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06-24-2008, 11:32 AM   #61
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Well, I've owned, in chronological order, a Kodak, a Nikkormat, a Yashica, a Minolta, a bunch of Olympus OM's, a Mamiya, and then a couple of Nikons, so I guess Pentax was the next brand in line. It was fate.

06-24-2008, 12:09 PM   #62
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I'll add my short Story ....

March 2007 - finally tired of PS and (after several years of debating ) convinced myself I needed a DSLR. Today I regret not getting one sooner.

Price was a consideration. Entry level models from Canon, Sony, Nikon were all under the $1k mark that was the straw that borke my camels back as for justification.

Salesmen at London Drugs of all places told me to check out the K100D. He was not pushy - suggested I hold all models by all manufactors , take a few pics , see how they feel, go home do some research.

Two days later I bought a K10OD , Kit lens and a Sigma 18-250

A little more than a year later and few more $$$ well see my sig

The only regret I have is not having one sooner when my Kids were in school sports. Pentax has it's flaws as do all models - for what I do, what I like , Pentax offers the best bang for the buck IMHO. I miss out occasionaly at the fast action shots for some friends (kids hockey games ) but these are usually in very tough conditions and I still manage a few decent shots.
06-24-2008, 12:10 PM   #63
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I was using a ME super until one year ago when I lost almost all my gear in a mysteryous way. That made me decide it's time to go digital. I started to read all possible reviews and I was 99% decided on Nikon until... I realised I NEED the SR found in Pentax SLR's. That made me want one but ... good Pentax lens are nowhere to be found in my country and I decided to take another serious look at Nikon. But guess what... My brain wouldn't let me(literally) and then I knew I had the Pentax addiction. And so I HAD to order the K10d. Now... if only I could find some decent lens .
06-24-2008, 12:27 PM   #64
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I will add mine then.

Actually this is my first DSLR, I have a Canon S20 P&S camera b4. As I think about DSLR, I did a research on the lens price and quality compare to other brand, then seeing the price of K10D with all the extra and the price, it is just logical to get it :P

06-24-2008, 08:49 PM   #65
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After shooting with an ultra compact P&S (Casio S-500) I just love taking photos, and realized that I wanted to do more than just party snapshots. I was itching to get a DSLR but have completely no clue on what to get or how to properly use one.

In the mean time I bought myself another P&S with megazoom and manual mode (fuji S700) at a sale; learning more about different settings and holding out to see if photography is really my thing. I finally set my eyes on Pentax K100d Super; partly because my fondness on AA batteries thanks to the Fuji s700.

It seems the K100d super is the most logical choice among all cameras: any lens can benefit from in-body stablization, convenience of AA batteries and older (cheaper) lens compatibility. I was about to get the K100d (that was November 2007) then I got wind on rumors about a new model to be released in a few months so I hold out the purchase.

Fast forward to June 2008 the K200d proves to be as good as the K100d plus more, after the recent price drop I just can't wait anymore and become a proud owner of the K200d!
06-24-2008, 09:34 PM   #66
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Kindred Spirits?

QuoteOriginally posted by rormeister Quote
For the same reason some of us chose Karmen Ghia over Porsche. Price/Performance/Weirdness.
LOL - I had a 1967 VW Squareback for YEARS.
In '84 my wife insisted we get a Volvo (Boxy. But Good).
When that finally died in '05 we got a Subaru.

I think I was born a Pentaxian.
06-26-2008, 04:07 PM   #67
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I became a Pentaxian two weeks ago when a K200D with kit lens arrived at my home. Like others here, my progression was film SLR to digital P&S to dSLR.

I bought Pentax because in the price range I was considering, the K200D beat out both an XTi and a D60 for what I considered a well-balanced feature set. In-body image stabilization was a big attraction. Heft and build quality sealed the deal. The current $100 rebate was just icing on the cake. Though I'm prone to second-guess myself, I feel I did good here. My happiness was complete when I found the setting that would keep ISO displayed rather than having to use a shift key. I could wish only for the brightness of a pentaprism and a second control dial, but not enough to go to the next level of body.

I'm a bit surprised because between the reputation the Rebel series enjoys and my delight in the MP810 printer/scanner I have, I'd long thought I'd go Canon when/if I went to dSLR.

As to where I come from... I can no longer recall what cameras I had as a kid, though at one point I was using my father's 35mm rangefinder camera and an external light meter. I did a lot of basement darkroom work with an enlarger my father had built when he was young. Wooden platform, a length of pipe with a tee that could slide up and down, an antique bellows camera that would mount below a little wood drawer with glass to hold the negative, and light coming from a big old can with a couple light bulbs on top of that.

In 1977, I bought myself a Minolta SR-T 100x (European version of a 200). A tank of a camera. Automatic nothing and a stripped down version with just an exposure needle in the viewfinder, but still the CLC metering. This was my camera for twenty years or so.

At the turn of the millennium, I moved to an Olympus D-460 -- 1.3MP, 3x zoom. A fine, sturdy little camera but I got to the point where I wanted more resolution. And it's so slow that I'd more or less squeeze it off at random hoping that, say, a cat would be in the picture and doing something of interest.

I'll admit that I thought of getting a contemporary P&S. They look pretty amazing. But it's so nice to have great optics again. And then there's the lure of lenses...

Sorry, bit of a ramble that. - Tom
06-29-2008, 06:54 AM   #68
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Me? Bought my Pentax MX and a battery of lenses way back in 1974. Have been keeping them in containers with silica gel regularly recharged all these years. The camera and lenses are still in tip top conditions and are still used quite frequently. Also bought myself a Pentax Super 110 SLR around the time when 110 films were poupular. It was the smallest SLR camera and I used it as my travelling companion.

Last week, after reading numerous comments in these Pentax forums I was fully confident that I could make use of all my K-mount Pentax-M lenses on Pentax DSLR, I bought myself a K10D. Great cam. All my 1/3-century old lenses were accepted by my new K10D when I took a series of test shots!!

06-29-2008, 07:19 AM   #69
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First 35mm camera was a Voigtlander rangefinder with a Zeiss-Ikon lens.
First SLR was a Petri with a f1.8 55mm screw mount lens. I still have that lens - bought new in 1977.
Pentax P30 with a 35-70 zoom lasted me from late eighties until a couple of years ago.
Various Canon and Panasonic P&S's along the way until a K100D then K20D arrived.
My son now uses the K100D, I am amazed at the K20D and we both use all the beautiful glass I have collected over the last 30 odd years.
06-30-2008, 12:01 PM   #70
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I started photography in the early 80's. My first camera was a Pentax K1000, nothing fancy just a dependable hard working camera. Around 85 I wanted a better camera and it seemed everyone was boosting about the NIkon F1 and Olympus OM1, so I dropped down the bucks for the OM1 and a couple of lens. Though it was a really good camera, I was never comfortable with it. I fumbled around with it and became frustrated trying to use it. The Pentax ME had just came out and I was at the audio/video store on Ramstein AFB and picked it up. Love at first feel. Everything was so easy to use and this camera felt like it was made just for me. The ME was the camera that made me a Pentaxian. Since then, a couple of Super Programs, K100D, K10D and now the K20D. Though I almost shoot only with the digital cameras now, the ME & Super Programs still have that special place in my heart. Nothing coming close to the way feel, they are simply an extension of myself. The only thing that's not Pentax in my arsenal is a couple of Sigma macro lens, a Sigma flash and Vivitar flash.
06-30-2008, 01:19 PM   #71
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My first film SLR was a C***n AE-1 with a kit lens back in the 80s. but I never did much with it since it can get pretty expensive to get film developed to find out what you did wrong. My first digital camera was a Olympus D-40 zoom P&S. When the first C***n 350D came out, many of my friends wanted to get one. I didn't bite as I wanted to wait for something better from either N***n or Pentax.

When the Pentax K100D came out, I got interested in the in-camera SR. I got my K100D (and now my K10D) at a good price with the kit lens. Comparing to my friend's C***n kit lens that comes with the 350D there is a big difference. I am happy with my choice.
07-02-2008, 04:06 AM   #72
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I must have started out in photography circa 1970 ( in which year I would have been twelve ) with a Kodak Instamatic 133 which I got as a gift . It was enough to get me interested but before long I wanted something better and took over my dad's old Ilford Sportsman 35mm which sat in a cupboard . At some point I upgraded to a Zeiss Contina which I saw in a secondhand shop and liked the solid feel of it . By this time I was a member of the camera club in my home town and another member was selling a Rolleiflex T , so I got into medium format and used this camera for many years , along with the Mecablitz 500 flash and Weston Master V meter that came with it .

By the mid 1970's , when I had my first paying job , I decided I wanted a 35mm SLR . One of the guys in the camera club had a Pentax ESII which I had played with and liked a lot but could never afford ; I could , however , just stretch to a new KM with the 50mm f1.7 lens and so I started with Pentax .

Over the years , I added various lenses , got an ME , then an ME Super , a MX , then a second one , finally getting first one LX then a second one . I never parted with any of my old cameras , except for the ME which packed in and I threw it out ; all the others still work and I still have them .

By the time I had the two LX's , I really could not see anything further to upgrade to and continued to use these for the next twenty years or so , just adding lenses and accessories every now and then .

Alongside the LX's , I added a couple more Rollei twin lens reflexes , then eventually sold them off as they were not getting used ( regretted it as soon as they were gone ) . The only other non-Pentax camera I have had ( and still have ) is a Rollei 35S compact , which was my 'carry everywhere' camera .

With the advent of digital photography , I kept an eye on what was out there , still using my LX's , and wondered why Pentax had not entered the market . Eventually , the *istD came out , I played with one in a shop and was highly impressed but could not afford one . A couple of years later , they could be bought secondhand and I got one for a reasonable price , complete with battery grip and kit lens . The kit lens it came with had seen better days but the dealer kindly took it back and gave me a generous allowance against a Sigma EX 15-30 zoom which I was and am very happy with . Besides that , I use all my old manual K mount glass to good effect on it . Being impressed with the Sigma , I bought some more Sigma AF lenses and am happy with them .

Having got used to AF , I also bought a secondhand MZ-S also with the battery grip : this and the 'D' are now my two main cameras ; I still carry an LX body in my kit but this is only used in 'hostile environments' where I would not wish to expose the newer cameras ( I work for the Fire Service and often have to work in extremes of temperature , humidity , water pouring down , dust , smoke etc , none of which are good for cameras with sensitive electronics inside ) .

With the advent of eBay in recent years , I have also picked up a couple of older models , purely for nostalgic reasons , and acquired an S1a then an ESII , both of which reminded me of times in the camera club back in my youth . Both these cameras work , but they are really just ornaments in my living room .

Last year , I bought my daughter a K10D for her 21st birthday . So far , she uses it but has not developed the keen interest in photography I had at her age .

I had thought about upgrading , first to a K10D , then to the K20D . Whilst both cameras are very nice , rumours of a forthcoming 'pro' model of higher specification , coupled with still my being reasonably content with what I have , have made me inclined to hold off for now .

Down the years , I have managed to have various jobs that involved photography to a greater or lesser degree : firstly as an audio-visual technician in a school , then working for a wedding photographer , mainly doing video work but filling in with photography when required , working for a conference & presentation company doing corporate work and finally in my present job with Strathclyde Fire & Rescue doing a mixture of PR/corporate and forensic work . My current employer provides me with Nikon equipment , but I still like to use my own cameras and take my best pictures with Pentax !
07-10-2008, 10:39 AM   #73
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Jan 2008 issue of Pop Photo there is an article by Herbert Keppler titled lens first. He starts by saying "how fate and a fisheye led me to four Pentax DSLRs". Thats also my story. I had at the time Nikon N90s, Nikon 70-200 2.8, Tokina pro 28-70 2.8, Nikon 55 macro and 24mm. When Pentax 17-28 fisheye came out, I jumped on it and I got my first Pentax body. Color saturation and contrast was so good that I started to question quality of all Nikon optics.

DSLR age came and unfortunately I got the Nikon D70s in order to be able to use what I already owned. D70s was getting great reviews and early Pentax DSLRS were mostly labled as beginner cameras(from what I read).

Finally K10 brought excitement to serious amatures with tested SR technology. At present moment Pentax fisheye zoom shines again with K200d. Stole a Pentax 50mm 1.4 Super Takumar from my father and planning to add 40 2.8 limited.

Pentax+Samsung = Bright future ahead
07-10-2008, 12:27 PM   #74
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Simply put, VALUE! Lower prices and more features for Pentax body's and lenses compared to the big two competitors products. I recently initiated my sister into Pentaxianhood by snapping up a new K10D for her before they are all gone. Now we can swap accessories and lenses and share a great hobby!
07-12-2008, 06:21 AM   #75
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The Pentax system was a better bang for the buck, huge catalog of older backwards compatible lenses and I like SD cards more than CF cards. I also got a great deal on a used K100D and K10D so that was nice. (my boss upgraded to a K20D and practically gave me his K100D and K10D =D)
My other choice was the Sony Alpha series; I am a fomer Minolta user so the alpha felt familiar.
So far my only real complaint is the lack of retailer support.

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