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05-21-2012, 11:29 AM   #751
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QuoteOriginally posted by viff Quote
9 crosstype focus points can be a huge improvement in speed and accuracy...
Pentax has used 9 cross type focus points for ages. Even the K-x has 9 cross type focus points

05-21-2012, 11:30 AM   #752
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QuoteOriginally posted by viff Quote
"Focus TypeSAFOX IXi+ TTL phase-detection 11 point (9 cross) wide autofocus system w light wavelength sensor and diffraction lens"

9 crosstype focus points can be a huge improvement in speed and accuracy...
The K-5 has 9 crosstype focus points. We should see some improvement though both in that wavelight and diffraction lens addition. They also mentioned improved predictive AF.
05-21-2012, 11:35 AM   #753
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Lets hope they are smaller so they can be placed more accurately !
It doesnt matter how fast or sensative or low light performing they are if the
sensors are like dinner plates as in the K5
05-21-2012, 11:39 AM   #754
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QuoteOriginally posted by sjwaldron Quote
The K-5 has 9 crosstype focus points. We should see some improvement though both in that wavelight and diffraction lens addition. They also mentioned improved predictive AF.
Sorry, I have learned something new now.. (even if I have a k-5) ...Thanks

05-21-2012, 11:44 AM   #755
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that place for the thumb at the back dont look so good -> no rubber grip
05-21-2012, 12:05 PM   #756
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QuoteOriginally posted by french_mike Quote
that place for the thumb at the back dont look so good -> no rubber grip
True, but the K-x and K-r in colors other than black had the same glossy plastic in the thumbgrip area. Did the black K-r have a rubber grip there? I know the black K-x just has textured plastic back there. So, no, it's not an improvement, but it's not a downgrade from what this camera seems to be replacing, the K-r. It seems like they're using the same material for the black-bodied vs colored-bodied cameras as in previous generations.

To be honest, I'm not sure which is better. My cousin has a black K-x and I have a White one. The glossy plastic certainly looks less professional but proves to be much stickier, grippier, than the black. I'll probably get a black K-30 though, as it sticks out like a sore thumb when doing paid photo work. Plus I never really liked how the white ended up looking with black lenses.
05-21-2012, 12:10 PM   #757
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Major Features of PENTAX K-30

1. High-resolution, low-noise, true-to-life image reproduction

The K-30 incorporates the latest CMOS image sensor with a large image-capturing area measuring 23.7mm by 15.7mm. It assures high-speed image data readout to deliver super-high-resolution, rich-gradation digital images with 16.28 effective megapixels. This image sensor is coupled in the K-30 with the PRIME M imaging engine for the recording of high-quality, full HD movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 frames per second). The camera also minimizes luminance noise at low sensitivities, while offering a wide sensitivity range between ISO 100 and ISO 12800 (or even ISO 25600 when expanded via a custom function).

2. Sporty, functional design perfect for outdoor shooting

Thanks to the 81 seals set in its compact, lightweight, portable body, the K-30 is built to be weather-resistant, dustproof and cold-resistant, as well as proven functionality in temperature as low as -10°C. This means that the K-30 can be taken along on outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing, for the joy of high-quality digital SLR photography without worrying about weather conditions. Its exterior has been designed to be both sporty and functional for active outdoor shooting: a large grip for a firm, secure hold of the camera; a low-profile pentaprism housing for reduced height; and a rounded, soft-rubber casing for firm hold of the camera during vertical-position shooting.

3. Optical finder with nearly 100% field of view

Despite its compact body that is smaller and lighter than conventional mid-level models, the K-30 comes equipped with a glass prism finder with nearly 100% field of view and approximately 0.92-times maximum magnification (with a 50mm f/1.4 lens at infinity) to cover the entire field of view for easy focusing and framing. Since it delivers a clear view of the subject even in bright sunshine and eliminates parallax and time lag in the viewfinder image, the K-30 responds efficiently and reliably to demanding applications and subjects, such as landscapes requiring delicate, high-precision framing, and sports scenes where the timing of shutter release is critical. The K-30 accepts a PENTAX-original Natural-Bright-Matte III focusing screen to facilitate manual-focusing operation. The photographer can replace the standard focusing screen with one of the available optional screens, including cross-lined and scale types, to accommodate more specialized applications.

4. Newly developed SAFOX IXi+ AF module for improved autofocus performance

The K-30 features the state-of-the-art SAFOX IXi+ AF sensor module, which assures responsive, high-precision autofocus operation by incorporating a diffraction lens to minimize chromatic aberration in accordance to the characteristics of each individual lens. It also factors the light source at the time of shooting into its calculations. Nine of its 11 sensor points have cross-type sensors to capture all kinds of subjects in sharp focus, while its spotbeam projector assists the AF system at poorly lit locations. The K-30’s AF algorithm has also been upgraded in all areas. A new select-area expansion function allows the sensor module to continue to track a moving subject, even when it moves out of a pre-assigned auto-tracking area, by assessing distance data collected by neighboring focus sensors. The accuracy and speed of detecting moving subjects during autofocus shooting, and autofocusing performance when using a telephoto lens, have been greatly improved as well.

5. High-speed burst shooting at approximately six images per second

When shooting sports, stage performances or wildlife, the K-30’s high-speed burst shooting function comes in handy, as it allows the photographer to record active, fast-moving subjects in a series of images — at a maximum speed of six images per second (in the JPEG recording format).

6. Advanced Live View shooting with helpful features

Thanks to the latest CMOS image sensor and upgraded algorithm, the K-30 offers a clear, true-to-life Live-View image (at 60 frames per second). It also features a focus-assist function to improve manual-focusing accuracy, as well as a choice of three grid display patterns including Golden Section.

7. Effortless, user-friendly Auto Picture and Scene modes

The K-30 features the PENTAX-original Auto Picture mode, which automatically selects the most appropriate shooting mode for a given subject or scene from Portrait, Landscape, Macro and other distinctive shooting modes. The photographer can concentrate on image composition and shutter opportunity, while leaving all other camera settings to the K-30, including shutter speed, aperture, white balance, saturation, contrast and sharpness. The K-30 also offers 19 Scene modes — including Night Scene Portrait, Pet and Backlight Silhouette — to simplify the photographing of subjects and scenes too complicated or too demanding for inexperienced digital SLR photographers, by optimizing all camera settings with a simple choice of the corresponding icon on the camera’s LCD monitor.

8. PENTAX-original SR mechanism with user-assisting options

The K-30 features the PENTAX-developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, which effectively reduces camera shake for sharp, blur-free images even under demanding shooting conditions — such as when using a telephoto lens, shooting in the dark or at night without supplementary flash illumination. This innovative mechanism works with almost all PENTAX interchangeable lenses — even those developed for film-format cameras.* Thanks to the SR mechanism’s flexible design that tilts the image sensor unit in all directions, the K-30 offers several useful features to assist the photographer during shooting, including: an Automatic Horizon Correction function to assure high-precision image framing and effortless adjustment of horizontal alignment; a Composition Adjustment function to allow minute adjustment of image alignment horizontally, vertically and axially; and an ASTROTRACER mode, to simplify astronomical photography in combination with the optional O-GPS1 GPS Unit.
* Lenses compatible with this mechanism: PENTAX K-, KA-, KAF-, KAF2- and KAF3-mount lenses; screw-mount lenses (with an adapter); and 645- and 67-system lenses (with an adapter). Some functions may not be available with certain lenses.

9. A selection of image-processing tools for creative, personalized expression

The K-30 features the custom image function, which allows the user to easily and quickly select the desired finishing touch for a particular image, with a choice of 11 custom images, including Bleach Bypass to create a dramatic visual effect used in motion pictures, and Cross Process to produce a fanciful, eye-catching image with dramatic colors. It also offers a choice of 19 distinctive digital filters, including Miniature, which transforms an actual scene into what appears to be an image of miniature models. These filters add distinctive visual effects to captured images and produce creative, artistic images without the need for a computer. The user can further expand the creative possibilities by applying multiple filters to a single image.

10. Choice of two power sources

In addition to the standard lithium-ion battery capable of capturing approximately 480 images with a single recharge,** the K-30 can also be powered by four AA-size batteries using the optional D-BH109 AA-Battery Holder. Since AA-size batteries can be easily obtained almost anywhere around the world, there’s no worry about battery shortages, even when on the road.
** Under testing conditions prescribed by PENTAX, using the D-LI109 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery with no flash discharges.

11. Other features

I. Large, wide-view 3.0-inch LCD monitor with approximately 921,000 dots
II. 77-segment multi-pattern metering system for extra-accurate light measurement
III. DR (Dust Removal) mechanism to shake dust off from the surface of the CMOS image sensor
IV. PENTAX-designed Hyper control system to assure flexible, unfailing response to the photographer’s creative intentions
V. Dynamic-range expansion function to compensate for both whitewashed (overexposed) and blacked out (underexposed) areas
VI. RAW-date filing of a just-recorded JPEG-format image
VII. RAW/Fx button for single-action switching of image file format, as well as for assignment and instant recall of a specific function
VIII. SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 for PENTAX (RAW-data processing engine developed by Ichikawa Soft Laboratory) included, in support of the K-30’s in-body RAW data processing capability
05-21-2012, 12:17 PM   #758
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I'm starting to save for this one, since I don't think I will be able to afford one of the future above tiers, and I still have to buy a M42/K mount converter and a case.

There's a couple of improvements I would have liked for sure, most of all more resolution, because, while 16MP are perfect for a general purpose, life shooting camera, in shooting painting surfaces as I do often, the resolution helps.
Also, an external mic would have been great for the odd concert shooting, but, boy, this K30 looks really exciting.

I think that it's a great move for Pentax.

Now, I have some months ahead to figure: white or blue?

05-21-2012, 12:25 PM   #759
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QuoteOriginally posted by aheadfordinci Quote

I think that it's a great move for Pentax.

Now, I have some months ahead to figure: white or blue?
Blue for me!
05-21-2012, 12:27 PM   #760
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QuoteOriginally posted by illdefined Quote
...Packing in non-WR lenses just smacks of dishonesty, and could be asking for trouble.
QuoteOriginally posted by Welfl Quote
I completely agree. There is no sense in why they even do that. If the lens is not weather resistant, does that mean that water can get into the body between the lens and the lens mount? Or would only the lens be affected?
I don't see any dishonesty or trouble. If this is the entry level dSLR (and I, for one, think that it is) then it makes perfect sense to offer it as a kit with the non-WR 18-55 to keep the price as low as possible. (The fact that this will be offered as a kit with the DA L 18-55 should be proof that this is the entry-level dSLR, btw.) I am also sure that it will be offered as body-only. Has there been a Pentax dSLR release that hasn't been offered as body-only? WR is an option that not everyone (especially an entry-level dSLR buyer) would need or want. The fact that the body is WR lends to versatility in the market place. Also, this is proof to me that Pentax considers a full product range to be composed of products that overlap the conventional categories, as opposed to many more products that don't - a far different approach than Nikon, Canon, or Sony have taken over the years.

And, yes, water intrusion can happen between a non-WR lens and the lens mount. WR lenses have an o-ring gasket to prevent that from happening. Theoretically water intrusion can also happen through the internals of a non-WR lens into the mirror box. WR lenses have additional seals to prevent that from happening as well, afaik.
05-21-2012, 12:38 PM   #761
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QuoteOriginally posted by pentaximus Quote
Blue for me!
I love my white k-x, but I really wanted a less flashy camera to use. Seeing the blue K-30 has made me quite happy!
05-21-2012, 12:39 PM   #762
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in black

05-21-2012, 12:41 PM   #763
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Where is the depth-of-field preview around the shutter button?
I guess it can be assigned to the RAW/Fx-button or the green button but that is less convenient...
05-21-2012, 12:43 PM   #764
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Guys, am I the only one that is thinking "too good to be true"?
At least from the stats we are seeing. I wonder what the catch is! But I guess camera companies are really waging war in the entry level market.
05-21-2012, 12:45 PM   #765
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Pentax hit the nail on the head with the thor's hammer. I was ready to jump, but this will make me think twice

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