg.
Without problems we reach the area, where we can park our car for the time.
Only the telephone ordered taxi does not want to come.
Is that so complicated?
- Despite exact location description of our location, no car appears.
Once, twice, a third time in the taxi center we called, where the car remains.
Of course someone else over there on the phone.
Where exactly are they?
In the fourth attempt, it finally works and the driver sees us and comes to the plane where we stand.
The way to the terminal is short, - hired at the counter, everything runs smoothly and quickly. We leave the security check behind us and go to the gate.
The machine from Istanbul arrives punctually and the departure is on time.

Istanbul, 2 hours ahead, sometimes no bus ride to the terminal - now waiting for the flight to Cape Town.
Time passes quite fast and local time is 2.30am.
If only the airlines had an insight, that you are not hungry at such a time and just want to sleep.
Give us a little bottle of water and darkens the cabin ..... So everything pulls out and only after 4:30 it's time - dark and quiet.
Good five hours on: breakfast

Local time SA: 12:30 pm - the Airbus A330 arrives punctually in Cape Town.
There........... !
Now the formalities of entry, pick up luggage and get hold of the rental car.
We are not alone in the emigration, the EK from Dubai has landed shortly before us, that is,
-a lot of running back and forth, row by row, until we can also at the switch.
Get entry stamp and ready.
Picked up the suitcases, drawn money - measures the best machine, costs fees ... no matter, no desire to look for another (is only a few meters further), as I see then.
Through the tunnel to Europcar, - I tell myself beforehand, keep calm and do not get upset, everything will be fine. (I have my special experiences with the company).
Switch busy and busy, three in front of me, - that's fine.
Now it is my turn - very friendly I step on the counter, give my documents and the writing stuff is done.
I ask politely, if I can get the Rav4, "- is a Mitsubishi ...." "With automatic? - Yes - Do you have a lot of luggage - Yes - and if it would not be possible to get a Rav4."
"One moment - there is one more in the BOX, - our last" - a telephone call later ...
We should take a short seat, the car will be right away. Phew, - that sometimes works as desired and without theater, - great.
Since the car comes, almost new, - just 8000km run.

Stow things and go to Hout Bay, to Somersby Guest House B & B.

3. Approach via the M3 -

Cozy we drive to Hout Bay and thanks to the GPS we arrive safely.
Good parking on the property, the great rooms and once arrived, sun on the balcony and enjoy the panorama.


---------- Post added 05-14-18 at 12:35 PM ----------

On the subject: lack

The water emergency in the region around Cape Town was already a big topic last year.
The situation has not improved in the course of the year, but rather worsened.
The water reservoirs (lakes) in the surrounding mountains are virtually empty and thus official measures come into force, which strongly urges the population to save more water.
These are staggered and without going into the subtleties, - it was u.a. It is forbidden to irrigate gardens, refill the pool and it should not exceed 50 liters per day per person. consumed.
The water consumption rules were explained to us before and it was asked to apply them as well.
Showers - please briefly (2 -3 minutes) and catch the water by means of a bucket.
Toilet flush: yellow can stay - brown push away, - sounds a bit crazy, but you can live with it.

In the evening, we get a driver to take us to the Hout Bay Market and pay nothing.

The Hout Bay Harbour Market. The Most Vibrant of Markets in Cape Town

Call me if you want to go back ....

Oh how is that nice there, small stalls, then some long tables, around it many stalls with different offers of food.


We orient ourselves first and decide for the delicious burgers, veggie and gemsbok (oryx), - super delicious, with a bottle of wine.
Without drinking water , which we remember very quickly .....


The atmosphere is great, there is live music, but we are getting very tired now.
So we call our taxi and dormouse quickly at the B & B.


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Well rested, strengthened by the great breakfast and a short contact via WhatsApp the day before and in the early morning,
we meet with a South African couple from Cape Town in front of our B & B around 11.00.
"We got to know each other" via flickr - in the summer of 2017. - and now we are facing each other .....
The welcome is as warm as if we had known each other since years.
Sometimes that just fits ...!
They drive with us to Bloubergstrand, since we were not there yet, - to the Blue Peter for lunch.

On the beach itself, a big kitesurfing competition started on the weekend, the Red Bull King of the Air 2018,
from the 27.01. until 11.02. took place. Accordingly, there was a lot going on and later the coastal road was closed.

For action go to this page and see spectacular pictures ......

Day 1 | Red Bull King of the Air 2018 | Red Bull TV


The view from there on Cape Town and Table Mountain is beautiful.

We have a lot to talk about and time flies by,
- Later we are still at the Rhodes Memorial and have a different view from there on Cape Town.


Very lonely during the week and not necessarily the safest place.


a video production .....

We spent great hours together - and certainly not seen the last time.
If it works, with us in our hometown this year.

"The world is sometimes a village" and it can be so easy and uncomplicated to meet other people.
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Our next day's destination was the waterfront, where we spent a few hours, sometimes without a big camera, which was a completely new experience.
On Sunday not as crowded as feared.
So we strolled around, looked here and there in the shops, bought some small things and let us go on.
Heard the marimba band and listened to the sounds of a singer in another place.
A nice chilly day at the waterfront - pure holiday feeling.

Again, the water saving measures were noticeable, since on the public toilets in the malls only disinfectants were spent,
because no water came from the taps.
In the restaurants was only a faucet and from then came only a water mist, because water.

13. behind Hout Bay direction Cape Town - LLandudno - also not a bad residential area

14. Fire at Table Mountain .... a smoky afternoon on the mountain -

15. High quality street music!

16. a short audio sample ....

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The following day we went to Cape Point, with the drive, back and forth, over the Chapman's Peak Drive
and a side trip to Boulders (without the penguins) and Fish Hoek Beach.
Everything quiet and easy, - since 2013 for the second time.
On the drive we stopped at the various parking lots to enjoy the views.

17. Hout Bay



time more or less visitors shared with us these lookout positions. The weather was wonderful. Not too warm, a light breeze, - perfect.
That I did not take the big equipment with lenses, retaliated very soon.
We discovered "weird" waves in the bay, maybe one or more bodies.
However, without being able to see exactly what it was now.
Here I missed the 500mm and the binoculars had stayed in Trolli in the B & B.
We were not properly prepared in that regard.


It went on and it was so crowded at the lookout point for Noordhoekstrand that we went a little further to take some pictures.


At our time of visit, there was some evidence that it was on this beach several times to raids, - once with serious
Injuries to the affected tourists.
Therefore, please visit relevant travel forums or if possible visit local news sites again and again to be up to date.
It should be mentioned at this point, before it comes to an overreaction, with the tenor:
"I say, SA is dangerous, because you are threatened, robbed or worse ....."

After four trips to different parts of South Africa, we did not feel uncomfortable at any point or situation. Also experienced no situation or learned from other travelers that they were threatened or robbed.
What was told to us this time that a suitcase was opened by a tourist on the flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth (castle removed)
and its empty! Second port was used. - Nothing else.
This can happen anywhere in airports, as well as all other things, whether in D, Europe, Asia, America or Africa.
Therefore, exercise the much-described "common sense" while traveling and enjoy the time.
Without ignoring the local hints.

---------- Post added 06-02-18 at 10:07 AM ----------

But back.
We reached Cape Point and went up by train, because it was really warm ...


Various points we started and it went up to the lighthouse, to go back to the parking lot via different ways.
It was getting fuller, good that we were there early enough.
The Cape of Good Hope still approached, while some Elands discovered on the hillside and we were pleased about the fur seals on the rocks.



As always, the sign was quite crowded, which we only visited briefly and enjoyed the poses and dislocations of many visitors who performed there.
So we slowly rolled to the gate, hoping for a few animals at a waterhole, but except for an ostrich, we saw nothing more.

So we left the park and made a short stop in Boulders, not to go to the penguins, but to buy some aloe products.


Afterwards we went to the beach of Fish Hoek Beach for a short stop to drive over the drive back to Hout Bay.



We ate in the days next to the Habour Market, the Dunes, The Wharfside Grill and the Lookout Deck, - delicious and good everywhere.
So the days were already over here.
A good quiet entry was that and relaxed it should go on.



The next day was the change to the wine region, but before that it should go to lunch in a restaurant, that we had learned to love and appreciate the previous year.
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Our new destination was the smallest South African registered winery, north of Wellington.
But before, we had plenty of time and so we took a "minor" detour and drove to Somerset West.
First in the gr. Mall, then to lunch at the Ocean 8.
As sorry as we were, we skipped the spontaneous invitation from our new friends from Cape Town.
They invited us to their home shortly before.
The few purchases and the shopping spree in the mall were then quickly done and the anticipation of the sushi rose.

We quickly found the hidden restaurant and went inside.
The boss served us and I asked her if she could remember us.
My wife nudged me, - you always ....
So the drinks were brought and then she said,
"Yours been here since the last year, sat at the table the last night and

We talked about our "goodbye" next year, if you come back to SA. "
"May be, never knows and never say never"
I looked at my wife and said: And now, you come ......
So the woman has a great memory and so we chatted again for a while.

31.Deep Fried Sushi Roll

The food was again excellent and we ate more, as we wanted, was only incidentally mentioned.
Finally, she asked, "Look inside here again".
"- No, this time only once ....."
"And you just took the detour because of the food - yes!"
There was an amazement and joy in her face.

Completely saturated - we now continue to daub, Jacaranda was now our goal.

Jacaranda Wines | Wine Estate Wellington





A place to feel good, as it turned out, a cottage with all the trimmings, idyllic, small and fine.
Down to earth and yet exclusive, with the pool, the terrace.
Despite the vintage and the hectic work, everything was great, - the bookable breakfast should not miss!
That was unique, - fresh, extensive and so lovingly enough, - simply great!


In addition to the Spice Route, a tour of the surrounding area including a mountain pass, we participated in the in-house wine tasting
and let Rene explain the processing, using the freshly harvested grapes.
The marketing of the wines and everything that was part of it was expertly explained.
It is a place to relax, with the possibility to do smaller tours.
A gem of the class with Birgit and Rene.

36. the main house

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Fantastic images, was just perusing through, makes me want to go!
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Original Poster
Spice Route / Paarl, - the tastings you can do there:

Tastings at Spice Route Destination

We chose chocolate-tasting and were fortunate enough to be alone with the professional.
It showed the production areas, explained the processing and fed 70% chocolate from five different regions.
(Uganda, Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama and Madagascar)
It was amazing how different the chocolate tasted!
The clear favorite after that was the chocolate, which was won from the beans from Madagascar.

The 30 minutes passed very quickly, it was entertaining, funny and very informative.


39. you could try them, too - cocoa beans -

40. production - the mass is stirred and refined for up to 120 hours.


On the second day we started a round trip, which took us to two smaller towns (Riebeeck-Kasteel and Tulbagh) and back on the Bain's Kloof Pass.

42. Traces of the fires - not only here, as we saw again and again -

43. the area around Wellington

44.Dinner on the Val Du Charron / View

What else is missing from this travelogue?

Anyone who has "accompanied" us over the years, especially as far as travel reports on South Africa are concerned, will miss one thing until now, namely animal pictures.
On Jacaranda there were now the first serious ways to catch at least something.
Often very well camouflaged or again in front of one on the run.
As an introduction this came out:

45. Hagedash Ibis flies to his sleeping place - they are for general joy, early in the morning, already very loud ......






With that, we ended the time of leisure.
An air change was now on and it went now about 375 km further to the east.
More animals and more landscape ........
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Brings back fond memories
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Wellington - Worcester- Robinson - Montagu - Barrydale - Ladismith - Oudtshoorn 375 km

Streets and the like N1 - R 60 - R62, - all in top condition!


Until now, the travel area was more or less known to us and now, it became
time to meet our other needs.
When planning the trip, it was clear very early that we would make a stop in Oudtshoorn.
But what drives you there, surely some are wondering.
It was not the ostriches for us, but the desire of my wife to go on a MeerKat tour.
So we rushed over the N1-R 60 - R62 to stop at Earthbound B & B.

Guest House Accommodation in Oudtshoorn - Earthbound Guesthouse

As the recessions in the relevant portals have described, we also found it.
Very nice room, with great bathroom, small pool, sun beds, good breakfast ect.
Super nice hosts, who also completed the registration confirmation of the tour and showed us the meeting place for the early morning on a plan. - for 5.00 o'clock.

This tour, with MeerKat Adventures, is reported very differently and it is also not very cheap,
- but you know that in advance and so I accept it or let it stop. (600 Rand P or 500 Rand p.P if one lives on the provider's accommodation).


To the tour itself.
As already mentioned meeting point at a crossing in the morning just before 5.00.
Drive in your own car about 9 km and drive into a private area.
There after a few hundred meters a stop, tea / coffee and Rusk was served.
It was also paid here, better with cash, because the card terminals do not always work.




We were divided into two groups, one part drove back and into a field across the street.
We each got a safari chair and with the hint everything to check if you ect the camera, batteries, memory cards. with us and off we went.
We walked about 900m through the area, where here and there plants or holes were declared / together with the inhabitants.
Arrived we formed an open semicircle with the chairs and sat down.
The sun had already climbed a bit over the distant mountains and donated the first heat (it was 14-15 degrees warm before).



Our guide explained a lot about the area sizes, the buffer zones between the clans, the group behavior and much more.
He looked again at the holes in front of us, which were slightly elevated.
And then the first head appeared, peeked out of the hole in the ground and, like the rest of the group, did not bother us at all.


That it worked this way it took almost two years, daily presence of the guides, first alone, then several people, then with chairs ect.
It is also important to keep a close eye on each night before the group moves to their bivouac to wait for the right hole in the morning.
Depending on the area and group, there may be 3 or even 5 - 6 such camps and the time window is rather small to be in the right place in the evening.
We were fortunate enough to see a large group (about 14 animals) and that they also stayed around for about 45 minutes until they left to search for food.
The 3 hours were quickly over and we (especially my wife) were really happy with this morning.

But it should also be mentioned, that the animals sometimes break up after a few minutes and disappear - that some of them are a bit frustrated,
I can understand - but who is on safari tour or was, knows that, yes, something works, sometimes just little - to nothing.

A selection of pictures, without you with these "to slay" in the next part ......

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Hello, - can someone explain me, why the whole photos are to be called only over the click function?
So it makes no sense to continue the travelogue ......
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QuoteOriginally posted by traveler57 Quote
Hello, - can someone explain me, why the whole photos are to be called only over the click function?
So it makes no sense to continue the travelogue ......
Not quite sure what you mean. It looks good to me
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QuoteOriginally posted by traveler57 Quote
can someone explain me, why the whole photos are to be called only over the click function?
The links are to web sites without security certificates (http instead of https) and the default settings for this web site (pentaxforums) is to not display linked images from web sites without security certificates. It is possible to change your own settings for Pentaxforums to override this default setting. See this discussion thread.

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