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04-22-2015, 04:10 AM   #271
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Pretty much what I expected... no big changes. After all it's the II, not a new model.

Disappointing that they still use that ancient CPU. Surely even Fujitsu will have better CPUs by now...? This is more important to me than a newer sensor.

I do appreciate the GPS feature, but I was so far ok with tracking the location on my phone and syncing it up in Lightroom. I doubt the GPS receiver built into the camera can compete with the pretty damn good Snapdragon 801 GPS receiver... that one even gets a signal indoors. Like properly indoors. Through the roof (depending on the ceiling of roof).

WiFi would be a much better feature... the Flucard should be a thing of the past, performance of those WiFi devices in an SD card is not good. And for those hoping for tethering... with GOOD WiFi built into the camera, and an SDK, there could be proper tethering. The WiFi part of an SD card needs to be really small and power saving, and it sits inside the camera. You could place the WiFi antenna much better if you have the whole camera to play with, it is allowed to consume more power and you could use a better chip for that. I have seen a video of a photographer who shoots events, sends the photos to his iPhone or iPad, quickly edits them and posts them online. While the event is still ongoing. So it is a feature that professional users may use... So anyway, if well implemented (read SDK!) WiFi would be a great feature for me. Being able to place the camera in a corner (deeper than before, where I needed to fit in too) and take a photo from somewhere else (without having a reflection of me somewhere in the photo that needs to be retouched away) would be great. If it is just to transfer photos to the phone or computer... nah, can't be bothered. Taking out the SD card is easy enough, and much faster. But for others that too can be an important feature.

Pixel shift will require a really good tripod, unless it is really fast. Not to mention the lenses. So... yeah, I could see myself using it once in a while, but I'm ok with the 16 MP my K-5 offers. Now, using pixel shift to eliminate the Bayer sensor is a completely different story, but even that requires a very stable tripod (or the use of the SR system... but I kind of doubt you can use the SR function when using pixel shift.

At this point I just hope the next generation will be based around a Snapdragon CPU, maybe, if the image processor in that isn't good enough (but I'd be surprised if it weren't) with a Milbeaut to do that job... maybe a back to the basics Milbeaut. The Snapdragons would lead to a fast interface, good WiFi, good GPS, good video encoding performance.

Can anyone explain to me why they dropped the flash? I mean, the camera seems taller than before... what's in there? Shouldn't removing the flash give them enough space for the GPS unit in the first place? I would have expected that with that increase in the bump up there there'd be space for GPS and flash... and to be honest, while I don't use flash much, I'd rather have that in my camera. For the cases where I DO use it (say hanging around with friends, and then wanting to take a group photo in a rather dark place... the pop up flash will do just fine). Don't want to buy a big flash when I rarely use them anyway. And dropping the flash should free up quite some space in other parts of the camera too... are they going to be empty now?

If they drop the flash I'd expect more than just GPS. I once proposed a proper full color full size display in place of the AF sensor confirmation display, but couldn't fit it into the photos of the K-5 halfcuts. But dropping the flash? Now it should fit. I really hope that that is the main feature of this new camera. Then I'd have a reason to get into this (if they get the feature right... see the photos right after taking them in the viewfinder, exposure meter based RGB histogram when shooting with the OVF, and proper live view use with the viewfinder).

As for AF points... as long as they keep the interface the way it is I only use the center point anyway (or now the point left to it, since my AF sensor needs to be cleaned?). A toggle is really a bad way for switching between AF point selection and WB, flash etc.

Maybe the big new feature is a "more silent" SR system and finally the return of video SR? Oh who am I kidding. Of course it won't be.

Nikon does keep improving the video functionality from model to model, in a way that lets me think they change the processor along the way (better encoder usually means different processor). Canon of course doesn't because they would rather have you buy a $10000 APS-C camera because it's made for video.

Btw., why is there a flash symbol on the 4 way thing? Is that to wirelessly control a new set of Pentax system flashes? Or what would that be used for?

It would be really cool if the sensor were the one from the Samsung NX1. But Samsung won't be selling that one to anyone else I'm afraid... why would they. They want to establish themselves as a serious camera maker, and that sensor is one of the big advantages. But perhaps a Sony sensor that is BSI? Then again, I'd expect to see that in a Sony long before they sell it to others. IIRC that Samsung sensor can be completely read 240 times a second, or something like that.

@grahamcoad: The Samsung NX1 is a top end serious camera (more so than the K-3 IMHO), and it does have a tiltable screen. It is also pretty tough and rugged it seems. Completely articulated screens, yes, I'd be skeptical. But surely tiltable should not be an issue. However I can understand Pentax not doing it for the K-3 II... they obviously tried to keep the body exactly the same, that hump thing on top is designed in a way that they only have to produce one new part. That's why it looks a bit awkward.

QuoteOriginally posted by aleonx3 Quote
May be yes in some areas, since I am not convinced that higher end cameras should have everything that low end cameras should have. For example, high end cameras don't have scene mode that lower end camera has for years and no one complain about it. I have friends who own 5D/D810s and they don't take them on vacations because they are just too heavy and painful to carry around, not because the cameras do not have WIFI features or articulate screens.
That's why I am with Pentax. Reasonable size and weight for a semi-pro/pro camera.

QuoteOriginally posted by Solaire Quote
With the D7200's sensor and sensor shift used to gather the whole visible spectrum (RGB subpixels / no interpolation) it could have almost 15 stops of DR and Foveon-like colors. That alone is enough reason to release a new camera imo. Advanced SR that knows the difference between intentional camera movement and unintentional camera shake (can be used for both stills and video) is also a pretty big deal.
The thing is that the K-5 was the last camera Pentax released where you could use the SR for video. After that all cameras (apart from the K-5 II/IIs) were unable to use it. The only way to get SR on a Pentax during video is buying a 3rd party lens with SR and holding the shutter button half pressed while recording.

One more outdoor thing that this could have. In camera charging via USB. Now that the capacitor for the flash is gone (from the grip?) there could be space for charging electronics. That way you could shoot, and when your battery is about to die keep shooting without swapping the battery... or even just use it plugged in while shooting the night sky. No need for an 12V adapter hanging on the tripod. Just buy a couple of USB battery packs. Once depleted switch to the next one, and even if the power draw is bigger than USB can provide (it shouldn't be, but even if) the internal battery can be drained too, with whatever extra there is. If you are shooting off the grid, just bring a couple of USB batteries instead of AA. You can also charge 2 batteries at night at the same time, one in camera and one via the traditional external charger.

QuoteOriginally posted by Black_Wizards Quote
Looking at all those comments, it's clear that their (at least) 2 kind of customers:
- those who want classic tech (wifi, touch articulated screen....)
- those who are (sorry don't kill me but it is what I think...) more "pro" oriented or maybe "Pentax DNA" oriented

And I think ricoh is smart because they release the K-S line for the first category people. :-) They have their holy Wifi and selfie features...

Don't forget how Ricoh sell the K-3: a camera for the outdoor: so we have here a logical evolution: GPS added with astrotracer and onboard compass... And you can use their new WR external flash. And I'm sorry but when are try to be "pro", you may face all situations and an onboard flash is of no use. If you work in studio, you have a wireless solution (cactus, flashwave for classic flash or wireless option for Elinchrom or other brands of studio flashes...). And for those saying they use it for fill, alright but not for a payed job I think? And for those using it to trigger other flash, have you ever use umbrella in such position that it totally hide your slave flash? If you want to become serious about using flash, you need an external one.
Same thing for Wifi: You want tethering? Just wait some months or send mails to Ricoh asking for K line to be compatible with Image Transmitter 2 used for 645Z. They said they were thinking about it. Or you want Wifi to transfer your pics? Man when I have 4Giga to transfer, it's better to use USB 3 or plug the SD in the PC. You want Wifi because sony or fuji has it? Buy a sony or a fuji if it is SO important... OR buy a K-S2 (really nice by the way)

I think that with the K-3 II, Ricoh try to target the semi-pro photographers more than enthusiasts. It make sense because it is not a new model, just a "II" like the K-5 II was... So K-3 = enthusiast and K-3 II = semi-pro. And based on the welcome of this model, they will adapt their marketing strategy in the future.

But that's how I see the Ricoh marketing:
- Fans and newcomers who "want it all" "like other brands" but with a Pentax flavor get K-S line
- Fans and newcomers who want something to work with and a strong Pentax identity get K-3 II and its future iterations.
And for me it's smart from Ricoh to act this way.
I strongly disagree. As I mentioned above tethering via WiFi is very interesting, and a Flucard is hardly competition cause all these WiFi SD cards are incredibly slow, unlike what an in body solution can do. Also, people may want to transfer single photos on the go for their client, or even for their own social media site, or send it to someone you just took a photo of (say if you are a street photographer, and you actually do talk to the people you take a photo of... instead of "give me your email, I'll send you the photo in a couple of days" you could just quickly tap the camera to their phone and send the photo that way. Of course if you don't edit much in the first place.)

04-22-2015, 04:16 AM   #272
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This isn't a new model....its an upgraded model ! Thank God the flash is gone , but I want to see the Pixel shift in action to sell me on it ! And just what is Real World release price in the USA ? No hoo....I don't want it ! No articulating screen.....NO....its not a brand new model...Live with it or buy a K-S2 ! It doesn't have an On Board amateur flash....No....and it shouldn't !
This could well be the camera I have been waiting for but the resolution and range over the K3 must be there !
OK...I relent...I kinda want wi-fi but only because of control , not transfer.

Last edited by Dlanor Sekao; 04-22-2015 at 04:22 AM.
04-22-2015, 04:26 AM - 1 Like   #273
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Funny how someone knows it all..Just out of some leaked specs.
04-22-2015, 04:39 AM   #274
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QuoteOriginally posted by kenspo Quote
Funny how someone knows it all..Just out of some leaked specs.
It's like this here, before every major launch

04-22-2015, 04:43 AM   #275
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Very soon we will know who knows and whose nose shows what they don't know.
04-22-2015, 04:48 AM   #276
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Yes. No point in jumping the gun..either you hare cheering or moaning..before ALL specs are known! But can't please all anyway...haha! Many times i wished i could say something..but damn! But..just hours left!
04-22-2015, 04:51 AM   #277
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QuoteOriginally posted by kenspo Quote
Funny how someone knows it all..Just out of some leaked specs.
I almost befriended that spec sheet by now. Please stop making me feel even more nervous by doubting its credibility.

04-22-2015, 04:53 AM - 2 Likes   #278
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QuoteOriginally posted by kenspo Quote
Funny how someone knows it all..Just out of some leaked specs.
So many people to be boriscleto'dô
04-22-2015, 04:54 AM - 1 Like   #279
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QuoteOriginally posted by kenspo Quote
Many times i wished i could say something..but damn!
Don't worry about all the forum chatter. You've been doing a great job so far.
No one expects you to tell us everything you know, as soon as you know it.
04-22-2015, 04:55 AM   #280
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k-3II with the 150-450, a dream come true, my bank account is in real danger
04-22-2015, 04:55 AM   #281
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Bought a GPS for my K-5 last week (still trying to find out where the pictures go when using the GPS internal timer...), so, my next upgrade will be the standard K-3.

Ricoh, making an announcement too early (people give up and buy something else) is just as bad as too late (people already bought something else).
04-22-2015, 05:03 AM   #282
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QuoteOriginally posted by Solaire Quote
I almost befriended that spec sheet by now. Please stop making me feel even more nervous by doubting its credibility.
Hehe..Nothing to fear. This is a very noticable upgrade. It will please most people, and is just the beginning on what to come later.

QuoteOriginally posted by boriscleto Quote
So many people to be boriscleto'dô
haha..good one

QuoteOriginally posted by rawr Quote
Don't worry about all the forum chatter. You've been doing a great job so far.
No one expects you to tell us everything you know, as soon as you know it.
Thank you! I just want to spread some of my enthusiasm to others too
04-22-2015, 05:05 AM   #283
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QuoteOriginally posted by rawr Quote
Don't worry about all the forum chatter. You've been doing a great job so far.
Not everyone expects you to tell us everything you know, as soon as you know it.
Fixed it.
04-22-2015, 05:06 AM   #284
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I presume the new super resolution can't be added to the K-3 via firmware? If it could it's the kind of thing you could charge for.
04-22-2015, 05:07 AM   #285
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QuoteOriginally posted by kadajawi Quote

Meaning no offense.
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