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09-19-2012, 12:39 AM   #61
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Same issue about marketing and distribution channel here in italy.
Pentax does not exist in big electronic chains (Mediaword, saturn, euronics, trony, darty etc) where they sell only Nikon and Canon, and most recently panasonic and sony but never ever Pentax. Only few shops dedicated only to photography have Pentax (1 in my city) but I can buy Nikon and Canon everywhere. The used stuff market is much bigger for Nikon and Canon because everybody knows these brands much better. On TV, when you see sport events or political events all the photographer that you can see have either canon or nikon on their shoulders... maybe giving a pentax for free to major photographer would help? sponsor F1? something big to relaunch....

09-19-2012, 12:56 AM   #62
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QuoteOriginally posted by sjwaldron Quote
I agree there.

Also, What is their stance on revisionary software/firmware improvements to existing cameras to improve functionality? Basically, it would be customer support and commitment to make the best photographic tools.


- K-01, no peaking while video is being recorded.
- K-01, HDMI is only good for photo review and not live view or movie recording.
- K-01, no indicator while recording for audio levels (this would tell the user audio is working and being recorded)
- K-01, the movie record button forces the use of Program mode instead of whatever movie mode I have selected in the options menu.
- K-01, shake reduction in video mode seems to add a more jello-ish look to the video than without.
- K-01, RAW speed seems artificially limited to 1fps.

- K-7/K-5/K-5II (most likely), lacking in advanced video control and the MJPEG/PCM codec has issues with all software and websites like Youtube that use FFMPEG decoding (popping noise in video).

- New K-5II presumably lacks features of lesser models like the K-30 and K-01.

- The old tethering request.

- The Q10 is said to have improved AF algorithms, will that be back-ported to the original Q?
You said everything i wanted to say about video. I Use my K-5 a lot in video production, it has its disavantages but the image quality is awesome. Pentax can reach the level of Canon easily in that field, it's a certainty. Just bring the full manual controls, focus peaking, full monitoring and stuff !
09-19-2012, 12:59 AM   #63
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The essentials

A DSLR has to be fast, reliable and with great IQ. Sensor size is not the crucial issue, even for semipro shooters like me.
A lot could be done just by simple rearrangment of some buttons, menus and functions. All the shooting parameters should be easily accessible while the processing parameters (the filters and other jpeg-related stuff) may be buried in the menus. Pro photography is done in raw ( DNG !) anyway.
AF performance is very important but here too something could be done just by developing the controls: There should be a dedicated rocker for selecting the points or switching between double functions should be done in some other way than now. You could also rethink the three-way switch for array-point-selection: it's position, it's stiffness and it's options. I find it superfluous to have the center point as an option here - it can easily be selected in the point selection position.
The array-options furthermore tend to default to center point anyway. I would rather have an option that activates every focus point EXCEPT the center point. Now those left and right point don't seem to be doing much.
09-19-2012, 12:59 AM   #64
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Ask them about there little/ bad costumer communication on products. Specially in the upper segment of their line some people like to plan their investments, therefore roadmaps are very important.

09-19-2012, 12:59 AM - 1 Like   #65
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Since everyone already mentioned FF, I'll leave that off my list

Can we have the following features in all upcoming DSLR?
1. Tethering Support
2. Increase sync speed from 180 to 250
3. Dual SD card slot
09-19-2012, 01:05 AM   #66

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Statements to be brought across (to Pentax):
1. Pls address SDM fears (don't need to admit anything (protection against lawsuits), just need to say that SDM has been 'improved' will be sufficient)
2. Firmware updates to Q and K5 (early adopters of the Q put good faith and money behind the Q, they should not be ignored; total silence of firmware updates since v1.01)
3. Prices need to be stabalized and commensurate with what the competition is offering (don't smoke magic mushrooms while formulating pricing, like the DA560; and US price hike DA* zooms, etc)

1. FF period! (Yes or No) - no mind games; The loss of Pentaxians this time is for real and
2. MILC direction - what is the direction on the K-01, and how the addition of EVF is viewed within Pentax development.
3. How aware are they of the public/supporters perception of Pentax's DSLR weaknesses (real or percieved) (ie. AF speed; No FF as a upgrade path; Large AF points; too few AF points, etc)
4. Follow up to #3 - What are they doing about it?
5. Lens developments in view of the competition (esp. smallish fast primes like Fuji 35/1.4; Sony 24/1.8; etc)

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09-19-2012, 01:07 AM   #67
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Although I don't think Pentax will really listen to customers (they haven't, for years), I have a few comments.
1. Price. What has Pentax given us for the extra $100 for DA 50 f/1.8 comparing to the equivalences from other brands? An aperture ring, supersonic drive, weather sealing, or maybe a metal mount?
2. Focus on lenses, please. Yes there are some “new” K mount lenses these years like the plastic DA 35 or the rebranded DA 17-270. Probably the DA 18-135 is the only K-mount lens with newly designed optics apart from the intimidating DA 560.

3. If you don't have enough money to put in R&D for new lenses, at least revive some classic ones, like Fa* 85 or Fa* 80-200...
4. If you reeeeeealy want to keep TWO lines of mirrorless camera, at least develop a COMPATIBLE EVF for them. (Something like Olympus VF-2, which can be used for XZ-1 PnS and four-thirds)

Actually I should be grateful that Pentax did not release anything interesting (to me, at least). That means I will not waste any money on camera gears in the next year.
Thank you, Pentax
09-19-2012, 01:28 AM   #68
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Fill Lens Gaps; improve flash and third-party support

(I also posted this on the Main page for the Photokina interview):

Some lens questions would be in order, particularly around the wide and long ends. A fast 24, 25 or 28mm lens (or even a slower f/2.8 one) would be very welcome. Plus the Tokina 11-16 or an equivalent is sorely needed. And a 135mm prime (especially at f/1.8 or f/2, but even at f/2.5) is really missing. Also, there's the obvious gap between 300mm and 560mm - perhaps a reasonably compact and lower priced ~450mm would be good, or else something really fast in the 300-600mm range.

And the Q needs a wider prime of 5mm or wider - even a toy version could be fine (perhaps ever preferable). Likewise, it needs a longer prime - not toy in this case.

And I really hope the flash system is being seriously revamped - TTL that performs consistently and is supported by PocketWizard.

*** But most importantly, Pentax Ricoh needs to work actively with major third-party lens makers to make sure they continue to produce K-mount versions - Tokina, Tamron, Sigma, and Cosina in particular. Although 90% of my lenses are actually Pentax-branded, the availability of third-party glass is actually HUGE in how it affects people's perception of Pentax' STRENGTH in the marketplace. I'm sure Pentax will continue to produce great lenses, as they always have. But this should be perhaps Pentax' NUMBER ONE PRIORITY right now, with whatever funding, manpower, and alliances are needed to make it happen. ***

09-19-2012, 01:29 AM   #69
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QuoteOriginally posted by JeremytheIndian Quote
If improvements have been made to the SDM in the DA*16-50 and DA* 50-135 will there be an option for owners of defective lenses to upgrade with little cost?
I spoke with the Australian distributor's repairer (in house) today about my DA*55 and DA*50-135 as they've been away for 2 months being repaired. I was told they were awaiting the next commercial shipment from Japan. When I asked about the revised SDM for the 16-50 and 50-135 he said he'd not heard a single thing about that and that he was unaware if they had been redesigned. I was told that I will get a complete report regarding what has been done to both lenses.

2 months is a hell of a slab cut from a 1 year warranty.

PS: The 3rd party warranty provider my local store tried to sign me up with went bust during that year and I would still only have had a one year warranty if I'd bought into that.

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09-19-2012, 01:33 AM   #70
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Get back into US retail stores!

Pentax needs to get back into the retail stores in the US. They should start with the stores that already carry Pentax (such as Fry's Electronics and Samy's Camera) but stock almost nothing - not even carrying both the K-5 and K-30, for example! Then they can think about expanding into other camera stores and possibly major department stores/discount chains/warehouse stores.

At a minimum they should stock the K-mount DSLRs, the Q/Q10 with a few lenses, and key K-mount lenses. Besides the 3 kit lenses, this would include at least the two standard DA* zooms, the two inexpensive DA primes, and the DA18-135. They should probably add the DA15 and DFA100WR as well.
09-19-2012, 01:46 AM   #71
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In my last post I was actually getting to ask about warranty period. We need a 2 year warranty or it's just not serious.
09-19-2012, 01:49 AM   #72
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I'm going to start with a few suggestions that I think need to be conveyed to Pentax from its collective user base:

1.) Do Pentax actually have anyone in a marketing role that isn't just checking emails or copying and pasting farmed out press releases? The near complete lack of any kind of marketing is really troubling. There are enough people that use the products that surely Pentax could drum up something exciting. Advertising isn't all $50,000 ad packages in Pop Photo. Use whatever is available, interact with the users and the GP. Canon hosted free seminars at some of the national parks (this can't be that hard to do), Nikon have a pretty awesome learning resource in Learn and Explore, other manufacturers have really fun social media promotions, some kind of real interaction is all that is required to get people excited. On a side note, don't lie/misdirect/obfuscate. If you're not releasing a FF camera at Photokina, say, "We're not releasing a FF camera at Photokina. We decided to focus on improving our current line of exceptional..." Anything would be better than hinting at something you're not actually doing, knowing full well someone started a rumor.

2.) Pick a price and stick with it. The pricing roller coaster is terrible press and the sky-high (i.e., more than Canikon and "old" Pentax) prices aren't doing Pentax any favors. Especially since not much of it is that new. When I bought my K100D, I did so because Pentax had great equipment for very reasonable prices. If I was doing it today, I'd have bought a Nikon, because Pentax is no longer as reasonably nor consistently priced. I know how much Nikon is going to cost next week.

3.) Don't waste what advertising money you do spend on selling to photographers. Adverts on cars at Photokina aren't going to have Joe McNally dropping his Nikons to run to Pentax. Instead, advertise to the GP that you may or may not be targeting with your gear. Advertise a camera built for soccer mommies to the soccer mommies that would buy the camera if they'd ever heard of it. Tell them that their toddler can drool on and not ruin it. I thought this was marketing 101 stuff, but I guess it needed said.

4.) I love my Pentaxes and always will, but my perfect camera is over here in the closet and is more than 30 years old (the MX for the curious). I don't need or want the latest whiz bang bull crap Canikon may have crammed into a camera, I need something that does what it is designed to do reliably. Kick the fad habit and focus on making exceptionally reliable cameras (i.e., if you put it in it, make it work very well or don't waste time and leave it out all together).


1.) Will some of the software improvements of the Q10 be implemented in the Q in the form of a firmware update? Ditto for the K5II and K5?
09-19-2012, 01:57 AM   #73
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  • "Bring back aperture coupler", i.e. "an uncrippled lens mount" (see D7000 vs. K5)! Waiting since 2001...
  • "When will a Pentax FF DSLR be available?" Or at least a FF roadmap? Waiting since 2001...
  • Bring back A-TTL, i.e. TTL without pre-flash.
  • Accessories: Official split screen
  • Why is the 560/5.6 so expensive in spite of its simplistic design? Is it at least designed for FF?
  • Do not reintroduce special and more expensive versions, which were promised to be limited to a certain number (K-5 Silver).
09-19-2012, 02:04 AM   #74
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I have quite similar thoughts than this fellow has:

QuoteOriginally posted by zosxavius Quote
I worry that pentax won't go full frame. Not that I have a need or burning desire, but I think it is important to people looking at pentax that they would offer that. Also there are countless pentaxians that have all been praying for FF. Here is what I would like to see from pentax and I know a lot of people here feel the same way:

1. FF DSLR (with a mirror...pretty please)
2. 28mm f2 limited
3. 28mm 3.5 (make a cheap one...pentax needs 28mm!)
6. An ultrawide prime. Pentax really needs more uwa options that aren't sigma.
8. More weather sealed lenses!
I really, really would like to get a 28mm pancacke lens with f/2 (or better) that is weather sealed and quality of a limited lens! I was looking for a fast normal prime and was tempted to buy first a second hand Sigma 28mm f/1.8 ("too big" and has focusing issues) and then a second hand Sigma 30mm f/1.4 (had a feeling about not so good quality because it was a short time off sale (someone bought it and returned it?)) but I bought da 35mm f/2.4. I like the lens but the focal length is a little too long for me and there are situations where I would like to have f/2 or preferably better. So my suggestions are two versions of 28mm: f/1.4 or 1.8 limited and da f/2 or f/2.8.

8/10mm f/3.5 or f/4 fisheye prime? Could be small(ish) but still f/2.8 or even f/2? 12mm non-fisheye, maybe?

What about something like 200-400mm f/4 IF WR?

One thing more. It was very near that I never became a pentaxian. Before my first DSLR I wasn't digested the fact that I was actually buying a system not just a camera. I was somewhat short in budget so I had three alternatives: Nikon D5000 but It wasn't sold anymore in stores and I couldn't find any second hand, Canon 550D and a second hand Canon 50D. If there had been any D5000 I would've bought it without a doubt. There wasn't so I tried to find a second hand 50D which I didn't find and the price tag 550D had was too close to 50D would have had so I wasn't so tempted buy it either. I even tried Nikon D90 in a store but it didn't feel like "mine" and it was too pricey after all. So I went to last local camera store to try 550D with a hope that they had the last 50D to be sold with big discount. I tried the 550D and for curiosity 60D also (which felt superb in my hands because of the material on grip), had a little chat with the salesman and then he says "What about Pentax? We have K-x and K-r's are coming soon". I try K-x while he's telling me about Pentax and I think that this could be a good alternative and even the double kits price fits my budget. I say I'll search info about K-x in the internet but I'm still buying 50D if I find one with a reasonable price. I read some reviews of K-x and K-r and thought that I'll buy either one but only if I can't find a second hand 50D. I couldn't find the so-much-wanted-Canon so I bought K-r and boy I loved that! If that one local store didn't sell Pentax products and the salesman didn't mentioned Pentax, I never would have even thought of buying Pentax DSLR! Afterwards I was really happy that I didn't find 50D because Pentax system is better for me. I have been thinking this and it has brought me an idea that Pentax might have get much more new users with a true entry level K-mount body ("similar" to D3100 and 1100D) that has good sensor, SR, solid built and that feels better than other entry level bodies. A little marketing about the system would help also, but please no dirt throwing on other brands (but perhaps on Pentax cameras ).
09-19-2012, 02:04 AM   #75
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QuoteOriginally posted by bobmaxja Quote
^This thread will make a lot of people unhappy when the response will come back . This thread should have never been created . This created false expectation.
AS you can see a lot of the stuff mention are very personal or so broad that any corporation will not answer any of them or be so vague that nobody will be happy
Look at it as a wishlist by those who actually shoot with Pentax...
They can't ofcourse answer anything straight away. But it is a wishlist, hey can take it home study it and then decide what is in their reach.

But they should take heart of what is the most said and that has nothing to do with actual images... The call for better commmunication, improved service, marketing, entry of the Indian subcontinent market, they can do that without extensive R&D . Furthermore they should ofcourse improve on everything they already are good at, SR, WR (play that trumpcard fr the very entry level to lure in beginners), IQ and improve what they lack., in short carry on with the usual camera development. Do NOT make them mistake to market crippled cheap FF's.
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