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POTW #312 covering weeks 21 April - 4 May 2014
Posted By: Papa Lazarou, 04-28-2014, 01:02 AM

Welcome to another round of Picture of the Week. This is edition, #312, covers 21 April - 4 May 2014 . POTW is a great spot to show off any shots you take in the upcoming week, or last week that you haven't processed until now. In other words, you can post your shots from this week AND last week.

Some rules:
1) No theme, just post your favorite pix.
2) 6 or less images per post just so the thread doesn't get too big.
3) Any Pentax or Samsung camera, film or digital.

The current host will invite a new host via Private Message (PM). If possible, the new thread will be linked to the previous one and the new thread will start between Noon EDT and 5PM EDT on Sunday. If the thread doesn't start, please contact bluestringer, Moderator via PM.

Here are the records of previous POTW threads: 1 Peter Zack, 2 Eaglerapids, 3 rmtagg, 4 Peter Zack, 5 daacon, 6 Bramela, 7 mtnbearhug, 8 dantuyhoa, 9 gawan,10 roentarre, 11 daacon, 12 Kris, 13 mtnbearhug, 14 SCGushue, 15 daacon, 16 maxwell1295, 17 dantuyhoa, 18 daacon, 19 maxwell1295, 19(2) daacon, 20 Bramela, 21 Syb, 22 maxwell1295, 23 maxwell1295, 24 dantuyhoa, 25 Gawan, 26 Peter Zack, 27 borno, 28 daacon, 29 gawan, 30 Damn Brit, 31 maxwell1295, 32 maxwell1295, 33 dantuyhoa, 34 daacon, 35 Peter Zack, 36 Damn Brit, 37 Borno, 38 Kevint, 39 Peter Zack, 40 Timbo13, 41 daacon, 42 daacon, 43 gawan, 44 dantuyhoa, 45 daacon, 46 Rense, 47 daacon, 48 Rense, 49 borno, 50 Rense, 51 daacon, 52 Peter Zack, 53 Peter Zack, 54 dadipentax, 55 David Whiteley, 56 planedriver, 57 daacon,58 Bramela, 59 daacon, 60 gawan, 61 virgilr, 62 daacon, 63 RickL, 64 Peter Zack, 65 Peter Zack, 66 Causey, 67 daacon, 68 Bramela, 69 georgeweb, 70 daacon,71 seacapt, 72 daacon, 73 AOski, 74 Rense, 75 eccs19, 76 daacon, 77 xs400, 78 daacon, 79 Bramela, 80 Borno, 81 legacyb4, 82 daacon, 83 gawan, 84 Rense, 85 Peter Zack, 86 davef, 87 davef, 88 xjjohnno, 89 Bramela, 90 Peter Zack, 91 daacon, 92 stevebrot, 93 reeftool, 94 jezza323, 95 oldschool, 96 Iris, 97 Rense, 98 planedriver, 99 xs400, 100 Peter Zack, 101 Netuser, 102 Photolady, 103 Tamia, 104 Irishwhite, 105 Ramseybuckeye, 106 xjjohnno, 107 Bumbibop, 108 JeffJS, 109 Tpeace, 110 Nomad, 111 Photolady, 112 rparmar, 113 Peter Zack, 114 casil403, 115 Tamia , 116 JeffJS, 117 bbluesman, 118 Clou, 119 ruggiex, 120 Jimbow007, 121 jmschrie, 122 VaughnA , 123 pop4, 124 casil403, 125 woof, 126 twitch, 127 stevebrot, 128 ohce, 129 jmschrei, 130 photolady, 131 photolady, 132 bbluesman, 133 rparmar, 134 reeftool, 135 reeftool, 136 Oldschool, 137 xjjohonno, 138 KarenH , 139 Rense, 140 daacon, 141 Tamia, 142 JeffJS, 143 bbluesman, 144 fotaki, 145 fotaki, 146 Woof, 147 Bramela, 148 Bramela, 149 Tamia, 150 Nomad, 151 Clou, 152 drugal, 153 rparmar, 154 Nomad, 155 jmschrei, 156 noelcmn, 157 noelcmn, 158 rwfarnell, 159 ramseybuckeye, 160 christophleipzig, 161 JeremytheIndian, 162 SpecialK, 163 emetcalf, 164 emetcalf, 165 stevebrot, 166 rparmar, 167 Mattt, 168 JeffJS, 169 jmschrei, 170 fotaki, 171 xs400, 172 TOUGEFC, 173 TOUGEFC, 174 Warped, 175 MaryAD, 176 Davidw0815, 177 baro-nite, 178 baro-nite, 179 pentaximus, 180 lukulele, 181 lukulele, 182 rob 1234, 183 lukulele, 184 lukulele, 185 pentaximus, 186 ramseybuckeye, 187 ramseybuckeye, 188 StDevious, 189 Free Soul, 190 Clou, 191 brvnara, 192 pentaximus, 193 Noelcmn, 194 Noelcmn 195 GmcarsMAN, 196 jmschreii,197 wolfiegirl, 198 xjjohnno, 199 Arn , 200 Peter Zack, 201 bluestringer, 202 cif, 203 Rollsup, 204 noelcm, 205 Davidw0815, 206 Davidw0815, 207 cif, 208 ramseybuckeye, 209 paulh, 210 Oldschool, 211 SpecialK, 212 mecrox, 213 pentaximus, 215 bramela, 216 jmschrei, 217 Exandr, 218 Noelcmn, 219 Noelcmn, 220 sergiu, 221 sergiu, 222 sergiu, 223 sergiu, 224 sergiu, 225 sergiu, 226 sergiu, 227 sergiu, 228 Davidw08, 229 reeftool, 230 reeftool, 231 cif, 232 mecrox, 233 mecrox, 234 glennbp, 235 glennbp, 236 pentaximus, 237 pentaximus, 238 pentaximus,239 Paul, 240 Nick Nero, 241 Arnold, 242 Arnold, 243 Arnold, 244 Arnold, 245 Nick Nero, 246 ramseybuckeye, 247 ramseybuckeye, 248 Douge, 249 Douge 250 Douge, 251 Dr Orloff, 252 lukulele, 253 lukulele, 254 nosliwmit, 255 nosliwmit, 256 nosliwmit, 257 casil403, 258 casil403, 259 Davidw0815, 260 Davidw0815, 261 ruggiex, 262 ruggiex, 263 mecrox, 264 pentaximus, 265 pentaximus, 266 SpecialK, 267 SpecialK, 268 filoxophy, 269 mecrox, 270 mecrox, 271 mecrox, 272 Paleo Pete, 273 Paleo Pete, 274 geomez, 275 geomez, 276 geomez, 277 mecrox, 278 mecrox, 279 mecrox, 280 Noelcmn, 281 Noelcmn, 282 Noelcmn, 283 Noelcmn, 284 Noelcmn, 285Alkazalsir, 286 StephenHampshire, 287 StephenHampshire, 288 wolfiegirl, 289 Bucfan1234, 290 nosliwmit, 291 wolfiegirl, 292 wolfegirl, 293 ramseybuckeye, 294 ramseybuckeye, 295 josh-fuggle, 296 mattb123, 297 jcdoss, 298 jcdoss, 299 Papa Lazarou, 300 Bucfan1234, 301 Bucfan1234, 302-noelcmn, 303-noelcmn, 304-noelcmn, 305-noelcmn, 306 noelcmn, 307-atupdate, 308-atupdate, 309 mecrox, 310 mecrox, 311 mecrox

View the previous POTW #311 here:

OK here we go with another POTW.

Visited Windsor Castle on Easter Monday. Weather was a bit hit and miss, but managed a few shots.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's pics.

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04-30-2014, 06:00 AM - 2 Likes   #16
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Thanks for hosting Papa, and a fine opening salvo from yo and brought back some memories of Windsor from a few years ago. And a host of other fine shots, including the legendary Roadrunner. Then there are the Bugatti's, Bridges, Busters, Bubbles, birds, borders and more besides. Ok i'll stop with the bbbabbbbbling
Was in Port Elizabeth, my home town, for a 10 day holiday, and took way too many photos, and still processing most of them. These are from the Single in April Challenge mostly.

Giant snail, the size of my hand.

Bathing Orange Breasted Longclaws.
Pentax Forum Single in April 2014 - 25th -
Bathing Orange Breasted Longclaw
by noelcmn, on Flickr

Unidentified Lark

2010 Soccer World Cup stadium

More to follow once I have go through the PP.

04-30-2014, 06:03 AM   #17
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QuoteOriginally posted by geomez Quote
I took these pics over the weekend at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

Actual wall with blood and bulletholes from the Saint Valentines Day Massicre
Nice details shots. I missed the wall when I was there recently.
04-30-2014, 09:00 AM - 1 Like   #18
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04-30-2014, 09:20 AM   #19
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QuoteOriginally posted by SpecialK Quote
Nice details shots. I missed the wall when I was there recently.
Thanks Special K. Actually, two of the three people I was there with missed it too. It was on the third floor in between the room where they explained Vegas's origins and the room with the comic book walls.

04-30-2014, 07:25 PM   #20
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Thanks Papa for hosting. A few North Carolina variations of some earlier images by mecrox and Billy.

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05-01-2014, 06:43 PM   #21
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Cool dandelion, here's another I just got, M50mm f1.7 lens this time. This one is completely open, lots of them around right now.

Decided to post this one, the last shot I got of the Roadrunner just as she decided I was trouble and ran away. At least I think it was a female...the blur on the right is the trunk of a shrub, she was originally standing between two of them in front of me about 6 feet away, I had to move around to get a decent shot and was spotted...barely had room to get a decent shot framed. No chance at another shot, once a Roadrunner gets going it's over with...This one got a bit of sharpening, and notice the crest is raised, that happens when the alarm goes off.

That was just as she started to move, took maybe two steps, after that it was forget it...

One of the Dragonfly shots with the M50mm f1.7, one of my best I think for no extension tubes or anything, just the lens. 1st time I think I've ever been able to make out the eye pattern without macro a setup.

I've been out a lot this week, swapping between 200mm bird lens and 50mm for insects and flowers and adding a 30mm extension tube at times for some macros. Been having a good time, and getting some pretty decent shots. Loads of flowers out, Dewberries and Mayhaws ripe, and I've been picking the past few days, will be busy canning jelly pretty soon.
05-01-2014, 09:52 PM   #22
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Its been a while since I have visited here. What excellent shots you have all contributed. Thanks for hosting Papa. My picture is sailing away from Auckland, taken with a Pentax Q and 02 lens. The contrast between sky and people was a challenge.

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PENTAX Q  Photo 
05-02-2014, 11:38 AM   #23
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NYC Street Scene

Here was my best picture from a trip to Manhattan.I didn't take all that many photos, but I did stop and try to get a few good pictures of different things. This one was perhaps the least composed, as a I took a quick shot while crossing a street, but came out the best.
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05-02-2014, 11:56 AM   #24
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QuoteOriginally posted by mecrox Quote
Many thanks for hosting, Papa Lazarou. That Bugatti - I mean wow. And good to see a Roadrunner, so that's what they look like. I still support Wil E Coyote. Here are a few of mine from out and about:
How do do achieve the looks of your B&W shots? Especially the one with the dog? Love that look.
05-03-2014, 02:14 AM   #25
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QuoteOriginally posted by sealonsf Quote
How do do achieve the looks of your B&W shots? Especially the one with the dog? Love that look.
In the case of the dawg, the Topaz BW Effects plugin for LR and PS. One can use sliders to alter contrast, add colour filters, clarity and so forth within the plugin. In other cases, I often use various LR presets particularly ones that simulate old BW film types. I also often use other Topaz plugins on an image - DeNoise, InFocus, Clarity or Detail. It all depends on the image. Topaz were offering their plugin system for half price for a few days a couple of Christmases ago so I bought the package. I have found it very useful though many folks seem to go for the Nik software which may be better (I've no experience).
05-03-2014, 06:45 AM - 1 Like   #26
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A rainy afternoon and stuck in the home office led to this. PP made it come to life! F 70-210 f/5.6

Just for fun, here's the original before PP
05-03-2014, 03:12 PM   #27
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We awoke to a promised 5-10 cm of snow and it's still falling. Some of the new buds on the May tree.
05-03-2014, 05:15 PM   #28
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Pass the butter I must be on a roll...

I've just kept getting cool shots for some reason this week, don't know what's going on...

Been watching the Bluebirds out back, thought they were feeding little ones, today they started to poke their heads out and look around. Got a few shtos with a 200mm then grabbed the 135mm Makinon and the flash and got in close. They kept looking around (and at me) even up to 5 feet away.

Might get more, don't know though, don't know how long it will be before they leave the nest.

Found some new tiny flowers a couple of days ago, remembered to go find them again with a macro rig this afternoon. M50mm f1.7 (at f11) with 30mm extension tube and flash. No idea what they are, flowers resemble a variety of clover but leaves do not. This cluster is the size of a pencil eraser...

This one is a little over 1/2 inch tall

First time I've ever seen those, only a couple growing right now, but maybe more will show up as the season continues.

And a Katydid nymph with the M50mm f1.7 and binocular lens in full sunlight.

05-04-2014, 02:48 AM   #29
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05-04-2014, 03:53 PM   #30
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Original Poster
Please accept my sincerest apologies for not commenting on any of your photos yet. It's been a manic few days. Almost midnight in the UK and I've just got in.
Will post in the morning, some lovely and interesting photos from everybody.

I haven't had time to ask if anyone else would like to host the next POTW starting tomorrow, so if no-one volunteers I will host again.
Off to Legoland Windsor at 8am with the kids, so should hopefully have some photos from that. It's a May the Fourth Be With You event.
Off to bed now, night all.

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