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02-02-2012, 06:22 AM   #16
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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder...

...and this beholder says "Yay"! I love the bold, fresh approach the designer has taken with this camera. The color combos, the controls, the layout- it all says quality and class.The best thing about this camera to me (being a dedicated Pentaxian) is the fact that I don't have spend a ton of money on getting a whole new set of lenses. I just can't wait to get one for my DA Limiteds! There is a reduction in size from the DSLR design, just not as severe as in the NEX line- BUT look at the bulk and size of the adapter (another additional expense) that is used in order to employ SONY's DSLR lens lineup. No adapters needed!

02-02-2012, 06:23 AM   #17
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-How would you rate the look overall?

3 It may have been designed for functionality as the first priority, but the camera itself does not look like it is weather sealed, so another minus 1 from me.

-Does the 40mm fit the camera well?

In a way, it does fit. The camera looks better with older lenses attached, however. Perhaps that is because I am so unfamiliar with a lens this thin.

-Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the official announcement?

If there is a certainty that Pentax is going to release a hotshoe EVF with it, yes, I might. (even if I prefer OVF over EVF for most of the time)

-In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features? Very important, somewhat important, or unimportant?

Does not concern me at the slightest for the look. I do not care much of features also. Performance, yes. If it focus in low light even better than other Pentax cameras made before, count me in. Noise? I saw what a K-5 can do, and I am happy with the result, but if this one can do better, then more reason for me to buy.

-How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera?

Shock, A usual display of disgust. Hardly surprising as one of their reasons for carrying a camera is to make it a fashion statement.

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02-02-2012, 06:29 AM   #18
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I really like the blend of modern minimalist lines with the reminders of my favourite mx classic lines. It reminds me a little of an ME with the 40mm lens attached, compact portable and lighweight. The lens release button smoothly incorporated into the lens mount box is a nice clean look. The styling cues back to the older spotmatics, with the add on meter periscope style dial, also honours the previous classic style. The general silver black theme also reminds me of the MZ series with the slightly squared off edges. Overall I really like the design of this camera, I was not tempted by the Q but will purchase this camera, as with the legacy K mount to use my 40 year lens collection, along with the compact size with the kit lens will enable me to always have the camera with me. I haven't checked yet but I may even have some filters with my pentax 110 kit that may fit the 27mm filter size ( fingers crossed) . Thanks to Marc for honouring the Pentax DNA styling cues from models past. Having seen some renderings with various lenses in other parts of the forum I look forward to attaching my 6x7 500mm lens with K adaptor to test the strength of the tripod mount of the K-01 ( then again, maybe not )
The main reason for buying cameras for me is the ability to take photos with the ability to control the camera exposure. I think this camera meets my requirements with a nice blend of point and shoot convenience with the bonus of K Mount. For those looking for the ultimate LX replacement in digital form the wait continues, but fortunately the K5 is a great tool to use in the meantime. It is my next Pentax camera purchase and I look forward to reading the reviews after some hands on testing.

Edit After watching the designer interview with Marc and the Hands on video of the camera it is obviously showing 67II influences as well with a much more lens mount box with a handle feel that I didn't pick up from in the initial photos , I like it even more after seeing the videos

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02-02-2012, 06:35 AM   #19
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How would you rate the look overall?
2 or 3. I think it looks better with the 18-55 on it. The bigger lens makes it look less massive. I don't like the column sticking off the side leading up to the dial. It looks like there is plenty of space on the top of the camera to accommodate the dial without it.

Does the 40mm fit the camera well?
It's OK. I'm not a fan of the lens honestly. The uselessly flat front bothers me. I'd rather have the 40 limited. At least it takes a decent size filter.

Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the official announcement?
No, I'll probably buy a K-5 or wait and see what's next.

In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features? Very important, somewhat important, or unimportant?
For me, unimportant. I don't care how it looks, with the exception of ergonomics, if it is a great camera. If it feels right in my hand and it works well, It can look like rubber dog poo for all I care.

How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera?
Honestly, there are a lot of mirrorless cameras that look sleeker. It's going to need to be a really great camera to overcome it's looks. If I'm honest, it's not terrible, but it doesn't look small which is why I thought people are buying mirrorless.

02-02-2012, 06:40 AM   #20

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I give Marc Newson the full 5. Why? Because I feel that most of the criticism is pointed at decisions that were imposed by Pentax and were the limitations the designer had to work around, which he did to very good result imho.

Not including a EVF is probably the most important of these. I think Pentax just doesn't have the knowhow or technology, and as such it just wasn't going to happen.

The fact that the K-01 is paired with a 40mm is certainly Pentax's decision. After all, the DA40/2.8 was also the first of the DA limited primes, i.e. the first standard prime for the APS-C format. And I don't feel it looks too bad in the K-01 BTW. But if I buy the K-01, it won't be with the DA XS 40/2.8. I will be mounting the DA21/3.2 onto it. To me that lens seems the perfect match.

The location of the controls looks well thought too. I like the position of the mode dial. Accessible though not easily bumped into another position. The red and green buttons look good to me, though I think we would need to know more in order to appreciate their functioning. I see Av marked underneath the red button, which one would assume to be the record button for video, so it certainly has other functions in other modes.

I like the fact that manual shooting will certainly be possible with this one, and the possibility to shoot RAW will enable output to closely match the output of my main camera, the K-5.

Will I buy one? Hmm... I would have to hold one in my own hands to know. From the size comparisons with the K-5, there doesn't seem to be much difference in size, or at least not as much as it looked like to me from the first images. But that's more the K-5's fault than the K-01's. If Pentax would still be making a K20D sized flagship DSLR, the K-01 would look much smaller...

For me, the K-01 could work as a second camera next to my K-5, i.e. the camera that I could carry always. But I would need to handle one with the DA21/3.2 mounted in order to find out it could fit that bill...

So... The look is OK for me, and I actually like it. But in the end function is more important, though not by much.

Whether it would attract others? I cannot tell because I'm not in that segment, but I've had others tell me that they regret the K-01 won't be able to accomodate other mounts through an adapter, which can be done on the slimmer competitors. Personally I prefer being able to use existing glass without adapter, but it seems some prefer adapters for larger glass or slim body with (limited) dedicated glass...

02-02-2012, 06:58 AM   #21
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How can you?

How can you rate product design without, at least, holding the product?
Let's make drawings of the camera and rate those.
02-02-2012, 07:08 AM   #22
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-How would you rate the look overall?

At first I thought it looked ugly, mainly because of the new 40mm lens. Snap another lens to it - it transforms into a beauty of a camera. What I don't understand is why people dislike it so much when I (at least personally) haven't heard such comments about the Sony Nex line (a job well done for their PR dept). I hate the Sony Nex, to me (a guy with normal-sized hands) it is the least thought out (user-wise), most inconvenient apparatus to take pictures with. No grip, fugly, unusable, and frustrating interface, no external controls, too thin for its own sake. But I digress. You could imagine the K-01 design being just what the NEX should have been - look at it from the top (and disregard the lens mount snout), it's just a fatter NEX profile. But it gives you a better feel, grip and external controls. God, I hate the NEX, but the K-01 is just doing it right. It is also clearly designed to be used with the myriad of Pentax lenses out there - I mean look at it when one is mounted - it looks sexy!

-Does the 40mm fit the camera well?

I personally don't like the way it fits. But that's just me. It is small and lightweight, yes.The size of the lens doesn't have much to do with it - I think the design of the front piece is just ... no words to describe it, but I don't like it.

-Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the official announcement?

If I had the money - in a second!

-In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features? Very important, somewhat important, or unimportant?

Somewhat. I didn't like the look of the K-5 initially either (compared to cameras in the same range) - at least I thought it was a bit spartan. The moment I held one in my hands, I realized how wrong I was - that camera feels like an extension of my hand, simply brilliant design, I don't care how it looks but if it feels like that - it's a winner. Can't say the same when I hold a D7000. From that moment on I love the K-5 design. So, yes, I think looks are important but not as much as feel. At the end of the day, you are going to be holding it, not looking at it.

-How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera?

They'd love it or hate it. But those who hate probably don't deserve one anyways Joking
02-02-2012, 07:12 AM   #23
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-How would you rate the look overall?
I give it a 5. I love the two-tone black top, silver body design and I think the use of colourful flourishes really sets it apart. The 100mm Macro WR had a similar style and I thought that looked incredible. I love the chunky buttons, and you have to realise that Marc Newson is a Designer, not an artist. This thing isn't designed to look a certain way, it's designed to be a certain way. Marc Newson pays lots of careful attention to materials and the tactile feedback of a product, so I think this will feel like a work of art, as well as, in my opinion, looking like one. Marc tends to favour substance over form, if that makes sense. He cares more about what something is than how it looks.

-Does the 40mm fit the camera well?
I think it looks awesome, but the 27mm filter thread bugs me. I like having a set of 49mm filters for my limiteds :S

-Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the official announcement?
If I can stick an external monitor to view video streams on then yeah, this seems like it'd be great for me for wedding use. Providing the IQ of my K-5 in a cheaper package with far superior video.

-In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features? Very important, somewhat important, or unimportant?
Looks aren't really important compared to features. Though I do appreciate the design of things, which is one reason why I chose a K-x over a D3100 or Canon 1100D when I first chose my DSLR

-How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera?
They're gonna think it's ugly as sin, but it's going to stick in their heads. And it'll be much more solid than other MILCs so if they decide to feel it the tactile sensation will make it very memorable.

02-02-2012, 07:13 AM   #24
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How would you rate the look overall? 3--I don't mind the 'boxiness' but the controls seem a bit dumbed down.

Does the 40mm fit the camera well? I think that's ugly.

Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the official announcement? No, I'm not going to try to take photographs w/o a viewfinder (and, anyway, no TAv, no sale.)

In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features? Unimportant: I'm too old to worry about what my camera looks like.

How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera? I'm afraid I'm not optimistic and it seems to me that even those who do know Pentax will have reservations. My take is that w/o a viewfinder, it's not a great match for legacy lenses: Ricoh should offer special K-01/DA lens deals.
02-02-2012, 07:17 AM   #25
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No, I would give Marc Newson maybe a 2 out of 5....

The button arrangements, the shallow grip, the port covers, the dial placements.... I can't see that Marc can be a photographer. There's a sense that ergonomics have been sacrificed for his delight in a certain design aesthetic (let's call it the 'wilfully ugly' l

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02-02-2012, 07:18 AM   #26
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-How would you rate the look overall?
-Does the 40mm fit the camera well?
I find the question meaningless. The lens is quite flush, but given the camera's dull appearance, it makes no difference.
-Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the official announcement?
Under no circumstances. My K5s are much better, and better looking. The only area where the K01 provides an improvement is unimportant to me (video).
-In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features? Very important, somewhat important, or unimportant?
This question needs to be defined better. Are you talking about people you are trying to entice into the Pentax brand, or existing users? An exceptionally attractive piece of design (which unfortunately the K01 is not) will sway the uncommitted more than features will. People buy emotionally and then justify logically. This is at the heart of Apple's success. Anyone who thinks that people make a reasoned and cogent series of rational judgments before buying something are delusional. Any insightful advertising agency will tell you that human psychology is ruled by a primitive and irrational part of the brain. Apple products produce (according to brain scans) the same sort of response that deeply religious people have to their religious iconography. Apple understand this, and play the mystique card for all it is worth. They cement their relationship with their customers by, on the whole, producing exceptional equipment. That isn't what entices people in, however. Design appearance and mystique is what grabs the uncommitted. Religious fervour is what keeps them.
-How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera?
Mild indifference. If they have never heard of Pentax, then the odds are they have little interest in photography outside of a pocket sized point and shoot zoom camera. If there is sufficient circus ballyhoo they might raise a weary eye and wonder what all the fuss is about. People who know nothing about photography aren't going to be influenced by a non-DSLR camera simply by virtue of it having a technical spec that is irrelevant to them (i.e. interchangeable lenses). If the K01 were a stylistic triumph, then the ability to use a blizzard of interchangeable lenses on it would enhance the way in which it is perceived. As it is far from a stylistic triumph, few people will care. It isn't sufficiently smaller than a K5 without the battery grip to matter, and it is bigger than a pocket-sized point and shoot camera. The unfortunate outcome is that the K01 is neither one thing nor the other. It reminds me a lot of the Mac Cube (who remembers that?) in the way that the Cube was neither laptop nor desktop, but managed to combine the disadvantages of both and sink without trace.
02-02-2012, 07:18 AM   #27
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The design is radical, so I gave it a 5. However, the Pentax K-01 seems to be a HD video camera for SLR lenses rather than a photo camera.
02-02-2012, 07:26 AM   #28
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-How would you rate the look overall?

2, which is with the 40XS, a higher 2 with regular lenses. In my opinion, the design goes in the wrong direction--it makes the camera look bigger and bulkier, not smaller and trimmer. The bulge for the mode dial does not work with the flat planes of the grip and lens mount. It looks quite poor to me from the front, generic from the back (and bottom)--not that that is itself a bad thing, but I do like the top plate, which is the only redeeming feature. I love the switch (cam, but references both shutter lock and film advance lever) as well as the reinterpretations of the green button and video recording button. I just feel that this top plate has no relation to the design on the back of the camera, or on the front of the camera either. The camera itself looks like a cross between the Q, K1000, and A3000. The way the grip is squared, along with the ribbing, gives it the effect of a much wider camera, like the A3000's design. It's a little too brickish--a little more generousity to curves and cut outs would have made the camera look much more trim, and might have upset the current problems with the vertical/horizontal relation of the camera, which is out of whack--it looks squished, as though someone stepped on it, dropping the height and increasing the width.

-Does the 40mm fit the camera well?

No, it does not. First, the proportions on it again make the camera look bigger and bulkier--something about the small lens elements, plus all that grooved plastic, fool us into thinking the camera is bigger. The lens simply makes the lens mount stand out more against the grip portion, and this ends up making both elements look larger and more awkward. Also, the lens simply reminds me of really dirt cheep little 'fake' lenses you'd see on the cheapest cameras back in the day (and lomo cameras), especially the way the 27mm thread stands out. The front cap is an afterthought which looks terrible and again gives the illusion of even greater depth to the camera (not in a good way). The camera really does look so much better even with the DA40ltd.
-Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the official announcement?

No, but I like using OVFs.

-In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features? Very important, somewhat important, or unimportant?

Now that I'm in the Pentax system, the only deciding factor is features, although I really do appreciate a good design. For most people, I think somewhat important is best answer

-How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera?

Surprise and amusement, not necessary in a good way. I think it's a polarising design; some will like it, others will hate it, but I don't think it successfully communicates that Pentax (which most don't know) is a serious photography company producing serious, quality, photographic equipment.

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02-02-2012, 07:26 AM   #29
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I'd expect some functionality improvements. If gone viewfinder mirrorless, they should have user rotating LCD design for low angle and video oshooting modes... What its really like - the time will show... I'm not interested in it for now, since my K-5 is realatively unused...
02-02-2012, 07:30 AM   #30
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-How would you rate the look overall?

It's "okay". I don't like how the lens release button is now smooth/flush with the body. It blends into the body too much and because it's not circular, will cause the button to rub and fail prematurely. I would have preferred WR. I can't believe the LCD is not articulated or detachable - especially without a Viewfinder.
-Does the 40mm fit the camera well?

No, but I won't use that lens anyway.
-Are you planning on buying one based on what you've read about it in the ...

Since I own a K5 and use a K10D as a back up, the KO-1 could make a decent backup and a second video platform. However, what I REALLY want is a FF DSLR with all the video features of the KO-1 so I can use my K5 as the backup.

-In buying a camera, how important is the look compared to the features?

Very unimportant - I use a camera as a tool, not a status symbol.
-How do you think people who've never heard of Pentax would react to this camera?

As die-hard Pentaxian, I can't imagine someone that has never heard of Pentax.

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