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09-18-2010, 06:14 PM   #136
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QuoteOriginally posted by aleonx3 Quote
I am hoping the K-5 would be a contender to compete with 7D and D300s, not D7000. I don't think it is a bad situation; if K-5 turns out to be similar to D7000 in spec, it will find it's market price to be close to that - then I still would choose K-5 over D7000 since I already have most of the glass I need.

A year ago when the K-7 came out, someone Rice*** predicted the demise of the Pentax and worried about its future. A year later, we have the K-r and K-5. Next year or later, we will have K-3 etc. I am not nervous, just excited to see how this unfold.
Relative Humidity has predicted the demise of Pentax every year since he started the -Pentax Nog site of his. (Negativity + Blog = Nog).

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I just had a look at the d7000 spec's. It's gonna have better AF than the K5, but that's pretty much a given anyway, and while it has a more impressive meter, whether it's better or not remains to be seen. The K-7 has very good metering.
I don't really see what the fuss is about.
09-18-2010, 07:39 PM   #138
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QuoteOriginally posted by Rupert Quote
A lot of us shoot with older lenses, MF lenses, or new lenses that don't offer OS in the lens......I remember the fuzzy shots I got with the DS too many times from low does the D7000 have SR? I didn't think so! Is it a deal sure would be for me, SR is a lifesaver many, many times. If you forgot how much it is a lifesaver, turn it off for couple of days......

The K5 is going to be a superb camera.....if you already shoot Pentax and have lenses, switching to a non-SR camera of any brand is going to be a big disappointment for you. I will guarantee you that....I hear the local Nikonians and Canonites whining about no SR all too often.
Best Regards

1/15 Hand held with Pentax SR.........I don't leave home without it!
[/url] [/IMG]
Gosh this says it all...Check and Mate game over. The SR is really a seller and also the backwards compatibility of the Pentax system. I was just reading about the Nikon backwards compatibility and well some lenses won't focus to infinity, some old Nikons lenses will destroy new Nikon cameras, some bodies won't AF some lenses...gosh its like a maze.

It really doesn't matter who comes out with what. Pentax is still growing...and it is offering some nice for many who have k10's and k20's to upgrade.
09-18-2010, 08:05 PM   #139
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Nikon or Canon don't make limited lenses. I had a D700 and great Nikon lens selection that ended up sitting in a book shelf because of size and weight. Take my K-x and limiteds everywhere. I think they are totally unique and appeal to differnet requirements. Based on mirror less popularity Pentax my be moving in the right direction.

09-19-2010, 02:04 AM   #140
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QuoteOriginally posted by apemen Quote
I am not.

I love Limiteds and SR is crucial for me, and I prefer compact bodies.

Sure it may hurt Pentax -willbe- market share
but entry level is more important for that and K-x does good, hopefully K-r will too.

I am OK with Pentax bodies are not cheaper or even more expensive-not much though - than Canikon's.
Pentax bodies generally have more features, and K-5 price will be settled down as K-7's did in months anyway.
But new bodies would better have good AF!

No need for to be nervous or to rush.
I will see specs. and wait for reviews.

Give me a much better AF and high ISO
and I'd upgrade from K20D no matter how terrific are the D7000 and other bodies are.
I'd even choose a K-r.

will i be able to take these shots with a D7000 handheld?
I don't think so : )
DA40mm 0.3s.
Really like the first shot

QuoteOriginally posted by PentaxMom Felua Quote
I am looking so forward to the appearance of the K-5, hope it will be like k-7 with better sensor and it will. However, it will be heavier ...
Which brings me to nervousness about the new Nikon d7000. Must be a happy day for all nikonians with older nikon glass as it will have a coupling for that old glass.
It made me sit down and contemplate adding one to my system, feeling a bit off with a rather heavy cold. Sat shivering on the couch and contemplated the miracles of Nikon.
Then the doorbell rang, and my favourite postman brought me my new toy. After unwrapping I held a stunningly beautiful old Takumar in my hands, so small, so light, a "limited" of the early sixties, a preset takumar 105mm 2.8 all black version, ready to work with my k-7. I forgot all about Nikon. I can never switch and why add, I already have way too much. If anything, and this might make you all feel sick, I wish for a turquoise 645d. Maybe when I am truly old a third hand one maybe never know maybe lucky one day.....
Well, that makes me nervous. We will see how Pentax fares. My new preset meahwhile takes fabulous pictures and is easy to focus and easy to use as it is preset, it works quite fast. No, I am not nervous about d7000, a full format would make me that, but the lenses they come with are so heavy with Nikon. Mind you, I know a 645d weighs something too, but that would be worh it (specially if by miracle it could be a turqoise one). Have fun all you, be happy, things will be well.
Fun read . Good luck on the turquoise 645d

QuoteOriginally posted by Jyrkira Quote
I am totally happy with Pentax and a new Nikon will not change that.

IMO the only features in D7000 that are above K-7 are better high ISOs and AF. The build quality in K-7 body is in higher level (steel chassis with magnesium allow covers in K-7 vs. plastic chassis with plastic/magnesium allow covers in D7000).
K-7 even has some features that D7000 does not have. (SR, electronic level function, proper interval shooting etc.)

K-5 will have all the good things in K-7, better high ISOs than K-7 and (probably) much improved AF so why to worry ?
It is human nature to worry. We need to look for something to feel inadequate .
This can start the buying rush again, and we ease, till next time cameras are announced .
Healthy hobby we’ve found here

QuoteOriginally posted by Jyrkira Quote
To me the limiteds are much more desirable than f/1.4 primes with comparable focal lenghts in Nikon lineup. I think the limiteds look like luxury items compared to plastic looking Nikkors. Although the builg guality is in high level in f/1.4 Nikkors too. Another advantage in Limiteds is their size/weight.
And 31/1.8 + 77/1.9 limiteds only cost about half as much as Nikon 35/1.4 + 85/1.4 here in Finland.

It is not hard choice to me.
In the quality line, for sure Nikon is expensive. For the high MP sensors, good glass is often required. Maybe there is a plan in marketing after all, to continue focusing on increasing MP

QuoteOriginally posted by Boris Quote
Yes, that was my understanding too - you put the camera on tripod and then play with this feature. As a matter of fact, I honestly find it a bit of a gimmick. It is as if one has an extremely difficult to set up tripod configuration and once they tightened up all the joints, they find that they missed the level by 1 degree. So they will use this feature.

My K-7's level is probably not 100% accurate but is really close to be that way. So, because I tend to fail aligning horizon almost always, I use it for reference. Then at least the error to correct in post is minimal and consistent.
The manual change of sensor direction when on tripod, is different from the dynamic use of automatic level correction. (It can actually be quite the opposite).

The topic of the thread, is discussion of D7000 and Pentax; and you state that it is not possible with Pentax to have 35 mm f/1.4 with AF. Then of cause it is relevant to mention that it can easily be had, with cropping from the Sigma 30/1.4. If you want to discuss FF, then there are plenty of threads for that. But from what I see, the regular digital SLR format is catching up; particular in regard to high Iso. But those who want FF, don’t make the choice because of the D7000.

Regarding legacy glass, the D7000 brings nothing new to the table, which cannot be had with an older D200 or a used D300. The D7000 doesn’t unlock lenses, which couldn’t be had with old D200/used D300.

QuoteOriginally posted by ghelary Quote
Yes, and no, many lenses that are "FF" are simply no performing enough anymore on a FF camera. The 17-40L from Canon comes to mind.

Most of the time, lenses designed for digital FF are signicantly bigger than their APSC brother (same focal lens) and film brothers.

For those who value compaticity, APSC only lenses do have some relevance.
A travel set-up with 15 mm, 35 mm macro, and 70 mm; is for sure hard to match in Nikon land. Though truly some of the new Nikkor G lenses and zooms are fascinating.

QuoteOriginally posted by jpzk Quote
I believe I have to clarify my opening post. After having gone over it and the responses this morning, I realize that I inadvertently opened a can of worms, with no intention of causing trouble.
So, let me then go over each comment I have made in this opening post. It may be too late to convince any of you of my sincere "convictions", but I will give it a go:

I sincerely apologize to those who have been offended with this thread.
Until Photokina 2010, K5 reviews and tests ...
Cheers to all!
Don't worry about it. We all make posts that do not come out quite the intended way. You've cleared it up nicely, no trouble

QuoteOriginally posted by gazonk Quote
I compared Pentax to Nikon and Sony in the monthly sales numbers of BCNranking, and the 645D outsells both the a900 and the D3x, and seems to be close behind the D3s.
Thanks for the info, interesting for sure. 645D seem well received in Japan

QuoteOriginally posted by patk Quote
someone at dpreview just posted a link to a forum exchange re the k-5. go down to about the middle of the exchange re the k-5 is discussed. pentaxians will be pleased...i think. maybe i shouldn't be so sure, there's always someone with a complaint.

Photozone - What? No Olympus E-5 bashing? -
Thanks for the link. Klaus is very level headed, for sure deserved that his site does well

QuoteOriginally posted by soaks Quote
Nikon or Canon don't make limited lenses. I had a D700 and great Nikon lens selection that ended up sitting in a book shelf because of size and weight. Take my K-x and limiteds everywhere. I think they are totally unique and appeal to differnet requirements. Based on mirror less popularity Pentax my be moving in the right direction.
I think you could be right. People coming from P&S dislike that they must have weight penalty, just for upgrading to higher quality photography

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09-19-2010, 07:48 AM   #141

QuoteOriginally posted by AGWoodard Quote
The guy with a Kx and kit lens and maybe a 20 buck M series prime off e bay can make the move pretty easily, but not everyone who is looking at the new K5 has all of 3 months of photography under their belt.

The only way I would buy the Nikon over the Pentax is if the Pentax System was limiting my photography in some way. Say like the lack of long glass for birds or wildlife (hint freaking hint Pentax)

You go add up a basic nature photo kit, say a 12-24, maybe a 70 200, a 105 macro and one long lens say 400 MM or over and get back to me on switching because the Nikon is just a few notches above the K5 in one or two areas and a couple hundred less in price.

I'll pay a few hundred more for the Pentax and save a couple grand not replacing the lens I already own. We'll see who comes out ahead at the end of the year.


maybe/maybe not, it all depends on ISO and other factors! And which one is tweaked better, and performs better,

Other wise, I have had 4 or 5 Nikon DSLR Bodies and their ISO is usually always lower then other Cameras, BUT, THEY DON'T have the Detail in IQ like Pentax or Canon. In other words, Nikon tweaks their ISO too much, so the detail in IQ is just not there on Nikon Body's
09-20-2010, 07:04 AM   #142
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I currently own K-x and quite happy with it. However, iso range of 80-51,200 would open new possibilities and hopefully I will start saving to purchase K-5 perhaps early next year!

So, right now I am just going to wait for the review and see if the new camera lives up to its expectations...


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