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02-18-2016, 10:15 AM - 2 Likes   #271
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QuoteOriginally posted by Kenntak Quote
Remember the thread stating that the camera needs to be priced at $1,800 or less to be a success, and most of us (including me) thought that would not be possible. Well, it is.
yea I was pretty flabbergasted when I saw the price, I was part of the $3000 crew too. In Canada it's $2500, which I think makes it a lot less attractive... stupid Canadian dollar. I'll admit I was wrong about the price and I'm eating chow now. I didn't think it was going to be possible.

Anyways, theres some cool stuff here. The LED lights all over the camera to light up different things makes a lot of sense and is a very cool addition. I like it. The Ultra-resolution mode would be a wicked feature if I was still doing urban exploring. The 100 frame RAW file buffer sounds fantastic! and if you got a high speed card like an Extreeme 95mbs card or faster it should be pretty close to a shoot at 4.5fps till the cards full. GPS and WIFI internal are very nice additions. The huge ISO range is pretty incredible, we will have to see how it does in practice. 6400 ISO was incredibly usable for prints on my D800 and D810. I haven't pushed the D810 higher than that... but I assume that Pentax will match or beat that. I would have liked an iso 64/80. I know it's not a big deal...but the iso 64 shots on my D810 are so clean and sharp it's pretty scary! I can't wait to see how the 70-200mm f2.8 performs on this thing. Tethering?! yes please!!

I decided last week that my next Pentax camera would be a 645z with the 55mm and 150mm lenses. While I'm at a point underwhelmed by the K1...since it's $500 less than I expected and I assume by the fall it will be closer to $2000 CAD I may be more inclined to maybe pick one up and see what it can do... not that I need another 36mp camera.

To play devils advocate.... vs the D810

K1 Pros:
- Shake Reduction
- Super Resolution mode
- GPS/Astrotracer
- better weather sealing (based on K3 vs D810... the D810 disappoints me compared to what I was used to)
- price
- AA Simulator
- multi-pattern white balance
- super flexi screen
- more cross AF points
- lots of lens selection
- less menu diving due to additional controls and buttons
- higher iso sensitivity

D810 pros:
- more AF points spread over a larger area
- better AF point selection method
- AF point selector on battery grip
- RAW small mode
- more crop modes other than APSC and FF
- faster flash sync speed (but negligible lets be honest....)
- better TTL (because Nikon)
- much better video package
- faster FPS at full resolution
- lower iso sensitivity
- better battery life
- on board flash *arguable. I use it as a flash commander*
- better third party system support
- USB 3.0

To me a lot of the pros the D810 has are things Pentax should have matched....specifically AF point spread/points. That being said the rest of it is pretty debatable if it's of any use to the average shooter and even more debatable if its more important than the glaring advantages of the K-1.

I think for the landscape, urban explorer shooter that the K1 is going to be an incredibly hard camera to beat. If Pentax would come out with a quartet of high quality tilt shifts (17/24/45/90) then I think Canon users may even start to think about jumping pretty quick. Imagine using a 24mm tilt shift with the super-duper resolution shifty mode? oh god yes.... Plus the automatic GPS tagging and wifi-tethering. Then the ability to use the inbuilt astro-tracer. Yea, if I was a Landscape shooter I'd be selling my Nikon kit and pre-ordering everything ASAP.

For the studio or commercial portrait shooter, I think a lot of the Pentax features may end up being wasted. shake reduction doesn't do much in those situations. The lack of HSS strobes (aside from Priolite) limit it's use in bright daytime sun. Chances are this shooter is less interested in GPS...but tethering and wifi is for sure a nice add for the studio.

I think wedding shooters are going to love it. As they will have the high-iso advantage, shake reduction, gps, wifi, weather sealing and more!

It's a very well rounded camera. It's very close to what I expected. Is it enough to make me want to switch out my Nikon system tomorrow? No, I don't think so, not just yet. I'll keep on with my plan of skipping it and going 645z.

02-18-2016, 10:20 AM   #272

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I was in 'Oy must be more than 2500€' group. And was prepared to see 3K also. BUT! This is even more of surprice 2099€ at Finland at the moment. Who can complain..
02-18-2016, 10:24 AM - 5 Likes   #273
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QuoteOriginally posted by awaldram Quote
Try it - google K1 and see how many hits you get for the 'failed' k-01
QuoteOriginally posted by awaldram Quote
in the meantime we get a good camera that is unsearchable
Try Googling the actual name of the camera, K-1.
That returns different results than googling K1 (whatever that is).

Better still:
Let me google that for you
02-18-2016, 10:35 AM   #274
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I looked through the sample shots on the Ricoh website and they look surprisingly good.

02-18-2016, 10:35 AM   #275
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QuoteOriginally posted by Parallax Quote
Try Googling the actual name of the camera, K-1.
That returns different results than googling K1 (whatever that is).

Better still:
Let me google that for you
i can't believe eBay Sponsored content on K-01 actually still exists.
02-18-2016, 10:38 AM   #276
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QuoteOriginally posted by BigMackCam Quote
Hank Moody - the TV series Californication...

"You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny" was what Hank said to himself in the mirror... I'm sure it was accidental that you said "Your mother is ugly and she dresses you funny"
I said it because I've been saying it since 1958. A quote from my old buddy Rick Souci, who got me caught up on all the things people in Windsor Ontario said to each other, when I moved up from Ohio.

I'm sure I think it's funnier than most because I learned it at the advanced age of 10, when you think stuff like that is funny, as opposed to from birth like most of the locals.
02-18-2016, 10:42 AM   #277
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QuoteOriginally posted by Adam Quote
The Pentax K-1 full frame is now official! Full announcement:
We will be giving away one $300 and three $100 gift cards to those who pre-order through the links above. Current pre-orders will qualify; stay tuned for more details!
What? Everyone who pre-order a K1 will get all the four gift cards? That does not sound correct!

My bad! The winners will be announced on May 1st.

Last edited by TropicalMonkey; 02-18-2016 at 10:55 AM.
02-18-2016, 10:56 AM   #278
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What is the difference between KAF2 and KAF3 lens mount?

02-18-2016, 11:04 AM   #279
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QuoteOriginally posted by Nicolas06 Quote
I suppose you mean lossly compressed raws then ? Because all recent Pentax body (even a K30) have lossless compressed raw. My raw takes around 30MB on average on K3. I suspect K-1 raws will take 50% more so 45MB on average... Your timelapse should fit on a 64GB SD card.
Yes, I mean lossy compression instead of lossless, or better yet, in addition to. That's how I've been operating my Nikons for about a decade now; 14-bit lossless raw for when shooting most important landscapes, and 12-bit lossy compressed raw for when shooting thousands of photos in a very short period. I shoot not just timelapse but also air shows (added buffer depth is nice) and 14-16+ hour weddings. (3-4K images per week, ouch)

Either way, yes I know I could fit a couple / few timelapses on a 64GB card, but that's only one day, or one half-day even. When I'm on a 3-4 night backpacking trip in the wilderness, I like to be able to just slip two 64 GB cards into my camera, and only have to swap them out once. Even then that's already 256GB of data in a single trip. Like I said sometimes I'll wind up throwing away thousands of photos if the timelapse doesn't turn out, but it's still better to have 12-bit lossy compression at my disposal to nearly halve the storage consumption rate.

---------- Post added 02-18-16 at 10:06 AM ----------

QuoteOriginally posted by bwDraco Quote
DNG files are losslessly compressed. Perhaps adding a 12-bit option might help...
Indeed, most all raw files are losslessly compressed these days, and that is a good thing for 14-bit shooting. Uncompressed is totally unnecessary, as Sony A7R II shooters are currently discovering.

12-bit lossy compression is what I'm talking about; it is highly useful in the situations I just described above, as well as many others such as wildlife shooting or other high-speed, high-volume sports...
02-18-2016, 11:08 AM   #280
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QuoteOriginally posted by grispie Quote
for videasts:
It does have a new 'flat' mode. Could be advantageous when it comes to preserving dynamic range and IQ for video..
That's cool, if it is just another name for LOG.

QuoteOriginally posted by grispie Quote
quote from ricoh site on what you can set the smart dial mode for SR:

Still-image shooting: ON/OFF of SR mechanism
Movie recording: ON/OFF of Movie SR mechanism

I think there is your answer..
That's not cool.

While an attractive camera is certainly nice and possible, what really matters should be usability and ergonomics. I thought the first Sony NEX cameras were quite pretty, but in terms of usability they were bad. That super thin grip... useless.

I don't need 4K now. Personally I don't even care about 4K, my 1080p plasma is all I ever need. My eyes aren't that good. But I wouldn't be surprised if in a year or two I get asked to do 4K. And what then? Sell all the Pentax gear and move to another brand? Might as well do that now.

Anyway, considering how Pentax is using outdated hardware to get to the low price point I can understand why they did what they did (except for SR...). I don't like it, but many people seem happy about it, that's fine then. Ideally there'd be 2 K-1 models. One the way it is, offering a basic FF DSLR at the lowest price possible. And a version that uses the latest and greatest Sony sensor. The latest and greatest Milbeaut processor (at the very least... other brands have better processors IMHO). And makes use of the hardware. Keep the same body otherwise, maybe a few more tweaks where price has been an issue. Sell that at a higher price point. The improved sensor, faster shooting speed, better video capabilities will customers too.

Btw., if I didn't enjoy shooting video, and I didn't have to do it for work either, I'd be interested in this camera. The price does make it attractive, and I like pretty much everything else about it. That flippy screen for example.
02-18-2016, 11:12 AM   #281
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QuoteOriginally posted by RGlasel Quote
It's probably because it uses JPEG compression. JPEG is actually an organization that publishes a variety of compression algorithms, but discrete cosine transformation is the technique that produces such high compression ratios at the expense of losing information recorded by the camera. Fractal compression is the only other compression technique that can match DCT for compression ratios and it is also a lossy compression method. The big problem with lossy compression is when you compress a decompressed image (such as saving edits or resizing the image), you almost always end up with ugly artifacts. If you don't need to do any post-processing out of camera, just save your images as JPEG.

RAW files are commonly compressed with a lossless technique such as the LZW algorithm, which can only get close to 2:1 compression. But RAW files compressed with lossless compression can be decompressed and compressed endlessly without any loss of information and without producing unintentional artifacts.
I have found that processing a 12-bit lossy raw file, just once, straight to JPG, is free of any visible deterioration unless you're going absolutely bonkers with your print sizes. And since most of the situations I find myself in are only producing a 4K timelapse frame, or a medium sized portrait / wedding print, it is perfect for what I need.

Shooting JPG instead of 12-bit lossy raw is still highly undesirable, not so much for dynamic range reasons these days but mostly for white balance and general editing latitude.

Like I said, I know it sounds like witchcraft, but a lossy 12-bit raw file still holds a ton more editing capability than a JPG file, even though it is sometimes only a few %% bigger in filesize than the JPG file.

Maybe Pentax will be like Sony, and offer such a compressed 12-bit DNG feature in a firmware update. If not, that's fine, I'd still use the K-1 plenty for travel, landscapes, and nightscapes. I'd just have to continue using a Nikon D750 rather often for timelapse and high-volume action shooting, instead of just dumping Nikon entirely and getting two K-1's...
02-18-2016, 11:40 AM   #282
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Just compared the prices B&H $1800 in the US, in the UK, WEX 1600 so that's a 400 mark up for us as usual.
02-18-2016, 11:50 AM   #283
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QuoteOriginally posted by rangercarp Quote
What is the difference between KAF2 and KAF3 lens mount?
PF has a good article in general about the K-mount over time: The Evolution of the Pentax K-mount - Articles and Tips |
The specific answer to your question is that KAF2-mount supports both in-lens AF motor and in-body AF motor driving screw drive in the lens,
while KAF3-mount doesn't have in-body AF motor, so lens must have in-lens AF motor in order to focus.
02-18-2016, 11:51 AM   #284
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QuoteOriginally posted by kadajawi Quote
Anyway, considering how Pentax is using outdated hardware
I musta missed that. I was always told the sensor is a new design, and the AF system is supposed to be new too.
02-18-2016, 11:54 AM   #285
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QuoteOriginally posted by CarlH Quote
Just compared the prices B&H $1800 in the US, in the UK, WEX 1600 so that's a 400 mark up for us as usual.
$1,800 x 0.7 = 1,260

VAT @ 20% = 252

1,260 + 252 = 1,512 ... almost bang on the UK release price of 1,600...

Bear in mind that the published US price doesn't include sales tax whereas our UK price includes VAT...

I think the K-1 has been very fairly priced for the UK market, actually

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