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07-02-2008, 12:12 PM   #16
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Here's what Pentax needs: affordable yet high quality bodies with class-leading image quality and weather sealing, and a lens lineup with unique high quality prime lenses and useful zooms, many of them also weather sealed. Oh wait, they already have most of this stuff, maybe they could just try some real marketing!

07-02-2008, 02:21 PM   #17
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QuoteOriginally posted by MrApollinax Quote
How about a round sensor plane instead of a square/rectangle?
No because of manufacturing issues. A round sensor will NEVER be produced if manufacturing techniques do not change radically which I do not expect at all.
07-02-2008, 05:41 PM   #18
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A p-ttl compatible ring light would by nice. Especially one that doesn't rival the price of a k200d camera body.
07-02-2008, 06:25 PM   #19
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it think it's very nice if pentax can release a 16-bit color dslr.

07-02-2008, 06:45 PM   #20
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What about a "flexible" sensor, so that you could stretch it to whatever shape required ? Now where on earth did I put down my jumbo-sized bottle of Temazapan tablets......zzzzzzz !

Best regards

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07-02-2008, 07:23 PM   #21
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I like Ben's idea of the interchangeable sensors although they would have to lock in tight to maintain focal length and to square up with the lens.

QuoteOriginally posted by Confused Quote
Now where on earth did I put down my jumbo-sized bottle of Temazapan tablets......zzzzzzz !
Uh Richard, can we suggest taking two?

07-02-2008, 07:32 PM   #22
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Hey straightshooter

What, do you mean two WHOLE bottles ? Well that's asking a bit much really, cos the ward sister tends to notice this kind of thing and she's recently had the lock changed on the medicine cabinet, so it's not all that easy anymore...LOL !

Best regards

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07-02-2008, 11:51 PM   #23
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QuoteOriginally posted by the_int21h Quote
- Pentax could make a square sensor. Who here doesn't crop???
and what makes you think we're not going to crop if we've got a square sensor.....

QuoteOriginally posted by the_int21h Quote
- Throw in a few metering eyes on the sensor and give us the off-the-film metering from the LX on a modern digital.

QuoteOriginally posted by the_int21h Quote
- Now on the crazy side... Get rid of the viewfinder and make it strickly live view. Modern digitals don't need shutters or mirrors - These are only to accomodate the people resistant to change.
no. just no

go to a camera shop and play with some of Fuji's bridge cameras. they are, IMO, one of the best Bridge camera makers. their top series is very DSLR like

then use a DSLR. feel the EVF lag? i do. more now than before.

it's worse with the LCD

QuoteOriginally posted by the_int21h Quote
Anyways, has anyone thought of any other crazy things that Pentax could do to make people take a second look?
why? Pentax niche this, pentax niche that? that's the last thing i want. then everyone would go for nikon and canon, sony or Olympus if you want to use an underdog, and pentax for that "unusual" camera

What i want is to be able to walk into an electronics store, not a camera store, and see a Pentax K20D alongside a Nikon D300 and a Canon 40D, along with lenses and flashes. what i want is none of this top 2 crap. Pentax, side by side, recommended as ferverently by non-pentaxians as nikon and canon are right now. I want the meastrabators to nod in support and agreement when i use my camera, the same way my pro friends (with 1DSIIIs and D3s) do when i pull out my K200D

I want pentax to make a camera that makes people WANT to switch from canon/nikon

the list of what i want isn't super crazy or niche-like. I'm sure it's been repeated ad nausium in the "dear pentax" thread.
  • Decripple the mount
  • TTL (proper, like the *istDS has, TTL)
  • A camera, at the 1000D's price point, that utterly wipes the floor all over the 450D and comes close to matching the 40D's capability (an improved K200D of sorts...)
  • a camera, at the 40D's price point, that ranks up there with bodies costing twice as much (again, an improved K20D)
  • an FF camera in the same body size as the K20D, matching the 1DS & D3. Partially for halo effect. partially to say that we can do Pro in FF-semi-pro body, and to target 5 cameras in one shot, probably around the D300's price point, and less than any current FF camera
  • a seperate 645D camera, and 645 camera backs for existing non-pentax 645 bodies.
  • Faster AF, to match the accurate AF that we have now
  • Faster burst at the K2D level
  • Yes, i agree, proper live view that does something. but NOT at the cost of losing the wonderful Pentaprisms in the cameras now. IMO, live view's only really worth it with an articulated screen
  • Pentaprism across the range
  • an official split prism focusing screen, if it's possible to do it without affecting the AF sensor
  • inbuilt Radio flash triggers with Radiopopper range, but can sync up to 5 automagically (no channel BS)
  • a AF560FGZ, with inbuilt radio trigger, and weatherproofed with the SB900 kinda range.
  • A AF370FGZ, with inbuilt radio slave trigger, just like the AF360, but with head rotate
  • Ring flash, that's not too expensive
  • Remote radio triggers with AF
  • Faster x-sync. Much faster
  • A better Australian distributor than CR Kennedy (at the very least, make it manditory that Pentax lenses are the kit lenses)

and finally, ignore all of that, and ADVERTISE HOW DAMN AWESOME THE CAMERAS AND LENSES ARE!!

sharp primes, great zooms, a legacy collection that stretches from the M42 up to KAF3. Weatherproofed bodies with in-body IS that works with the first screw mounts, to the latest KAF3 lenses. we don't need major changes when it's bloody brilliant as it is already. people don't know what they don't know. so help them learn.

Best way for Pentax to do a superzoom bridge is to let Samsung do it. something the size of the G9, with an integrated 7x lens. Samsung Liveview re-jig of the sony 10MP APS-C sensor. otherwise, the same stuff that's in the K200D. the magic is the Powershot-esq metal ring around the lens. replace that part with a genuine pentax (not samsung) part, and that 7X, SDM + Powerzoom lens comes off and in it's place is a proper, uncrippled, KAF2 mount. full time Live view, with the awesome lens range. make it attractive on price (2/3 the price of the 1000D beating pentax DSLR) and you have a body to make all the live viewers, and astro tele shooters, happy (live view = no mirror slap = no vibration). It's going to suffer the lag that all bridge cameras have, so pentax goes "this is how awesome our lens mount is, see what happens when they're matched to our awesome DSLRS" and point to the budget DSLR

QuoteOriginally posted by straightshooter Quote
This thread, perhaps?

EDIT: the only possibly crazy thing i could think of is Digital Film. An APS-C sensor mounted to an image capturing device that fits in the size of a film roll. usable on EVERY single film camera. Think of the possibilities. No longer do you have to use an Oly 4/3s or EOS DSLR camera with an adapter just to use your excellent Zuiko OM primes. The Trip 35 becomes more versatile. the K1000 goes Digital. Hell, Digital Spotmatic? Yes please!

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07-03-2008, 03:57 AM   #24
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Level indicator

(I've already written about this in the dpreview-forum...) I would like to see a level indicator inside the viewfinder. Not necessarily an artificial horizon as in the new Nikon, just an indicator (a scale, or an up-down arrow in e.g. the left corner + a number that changes color)

It's one of the things to look for in about every shot... you look for clues, vertical lines, horizontal lines, lines that aren't affected by the perspective, ... . If I could just have a level indicator, I would not have to think about these things and thus concentrate on others.

Of course you already have bubble levels for tripods, but that's for limited situations and they are not precise enough.
07-03-2008, 06:41 AM   #25
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QuoteOriginally posted by straightshooter Quote


I went to B&H yesterday (ouch! That store is HUGE) and went straight to the DSLR section (which was another store inside the store!) and they had different brands clearly labeled in the back wall displaying the products...

I was anxious to find the Pentax "stand" and really disappointed at the same time: nothing for nothing, but even Olympus had a bigger stage area! I think Pentax had the SMALLEST stand in the back, behind sellers and in the front, where you can try out the cameras.

I honestly dont think is a lack of product quality, product gaps, or anything like this. It's pure marketing failure.

07-03-2008, 08:27 AM   #26
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I'd like to see two things.

First, an all metal lecia-esque pocketable body to go with the DA Limited's. That would be a wonderful niche for street shooters.

Second, when they make their full frame camera I'd like to be able to select between either 35mm, APS-C, or a 4/3's size crop. That could be really handy when shooting primes. Let's say they release a 22 megapixel FF camera. You could then take one 200mm lens and shoot either at 200mm FOV at full resolution, or (and I'm just guesstimating the megapixels here) a 300mm FOV at 14 megapixel in APS-C mode, or finally in a 10 megapixel 4/3's mode where the lens would have a 400mm FOV. Of course I would want a dial or slider somewhere on the camera to quickly switch between the three settings.

I know I can simply crop down in post processing, but I'd like to have the option to do it in camera where it fills up the entire viewfinder when framing.
07-03-2008, 09:54 AM   #27
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QuoteOriginally posted by ariahspam Quote
I think the OP wants a P&S with dials and K-mount. Nice idea. Though it'd be a big of a P&S!
Well, now that you put it that way, I don't think the OP is so off base anymore.

Hmm, howabout a nice rangefinder type body with a k mount. AS a knee jerk reaction, a rangefinder with a decent live view and the 40mm f2.8 pancake sounds very cool.
07-03-2008, 01:00 PM   #28
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In fact they should introduce a e420/e520/istDS-like sezd body with the the 40mm pancake as a kit lens.
07-03-2008, 04:41 PM   #29
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Original Poster
Ok - I'll admit that the live-view thing was a little out there, but I would like to address some of the other points about the square sensor/removeable sensor. The point I was making about the square sensor was that there be no need worrying about orientation or aspect ratio... more room to play/more image for cropping. On another note... the one thing that popped into my head while reading these posts was firmware. The one thing that could sway some folks is an open source firmware. Let freelance developers play around with the hardware of the discontinued cameras. It already appears that the majority of Pentax's development is out-sourced (the length of time it took to get the hot pixel issue fixed is one) what could it hurt to make the discontinued camera's firmware open-source??? Looking at the linux community - there are about a thousand flavors for just about anyone and when a fix is needed, it's almost immediate. I think it would nice to log onto a web site to download the latest version of "pete's perefect camera firmware" that allowed me to use the front dial to switch between MF or AF. This could be a next to no-cost feature for Pentax. What do you guys think???

07-03-2008, 06:44 PM   #30
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"Get rid of the viewfinder and make it strickly live view. Modern digitals don't need shutters or mirrors - These are only to accomodate the people resistant to change."

I far prefer the viewfinder, no holding up my hand to shade the lcd screen so I can frame, all the into is a tiny glance away, no glowing screen at night to draw attention to me etc etc.

I am suprised when I see people on here complaining that Pentax does not advertise, at least in light of what I see here in BC: lots of highway billboards advertsing shake reduction and lens compatability, accompanied by an enormous close up of a k10D or k100DS (okay so they need updating). Along with numerous billboards at BC ferries terminals on both sides of the Strait of Georgia. I'm guessing the situation is different south of the border...

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