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02-27-2015, 07:14 PM   #16
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One thing that's starting to bother me more about Pentax mid range dslr are their noisy shutter and mirror flipping during liveview. If neither bothers you, k50 is a great value. K3 also has better focus tracking and higher frame rate for action.

02-27-2015, 07:39 PM   #17
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As someone who started (just as you are now) about 3 years I still love my K-30. It's a great body to learn with and the cost savings over the K-30 will pay for a couple of economical lenses. It will take you quite a while to outgrow your body and by the time you do the next great body will have come along. I can tell you that while I look at new lenses all the time.....I rarely look at getting a better body. And it is the glass that is timeless.

If money is a concern. Go K-30. If money is not. K-3 is the way.
02-28-2015, 12:11 AM   #18
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QuoteOriginally posted by noelpolar Quote
As you progress with life.....I find lifes major events fit nicely with getting an additional lens to enjoy as part of the experience....... ie a new child....a new portrait lens (easiest sell to spouse ever!)......a big holiday......a new landscape lens (more difficult sell) etc.....
You'd better hope your spouse isn't reading this Noel. You've just given your strategy away!

In a roundabout way I think you have supported my argument. When it really matters (baby shots of your child or grandchild, for example), what do you say to your spouse?
a. "Dear, for this precious moment we need more megapixels, so we can make a wall-size print."
b. "Dear, for this precious moment we need a new DA*55/FA 77 Ltd/DA*50-135, because it will make baby look like an angel."
You've really answered (b). That's the answer that most people who've been around a while would give.
02-28-2015, 01:30 AM   #19
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You are welcome....Grasshopper

I needed a 70-200 2.8 for China Holiday.....

by Noelpolar, on Flickr

Last edited by noelpolar; 02-28-2015 at 04:11 AM.
02-28-2015, 02:00 AM   #20
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The k-50 is a great camera for its price. The shutter is a bit noisy... but if you're not trying to be a sneak taking pics of people it shouldn't be much of an issue. I will note that yes, the k-3 can use a battery grip, but the k-50 can use alkaline/lithium AA's in a pinch with the adapter. Either camera has plentiful and cheap accessories and lenses.

I'd suggest the k-50, and then later on a few years down the road if you still want to upgrade, go with the k-3's successor. The glass you buy from the savings of the k-50 over the k-3 will carry forward to any future pentax body upgrades.
02-28-2015, 04:24 AM   #21

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Take it from someone that has been in your shoes....Get a K50 or even The K30.
Both are great cameras for anyone.
The K3 is a bit intimidating and less forgiving for a first DSLR and I would highly recommend passing on it for a variety of reasons.
02-28-2015, 06:47 AM - 1 Like   #22
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QuoteOriginally posted by Zerv Quote
Though the thought of giving up some convenient and latest technology features on the K-3 keeps me undecided. You are making a lot of sense though. The K-3 pictures I see blow me away, but the K-50 pictures definitely aren't disappointing and aren't too far behind (to my amateur eyes).
I've got the K30 ( as someone else said, it's a K50 in a different wrapper ), and I think it's a great camera. There are a few things I could get by moving up to a flagship camera that would be nice, but to my mind, they are mostly "nice to have" features. The low prices for some of them are very tempting right now though. I'm almost more tempted by the K5iis than the K3.

If you look at the basics, the K30/K50 gives you much of what the flagships give you - a great sensor, the SAME great viewfinder, 2 control wheels, and weather resistance.

As long as the camera body gets the basics right, the lens is going to make a much bigger difference in IQ than anything else ( skill of the photographer being constant ). The kit lens is decent enough if you get a good copy, but if that's what you're using, you probably won't see a huge difference between the K50 and the K3. Some of those K3 photos that wow you are likely the result of the lens that was used and the skill of the photographer more than the fact that they were shot with a K3.

Another factor to consider - if you get a K3, you might end up having to upgrade your computer to something that can process the large files it generates, and you'll need more storage for all those big files.

If you think you might be using the camera for video, maybe you want to look at one of the K5 variants ( K5iis ?) because IIRC that model still uses mechanical SR during video ( assuming you work around the camera picking up the sound of the SR ). Also note for video - K30/K50 does not have a microphone jack.

As far as future-proofing goes, I think the K30/K50 will age well. I've still got my K200D that I used for many years. Aside from the poor high ISO performance, the things about it that make me not want to use it now have nothing to do with the technology - it's the ergonomics:

1) pentamirror viewfinder
2) single control wheel
3) lack of back-button focus capability

Otherwise, the K200D still takes pretty good images ( in good light ).

Pentax did a good job with the tech & ergonomics on the K30/K50 ( and K5 variants ). The K3 has some technological advantages, and yes, in the right hands and with a good lens, it might leave those other cameras in the dust. But personally, I think I'd get more improvement in my images by putting money towards "better" lenses. Note that in this context, "better" might mean the WR version of a lens, which allows you to use your camera under a wider range of conditions. You're going to get a better image with a K50 and a WR lens than you would get with a K3 and a non-WR lens if the weather forces you to leave the K3 at home because you don't dare use it without a WR lens. As the old adage goes, the best camera in the world to use is the one you have with you.

To put some context around the lens vs body argument - if I had to choose between using my K30 with the kit lens it came with and my K200D with my Tamron 17-50, I'd take the K200D with the Tamron lens. Except at high ISO, I feel the glass is the limiting factor, not the camera/sensor. I think you can make the same argument with the K3 vs K50/K30, except in that case, there's little or no difference in high ISO performance. Glass is probably going to be more of a factor in IQ than which camera you choose. If your budget is limited, the difference in price between those two cameras might be enough to get you a really nice lens.

You have to remember it's not just the camera body. You have to factor in all the other things - lenses, spare batteries, computer HW and SW, etc. It might not be wise to blow your budget on the camera body, and have nothing left for all the ancillary gear you need to get the most out of it.

Better to get a cheap ( but still excellent ) camera body + premium glass vs premium camera + mediocre glass.

After you've used your K50/K30/K5iis for a few years, you may be in a position to judge why you should have bought a K3. By then, the K3's successor will be on the market, and you can get that, or a used K3. And you'll already have a nice piece of glass to put on it.

And by then, the faster computer and bigger HD's you'll need to go along with that camera body will be cheaper as well.

But you can also make perfectly valid arguments for why it makes more sense to get the better camera body NOW. Like I said, those fire-sale prices make it awfully tempting.
02-28-2015, 07:21 AM   #23
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I have a K-50 and a K-3. The K-50 is such a sweet camera, it may spoil you against upgrading. The K-3 gives you more megapixels, more features, and more weight for more money. The K-30, K-50, and K-01 share that beautiful 16MP sensor that I just can't get enough of. Get a K-50 and a couple good lenses and you can't go wrong.

02-28-2015, 08:10 AM   #24
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QuoteOriginally posted by noelpolar Quote
I would normally agree with the lens theory, but the K3 (if picked up at the right price) is a bargain ...... and it's already had a big depreciation hit. I'd get the K3 as long as I was prepared to put some initial effort into the learning curve with it.....

If you can stay immune to the "got to have the latest" crazy trend (that is taking us to the edge)....... the K3 could easily be a 10 year ownership experience. Plenty of time to get another lens or two to use with it if you so desire......

As you progress with life.....I find lifes major events fit nicely with getting an additional lens to enjoy as part of the experience....... ie a new child....a new portrait lens (easiest sell to spouse ever!)......a big holiday......a new landscape lens (more difficult sell) etc.....

my take on k3 or ks2 instead of k50 is better AF module.
03-01-2015, 09:37 AM   #25
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I debated this last year when I decided to upgrade from my trusty old K10D. I looked at the K50 and the K3 and had the same debate. Since I have been a Pentax user for over 30 years I had plenty of lens. The main reason I went with the K3 was the ability to use a battery grip and the upper LCD display. I do think that for a first time user the K3 may be a bit intimedating. It is a very advanced camera loaded with tons and tons of features. For general everyday use the K50 should be just fine. If you are looking for a camera that you can expand and grow with over the years then I say go with the K3. Right now with the B&H bundle on the red K50 I am considering buying one as a backup to my K3 and when I simply do not need a massive complicated camera as the K3. Right now this how I look at it, the K50 is a great price right now. You can buy one learn from it get comfertable and when the time comes upgrade. Eventually the k3 will be replaced and the prices are already falling. In a few years you could probably pick up a K3 for a pretty good price.
03-03-2015, 02:32 AM   #26
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I love my K-30 and get outstanding pics with it so I have not upgraded yet, but if I was going to start new, I would go to the K-3. The K-S2 is a nice looking camera but the K-3 is the current flagship for a reason. If you are or will become passionate into photography, you will appreciate all that the K-3 has to offer. Besides, the price is outstanding for that camera.
03-10-2015, 01:03 PM - 1 Like   #27
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Really appreciated all the advice given. Just wanted to update that I purchased a K50 + DA 18-135mm online from a US authorized dealer. Saw an open box deal for slightly less but for just a little more will be able to get the extended Pentax warranty.

As for why I went with the K50 instead of the K3 at this time, there were a number of reasons.

- The K50 is a great value right now. I missed out on some of the ridiculously good deals like that Target one, but even at the going price from the most common sources, compared to the competition and same level of camera, you are getting a lot for your money.

- The K3 it seems to me, and everything I'm reading on here, is due for some sort of update or (less likely) a replacement. Whether it is a year or two from now, it is bound to happen. Combined with the time it takes for its price to drop, I feel that is both not too far away and an adequate enough amount of time to hang with the K50 and learn a new camera/system. At that time, I'm hopefully ready to reap the benefits of the best Pentax has to offer. And even if the likely scenario happens and the changes are minimal like articulating screen and wi-fi, that will make the price of the original K3 even better. Worse comes to worst, a short time from now the K3 price becomes an irresistible bargain and I'm comfortable enough to trade up. Definitely not the worst of scenarios after all. Or perhaps the K-S2 proves to be a logical compromise of features from the flagship for non-professionals. The future looks like it has some good options available for us.

- As was mentioned by others, lenses were another factor. With my last camera and system, my walk-around zoom never left the body and I had no huge interest to move away from it. Now I am much more encouraged and interested. On my budget though, it probably will be an occasional occurrence. Strange as it may or may not seem, at relatively the same price, acquiring an updated body is much more likely than a lens. Why? Well, convincing the wife of all the merits of a new camera body is a much easier sell than to argue the nuances of yet another lens. So with the money saved going with the K50 in the meantime, I'm putting that towards a few lenses or a limited lens. By the time I get to the camera I'm keeping for the long haul, my lens situation is in a good place.

So excited to receive it and taking pictures already!
03-10-2015, 10:01 PM   #28

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You made a very good choice for a lot of good reasons. I wish I had started out with the 18-135 WR. quit thinking of that K3 you didn't
03-11-2015, 04:42 PM   #29
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QuoteOriginally posted by Dlanor Sekao Quote quit thinking of that K3 you didn't
You are a mind reader! But taking pictures on my new K50 should quench that fire... for a while...

K50 has been delivered to my house! Longest workday ever.
03-11-2015, 05:06 PM   #30

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QuoteOriginally posted by Zerv Quote
You are a mind reader! But taking pictures on my new K50 should quench that fire... for a while...

K50 has been delivered to my house! Longest workday ever.
Ive been there....very recently !
I had one K30 and bought two K3's just before Christmas when they were really low I have one K3 left with 280 actuations just sitting back in its box and Im looking for a second K30 ! That speaks volumes how I feel about the K30 and K50. original K30 has 51,000 clicks.....Another K30 is in order anyway just for that alone in case this one ever blows
You will love the K50. Its a very capable camera.

Last edited by Dlanor Sekao; 03-11-2015 at 05:11 PM.

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