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07-28-2019, 09:23 AM   #31
Ooh! Shiney! Me Want!
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I do both new and used, especially at sale prices for new gear. I shop value, whether new or used.

New cameras:
K-10D | K-01 | K-3 (Gift from RIAC - sold) | K-1

Used Cameras:
K-5lls | GR-ll | KP

New lenses:
11 (4 sold)

Used Lenses:
Eleventy Seven

Despite am insane gear list I’m the problem. My wants are sated but used gear.

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QuoteOriginally posted by Kevin B123 Quote
Erm, they do take part exchange so you could lose the moon camera
I couldn't possibly First, my Mum & Dad insisted on gifting me half the money to buy it, so it has sentimental value. Second, It's an awfully good camera, especially considering the technology is coming up seven years old. It has its quirks and idiosyncrasies, for sure, but I enjoy shooting it - and it takes great photos. Lastly, it's taken me more than three years to gradually acquire my selection of A-mount glass, and a few of those lenses are amongst my favourites, regardless of system.

The K-1 would do everything a bit better than my Hassy (except, perhaps, through-the-viewfinder manual focusing, and video) - BUT... and this is really my original point... I'm actually satisfied with what I've got. I know I'd greatly enjoy owning and shooting a K-1, but I can't bring myself to spend the money when I'm happy with my existing gear

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QuoteOriginally posted by BigMackCam Quote
so it has sentimental value
That settles that then.

You are indeed sitting pretty, so your case is understandable.

It is a slight concern if these do not shift since K-1 owners are the new basis for sales of the new D FA lenses. No doom to see here, move along.....
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Ooh! Shiney! Me Want!
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QuoteOriginally posted by BigMackCam Quote
I can't bring myself to spend the money when I'm happy with my existing gear
The truth is, I feel the same way. I didn’t buy the new GR - the old one is good enough. I didn’t buy the new Theta - the old one is good enough. I didn’t buy or upgrade the new K-1 - the old one is good enough. I didn’t buy a new KP - the used one is good enough. I didn’t buy the new 11~18. I bought a used K5-lls, used 16~50 and used 50~135 for the same money.

I probably won’t buy the new APSc flagship. I’ll buy the DFA85/1.4 instead. And I surely don’t need that - I just want it.

I feel a great rationalization of gear coming. I’m contemplating selling the KP and DA Limited primes and standardizing on FF. What’s holding me back is 4 FPS, which the K5lls solves. But I don’t needs the Limited primes when I have the FA Limiteds.

Which of course means the APSc flagship will be groundbreaking and there will be replacement 16~50 and 50~135 at the 11~18 standard . Everyone should beg me to move to FF.

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A different perspective from me

This has to do with your particular case, one that straddles 2 different systems.

I was in Oly before Sony, and Sony before Pentax. I shed my Oly gear for the Sony, but then for a year straddled Sony and Pentax---and A7R and a 645Z. I found that I wasn't very interested in expanding my Sony kit, but was very interested in expanding my Pentax one. Considering the non-compatibility of flashes and triggers, it became clear that I would gain a lot of efficiency---and save money!---by consolidating into one system. When the K1 came out, I jumped on the opportunity.

And what a system! All of my 645 lenses (I've said it before, I know) can be used with my now upgraded K1 by means of a Pentax manufactured adapter, I could use 6x7 lenses with my 645 (and have) again with a 1st party adapter, and could even use those with the K1U2, and I also have a decent FF group of lenses specifically for the K1U2. Flashes work seamlessly, as do the dedicated triggers.

This is by a loooooong shot the best gear situation I've ever been in. And let me tell you, that K1 is an outstanding camera.

Thus, I think you should sell your Sony stuff, which I know is great---I loved mine---and go for the K1. I believe you will realize the same sort of gains I have, which are surprising once you have them. You can retain your Pentax APSC gear and use it for what it's best at, and have the K1 for what it's best at---plus the joy of legacy lenses used as they were intended (and it is joy).

And although I haven't bought a lot of new gear, I did get the 645Z, K1, the K1 upgrade, and 5(6?) lenses, 2 teleconverters, the adapters, and the flashes new. Plus 2 Thetas, the V and the Z1. So, I've done my bit for Pentax.
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QuoteOriginally posted by texandrews Quote
This has to do with your particular case, one that straddles 2 different systems.
To some extent. But even if I take my Hasselblad HV and Sony A7 MkII out of the equation, I still don't feel the need to move beyond my existing Pentax APS-C gear at present.

I arrived at my current equipment situation through a slightly unconventional route, which might help explain why I've reached my recent conclusion:

My K-3 and K-3II were acquired as part of a familiar progression of keeping up with the latest flagship bodies. Prior to these, I shot a a K-7, then a K-5, both of which I really liked (especially the K-5). But I really "clicked" with the K-3 - the user interface and button placement are just perfect, IMHO, and with half-decent raw processing skills, it delivers fantastic image quality even at higher ISO settings. Over a few years, I built up a good selection of AF lenses - mostly APS-C format, plus a few full frame models. Then, after looking at some members' K10D photos here on PF, I picked up a Samsung GX-10 (basically a K10D), and I fell in love with the raw files it produced.

I bought the Hasselblad "just because"... a pure indulgence I hadn't been planning on buying a full frame camera (as I recall, the K-1 had been announced though not released), and certainly not a Sony - but B&H suddenly had very limited stock (just two or three units, I believe) of the full HV kit, brand new, at a hugely discounted price that was comparable to a Sony A99 with the same Sony Zeiss 24-70 f/2.8 SSM lens (actually, considerably less when the supplied waterproof case, hand-made leather strap, extra battery, memory card and bundled full retail copy of Lightroom 5 were taken into account). I'd always wanted a Hasselblad of some description, and whilst I knew the HV was really "just" a Sony A99 in better clothes, I couldn't resist. And then I started adding a few more A-mount lenses here and there.

I bought the A7 MkII heavily discounted, primarily for shooting adapted manual focus lenses in the 35mm format for which they were intended, as I collect mostly vintage Soviet glass (it's a big part of my hobby). It's fantastic in this application, as the focus peaking and - even more so - magnified view in the EVF are just amazing for repeatedly accurate manual focusing. But, coupled with the LA-EA4 AF A-mount adapter, I knew it could also serve as a backup to my HV, so if the HV should ever fail and be uneconomical to repair, I'd still have a suitable platform for shooting the A-mount glass I've come to appreciate so much. And, having tried it out on a good few occasions with each of my lenses, I can say it works well in this respect.

I actually have no practical reason to shoot the Hasselblad, and I don't use it all that often (maybe once or twice a month, currently?) but I get a real kick out of doing so... and with the better A-mount lenses I own, it spits out lovely photos (my own skill limitations aside). In any case, it puts a big smile on my face when I shoot with it. But, like the K-1, it's chunky (if not exactly "big") and can be fairly heavy, especially with a 24-70 f/2.8 or 70-200 f/2.8 mounted. Not something I'd enjoy carrying for more than an hour or two at a time The A7 MkII is really just a tool for playing with my adapted glass (I don't own a single E-mount lens and can't ever see that changing - I'm just not interested), plus it's an insurance policy to keep my A-mount glass relevant if the HV becomes an expensive paperweight.

Even though I have that full frame gear, for the vast majority of my day-to-day shooting I pick up my Samsung GX-10 or K-3, depending on the use case. I'm so familiar with them, the raw files they produce, the K-mount lenses I own and how they'll render a subject or scene, and they do most of what I need very, very well. If I were forced to sell off equipment and streamline my kit, I'd keep the GX-10 and (since it's newer and less-well-used than my K-3) the K-3II, and a brace of my favourite K-mount AF lenses. Honestly, I could sell everything else without shedding tears...

In fact, even the GX-10 is something of a red herring in my explanation, since it's an older, limited camera that I just happen to like a lot, for specific reasons. I fully recognise its limitations, and wouldn't recommend it to someone as a "do everything" body. What I'm really saying is, with the K-3 / K-3II and K-mount glass I've accumulated, I'm just not inclined to invest in a newer camera at this stage of my hobby, because there's really not a great deal more I need or would expect to gain. As I mentioned previously, I'd love to own and shoot the K-1... but I don't feel a need to, and even a great price hasn't been enough to sway me... and that's what's led to my recent conclusion

EDIT: Just to be clear, this isn't an APS-C vs full frame thing for me. I'm not saying APS-C is enough, and that's the reason why I'm not buying that K-1. Actually, it seems APS-C really is enough for me... but, when the new APS-C flagship is released, I won't be buying that either... not any time soon, at least. Maybe, once it has peaked in sales and the price comes down, or more likely when it is on close-out and heavily discounted, or a nice used example is advertised at an attractive price... maybe then, I might consider buying one, simply because of the age of my current gear... but until then, I really think I'm sorted

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I, like the OP am very happy with the equipment I have. It has taken about 4 years to put my kit together, all Pentax branded. Wanted to get it done before I retired. I loved the K50 until it suffered the aperture block failure, then got a K70 which I admit addressed the few concerns I have with the K50, but that's not why I bought. I got because the one I had broke and didn't function (since have fixed the K50 and still use it). I probably won't live long enough to fully master the K70 with all it's features. I see no advantage to me the K1 can provide. If my skill and artistry level ever get to the point I feel they are limited by my equipment, or my equipment breaks, I might consider an upgrade or might not.

I may not be the kind of customer Pentax seeks (don't feel the need or desire to purchase the newest greatest thing) but, until 4 years ago, I had never owned a Pentax camera. Always had Kodak and Minolta since 1966 (still do). Starting all over again in digital I chose Pentax over all the others and am so glad I did. More so now than then.
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QuoteOriginally posted by BigMackCam Quote
In thinking about this potential purchase, I've finally and unambiguously confirmed something I've suspected for some time... and that is, I'm actually happy with the gear I already own and I don't need, or even want, more.

But three pages later people are still telling you what to buy.

It's not your fault that ILC sales are falling, and it's not mine. Digital camera makers should have known all along that they were selling a product that would reach technological maturity sooner or later, and they should have prepared for the time when most people didn't feel the need to upgrade every year or two. A business model based on perpetual upgrades was never going to work in the long run, and their failure to account for that is their fault and not ours.

The level at which the technology hits its plateau will vary from person to person, but pretty much everyone will hit that point eventually. For me it happened when CCD development stopped, but I'm an outlier and I'm content to be one. For others, it looks like 100 megapixel mark could well be the point where the market as a whole decides that enough is enough.

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