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Come with me and enjoy wildlife,landscapes and some cities of South Africa
Posted By: traveler57, 07-24-2017, 04:02 AM

What a beautiful and diverse country.
And it's really a truth, when another person says: "When you come to Africa and you get the virus in your body, you'll be back as soon as possible."
This is how it happened with us. Since 2013, we visit this beautiful country for the third time.
The first time we started our trip from Cape Town, drove along the coast from the Garden Route and spent 5 nights near the Kruger NP.
The whole trip was self-booked, - flights, hotel, B & B and the car for our self drive.

And believe me, there are so many places to discover things and nature, there that would suffice for so many journeys.
For us Europeans, it is always impressive to be able to experience this wide range of landscapes.

So again, my invitation to discover this country.
I will not always appear in chronological order.

But now, we are starting ,- January 2013

1. Amazing view: from the Table Mountain, down to Cape Town City

2. Another Place : on the way to the Cape of Good Hoop

Cape of Good Hope - Wikipedia

Look to Hout Bay, from the Chapman's Peak Drive

Chapman?s Peak Drive ? Wikipedia

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QuoteOriginally posted by RGlasel Quote
The links are to web sites without security certificates (http instead of https) and the default settings for this web site (pentaxforums) is to not display linked images from web sites without security certificates. It is possible to change your own settings for Pentaxforums to override this default setting. See this discussion thread.
Thank you RGlasel for this information. So I changed my settings from yes to no and again to yes and I can see now all my photos :-)).
So I will continue this threat in the next days.......

Have a nice weekend/ sunday, wherever you are.

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Indescribable. Thanks so much for the tour along with excellent narratives. Wonderful photography.

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Original Poster
The show must go on.....

The Meerkat - Show:

Some notes and additions to what is in Wikipedia.
The community is strictly hierarchical with the meerkats.
The law of the stronger applies here from the beginning.
Rank low animals may do well German, the "dirty work" and are responsible for keeping the building clean.
Speaking of construction, - the animals do not only live in a shelter, but have several shelters in their area, at least in the Karoo.
Therefore, the guards are indeed active, just in the morning to check the security situation, but if they are on the hunt, they share the tasks.
The animals are not very social, food is not shared, growing males u. Females are displaced from a certain age
and have to find or occupy their own refuge.
In case of danger, everyone is the next one and rushes into the protection area.
According to an evaluation of a university in Switzerland, the "vocabulary" of the animals is around 14 different sounds.
Real Clan fights are usually about life and death.
On the other hand, there are imaginary buffer zones between the areas where the animals occasionally meet and eye each other.
If it stays that way, everyone goes their own way - only with a border violation does it come to a hard conflict.
The group we visited has a hunting ground, which is about 20 football fields in size.


61. the alpha female





66. the alpha male - unfortunately always a bit out of the way and hidden ......

67. departure ..... start signal....

.... and then it went very fast, everyone ran away and we saw them later here and there in the area,
when some animals straightened up. Everything always about 30 m ++ away.
Suboptimal for photos, as they do not rest long.
For us a great experience and on the way back I talked to the second guide for a while.
What snake sightings in this area have you here?
He was very talkative and asked-how we liked it and stressed that we had a lot of luck this morning,
that the animals had stayed at the earth caves for so long (about 45 minutes).

The chairs were packed in the barrels, our group of 14 people said goodbye and we drove back to the B & B for our breakfast.
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I find #63 and #65 very interesting to look at and the photographs are clear, sharp and well exposed. Thanks for posting!

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Original Poster
After a longer break , I am back.......

After breakfast, the next program point was the Swartberg Pass.

Swartberge ? Wikipedia


From the south side to the north side, without visiting the Caves at the track.
An impressive route, a lot of Gravelroad, sometimes better, sometimes worse, some Viewpoints at the driveway and according to statements of the South Africans on the way,
A great day, as it was very clear for the local conditions and not so windy.
However, I found the north side more impressive and exciting, although some wild motorcyclists clouded the descent a bit.
Back it went the long way outside, to the delight of my wife, who does not love such steep, narrow and unsecured passports.

Unlike me ......




72nd on the north side




in addition, a few moving pictures that give an impression of the streets - everything in the shot from the canyon / north side towards Prince Albert:



The return trip led relaxed on a wide road to Oudtshoorn.
Here we drove on the N 12 a deep ravine, which was very worth seeing, because here again showed the enormous distortions of the rock.
I did not know about that or did not fall for it during the travel planning. The more impressed this way.
It is Meiringspoort

Meiringspoort - Wikipedia read slowly, then you understand as well as anything, even if it is Afrikaans.

and see for yourself:

---------- Post added 12-10-18 at 03:40 PM ----------

The next days we spent now in the Karoo NP, the drive there was characterized by very dry bush landscapes with long straight stretches.
But let's just say the road conditions on the whole trip were excellent, no comparison to the tracks last year.

76. long and lonely ......

Arrived at the NP and registered in the Maincamp, we could also move into our house, a semi-detached house,
large, as always functional, but very nice with large kitchen, bar, table and sofa.
Free view from the terrace into the wild area.



We only knew that there were only two non 4x4 routes (once around 12km and about 45km long).

Unfortunately only tours offered by Sanpark, if 4 pers. come together, which was not the case in our 2.5 days.
So we drove the scenic very beautiful routes several times and took a lot of time, or drove off at different times.
Sometimes we thought we were alone in the park, it was a new experience.
Especially through the "infinite widths", this is what happens when you stand up in the mountains and look down into the plain
and no car can be seen far and wide.


By booking the accommodation, breakfast is included in the price which is rather exceptional but very convenient.
The food was plentiful and the selection was good, which also refers to the dinner menu, quality and price, all good.
Definitely a lot better than last year in Kruger !!! Even the shop in the camp was convincing.



82. Elands, very early ......, but far away .....

83. Springbok

84. Wedding dance of the ostrich


86. Temperatures in the daytime at the beginning of February are about 33-36 degrees, one day 44 and at 20.30 still 38 degrees in a light wind.
That was a bit heavy.

Images and enumeration of the sighted animals: hartebeest, ostrich, turtles, black eagle, springbok, zebra, eland,
Oryx (Gemsbock), Klipspringer, Kudus, Rehantilope, div. Small birds and other birds of prey, Pavian groups, Warthogs (super shy!),
Mango, rock monitor and a black rhino.


On the subject of "image quality" I'll come soon ....., because there were a few technical problems
Unexpected in form, surprising - but ultimately explainable.
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Still enjoying the armchair traveling
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Original Poster
Photographically, was this time an even bigger challenge for me, because I was confronted with situations for the first time,
which I did not know until then.
At least not to that extent and with the corresponding effects on the pictures.
After the first afternoon in the Karoo NP and the quick review of the pictures, taken on the small camera monitor,
I noticed the first inconsistencies, which was on so many pictures.

On the one hand, it was already clear to me that in often hazy lighting conditions it would be difficult to get clear landscape shots.
Also, that we could not be in some areas at the "auspicious times" as early or late.
Therefore, on one camera, the pole filter was always mounted on the lens (Pentax DA 18-135 mm).
And the second aspect, that showed itself - in addition to the extreme light conditions, there were also inexplicable blurring in the animal pictures,
sometimes more sometimes less.
A repeated review of the settings in peace, brought me not synonymous, even the Exif's not.
Everything like on the trips before.
Has the lens a error or me?
- Why are some pictures not sharp as usual?

Until then the next day "the dime" fell to me!
Again at a waterhole with oryx antelopes, which I wanted to portray, it reminds me a lot (already in the viewfinder),
I did not really get the unusually far away standing animals.
Neither in autofocus, nor manually. Again the settings checked (aperture, iso, exposure) - all ok.
Again set and then I saw it and everything was then immediately clear to me,
- the rising warm air from the ground, in the context of the long focal length, compressed the air so,
as if she were streaked with streaks.
That under the conditions only conditionally good pictures can arise, I was suddenly clear.
Also, I now came to the corresponding comments from other reports ,
where this phenomenon had been pointed out.
So it was to live with it and to hope, that one would get closer to animals.
As I said, in the green Krugerpark or in the other NP's I had the crass, not experienced.

A try at the house with a 2x teleconverter and the 150-500 in the early afternoon, showed only "slush".
So it was not easy here and in Mountain Zebra NP it should be even more difficult ....

Some pictures from the Karoo NP:

88. Mouse bird with juveniles - Mausv÷gel ? Wikipedia

89th Camp

90th way from the camp to the plateau ....

91. Klippspinger very close ......

92. startled mongoose

93. Sand bath

94. Sand Bath II

95th beautiful sight ......


97th with the thorns, one would like to have no contact ..... neither with the own body, nor with a car tire!

98. a rock detector, on departure .....

Conclusion to the Karoo NP:

South African National Parks - SANParks - Official Website - Accommodation, Activities, Prices, Reservations

Camp top - scenic a great park - seen more animals than expected - but often very far away, with a very high escape distance -

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Hi Traveller

Another nice travel series

Heat haze yep messes with you

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Original Poster
The bridge day in front of the Mountain Zebra NP.

The drive through the Karoo and a "few" kilometers straight ahead, with short and right short bush, shaped the transitional stage.


Later, then again mountains with a fertile plain. South Africa and its diversity, just great. ;-)

100. There are enough table mountains in SA

101. It is worthwhile to see something in the bush left and right while driving ... If the braking distance would not be so long ....: D

We reached Graaff-Reinet very early, so we decided to drive straight to the Camdeboo NP.

Camdeboo-Nationalpark ? Wikipedia

Up to the Valley of Desolation
Again, not necessarily a street, that will be one of my wife's favorites,......
The views are amazing and as there were hardly any visitors up there, we had the view just for us.
On the drive to the sunset again , we renounced later ...





106. Graaff-Reinet

We enjoyed the afternoon in the garden of the B & B / Whyte House and had dinner in the polka.
Also we can only recommend this restaurant, whether the lamb or the Bobotie, the cake ... everything was delicious.

107. stewed lamb-neck - when I see the picture, the "water" comes to my mouth .....
It was the recommendation of our service ......

108./ 109. my wife's bobotie - and only because of this small, because I have blurred the photo / (mobile) a bit and that is not so much notice .....

Also the offered things in the house, like the bread and the jams worthwhile to take.
By the way, we got into conversation with the boss of the house, which had already been in Germany.
It was a very pleasant conversation and completed the short visit in this city outstanding.

The breakfast in the B & B was very varied and at the long table you could talk to the other guests.
There were only German guests on site in the morning.
Once, two young couples from Bavaria, who wanted to continue to Jeffreys Bay and another couple, which was a bit older than us.
Already know SA ..... !! ??
He knew, "top" (??) and showed that also from the body language.
She spoke irritatingly softly and inquired with us, what you could still look at everything in Graaff-Reinert necessarily ......
You still have a lot of time today .... - ??
We talked to the young people for quite a while.
Here were clear rules, the "girls" had planned the trip and the "boys" were responsible for the route and the car.
They asked us what they should definitely look at on their route, which they had not already planned.
Especially for the recommendations around Kynsna and Cape Town, they were very grateful.
As soon as the vehicles were loaded and everyone left ......

For us it was now in the Mountain Zebra NP.
With 130 km, the journey was short and so we cruised towards the park .........

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Very nice! I still haven't been to this part of South Africa. It's on the list, though!
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After the very good breakfast we went on - the Mountain Zebra NP was on.

The crossing easy, good wide roads and a laser measurement of our speed.
The policeman had laid himself down in a ditch and was aiming for us near the ground.
But without success, we drove 80 km / h and were allowed 100. : D
110.Wide .....

South African National Parks - SANParks - Official Website - Accommodation, Activities, Prices, Reservations
At the gate all easy, who drove about 12 km to the camp and registered in the camp, already seen some animals.
..... the key for the house was only at 2.00 .... ok .....
Then we drive a lap through the park.
The map was studied and decided on the Kranskop Loop.

111. Jackal Hawk - Jackal Buzzard

112th approach ....

113. and caught. Kill, - but unfortunately not visible, what was there for lunch. Schakalbussard ? Wikipedia

At the viewpoint
Get out at your own risk - beware of lions - was already a couple and enjoyed the view with a glass of wine: wine:
South Africans and how it is, you came into conversation very quickly, time was running out .......

114. All-round views .....



So we came back later than wanted.
Receive the key and refer to the bungalow.
Well equipped, comfortable armchair, table, dining bar - except for the aging bathroom, everything was very nice.
If you had turned on the fridge, it would have been almost perfect.
The bathroom, - everything was very clean, tub with shower curtain, but is no longer contemporary and a sink drain,
which had been repeatedly patched and heavily corroded and dripped slightly from time to time, diminished the otherwise really good overall impression.

The park is very different from the other parks in terms of its characteristics.
Next to the, let's say, lower area, which is more densely overgrown, there is a wide grassy plateau and a valley that can be traveled normally.
In addition, three 4x4 routes.

We stayed here for 4 nights, so plenty of time in the 3.5 days, without the constant pressure to drive around in peace.
We enjoyed that very much.
The weather was rather unstable during the days.
We had just about everything, in the time, - sun, clouds, completely drawn mountains, showers, thunderstorms, a lot of wind,
Weather lights on a night drive around us and heat.

The usual .....
(since I parallel write the RB in a photo forum, a few links are set, the experienced
Africa travelers seem a bit amusing ... But it has been shown that some followers there, with the identification of animal species,
have some difficulties ..... and it can not hurt here ...)

117. Mountain Zebra - and how do you recognize the differences in zebras ....? - Zebra ? Wikipedia

118. White-tailed Gnu or Black Wildebeest / White-tailed Wildebeest.
Wei▀schwanzgnu ? Wikipedia, in contrast to this: Streifengnu ? Wikipedia

Many animals are more or less very loyal to location, in one part was
it almost animalless (Kranskop Loop) ...., you just had to discover other things.

119. Fox mangoose - Yellow mongose
Fuchsmanguste ? Wikipedia

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No photos today ...... but read yourself and follow the links:

No one could guess, that the booked Night Drive was such a highlight.
It only looked like it afterwards that it either fails or we could get pretty wet, if the thunderstorms would hit us.
It turned out quite differently and all nine guests on the car were very enthusiastic about what we discovered together and saw everything.
Even a novelty did not take pictures, nor videos on the tour, everyone enjoyed the moment, whether South Africans, Dutch or we Germans.
That surprised our guide especially.
That would have been very unusual for him on this tour, as he told us afterwards.

But now to the memories of the night and the unique events:

The evening started a bit bumpy.
The tour should start at 7.30 pm and we should arrive at 7.00 pm at the parking lot.
Said and we were there on time, it had been thundering all around us since the afternoon.
Sometimes with a lot of rain, sometimes a little less, or it just dripped.
Whether the drive would take place at all, in the weather? - that was the big question.

It was now dry at the meeting point, but it still flashed all around.
The time passed, - an employee came from the park and said the guide would be on the way, he checks only what from .... ???
It was later and a South African guest, spoke again with the staff on site .....
Finally at 8.10 pm the car appeared.
The guide apologized several times for the delay, - it would not have been told him that he should drive today ????
Anyway, we should relax and we would ride until we saw "everything".
For safety's sake, there were still raincoats on the car, although this vehicle had a rain shelter and off we went.

As I said, we were fully occupied and next to the guide, another man got the second headlight for the left side.
So we rolled off, it was now pitch dark ..... and discovered the shy Cape Buffalos behind the trees on the edge of the vehicle.
Moments later, on the other side of the slope, a few bright eyes in the grass.
With the spotlight we recognized a small genet.
Immediately after, I spotted an owl on the other side, a little further.
Man, what a great introduction to the tour !!
No stop for photos? our guide asked.
General answer, no, we will enjoy everything only with our senses ......!
OK !

We drove off the main road and took the off-road tracks under the wheels.
There! - again shining eyes, - but what is that ???
Rabbits - no ... but something like that. Finally we could better illuminate her and we watched spellbound.
Half hare and half kangaroo, only much smaller - they were springhares and for us the first time we saw such an animal!
That surprised my South African neighbors after all, we were so excited about this sighting.
"Have you never seen them?" He asked again. "No, they are completely new to us".
So he told me something about the animals .... really great!
We "fought on" on the narrow, bumpy roads.
Again and again it became very bright for a short time, when the light of the lightning around us lit up the sky.
Funnily enough, we only had a few drops of rain during the tour, despite the spectacle of light!
We discovered the grass eater, as a larger group of Eland antelopes, always springhares, some birds in the trees.
The time flew by and without that we could guess it, the highlight should follow ....
Slowly it was back on the main road in the direction of the camp.
Predators had been rare until now.
We had a look at a jackal for a moment, until it disappeared quickly.

Suddenly someone discovered a shadow in the twilight, what was there .....?
Both lamps illuminate the area more closely and then we saw it, the animal ......
It was an Aardwolf, an Earth Wolf !! A hyena species, very rare, also here MZNP.
As it is with the nocturnal animals, they have been discovered, retreat very quickly and seek cover,
- but we had seen this magnificent animal!
We rolled on, now was on the right side again.
We could hardly believe our eyes, nor an earthwolf, that was awesome!
Even our guide was blown away.
"You've been lucky enough to see 2 of the 3 or 4 animals that are here in the park today !!!", so his comment.
Even our South Africans on the car could hardly believe it.
For some, it was the second time in his life that he had seen such an animal after 15 years
and then to see two and relatively close and clear.
Just great !!!
But we were not back yet.
I thought an Aardvark, an earth pig, that would be the absolute crowning glory for this drive.
That was not it then (maybe it would have been too much of a good thing),
but our "help guide" behind me spotted something on the left side,
- the car was reset, - he was not sure ....
So we shone off the slope, put the car over again and then we caught it ....
A porcupine was trying to get out of our sight quickly,
but the spiky animal succeeded only after a while.

Overjoyed, thanks to the sightings, we reached the camp again at 10.30 pm,
- said goodbye and had enough conversation for the rest of the evening.

Conclusion: Started the evening stuttering, but what a finale!

Special animals on the Nightdrive:
Owls, genet cat (Genet Cat), Springhasen (South African springhare) South ? Wikipedia African_Springhase,
Jackal, Porcupine, Cape Buffalo, Capricorn, Gray Duiker, Earthwolf (2) (Aardwolf), https: //,
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Summary of the daily trips in the MZNP:
The park has many faces and therefore it is already very interresting from the topography alone.
Dense to dense overgrown in the access area to the camp. Whereby the terrain is open and wide at the entrance.
In order to get into the higher part you have to go up steep ramps no matter where.
There are thus 3 ways to the highlands, 2x well paved in the steep sections and 1x almost unpaved and narrow,
on the Kranskoop Lopp. Everything with a normal vehicle to drive.
As the 4x4 Trail, I can not say anything because we did not drive this.

On the high plateau, which is almost treeless for the most part, were during our visit period, most of the animals.
Large groups of zebras, springbok, wildebeest and bison.
Since the open spaces are very large, the animals can dodge widely and thus quickly in the worst case,
stand up to a few hundred meters away or even place themselves so that one can vaguely guess.
The best way to get closer to the animals was to wait at the water holes ......
As already indicated, the weather was very different in the days, we repeatedly umschmissen our tours and
had to lay or shorten the time.
Therefore, the stay with four nights was not too long.
From the Gepardentracking we did not use, since 2013 we were so close to the animals and active on a walk
We got in touch with the cats, which we gladly did without lying cheetahs on or under the bush.

We have not seen her for days ...

Photo Series Park I:
120th opposite the Karoo NP, it was much greener here, it was still flourishing so many plants and the air smelled accordingly flowery .........


We know the bird as a year-round inhabitant, but he is also a migratory bird. s. Link.

122. If I have drawn the right conclusion from the textbooks, this is a Lanner falcon Lannerfalke ? Wikipedia

123. Also a rear view can be nice .... helmeted guineafowl Helmperlhuhn ? Wikipedia

124. at the house ...... could only find the fitting Latin name for this ant ..... Camponotus fulvopilosus

125th Great Singing Goblin - Pale Chanting Goshawk Pale chanting goshawk - Wikipedia
Anecdote: The South Africans at the viewpoint raved about
this bird and said that we will get to see "running" .....
We saw him in the days exactly once ..... in the MZNP!

126. the grassland .....

127. flowering acacia tree

128. L÷ffler, with a small catch .....

129. getting a "good" zebra portrait is really difficult
As a rule, animals always turn away quickly when they stop.
- still is the background still so, the colors of the animals shine accordingly .....- I think here fits that.

130. Springbok South Africa national rugby union team - Wikipedia


132. -there was also ... Oryx Antelope or Gemsbok / Spitbuck Oryxantilopen ? Wikipedia

So that's an intermediate conclusion, which concerns these areas.
It was a very different view and journey into this NP.
Much more relaxed, since the pressure of expectation was not as high as, for example, in the Kruger.
Also, through the lesser open trails in the parks, you took much more time and enjoyed
the views and encounters much more intense.
With 2.5 days for the Karoo and 3.5 days for the Mountain Zebra NP we also had enough time.
This period of time was also completely sufficient - whoever does not have that much time is also good with 2.5 days each.
Especially the peace and "loneliness" on the tours and in the camp we liked it very much.

---------- Post added 12-21-18 at 02:04 PM ----------

What else was there to report and see .... u.a. this:

Picture Series II:
133. With the corresponding "more" time, then sometimes such recordings succeed.
The zebras had been quarreling for a while. The one animal was really on riot and did not let up.
First, the whole looked quite harmless, jostle something, sometimes bite until it was then violent ....




137. Fox mongoose, but no meerkats to see ....

138. we have seen him a few times, but unfortunately never perfect in the view ..... the Schabrackenschakel

139.. he was clearly more patient than we ......
It's just amazing how long these animals can stand motionless, waiting, standing .....
After felt 15 minutes we gave up .....

140. African Bristle Squirrel

141. They are super shy - Gray Rheboks - Rehantilopes


143. the national bird of South Africa - Blue Crain - paradise crane

144. Overview

This time was over and we started in another region, not so far away, but worlds apart,
from the impressions of the last days.
It was close to and in the Addo Elephant Park.
On the one hand, we had an "invoice" with this park, as we visited the one-day visit in 2013,
only a half, far away, standing elephant to face got and that should change this time.
On the other hand, we had opted for a place outside the park to relax there.
So a compromise, since we had booked a bungalow with garden, on a river, including breakfast and
bookable dinner for the evening (3 courses), on a citrus farm.
The approach to the gate of the Addo was about 30 minutes, which was perfectly ok for local conditions.
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Even with this approach, we were very early in the target area and so we drove before in the Addo, even if it was already around noon.
Cruising a bit, visiting 3 waterholes in the upper part and driving off the local loops and actually seeing the first complete one
Elephants from a lookout point, at the waterhole where we had been about 20 - 30 minutes ago ..... - but seen.
Do not panic, - we had plenty of time in the next few days to increase the quota.

145th in the Karoo NP shy and panic fleeing .... here at the roadside relaxed .....

146th rar in the MZNP - seen here in Addo almost every day ....

147. "By-catch"

So we left the park and drove to the accommodation, or once in the rough direction, because my sat nav, the target did not want to capture despite the GPS data,
because of missing road maps .....
Well, I've seen it before (street view), how far is it from the intersection and where to turn around.
It was then also signposted, - it went to a Alzheimereinrichtung, we found it a bit diagonal.
But had nothing to do with our B & B.
On a gravel road it went away from the main road, it should be 4.5 km.
Then through a first gate, always between citrus trees on.
Turn right, then left again until the road narrows and the trees are right on the path.
Another turn around and the lodge gate was reached.
We were almost there, at the Umlambo River Lodge, -... almost.
Still a few meters on the single track and from the dam down to the property.
Done.- the first impression, fantastic location!

We were welcomed warmly, the booked house was presented, as well as the entire other area.
Here you can stand it, - done everything right!
The next five nights this was our home, - put in a nutshell:
Top house with terrace (table and wicker chairs) private garden with loungers, jetty with a private kayak on the Sundays River. : Thumbsup:
In total there are four houses there (3 x for 2 pers. And 1 x for 4 pers.) All optically separated and all with private dock.
The breakfast was also very good and every night we spoil from the (bookable) dinner, the Kayla prepared
- was then the icing on the cake during the days. : Saflag:
Too bad for an overnight stay to really enjoy this place.
Breakfast was available from 7.00 to 10.00 - 6.00 would have been possible ...
Dinner always at 19.00.
Addo Umlambo Accommodation River Lodge | South Africa | Umlambo



150th hot water supply ... Therme and tank, - operated with a gas bottle ..... worked 1a!


The days in Addo Elephant Park:
South African National Parks - SANParks - Official Website - Accommodation, Activities, Prices, Reservations

Card: click makes big ...

We drove every morning in the next few days in the park, - the registration forms we had at the first visit,
taken for the following days and filled out in advance, so the daily registration process took not so long
to get the day pass handed.
So we were 5 times in the park, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, with a break in the restaurant, sometimes not.

5 days ...... Addo, - must be, is not boring ..... ????
I tell you, a clever allocation of time and movement plan on the routes, already offer a certain variety and
which was very important for us, the leisure time for 2 hours at the Hapoor Dam and only the elephants and
Elephant groups can be seen there by the water.
To experience the comings and goings of the groups, to observe the interactions of the animals in the groups, with the cops or the bath in the water,
- There was so much to see.
The smell to perceive the sounds of wheezing and trumpeting.
We did not have the time and the rest not to get impatient and not like many others to stop there for a few minutes,
take some pictures and keep on hurrying.
And we saw many, really many elephants, always between 10.00 and 1.00 it was very active on the water, with about 100 to 120/130 animals.
Groups came, then separated a bit, new groups came, others went off into the bush ......

If you have a soft spot for these animals, then you are in the right place, because you can not get so close and so relaxed to these animals with your own car.
In addition, there is the high presence of elephants, who gather here and march between the cars depending on their own location ...... !!
So, always leave gaps!

and now to the selected 380 elephant pictures and about 48 Vidoes ........: D: D: D
Do not worry .... was fun, - but there are already plenty of pictures and movies made in the days, - well, at least some pictures:

153. all pictures are taken at Hapoor Dam .......

154. Arrivals

155. Skin structure .....

156. Skin Care ....

157. Welcome

158. Rangelery .---- more on that below .......

159. bath

160. Again, it was not possible without ...

161. Big Bull

162. relaxed drinking group

Something to the picture 158, or what is still a juvenile showdown, already has a deeper meaning.
Because cows, as well as the bulls have to assert themselves later in life.
That this can sometimes end tragically, you have in recent days on #safariLive / youtube channel under videos (with) experience.

There are two bulls got together and have probably fought very hard (about 25 and about 35 years old).
The younger man was hit so badly by a tusk by his opponent that he penetrated deep into his body under his shoulder.
When one of the guides with the camera car encountered this animal on a tree, it was assumed that he had a light afternoon nap.
But the animal was very noticeable in his movements.
As the car took a different position, came the reference to the TV community, the next pictures would not be for the faint-hearted people ......
Gullions hung out of the body and it bleeded more, sometimes less.
The injured cop tried to stop it with sand and earth.
The leadership in Sabie Sand was contacted and the area closed for tours, as such an injured animal, if still very quiet,
could become a potential hazard to anyone if they got a fever and more pain.

A little later, the big cop appeared again on the scene, which was full in "Musth" and even the experienced guide from the TV team left the scenery,
because there was not enough space to dodge. He definitely did not want to get caught in the middle, or even be attacked by the big bull.
In the morning they had already met an aggressive bull, who was really not very friendly.
The fan community worried accordingly and asked what would happen now ....

The Morningdrive did not bring anything new hours later.
Shortly after the live broadcast, the animal was found, far from the place of the previous day.


According to the guides there, the big bull, the injured animal, gave the rest .....

That, too, is nature, a daily struggle and not the perfect world, as many may imagine it "transfigured".

Brent (guide) on his way and finds the elephant standing in the shade leaning against a tree // from 3.50 minutes

next afternoon from 7.25 - you can go forward and backwards on the timeline with the mouse .....

more safari u.a. ........ with the big food at the elephant carcass ... from March 27. 2018 ........ůJVJ3dCXQ/videos

Again, that's nature, - and also in the days at the "School Drives" for the students with their teachers, the pictures were shown
with the appropriate explanations.

It's just unusual that you get to see such a thing and then with such a big animal, even for the guides on site. !
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Original Poster
Besides the great elephant sightings at this and other waterholes, what else was there to see?
Twice we had the luck to find lionesses, or lying to see.
Once very hidden behind trees and bushes and would not have been there two safari cars, we would probably have passed.
But that's how we started and hoped to see something more.
One of the drivers probably found that and drove straight into the grassland, behind the hiding place and chased the lionesses ...... - they were completely perplexed and scattered.
Something like that we had experienced in the years, someone so offensive or should I rather say reckless, drove on the animals ... !! ??
With a big grin he came back, the guests on his car were happy, - the other guide with his group also and we looked at each other and shook our heads, - so Krass.
I made a few pictures, but almost all have become nothing, because the camera did not have the right settings for such a situation ....

Also, the second sighting on the following day, was rather coincidental and only briefly, as the lionesses disappeared very quickly in the thicket.
A small selection of what else we came across the way and in front of the lens .....:

Warthogs were abundant in the park and almost never shy

164. a gray heron, annoyed by the elephants, left ...

165. Lioness, calms down again ...

166. Rock formation

167. Strife on the street - no suitable place for it!

168. in between, right. One of us still had to squeeze through - with a small child on board

169. Lioness, the other day .... after probably having killed a Warthog at night or early ....

170. Dung Beetle / Dungbeetle - very important in the ecosystem

170. largest raven in the region, - a white-necked raven

171. Jackals, the raven, and this bird of prey fought over the last chunks and bones .....

172. once a kudu ....

Our sightings here:
Of course, elephants .... ostriches, zebras, blue crane, black headed heron, lions, kaffir buffalo, hartebeest, eland, kudu, warthogs, jackals, turtles,
Vervet monkeys, yellow mongoose, dung beetle, div. birds, butterflies ect.

---------- Post added 12-28-18 at 11:36 AM ----------

I have made my "peace" with this park, after the days!
And yet, the park will not be our favorite, but it is way too crowded, hectic and "impersonal".
The National Park feeling did not come across here, more like a safari park.
In addition, reckless drivers who press the elephants on the road, we experienced several times.
That no longer happened is like a miracle.
In the Kruger NP that could have ended very bad for the inmates.
Many places and some loops are so overgrown that you can not discover anything so well.
You drive here almost like in a canal that is overgrown on both sides.
The flow of visitors is very concentrated on the northern part.
The southern section was noticeably quieter at least in the days we were there.
There are some open areas, which means a higher stock of grass weeds.
We personally saw in the days already enough, 2 x the lions, had on the way also close encounters with elephants, but ran very relaxed.
Also a Secratry Bird was granted to us.
Unfortunately, very badly visible and as a gap on his way was free for us, he previously took off and disappeared under the shelter of the high bushes .....

The last day of visiting Addo.
The last good 2.5 hours we spent with the elephants at the waterhole.
As in the days before, I had climbed into the back seat of the vehicle because a disembarkation is not allowed.
So each of us had the optimal overview of the animals.
But then the question arose, what now ....
We quickly agreed - that was a great graduation for the Addo.
So we drove back to the River Lodge and enjoyed the rest of the day there.

173. The big "pachyderms" are also comfortable ...


175. a / b / c

Elephant hair .- rather than in / or as - bracelet - fashion accessory processed, - by the way, it would be confiscated at German customs and you would get an ad.
So go away, from such "holiday souvenirs" !!!


177. .... and bye Addo


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