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03-16-2011, 04:50 PM   #1

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Endangering children whom the Roman Catholic Church was supposed to protect

Msgr. William J. Lynn, who served from 1992 to 2004 as the secretary of clergy reviewing sexual abuse cases for then-Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, appeared in court Monday. He is charged with felonies for allegedly helping the cardinal cover up molesters and transferring them to other parishes.

“It was a conspiracy of silence to ensure the church’s reputation and to avoid scandal,” said Assistant District Attorney Evangelia Manos.

Monsignor Lynn, a round, ruddy man in black priest’s garb, sat silently in court behind his two lawyers — paid by the archdiocese — as a cheering squad of priests and parishioners watched.

Lynn’s co-defendants sat beside him: a rabbity-looking Rev. James Brennan, 47, charged with raping a 14-year-old boy named Mark in 1996 in his apartment; and the unholy alliance of a priest, the sepulchral Charles Engelhardt, 64, a defrocked priest, Edward Avery, 68, and a former Catholic schoolteacher, Bernard Shero, 48 — all charged with raping or sodomizing the same 10-year-old altar boy 12 years ago.

It tells the story of a fifth-grade altar boy at St. Jerome School given the pseudonym Billy. Father Engelhardt plied him with sacramental wine and pulled pornographic magazines out of a bag in the sacristy and told the child it was time “to become a man,” the report says.

A week later, after Billy served an early Mass, the report states that Engelhardt instructed him to take off his clothes and perform oral sex on him. Then the priest told the boy he was “dismissed.”

“After that, Billy was in effect passed around to Engelhardt’s colleagues,” the report says. “Father Edward Avery undressed with the boy, told him that God loved him,” and then had him perform sex. “Next was the turn of Bernard Shero, a teacher in the school. Shero offered Billy a ride home but instead stopped at a park, told Billy they were ‘going to have some fun,’ took off the boy’s clothes, orally and anally raped him and then made him walk the rest of the way home.”

Billy fell apart and turned to heroin.

The report says Brennan knew Mark from the time he was 9. When he was 14, the priest arranged with Mark’s mother for a sleepover. “Brennan showed him pornographic pictures on his computer, bragged about his ***** size and insisted that Mark sleep together with him in his bed.” Then the priest raped him as he cried, according to the report.

Mark also fell apart and attempted suicide.

Out of the church’s many unpleasant confrontations with modernity, this is the starkest. It’s tragically past time to send the message that priests can’t do anything they want and hide their sins behind special privilege.

Since 1950, sexual abuse-related costs have reached an estimated $2.4 billion, and almost 14,000 abuse claims have been lodged, according to church figures.

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Don't even get me started on that tonight.

Speaking of delay, lie-and-deny, calling the smart kids 'crazy,' confusing the issue as much as they can by playing politics and throwing blame? Feh.

Like they used to say at good ol' MIT.


Know what this song was about in the 80's?

They had a lot of chances. A lot.

What they chose to do is quite public.

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Original Poster
Children and Youth Protection
03-16-2011, 05:44 PM   #4
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I'm not saying what the RCC did trying to hiding it all was right, it wasn't. Honestly that was just stupid and irresponsible of them, but the media and the courts are focusing way too much on them and not enough on others the same thing.

FYI, there was a HUGE online bust this past week, some web site with 70,000 of these creepy people just got nailed and they're going after all the members now. Many of them were apparently teachers, scout masters, childcare workers, all kinds of people who worked closely with kids.

Will there be lawsuits against the website? Maybe, but I doubt much will come of it. In the meantime there are a whole batallion of lawyers out there trying to bleed the Vatican dry? Uhuh..

(No, I'm not Catholic.)

In my town we've had something like 3 priests accused going back like 50 years, but as it turns out they only prosecuted one. In the same period of time we've had half a dozen cases with teachers, youth ministers of other denominations, a few cases with pastors, and a couple of cases with scout masters, a school janitor, a bus driver etc. Tons more with parents and other relatives....

Statistically speaking there has been far more going on outside the Catholic diocese here than not but most of the time it's the Catholic church cases that get 99% of the press and the rest of them barely make the evening news. Fact, people cover this sh- up all the time. It's not just a Catholic thing the denial.

One teacher that finally got busted here that jerk had been at FIVE schools in 20 years and had molested half a dozen students that they know of before someone figured it out and someone finally told for once. In the meantime he got away with it and he was just transferred every darned time, despite a slew of rumors that linked him to socializing with students most of which were well under the age of 16.

Sound familiar?

So far the school system has only gotten a slap on the wrist....

It just disgusts me...

03-16-2011, 06:08 PM   #5
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QuoteOriginally posted by magkelly Quote
I'm not saying what the RCC did trying to hiding it all was right, it wasn't. Honestly that was just stupid and irresponsible of them, but the media and the courts are focusing way too much on them and not enough on others the same thing.

No, it wasn't 'stupid,' it was an organized and deliberate campaign of political scapegoating of entire classes of people for political and economic gain amid massive programs of defamation and denial while crying they were being 'persecuted' by people they called 'liars' for having the temerity to have been victims and.or tried to speak up about it for *decades* even after keeping their 'secrets' was clearly untenable.

They didn't just hurt *kids,* Mags, they used their extraterritorial powers to call *victims* liars, enforce agendas of blaming LGBT people and claiming just *being* LGBT means one's 'objectively-disordered,' (thus to be discounted as a witness, convenient when abusers target people called queer to begin with, whatever their sex, cause they're at odds with their families thanks to dogma, thus, what... Vulnerable, ) ... supporting various political causes in various nations just over their sexual hangups, to cover their own arses... while demonizing everyone else for their own centuries-old institutional abuses..

No, Mags... It's not the same as 'You should look at someone else.' Yes, we should ick their arses, too. That *doesn't* mean that what the Roman Catholic Church has done and demands people accept while blaming others for *isn't wrong, egregious, and institutional.*


Don't freaking look away. Deal with that church first *before* pointing fingers elsewhere, like that makes it 'OK.'

It's not OK.

None of what they do is OK. Never was.

Shouldn't take decades or more diversions of political lobbying against *my* life as an American citizen to see that whatever anyone else does, it's *wrong.* And they do the opposite of *right* about it. They blame the queers for what's about *power* and about *hating* us.

When the fact is, they mostly go after the boys cause they're the most afraid of being called 'queer.' But not in such proportion as they'll tell you. Boy victims are 'f-gs,' girl victims are 'wh-res.' Whatever can shame victims into silence and alienation from their families,

And don't think it's just about sex, either. Even if that's all that gets your interest.

They go after anyone they don't think will be defended. The more kids they can convince parents are to be shunned and turned over, the better if it's power you want, ... Dig?

You think this is just an abstraction?
Let's say I confronted some people on some things, and that while I was exposed to a lot, I didn't happen to have some of the existential problems some assume exist in vulnerable youth.

There are certain people I think ought to be extradited at this point.

And there are certain official positions used to try and displace conflict and guilt onto *anyone* that might be in certain positions, entire families, schools, forget about hierarchies.

I tell you this.

The convolutions of BS about it count for *zero,* in the US, Ireland, *anywhere.* till there's one Hel of an apology and amends made. Most especially about what they've done politically to anyone just wanting to get out and live.

The Church is about taking the offensive in blaming people who just want to live, cause of *how* a lot of abuses happen.

That 'how' is everything to do with their political agendas of sexual control. Not just homophobia, but the whole 'virgin' thing and fertility weirdness and the w-word being flung about, Not just *sex,* even. That's just the part of a culture of institutional emotional and physical abuse that they've been about for generations, *cutting kids from the herd,* and ensuring they can't speak up. Then they say 'This is the way of the world.' 'fallen human nature.' Dramas of 'sin' that always seem to serve *who and what?*

It's BS, Mags. No, the RCC aren't the only ones, but they *are pretty damn egregious* about it.

What good does it do to say, 'They do it too!' if no one ever gets around to doing anything about anyone doing it?

Anyone else got issues about kids, well, they can meet justice, too. What's with the 'Look over there!' ?

Yeah, Protestants abuse people, too, (edit: yeah, the local news tonight has another megachurch 'pastor' up on charges just tonight,) but this isn't about them. It's about no one ever looking at anything for long. Focus. You can do it again, later.


Let's put it this way, all these churches pointing the blame everywhere else in sight, including upon the very victims themselves, has never brought anyone anywhere to justice, only kept it all running around in circles and served the profit of people who like to push blame around.


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03-16-2011, 08:11 PM   #6
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My point is that while everyone is busy pointing fingers in one direction, they're not doing much to help the kids who are still being abused via other organizations that are just as culpable. I didn't say let the Catholics who did it get off. What I said was "Hey, it's happening just as much elsewhere too. It is organized and the deception is just as deliberate at times. But there are hundreds of cases against the RCC versus maybe a handful against say the Scouts.

The RCC was dead wrong to try to handle it like they did, but they are hardly alone, and it's wrong just to blame them and not go after the others just as hard. If you're going to go after all those culpable you have to go after ALL those who are culpable. That means organizations like the Scouts, school systems, the other religious figures and their churches too, not just the RCC. It "all" needs to come out. The RCC isn't the only organization with some really dirty laundry to be aired. Far from it.
03-16-2011, 08:47 PM   #7
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A Lost Heritage: Canada's Residential Schools | CBC Archives

If you want an interesting read, just type "residential schools" into Google.
You might need to add canada to the search.
03-16-2011, 10:19 PM   #8
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Why it is that people say 'Why 'just' the RCC' whenever it's *anything* about the RCC, that's what bothers me, Mags. No one said it *had* to stop there, but they're still ling-and-denying as an organization while still proclaiming various 'moral authority' to represent some nonexistent voting bloc to intrude on *all* of our lives, Catholic or not.

Yes, they aren't the only ones, , but nobody said you had to catch *all* the crooks before your say "these are crooks" or anyone sees a piece of justice.

No, Mags, it's not 'just them' *but it is them.*

Funny how they claim 'moral absolutes' as a reason to attack the civil rights of others, but any time they might get held accountable for institutional *crimes,* they say, 'Look over there!'

Funny, they seemed pretty 'absolutist' while trying to say I hurt them in some way by not being there and kneeling and obeying.... but when it comes to *actual crimes* they must just be being 'singled out' if ever questioned.

Frankly, if they're first in line, that suits me fine. I assure you, they go well out of their way to be a problem in my life, with all that money and power, and we know they have lawyers. They've used them. Perhaps if they hadn't chosen to pursue power and use it to attack the rights of others all this time, people might be more 'forgiving.'


03-17-2011, 05:56 AM   #9
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I'm sure that there are problems in other churches and with people that have no churches, but the reason for the focus on the RCC is real.

1. It is the largest Christian denomination in the world--close to the size of all other denominations together.

2. It has a strict hierarchy with infallibility attached. Most evangelical denominations do not. It is much more plausible to hold the entire church responsible for the misconduct of a single church than it is for the Baptists or Church of Christ, which have nothing like a Pope.

3. It has the most extensive schools and clergy involvement with children.

4. It requires a vow of celibacy which tends to raise the level of hypocrisy.

5. It has a history of collaboration with powerful forces which are not forces for good. (That is probably because it has a history)

6. It has a long history of covering up the sins of its clergy which go from top to bottom. It isn't just the priest in a small parish. Depositions revealed that our former Archbishop in NM was crawling into the sleeping bags of young women on camping trips. (articles with more details require subscription)

Do other faiths have problems--of course. But there are some unique aspects to this problem in the RCC, mostly because of its organization and structure. Blaming the private attorneys is off base on this one. They are the only ones doing anything about it. Local officials wouldn't (and some still won't) prosecute because of their own faith and that they will lose votes from the faithfull.

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