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Weekly 115 - Photo of the week 23 May - 6 June 2010
Posted By: Tamia, 05-30-2010, 05:12 AM

Welcome to 115th edition of the Pentax Forum's Picture of the Week! This edition covers photos taken between 23 May and 6 June 2010.

Thanks to Lisa (casil403) for hosting last week, and for passing the baton to me this time. This was her first time as host of POTW, so tip her a nod for her great job.

POTW is a great place to show what you're shooting day-to-day with your Pentax cameras. It gives us all a chance to virtually visit with one another, to get a glimpse of what it's like where others live and where they've been, and to extend the same invitation to others to share what we've been seeing.

Summer is officially launched here in the northern hemisphere, but our southern hemisphere counterparts are heading into their winter. It's a good time to compare the shoulder seasons from each part of the globe. So take your camera out and shoot some photos to share round with fellow Pentaxians!

Again same rules as before:

1) No theme, just post your favourite pix.

2) Let's keep it to under 6 images per post just so the thread doesn't get too big each week.

3) Any Pentax camera or Samsung SLR is fine, whether it's film, P&S, or DSLR.

4) Date: Sunday 23 May 2010 to Sunday 6 June 2010. Enter anything you shot last week or during this current week until the thread closes. Old shots with a new look from post-processing during the open time period are also welcome.

5) The current host will appoint the new host as an invitation via PM. If possible, the new thread will be linked to the previous one and the new thread will start between Noon EDT and 5PM EDT on Sunday. If the thread doesn't start, please contact Peter Zack, Moderator via PM.

Ready? Great! Shoot and post!

Previous hosts: Each one is a hotlink to that POTW thread to look past at the previous 112 weeks. 1 Peter Zack, 2Eaglerapids 3 rmtagg, 4 Peter Zack, 5 daacon, 6 Bramela, 7 mtnbearhug, 8 dantuyhoa, 9 gawan,10 roentarre, 11 daacon, 12 Kris, 13 mtnbearhug, 14 SCGushue, 15 daacon, 16 maxwell1295, 17 dantuyhoa, 18 daacon, 19 maxwell1295 19(2) daacon, 20 Bramela, 21 Syb, 22 maxwell1295, 23 maxwell1295, 24 dantuyhoa, 25 Gawan, 26 Peter Zack, 27 borno, 28 daacon, 29 gawan, 30 Damn Brit, 31 maxwell1295 32 maxwell1295 , 33 dantuyhoa, 34 daacon, 35 Peter Zack, 36 Damn Brit, 37 Borno, 38 Kevint, 39 Peter Zack, 40 Timbo13, 41 daacon, 42 daacon, 43 gawan, 44 dantuyhoa, 45 daacon, 46 Rense, 47 daacon, 48 Rense, 49 borno, 50 Rense, 51 daacon, 52 Peter Zack, 53 Peter Zack, 54 dadipentax, 55 David Whiteley, 56 planedriver, 57 daacon,58 Bramela, 59 daacon, 60 gawan, 61 virgilr, 62 daacon, 63 RickL, 64 Peter Zack, 65 Peter Zack, 66 Causey 67 daacon, 68 Bramela, 69 georgeweb, 70 daacon, 71 seacapt, 72 daacon, 73 AOski, 74 Rense 75 eccs19, 76 daacon, 77 xs400, 78 daacon, 79 Bramela, 80 borno, 81 legacyb4, 82 daacon, 83 gawan, 84 Rense, 85 Peter Zack, 86 davef, 87 davef, 88 xjjohnno 89 Bramela , 90 Peter Zack, 91 daacon, 92 stevebrot ,93 reeftool, 94 jezza323, 95 oldschool, 96 Iris, 97 Rense, 98 planedriver, 99 xs400, 100 Peter Zack, 101 Netuser 102 Photolady, 103 Tamia,
104 Irishwhite, 105 Ramseybuckeye, 106 xjjohnno, 107 Bumbibop, 108 JeffJS, 109 Tpeace, 110 Nomad, 111 Photolady, 112 rparmar, 113 Peter Zack, 114 casil403,

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06-05-2010, 12:56 AM   #46
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Good to see another week of great pics in my favourite thread.
A Pentax SMC 400 f5.6 turned up this week so despite the soggy weather I had to take it out for a christening of the lens. Naturally birds were the subject.
A noisy miner.
Currawong pics
Bronzewing pigeon, a native pigeon and first sighting by me in the park.

06-05-2010, 05:06 AM   #47
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Original Poster
Great photo selections, folks.

Joe, great to see more sights from Banff. That young goat is quite curious, and the mountains are gorgeous.

Mark (bbluesman), the portrait of the artist is super -- I feel like sketching his face. And to espy the owl eye in the bark takes a sharp eye. "Line it Out" is mesmerizing! That hovering line really makes the picture.

Mar (photolady), thanks for the compliments on my pix. I love having moving water nearby. So how do you like your new lens? You've been giving it a good trial. Lovely photo of the butterfly. I did a little looking around but couldn't ID it. Seems related to the Monarch. A good online source is Butterflies and Moths of North America <>. That spider is great, perfect camouflage. I see why you have the squirrels and birds you do with such good habitat in your yard. I love how your house blends in.

Xjjohnno, very crisp bird photos. That lens is a winner. I especially like the first pigeon photo. He's watchfull but still relaxed.
06-05-2010, 05:12 AM   #48
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Original Poster
Here are a few from me from this week. The first was taken when looking for pictures for the P52 Forest challenge.

Reclamation I'm standing on an old road and shooting toward what was an extensive tannery in the late 19th century.

Impressionist Woodland Trail

Sparkling Riverbank Deliberate out of focus shot to emphasize the main elements and color.

Tenacity Flooded periodically by the rising river.

06-05-2010, 07:14 AM   #49
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Loyal Site Supporter
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John, love the bird shots. That pigeon is the best, I've never seen any like that. He/she almost looks like a Dove. I'm guessing these two types of birds are related somehow.

Tamia, thanks for the website, and the comments on my photos. I've found the butterfly name, through use of your link. It's a Gulf Fritillary, I'm loving this smaller lens. It seems I can get closer to the flowers and the bugs. I wanted it to be able to shoot wide angle but found I was using the 55mm end more than the 18mm end. And the fact photos are sharp and crisp, helps too.

That forest shot (the tannery) is lovely to see. Nice greens and browns just compliment each other nicely. I like the forest look. The water with that's sparkling, hurts my eyes for some reason. Sort of like looking directly into that river does to me.

Last edited by photolady95; 06-05-2010 at 07:25 AM.
06-05-2010, 02:16 PM   #50
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I rounded off the week with my daughter's high school grad. I am not a portrait photographer at all and I really did not manage to capture any decent images of my daughter during any of the endless event, especially at the luncheon where I had to contend with terrible lighting and swarms of photo taking parents and relatives! But I did catch my daughter outside after the event and I finally got my son and his longtime girlfriend who was also graduating to pose for some shots. I posted my favourite.

Thomas and Antonia

06-05-2010, 04:03 PM   #51
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Thanks for hosting Tamia!

Lot's of rain and work this week but got some fun in too
Name:  Crew20100529_0097.jpg
Views: 294
Size:  75.6 KB

Name:  Longhorn20100605_0004.jpg
Views: 287
Size:  75.4 KB

Name:  Butterfly20100602_0114.jpg
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Name:  Tractor20100526_0064.jpg
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Name:  MetLifeBlimp20100529_0048.jpg
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06-05-2010, 06:25 PM   #52
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I got out in the kayak today for the first time in a few weeks. I wasn't out but a few minutes before I came across this guy. I'm not sure what kind of bird it is. I think it's either an eastern kingbird of kingfisher.

Last edited by reeftool; 04-29-2011 at 08:33 PM.
06-05-2010, 10:29 PM   #53
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Here are a few from today. Out and about at Blackfalds Days.

Wanted to try some Flower shots with the Bigma
Name:  2010 06 05_0250_edited-1 reduced.jpg
Views: 253
Size:  109.9 KB

Name:  2010 06 05_0253_edited-1 Reduced.jpg
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Size:  106.8 KB

Something different for me
Name:  2010 06 05_0200_BW reduced.jpg
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Size:  71.1 KB

06-06-2010, 05:01 AM   #54
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Original Poster
Mar, glad that you identified your lovely butterfly, and that you're enjoying your smaller lens. I love my 18-50mm, which I think is often underrated. Thanks for the compliment on my pix. That sparkling water was blinding when I shot it.

Joe, Ginny is a lovely young lady, and your son and his girlfriend make a handsome couple. Congratulations to the graduates!

Tom, good to see your contributions. Nice action in the first picture, and I love your farm and rural photos. The blimp is cool.

Reeftool, it's great to get out in the kayak, isn't it, and I find that canoeing and kayaking lets me sneak up closer to birds than does hiking. You've captured a beautifully posed photo of an eastern kingbird there, a flycatcher. Can't be sure of the shrub, but the blooms make me think it's possibly an elderberry. Nice capture.

James, I can almost smell the lilacs. Those shots are lush. I really like the photo of folks' legs. It has me wondering who they are, where they're going, where they came from. Well done.
06-06-2010, 05:15 AM - 1 Like   #55
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Original Poster
Before we leave this week's POTW, I'd like to show the latest turtle in my long-term project to save them from being hit by cars. When I'm cycling, which I do a lot, I see too many dead animals who are killed by motorists, many of whom drive far too fast. So, whenever I see a turtle in the road I help them in the direction they're going. And yes, it IS possible to lift a huge snapper without getting bitten, and without the snapper being injured. Anyway, here's my latest turtle save, not a snapper this time, but a painted turtle...

She had leeches on her carapace, so I pushed the hitchhikers off and flung them into the grass before putting the turtle down off the road on the side she had been heading:

06-06-2010, 03:48 PM   #56
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Nice save Tamia. We do need more people to pay attention.

Great stuff this week and the new one is posted here:
06-06-2010, 04:01 PM   #57
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Great portraits Joe
Tamia-EEEEEW! but in a very cool bio-eco way!

Some from photowalk including forum member Darren Melrose near and at TungHai University, Taichung, Taiwan.

Actually used the Rikenon 50mm 2 for this. Darren helped me out on soem ninja settings info for my ist DL

Last edited by Peter Zack; 06-06-2010 at 09:33 PM.
06-08-2010, 12:43 PM   #58
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Not a bad week so far yesterday I pulled the trigger on the Da55-300-here are some of my first far this lens seems to be a winner:

taken with my K-x at iso800 300mm f6.3.( PP: some cropping):

and some boat-pictures also from today taken with my K200D and the Da16-45-the K200 still beats the K-x (and many other cameras ) at low iso IQ in my point of view.

All the best!

06-08-2010, 01:15 PM   #59
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Original Poster
SMF and Planedriver, you should move your pictures to the current Photo of the Week, #116. This one's closed. Nice shots, BTW!
06-08-2010, 03:59 PM   #60
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Post moved and thread closed.
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