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10-21-2011, 04:06 AM   #316
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QuoteOriginally posted by Frogfish Quote
The 5n (I camera I really like and have investigated in depth) does not have AF adapters for K mount lenses so that comment is misleading .. it is no different to using a K mount lens on any other brand with a shorter registration distance and an adapter.
Of course it doesn't, it is a Sony camera! It does for Alpha mount AF lenses.
Pentax mirrorless camera should and, I hope, will have such adapter for K mount lenses. My comment is about how it works in principle - "going mirrorless" doesn't mean trashing older lenses.
And for manual focus M42 and K lenses even 5n is a better "digital back" in some ways than Pentax DSLRs - compact end easy to focus. Have you seen those countless reviews of manual Pentax lenses "good glass but difficult to focus on my K-r"?

10-21-2011, 04:20 AM   #317
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I do not see anything in the letter from Pentax that mentions, even obliquely, that Pentax is considering FF. It's nice that they responded, but I really can't see anything in it that gives that inmpression.

NaCl("Thanks for your input, we will pass your information on"...probably to the circular file)H2O
10-21-2011, 04:25 AM   #318
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QuoteOriginally posted by Clavius Quote
Did he really say that? It's like cursing in a church.

If a mirrorless aps-c (or FF) is introduced, it will be the beginning of the end of K-mount. Lets say that it is first seen in entry level camera. Soon there will be a demand for a pro spec mirrorless. Meanwhile, no entry level buyers will choose a K-r style camera and fewer and fewer will look for a K-5 and above as an upgrade path.

Look at Nikon 1. Is it using a small sensor for making the camera system small or is it designed to protect the dslr line?
10-21-2011, 04:40 AM   #319

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QuoteOriginally posted by Emacs Quote
Why suicide? They won't lose anything with full automation support adapter.
K-mount = their main source of income.
Ditching K-mount = ... yep, suicide.
And please, don't tell me how I'll be able to use my lenses with an adapter, on a camera I'd most likely hate, without ever seeing again a new K-mount lens or camera.

Foma, tomorrow morning I'll read the newspapers expecting to see Canikon's demise. NOT!

Frogfish: "Pentax is really just a brand now" - how about Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company?

BendingPhotography: "A FF mirrorless from Pentax would be amazing especially with all the FA Limiteds!!!" - you mean, all three? And none of which would be usable without an adapter?

People are loudly expressing their wishes and expect a whole company to steer in that direction - instead of looking for a system that would suit their needs.

10-21-2011, 04:44 AM   #320
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Wow! Amazing that a response of "Thanks for your input, we'll pass it along to corporate..." turned into: "We'll make a full frame camera next week."

I don't think I personally am very interested in a 35mm sensored camera, but I don't care if Pentax decides to make one, as long as it doesn't sink the company in the process. Put similar tech to current top of the line full frame cameras in an APS-C body and I think most people would be very happy.
10-21-2011, 04:48 AM   #321
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QuoteOriginally posted by nosnoop Quote
Hmmm.... Am I the only one scratching the head wondering what all the excitement is about???

Here we have a response to a feedback letter, which would be forwarded to Pentax Japan.
OK, that's good, and then what else... No, that's it!

I personally interpret the phrase "they listened!" quite differently. I would ONLY say so when a FF camera is actually in our hands!

Right now, I would just go as far as saying "they read!" for Pentax Europe; and "they are waiting for the mail!" for Pentax Japan.

BTW, the link to the actual response letter does not work for me.

NaCl(this is a lot of hype for "thanks for your letter we will pass it on" )H2O
10-21-2011, 05:04 AM   #322

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QuoteOriginally posted by Rondec Quote
Wow! Amazing that a response of "Thanks for your input, we'll pass it along to corporate..." turned into: "We'll make a full frame camera next week."
And then, as if this wasn't strange enough, it turned into "Pentax should scrap everything tomorrow and do something else instead".
10-21-2011, 05:10 AM   #323
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Ok finally after weeding thru all 22 pages here is my humble take as it applies to me.

I have mostly shot Pentax all my life with the occasional Canon or Oly even kodak and sony had a brief stay in my collection, However all my major purchases were Pentax. Why because it offered what I needed for the price I was willing to pay.
That being said You could give me a 645D with the best glass on the planet and drop me in the most photo rich environment and the 10 year old with the iphone will get the better pic. But I just love taking pictures and that is fine by me so the road I am going to take for the near future is to enjoy my K7 add a K5 curb my LBA and wait and see.

Do I need a FF pentax? NO will I buy one? ABSOLUTELY!!
And if a FF never sees the light of day and those of you that need one for the work you do there are other offerings that is how it goes with most thing, there has to be a compromise in all things.

Oh and thanks Adam for the work you do here.

10-21-2011, 05:29 AM - 1 Like   #324
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I met the French marketing management in France 5/6 years ago (because of my job). They really were out of marketing realities. And far from Japanese management which was almighty. I made the recommendation to invest and communicate on the reflex market because it should increase in reason of raise of amateur photo practice and skills boosted by compact cameras market raise: amateurs will want to become (to play) pro-amateurs. And they will buy pro cameras. They answered that the market was on the compact cameras. But I told them that to increase their share of market on compact cameras market they should first regain credibility on pro market then on reflex cameras (Pentax brand is no longer a reference in photography for the amateur as can be Nikon or Canon and even brands as Sony and Olympus who are gaining in image). When an amateur intend to buy a new compact camera (he still owns one), he wants to increase the quality of his equipment. And the brand reputation becomes and will become more and more important through the years, no more the Mega pixels like it was a few years ago. So they need a pro flagship camera that can convince amateurs on their image of "brand for the pros". The 645D is really too confidential to be a flagship for a pro positioning (an amateur doesn't even know the existence of that kind of equipment). The full frame is the only key to regain this reputation linked to Pentax historical lenses quality. As long as the Japanese management won't understand that, Pentax will remain a confidential brand that is surviving on the souvenir of an ancient pro photo brand. It's the same for the Pentax Q. Why didn't they propose a Micro 4/3 instead of this weird format? They could build a range of lenses of quality that Olympus Pen or Sony Nex owners could purchase for their cameras. 2 business models (and the margin is on the lenses). And Pentax fans could use their old lenses as I do on a Pen with my Pentax and Leica lenses. The problem is that in Japan, Engineers have the power, not marketers and these peoples lost the Pentax culture.
I hope that Ricoh will change that and that they will understand the true Pentax culture which is a real asset and could make a very profitable business of this brand (Just have a look on Leica that was nearly dead a few years ago).
10-21-2011, 05:37 AM   #325
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Dear Pentax Ricoh (from Dear Pentax Ricoh )

Link Posted 09/10/2011 - 08:54

- develop Modular system with external modules (like GXR but more split)
... split body, sensor and lens units ... we can use body when we travel in other case we can use tablet (Android, iPad etc.) for directing with bigger display (important),
it is real revolution .. not only mirrorless.
I think that people like Jobs would add interchangable lens modul with sensor to tablets and smartphones
and after several Years ...who will be Pentax Ricoh / Nikon / Canon etc !!!
There is possiible trasfer data from sensor to external unit,
changed some hardware by software emulation and it would do what we need
(e.g. ARM processor and graphical cards or develop special photo clone of tablets with DSP processor)

... and try it in the nature and in the level ground .. if You need some expensive equipment (special tripod) for fixing then it is'nt well done
. .. I think that solution is in the controlling device, which we would use normal non expensive tripod
and all functions we would change from control unit via tablet or smartphone without moving tripod ....

- adapt camera hardware components to ICT technical standard (all components and add other like wi-fi, BT3, GPS etc.)

- keep technical evolution

- more software developping and benefits

- buy Metz or Elinchrom or both company (and wirreles solution) ...

- try re-value partnership with Samsung or make partnership it with other ICT company like Apple, Google, IBM, Nokia, Oracle etc.

Poll question would be sometimes so stupid ... but it wouldn't be in the czech language

thanks K

No thanks “Ricoh”, we don’t need fancy gadgets or gismos.
Well developed cameras and lens, is what real photo enthusiasts require.
Keep it simple.

Many thanks.

My re::
Yes, we need, but it would be a part of modular system?
Some people need more than other,
some people are waiting a new possibilities
and I think that Pentax Ricoh, too ...

Posted 09/10/2011 - 19:06
AF, longer DA lens etc. - keep technical evolution

Posted 19/10/2011 - 16:38
They work well:
Canon EOS-1D X professional DSLR announcement and overview: Digital Photography Review

sensor, AF, processor etc.
connectivity: LAN, wi-fi, BT !!!

But not a big modular system ...

So ... keep and develop a new 645, GXR, DA, Q models (+ eq.)
... this is product line for 1.900 people Pentax Richoh img.

Develop nowaday features (e.g. from other electronic devices like tablets)
10-21-2011, 05:43 AM   #326

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Ricoh Pentax should release a FF body just to shut all the FF gearheads up. Anything will do, as long as it's FF.

I for one would be very thankful.
10-21-2011, 05:56 AM   #327
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QuoteOriginally posted by KALAIS Quote
I think its a will be a wrong move. Only very small group of photographers worldwide need a FF dslr. Let Nikon & Canon worry about that segment & Pentax should not joint this race at all. Keep at APS -C & improve noise at High Iso. Upgrade HD video for real practical usage. Put in a swivel screen, build in wireless radio transmitter for any external flash.Incorporate some practical technologies & functions. Aim for the prosumer market which is growing big.
Need and want are 2 different things. A journalist likely needs a FF, an advanced amateur probably doesn't. But I will bet a years salary more FF are sold to advanced amateurs than Journalists
Improve noise at high iso!!!! have you seen K5 files?
Upgraded video will come whether FF comes or not, and is more likely to come because of FF because that market is driven by it
Almost all the items you request for apsc would likely be in a FF model and flow down to the top apsc model spreading the r&d around
Personally i don't think Ricoh decided to do this to leave any market to Canon. they are fierce competitors and this will just be another arena where Ricoh starts small and goes after them with a vengeance is my bet
So expect your continually improving in apsc, but also expect a mirrorless likely built around the GXR system and a FF as well as a FF 645D
it won't happen overnight but i bet we see a good amount of it by next christmas
10-21-2011, 06:21 AM   #328
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That's great news! Wow... I've been longing for an FF Pentax. I have lots of FF lenses, and I would like to maximize those lenses, and to get better quality out of bigger sensor. 645D is too much for me, and I don't want to use other brands to provide me an FF body.
10-21-2011, 06:21 AM   #329
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I have come late to this thread, so have not read all theat went before, so apologies if I am repeating anything. I am also desirous of a FF Pentax and I have several legacy lenses and some new that are FF too, so the cost od upgrading would be much less than goinf for a Nikon.

However, if I do go for FF, it is going to be for a top model, not a prosumer compromise. I have been considering the Nikon D3X and if Pentax brought out a body to compare, it would be top of the shopping list for sure. I have the K-5 and K-7, the K-5 is a superb camera, but still lacks a brilliant autofocus system IMHO. There have been issues too, mine has gone back for repair twice already and is due to go back again under warrantee for the artificial horizon to be syncd to the viewfinder.

Quality control MUST improve before I would buy.
10-21-2011, 06:59 AM - 1 Like   #330

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QuoteOriginally posted by richard balonglong Quote
That's great news!
What exactly is great news?

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