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09-29-2021, 07:09 PM - 1 Like   #196
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QuoteOriginally posted by Michael Piziak Quote
How did you become a Pentax user (Pentaxian) ? And share with us your thoughts on that first Pentax model you owned please.

My first 2 digital cameras were a 2 megapixel HP camera and then a prosumer Olympus c5050z digital camera.

My ex-wife bought me a Pentax k2000 at Sam's Club. It was my very first SLR (film or digital). I was amazed at how good the operation and pictures were, compared to my previous cameras. It came with the 18-55mm DA L kit lens.

I have been a Pentaxian ever since then. Shortly after she bought it for me, I purchased a Pentax 55-300mm - it was the DA version that had the metal mount - unlike the DA L version that had a plastic mount. It was the first and *only* new lens that I've ever purchased for any camera - it cost over $300 and I think it cost like 4 or 5 hundred US dollars. I didn't purchase another lens for many years after that. I knew nothing about SLR lens and the 55-300mm lens was selected for me by my wifes friend, who was a Nikon professional photographer - all we told him was that we wanted a zoom lens for it to photograph our daughter playing sport.

My thoughts on the Pentax k2000 are as follows. It took excellent photos compared to the Olympus prosumer c5050z camera. I really really really enjoyed the SLR experience where looking through the optical viewfinder gave nearly a 100% view of what the resulting photo would cover (width and height that is). The k2000 did not have a proprietary rechargeable battery. It took four AA batteries, of which I opted to buy four rechargeable AA batteries - I may have already had 4 as the Olympus c5050z also only took 4 AA batteries. I didn't think much of the battery situation; however, when I acquired my next Pentax DSLR, it came with a proprietary battery which I enjoyed very much more as it took many more pictures. One last thought is that the k2000 was a 10 megapixel DSLR - having twice the megapixels of the Olympus camera (5 megapixels) and having 5 times those of the HP camera (a 2MP camera).

So, how did you become a Pentaxian, and please share with us your experience(s) and thoughts about that first Pentax camera.


Mi primera Pentax fue la modelo Asahi Pentax SP con rosca M42. Lamentablemente me la robaron y ya no la tengo pero fue mi verdadera maquina de fotos y es por eso que hoy día elijo Pentax por ser la marca pionera en cámaras reflex y por la calidad de sus lentes.

My first Pentax was the Asahi Pentax SP with M42 thread. Unfortunately it was stolen from me and I no longer have it but it was my real camera and that is why today I choose Pentax for being the pioneer brand in reflex cameras and for the quality of its lenses.

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In 1981, I wanted to buy a mechanical system camera and lenses. After scouring the camera magazines, it narrowed down to two systems, Pentax with the MX and Olympus with the OM-1n. Of the two, the Olympus OM-1n was probably the better camera with superior lenses but I had to have a 400mm lens for bird photography and I could not afford the 400mm Zuiko lens. So I bought the Pentax MX body and a number of Pentax-M lenses. I was not aware of the Pentax K lenses and Hongkong's inventory turnover was so rapid that none would have been found by 1981. I still have two MX bodies and Pentax-M lenses from 28mm to 400mm. When digital came, I waited till something came along which suited my needs. Then I bought the Pentax K200D and the Samsung GX-20 bodies and 16-45mm and 12-24mm lenses. All the Pentax-M lenses work on both bodies, with some qualifications, of course. The Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm and 50mm M42 mount lenses work with adapters, albeit with some limitations.

I am not that intensive a photographer as to want to change to a new system but I might consider buying a new DSLR APS-C body.
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My first Pentax was a Kx. Went with Pentax because of a recommendation from a friend. Still love that camera and still have it. Since then I tried some trashy digital point and shoots and then went on to the Pentax 1st*. Didn't stay with it too long once I discovered the Pentax K10D. Another great camera that I've used up to this year. The weather seals were not in the best of shape and ASA was in the dust. Today I'm still learning the ins and outs of my new Pentax K 3 III. Looks very good so far.
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In 2013 I moved to a DSLR after my Sony DSC-P200 finally died at the hands of my then toddler... my wife's brother had bought a D7000 and she wanted us to have a nice camera. So I bought a K20D with the kit lens and a few manual lenses - none of which were very good. The best lens I had when starting was the M 50 f2 - despite the lens being full of fungus, it still took better images than the 18-55 and the Takumar-A 80-200.

Soon came a Rikenon XR 50 1.7, a Pentax-M 50 1.7, the DA 35 2.4 and a cheap lot containing the SMC-A 28 2.8, SMC-A 135mm f2.8, SMC-A 50mm f1.7 and SMC-A 70-210 f4 Macro, and I was really hooked.

Soon I added a K-r which I also enjoyed and my wife in particular liked since it was nice and small. That got upgraded to a K-S1 for better AF in artificial light, better viewfinder, metering and IQ. And the K20D was "upgraded"... to a K10D. I also added a K200D and a K-3 when the other cameras showed some nagging issues (the K-S1 has since recovered, I put a white solenoid in it...)

My lenses have been improved as well, though I still love using a lot of the older manual lenses. I think even if Pentax would cease to exist right now, I'd still stay with the brand for many years, since I have no complaints about the image quality or joy of use. The cameras and lenses might outlast me...

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How I become Pentaxian

Well, my Pentax experiency begun with the venerable Asahi Pentax Spotmatic, most of my Pentax Equipment are Spotmatics and Takumar lenses on M42, my first Pentax camera was a Spotmatic original, the second a SF, a ES II (x2) and a ES I, my first lens was a 1.8/55, 3.5/28 and a 3.5/135, my first AF Pentax was a PZ-70 my first K-Mount lens was a A 4/70-200mm, my first Pentax DSLR was a K10D, currently i Have a modest collection (4/17mm FE, 3.5/15mm, 4.5/20mm, 3.5/28 (x2), 3.5/35mm, 1.4/50, 4/50 Macro, 4/105, 2.5/135, 3.5/135, 4/150, 4/200, 4/300) (Spotmatic, Spotmatic SF, ES I, ES II (black & chrome) (A4/70-200, FA2.8/40mm, FA limited 1.8/70, FA 2.8/80-200) (PZ-70, K10D, K20D, K01, Q)
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early 1980s, looking for my first SLR, went into either a dedicated camera store or an appliance store with a camera section (don't remember which) ... Saw the K1000 and, with a limited budget, bought it (over other camera brands, due to cost and appearance and presumed practicality) along with a kit 28-mm lens. Expanded from there gradually over the years, first extra lenses, then extra film-camera bodies (LX, PZ-1) to use with those K-mount lenses, then eventually into digital Pentax SLR (K10D, 2007).
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How I became a Pentaxian

I shot Fashion/Beauty in Manhattan for 13 years (1980-1993) using all Nikon equipment. Like most people I just believed they were the best cameras, and that's what I wanted. Prior to leaving the business, I borrowed a friends Pentax with a 35-105 f3.5 mounted on it, and within two weeks I sold $11000. worth of Nikon gear, and replaced it with all new Pentax gear.

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I started shooting in 1961 with a Focaflex, then with a Start, then an Exacta Varex II b. The last two with interchangeable lens and viewfinder. But without a light meter. By 1980, this last detail had become a serious flaw. I then started to look for a more modern camera. At that time there were 3 possible solutions: The Canon new F1, the Nikon F3 and the Pentax LX. I compared the respective advantages of the 3 and quite quickly it appeared to me that the Lx is the best ...and the cheapest of the 3. And in 1981 it became my camera for 25 years. I have never regretted this choice. But it took me 2 years to discover all the qualities of the LX. Since then I have only used Pentax cameras. M I then started to look for a more modern camera. At that time there were 3 possible solutions: The Canon new F1, the Nikon F3 and the Pentax LX. I compared the respective advantages of the 3 and quite quickly it appeared to me that the LX is the best ...and the cheapest of the three. And in 1981 it became my camera for 25 years. I have never regretted this choice. But it took me 2 years to discover all the qualities of the LX. Since then I have only used Pentax cameras. Now I have a K-1II, with some old lenses and some new ones :A FA 4/20-35mm, a Tamron 2./28-75mm, an Heinz Killfitt - macroKillar 2.8/90mm(with a Makinon converter without lens), a Telezenitar 2.8/135mm Apo (prototype), a DFA 4/70-210mm and a Zeiss ZK 1.4/50mm. I use these lenses with great pleasure.[

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Some time around 2008 I picked up a Pentax SLR in a big electronics shop Idon't know what model it was - K20D? K200D? K10D? Who knows. But I loved how it felt and decided on Pentax for my first DSLR. I began to investigate and decided that the K200D was for me and bought one of the last remaining units in the UK after it was discontinued.
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I started taking photos with my grandpa's box Brownie as a child. When I got my first job after graduating from University, I decided to purchase a SLR camera. The camera store recommended the Pentax ME Super, so I purchased it along with a 50mm 1.2 lens. I loved the camera and my interest in photography grew so I purchased a 28mm prime Pentax lens and a Tamron zoom. I used this camera until 2009, when I decided to join the digital world. I attended a photography trade show, checking out all camera manufacturers and their cameras. I didn't know a lot about digital, but it seemed that, in my price range, most of the cameras were fairly similar. However, upon learning that the Pentax K20D was water-sealed, and that the 2 Pentax prime lenses I already owned could be used with the camera, it made sense for me to stick with Pentax. As I learned more about my camera, went to workshops and outings with other photographers, I learned that my Pentax had features that the other 2 major brands didn't , plus shooting in poor weather conditions was easy, compared to all the "stuff" they carried and used to protect their cameras. In addition to the 16-50mm lens I purchased with my camera, I expanded my lens collection with the 55-300mm, 18-270mm, 24-70mm, 100mm macro and 10-17mm fisheye. I decided to upgrade in 2017 to the K3, as I found my K20D was quite noisy when doing night photography. I love my K3 and the Pentax brand. It is great quality for a reasonable price and fits my needs.
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So my 1st camera as a kid was a cheapie plastic no name film camera that "looked" like an SLR with a prism hump and fixed lense but small rangefinder tunnel viewfinder... aperture was a small lever that moved between several icon symbols.. Sun, Sun behind a Cloud, a solo Cloud, and a Moon. Did not seem to matter which position the lever was at, as a totally black image could crop up randomly on a roll of film...sigh...!! Fast forward to high school, and Pentax entered my awareness as a buddy was our school newspaper photographer, and he let me fire off a few shots now and then on his K1000... love that solid KerClunk shutter sound. Then I accompanied my Mom to Sears to help pick out a birthday present for my Dad, who wanted a camera... we walked out with a Pentax ME with an M 50 1.4 and M28 2.8..!!! While in college, my dad lent me the ME to take pix during a 2 week Geology Dept field trip out west that included the Grand Canyon (we live in Ohio). Finally out of college, I went to the annual Cleveland camera show with a work buddy who fancied himself a wedding photographer on the weekends... he had a Pentax ME Super that he had purchased 6 months prior, and convinced me to buy it from him so he could fund the purchase a new Rollei 35mm he had been lusting after... the rest is history... Used that ME Super for mostly vacation and family pix, as well as a Hawaiian honeymoon with wife no. 2 (a keeper) ... then on our 12th anniversary... we went back to Hawaii and I took the plunge and got a K7, and shortly thereafter stumbled into a K10 deal that could not be passed up... both of which I love even though technology has passed them by. I will most likely get the K3iii but the KP tugs at my heart too. The K1 feels great in hand, but is too bulky for what I want to use it for. I have a semi serious case of LBA encompassing a mix of M42 and various K mount manual and auto focus lenses... and has now expanded to smartphone lenses... please hellllp..!!!

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I started with Zenit + Industar. Then I switched to Helios (I didn't have to close the aperture manually.). After that I bought my Yashica TL Electro, which had just appeared. It cost me more than three salaries. I really liked it, but the indoor exposure meter quickly broke down. I changed it for a Petri and went to photography school. There I saw the Canon Pelix which did not impress me. I also saw a Pentax (I don't know if it was Spotmatic) and with each passing day I liked it more and wanted it, but I still had debts for Yashica. He passed me through the Practika mine and then a Sea Gull 6x6 with a matt glass sight and two lenses. After 1989, I received a serious Minolta that I liked, then a Chinon with Takumar 50mm, I got along well with it. He was semi-automatic, but I managed to get along with him. Then I got a used Pentax K 1000. I liked it and I was happy, which made me think that I had long ago become a Pentaxian without realizing it. At one point, it broke down and, because, in the situation at that time, in Romania, the money was very expensive, I received a Nikon L 100 that did what he wanted. I tried to train him, but I couldn't. I thought that's what photography will look like in the future and I was horrified selling everything (devices, lenses, filters, accessories) and deciding not to take photos anymore. After a few years, finding Minolta, unsold and then Pentax, I felt like taking pictures. I oscillated between the Pentax I loved, especially since I had read its history and Sony, which contained Minolta but was too televised. I now take pictures of pleasure. Therefore K 1 (ii) was not very adequate, K 3 iii proved to be too far away (and uncertain in terms of performance and price). Between K 3ii and KP I chose KP because I got a very good discount (10%, taken with 16-85 and D FA100 mm macro WR), because it was newer (same processor as K 1ii) and because I liked it shape more. I love it very much, despite the totally inappropriate battery and no chance of being replaced. I only keep it in the manual, probably out of the discomfort that the Nikon L100 caused me. I want to be wrong, not the device. I never switched to video. I will also buy an FA 150 mm 2.8 lens, manual, from IRIX. I feel good
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My first Pentax was an ME Super, Super by name and nature. It was coupled with a 50mm F1.4 M lens. I thought I was "It and a bit" and sneered at the peasants who had a mere F1.7 lens. Turns out the F1.7 was a darn good lens in its own right so maybe I should have kept those sneers to myself! BUT, the problem was that I purchased the camera duty free due to my parents going overseas. In those days, this meant the camera had to go overseas with them and accordingly, I had to await their return before I could use it! Oh, the pain, oh, the anticipation. It was a great camera and I still have it although the winder has stopped working now. And the F1.4 lens? A sad day because the next Pentax was and MZ-50 and I soon discovered it the F1.4 would not work because it did not have the magic "A". So I swapped the F1.4 M lens for a F2 lens with an "A". Not my best move, to be sure.
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Digital rev made me a pentaxian. I saw the review for the K-5 IIs and I really wanted one, I couldn't afford it at the time so I bought the k-01. It was my first ILC and the rest is history.
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In 1967 I was studying in Europe and bought my first Pentax, the Spotmatic. I used this camera for many, many years shooting 35 mm slide film and added a wide angle and a telephoto lens to my camera bag. When I converted to the digital world, the only camera I ever looked at was a Pentax. I first purchased the K-x and now I shoot with the KP. So for over half a century I have been a Pentaxian. I have always enjoyed the Pentax cameras.

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