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08-18-2016, 10:39 AM   #61
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I love the screw drive. Less to break in the lens.

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QuoteOriginally posted by pghwarrior23 Quote
(they have been hemorrhaging money afterall), they are able to make a 4 tier system of FF cameras work rather successfully. So why is it absurd to consider the possibility of a lower end K-1 or something above it?
I think you answered your own question. If Nikon is bleeding money doesn't that imply it is NOT working?
For Ricoh the camera business is a side line, perhaps an important one, but not something they are going take a big risk on. They have no need to take that risk, all they need are good products at prices that allow them to make a profit and keep the assembly line running. Nikon and Canon go head to head for market share and spend lots of money on both advertsing and niche products to keep one-upping each other. All Ricoh needs is a small but profitable amount of sales, not world domination.
08-18-2016, 10:47 AM   #63
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QuoteOriginally posted by northcoastgreg Quote
I would expect to see most of the FF lenses on the roadmap along with a variable aperture wide-angle zoom and a variable aperture telephoto zoom (to pair with the DFA 28-105). With the possible exception of the FA Limiteds, we won't see any retreads of old legendary glass. Those were lenses designed for film. New lenses will all be designed for the demands of high resolution digital cameras.
Beautifully said!
08-18-2016, 11:32 AM - 1 Like   #64

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QuoteOriginally posted by ogl Quote
K-1 will be replaced by K-1's upgrade model in 2018-2019. K-1 will became cheaper. But don't expect any K-1's higher or K-1's lower models in the nearest future.
New DFA lenses are much more important.
A two-tiered FF DSLR range will be offered when the user base can support it, and not before. But, indeed, that could be the K-1 at a lower price and an updated model - 2018-2019 sounds like a reasonable timing.
Canon is doing that with the 5D series, and it works.

08-18-2016, 12:09 PM   #65
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QuoteOriginally posted by pghwarrior23 Quote
I hear the comment a lot on here "well then why don't you just go buy Canikon"...because I have been using Pentax for years now, like the interface, love the lenses (when SDM is not failing), and like many of the features. Why is it crazy to want a camera on par with other brands but with the pluses of Pentax?
Thank you.

QuoteOriginally posted by pghwarrior23 Quote
What do you want to see from Ricoh in the next year or two?
A first-party fast normal for APS-C: something in the 28-35mm range at f/1.8 or faster that doesn't cost a ton. Now that the FA 35/2 appears to be gone, this is a huge gaping hole in the lineup -- one that every other mount besides Sony E has filled -- made all the more puzzling by how well-developed the whole rest of the Pentax APS-C lineup is. If Nikon and Sony (Alpha mount) can make 35/1.8 APS-C-optimized SLR lenses for less than $225 and still weighing 200g or less, why can't Pentax?

But since the focus right now in the Pentax lens department is on 36x24-compatible lenses, that's not going to happen soon. And since the focus more specifically is on large and expensive lenses, there's no point asking for compact and affordable solutions for a few years.

So to be more realistic... how about, for outdoors, a refreshed "Hollywood" (28/2) or a 35/1.4? Or how about a 135mm prime that can compete with the ZA and the Canon L? They've been there before with the A* 135/1.8.

(Everyone else in this thread has already explained why a mirrorless FF camera isn't likely, so I don't dare hope for one.)

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08-18-2016, 12:58 PM   #66
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In Pentax brand name, I just want them to release more FF lenes now, or update the old one with silent focusing and HD coatings.

In Ricoh brand name, how about a GR with true upgrade but not just add wifi feature like the GRii. I don't know if FF GR possible as in my opinion "GR" should be a extremely pocketable P&S, if the outcome is way too bif, it should be a different lineup with GR. Maybe keep APS-C but use a 24MP sensor? Adding image stabilizer? Or try a build in EVF version? I always want a modern P&S equipped with a EVF instead of just the screen itself.

And I think this is silly but I always dream of a FF GXR M mount...GXR is one of the most enjoyable system I used. Since the FF sensor is getting much cheaper now, I really hope something like this comes true...(I know the sony A7 line is cheap for playing M glasses in FF but I don't enjoy Sony's menu and the UI, they design badly, I sold them after few months of use.)
08-18-2016, 01:00 PM - 2 Likes   #67
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Do'h! I thought this thread was about a confirmed rumor or something related, not a speculation thread.
08-18-2016, 01:05 PM   #68
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Let's them elaborate some lenses. First. Before another dslr. We need it.

08-18-2016, 01:43 PM - 5 Likes   #69
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QuoteOriginally posted by Kunzite Quote
You are mistaken, Pentax has only the D FA* 70-200 and the D FA 150-450*
* if we're talking about sports.
And the 2.8 24-70.
My Sports and Action lens number 1.
Best regards

---------- Post added 18-08-16 at 22:50 ----------

QuoteOriginally posted by Kunzite Quote
Based on what interview? Can you give a quote allowing even a forced interpretation in that direction?
Correct,there was never an interview or comment in this direction.
But,the success of the complete new fullframe line up,brought the kick 😉
RICOH decided that the fullframe system is now the number 1 point for development and financing.
Than 645 and APS-C.
Theta is also very successful.
But a cheaper fullframe?
You are right,nope.
Not in sight for luck.
Best regards
08-18-2016, 02:05 PM   #70

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I didn't count the 24-70 because this was about lenses for APS-C - and 24-70 is not a typical focal for APS-C.
I would've included the 15-30 as well, but it's not a typical focal for sports.

Nice. I don't want cheap, I want Pentax to move forward - and I'm paying for that.
08-18-2016, 02:08 PM   #71
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QuoteOriginally posted by Kunzite Quote
My guess is that people saying they would only buy a cheaper Pentax FF DSLR wouldn't get such a $1400 camera; they would find something else to complain about - e.g. lenses. And people willing to buy (as opposed to just saying) either already have a K-1, or will have one.
As I said on another thread, perhaps the cheaper Pentax FF DSLR is the K-1, some 2 years since its launch. By the way, the D610's launch price was higher than the K-1's.
Exactly, I would rather buy a 2-year old new k-1 for $1400 than a brand new stripped down version of k-1 for the same price. The equivalent of D610 does not work with Pentax... just saying.
08-18-2016, 02:13 PM   #72

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Main issue is channels to market, third DSLR manufacturer is ok, but 5% market is hard to sustain a decent profitability (beside short term profits during the few quaters after new camera release).
Things to invest in for Ricoh imaging with constant resources:
- promotional effort, win back to of the distribution channels
- support of distributors with enhance after sales service (the first reason by dealer dropped Pentax is after sales service)
- R&D on new hybird af module IP for future cameras
- R&D 4K vid.option IP
- new lens series (fix sdm motoring for DA lenses, redesign with KF4 mount)
- prime lens series for full frame.
- release of new apsc flagship end 2017 with hybrid af and 4K video, new apsc sensor
- Pentax K1 silver edition !!!!! Yes, a retro looking version with leather and silver finishing ( to mount the new limited primes on it wowww Pentax style unique in the market).
08-18-2016, 02:53 PM   #73
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QuoteOriginally posted by JPT Quote
If the Q series really is being phased out, it would put Ricoh in the strange position of having no small mainstream cameras at all. They have Theta, GR and WG, but they are all very specific in their appeal, and certainly not what I'd call versatile.

So in my opinion, one of the following will probably happen.
- A new Q camera will be released after all.
- Ricoh will launch some new compact cameras as alternatives to the Q.
- Ricoh will release a whole new mirrorless system.

Personally, I think that a new advanced zoom compact along the lines of the GR, probably using 1" sensor, is the most likely of the above. It's in line with what other manufacturers are doing, but more importantly in line with Ricoh's own heritage. I don't think they'll push the boundaries with sensor size in small cameras, unless they can somehow make a full frame GR without increasing the size too much.
Ricoh are likely perceiving, and probably correctly, that Nikon view the 1" sensor route as a dead end. I doubt Ricoh goes that direction. I think mirrorless is the way to go long term now that the technologies needed for it are rapidly maturing.
08-18-2016, 03:19 PM   #74

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QuoteOriginally posted by Kunzite Quote
Can they?
One very important thing: the K-1 is not a $1800 camera. The K-1 is a camera designed to sell at $1800 (€2,000, etc.) in certain volumes (no more than 7,000 units per month), for a certain time, with an estimated downwards price and volume evolution - and make a profit for the company.
What's the required volume for a $1400 MSRP camera? A good guess is similar to the K-1's (though lower margin products tend to need higher volumes). Where would they get this volume? From the K-1's? That's no good, it might make the K-1 from profitable into a money-losing product.
Products are not made in a vacuum; they're made to be sold, and make a profit. Making a competitor for the K-1, right now, could be the worst thing they could do. We are a limited resource.

My guess is that people saying they would only buy a cheaper Pentax FF DSLR wouldn't get such a $1400 camera; they would find something else to complain about - e.g. lenses. And people willing to buy (as opposed to just saying) either already have a K-1, or will have one.
As I said on another thread, perhaps the cheaper Pentax FF DSLR is the K-1, some 2 years since its launch. By the way, the D610's launch price was higher than the K-1's.
Let's face it, K1 high level of sales now take the early adopters that want it. Many don't care or wait for an FF at 1000-1200$. K1 price will not stay the same forever. They have to choice then either they make K1 the future low end body selling for 1000-1200$ and get a K1-II at 1800$ or they keep high price for K1 and put a 24MP entry level FF at 1500$ catalog price that will sell for 1000-1200$ and take the sales many of the people that want an cheap FF, didn't buy thze 1800$ K1 and they keep a real market segmentation

Ricoh doesn't have to just offer a stripped down K1 they could make it small and mirorless with EVF... It would target a more different market, a good share of K1 user enthousiast wealthy guy will buy it because it provide a different experience, the guy that enjoy pentax ltds would buy it and the guy that want a cheap FF would find it at the best price of the market...

It can be done. Will it happen, I don't know but I would not put my hand to fire that a more basic FF body would not arrive somewhere in 2017.

The alternative is that in 2 years when the K1-II arrive the K1 will sell on the market for 1000-1200$ and would be available used for 700-1000$. That may be a better choice for consumer but it mean that the K1-II will not sell well at 1800$, simply because it will be almost the same as the K1 and the K1 will be that much cheaper...
08-18-2016, 03:19 PM   #75
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QuoteOriginally posted by The Squirrel Mafia Quote
Do'h! I thought this thread was about a confirmed rumor or something related, not a speculation thread.
Y'all been pwned...


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