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Given all the stories of the 60ies I feel young...

I got a Praktica EE2 as Christmas present in 1979 and learned to hate it over the next 30 months for its bulky design and the inferior reliability.

Then, in June 1982 I went into a store and asked for advice on a new entry-level camera. The clerk put a Canon AE-1, a Minolta XG-1, an Olympus OM-10, a Yashica, a Nikon and the Pentax ME-Super on the desk. I told him "take away the Canon and the Yashica, I'm not interested in shutter priority. You can also take away the Minolta and the Nikon - too bulky. And sorry, Olympus - too expensive. However, this little ME-Super looks really cute!".

One year later came the Super A (Super Program), more than a decade later the Z1-P and the MZ-3 - and a bunch of digital bodies since 2010....

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I became a Pentaxian in 2020

I became a Pentaxian in 2020. At this time I was using a Nikon D3300. I wanted something better and after much research, comparisons and pixel peeping, I purchased the K-70.

First off I did not want to spend a ton of money on my camera and lenses just to get a decent picture. The Pentax K-70 with the DA 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AL DC WR lens are both weather resistant, 24MP - APS-C CMOS Sensor, No Anti-aliasing (AA) filter so images are so much sharper, in body Sensor-shift Image Stabilization, most every k mount lens ever made will work on this camera, 3" Fully Articulated Screen, Built in Wireless and more for under $800. The 18-135mm wr lens takes excellent photos for all around use and I don't have to worry about a little rain. I also have the Pentax 35mm DA L f/2.4 AL Lens, inexpensive, yet it takes amazingly sharp images. So for under a grand I have a camera system that has features that would cost me twice that from any other manufacturer.

I started looking beyond my Nikon D3300 after many frustrating attempts to get a good, sharp image of graphics and text for the antique paper I sell on ebay. I was using my Nikon D3300 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens in order to get the sharpest images possible. I tried different lighting, tripod, adjusting the in camera settings to get sharp, contrasty images without success. To save time I needed decent images right out of the camera with no other adjustments other than cropping and straightening.

So I purchased my K-70 strictly for personal use, but after testing it to shoot items for ebay I found it was far superior especially when using the 35mm DA L f/2.4 AL Lens for text and graphics. I was so impressed with the results and how easy it was to get a great image every time that I purchased a dedicated camera for my ebay sales, the Pentax K-50 which sadly quit working and I replaced it with a near mint K-5.

Aside from all the technical stuff, Pentax is more enjoyable to use. I don't think I will change brands again.
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I am impressed by all the responses. Keep them coming. Many of you have mentioned which Pentax you have had over the years. Of course, I started with the k2000, then had a k-r, and now have the k-s2. Somewhere along the way I think I had a k-x, but can't quite nail when....smiles....

keep the stories coming! I'm reading every word of them!
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It all started in 1972 when I was born. Fast forward about 10 years to the time when my grandparents gave me some apparently junk cameras to play with. I never put any film through them, but nevertheless some kind of photography seed was sewn at that time. Fast forward another 12 or so years and I became hooked on digital photography very early on after using a bizarre Kodak digital camera in the laboratory. I wanted to get going in photography, but I never had the patience for film, being sure that I would learn much more efficiently with digital. Not to mention not getting nickeled and dimed by the costs of film and processing. My first unit was a Canon, which I used for a couple of years before switching to Nikon. The Nikon was large and heavy which dampened my enthusiasm for photography after a while. I sold the Nikon and when the itch came back, I bought a K30 and 18-135. I chose Pentax for many reasons including IBIS, ergonomics, and compatibility with old glass. I don't have the K30 anymore, but I do have two K-1II units, the K1000 my mom used when I was a little runt, and a large stable of manual K, M, and A lenses.

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Back 2006 I read many reviews before I finally went to a shop, still undecided whether to buy a Canon 350D, a Nikon D40 or a Pentax K100D. I guess you could say that the moment I grabbed the Pentax, I became a Pentaxian. The K100D just felt good in my hands, like a quality tool does. In the meantime I added a K5 and an *ist Ds.
Ironically, my first and only SLR I actually had in use before digital was a Ricoh, and now that Pentax has been Ricohthised, it's kind of come full circle.
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My wife worked for a photographic rental company and we often borrowed from the SLR fleet on weekends (employee benefit). Came time we wanted our own SLR, spoke to the wife's employer's service manager who basically said "buy Pentax". He said (somewhat of an exaggeration) "if he took a Nikon and a Pentax and threw them over the building, the Nikon would be gone for a month or so for repair (maybe) and the Pentax would be dusted off and good to shoot". Based on that a local camera store (Blacks) had Pentax ME-F's on a featured sale so that was the first SLR we had..
We later learned the ME-F had been designed to operate with a newly developed auto-focus lens that had been troublesome or just didn't cut it with the consumers. The ME-F we got came with a basic 50mm manual focus supplied as a kit. Reflecting, it would appear the bargain price we got on the Pentax was perhaps due to the fact the retailer was trying to get out from under a potential "dog".
The camera worked beautifully for many years and one day it wouldn't turn on. Sent it to Pentax's authorized repair who deemed the unit scrap. The detail was something about a top mounted circuit board that developed corrosion and shorted out against the top body cover. Distressed with the loss, went looking for a Pentax (had acquired a few K mount lenses) that didn't have the electronics or sophistication that could be trouble. Ended up with a P-30 featuring an auto set ISO. Delving into the idea of using two formats when shooting (slide and print, colour and black and white), etc. decided to get a second body for the second use and got a P-3. Both worked well and I continued to add "stuff" (lenses, cable release, etc.) Perhaps of note was the acquisition of a Polaroid instant slide device to add to the fun. Life changed, photography slipped. My interest was re-aroused when I read about the Pentax MZ-S. It was instant attraction...this was the camera I had been waiting for. As fate would have it, very shortly thereafter, the digitals were announced adding an understanding of how I had become "lucky" enough to actually get that MZ-S on a deal. So, bought an "open box" *ist D from the old Henry's outlet store in Toronto. Loved that camera but found out (with a CF motor drive card) it loved batteries. This fact facilitated the purchase of a grip (and a whole box full of rechargeable AA batteries) to ensure a good day of shooting could happen. To this day, continue to equip my cameras with the grip!. Traded the *ist D for a K-20, the K-20 for a K-5IIs and then expanded to investigate the K-1 hype and most recently, realizing the K-5IIs was getting on, got the K-3iii kit. This time I kept the K-5IIs instead of trading because of sentimental reasons. The K-5IIS had been for me, the best camera I had used to date and I became completely enamoured with its capabilities. So, loyalty has preserved this unit in the fleet (also kept the MZ-s for similar reasons) but it is becoming jealous of the K-3III.

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In the late Seventies and early Eighties I got a two year degree in Commercial and Industrial Photography by taking night classes. Emphasis was on black and white studio product photography and black and white printing. I was shooting Canon film cameras, an FTbN, EF, AE-1 and A1. Had a darkroom in the basement, of course. About that time I got a promotion to management at my day job and my first son was born. Not a smart time to launch a new career. Fast forward to 1988 and I was divorced. In 1999 I sold all the Canon gear to gear up for my last working rock & roll band.

At some point after that my Dad gave me an HP Photosmart digital point and shoot*. In 2005 my Dad passed away and left me a Pentax SF1 w/F50mm f1.7 lens, a couple Sigma Zooms and a 2x TC. That started an itch to get back into photography. I believe it was late 2007 or early 2008 I did some research and bought a Pentax K10D since I could use those lenses. It made financial sense since my photography was simple family personal photography and run of the mill trips to the zoo etc.

In 2016, my neighbor was writing a pet column for a local glossy magazine and the photographer assigned to a particular shoot had car trouble. Tara called me and asked, “Do you have a good camera?” I said, “Yes.”
“Grab it and let’s go!”
So I did the shoot with the K10D and 30 days later saw my photos in a glossy magazine. She promised more opportunities so I decided I need to upgrade. First with a used Sony a6000. I’d take both cameras to a shoot and realized I liked a DSLR better. Sold the Sony body and a couple lenses and bought a Pentax K70. During this time I was shooting a lot of fund raising events that she was emceeing and rallies and marches she was covering as independent media. She pitched a feature story homelessness in Louisville to another local glossy and got the gig with me as her photographer. I decided that I need a body with dual memory card slots because I’d be going places and shooting where I couldn’t go back and reshoot. I bought a K3 Mk2 as my primary and kept the K70 for back up. I got 11 photos published including the two page full bleed in the center. I was pretty happy.

Then the Breonna Taylor unrest erupted. She and I went downtown to photograph the damaged buildings but realized the real story was the damaged people of the community. I photographed much of the early protests but quit going out in it due to my potential vulnerability to Covid. The pandemic put an end to the fund raising events and attending rallies and marches entailed certain risks besides exposure to Covid. A young photographer named Tyler Gerth was shot and killed at the center of the protest by a mentally ill homeless man who had been kicked out of Jefferson Square by the protester leaders for causing trouble. The guy just shot randomly into the crowd hitting Tyler in the neck half a block distant. The police were targeting independent media, arresting them on the flimsiest criteria as well confiscating their equipment as “evidence.”

I didn’t want be Buffaloed, arrested and have gear confiscated for an indefinite period of time or hit with paint balls like the network media reporters or shot by a mentally ill white person off their meds. I did not feel threatened by the rightfully angry black protesters I was mingling with. But at 70 years of age, the risk of Covid was too high and I quit going to protests.

I still went to work every day but I have a private office. I adopted a little dog who became my primary photo subject and I engaged in self-portraiture. Bandit and I take walk through the Wetlands of Champions Park daily and I always have a Pentax DSLR with us.

This spring I came to the conclusion that at age 71, still healthy, still working full time and drawing higher than average social security I probably have more discretionary income than discretionary years left. I decided to upgrade my primary gear. I pre-ordered a silver K3 Mk3 and became the volunteer photographer for Paws With Purpose, a non-profit the acquires pure bred puppies an through selected inmates at the womens prison and local volunteers puts them through a two year training program to become service animals for children and adults with disabilities. I’ve done 6 shoots for their 2021 marketing campaign.

So after using the K3-Mk3 in conjunction with my Mk2 as a second camera I decided I would buy another Mk3 body(black) and sell the K3-Mk2. I’ve purchased 3 new * lenses, the DFA* 50mm f1.4, DFA* 85mm f1.4 and the DA* 16-50mm F2.8.

And between the K10D and the K3 Mk3s, I’ve acquired a K-01, 2 Q7 bodies and all the lenses, a Ricoh GRiii and a Ricoh WG6.

I’m keeping the K10D. I’ll probably keep the K70 because it’s showing signs of aperture block failure and I don’t know how I feel about selling it that way. The K3 Mk2, my workhorse, will go up for sale when I overcome the inertia and post it.

I have my Flickr photos separated into albums that document the segments described above.

* The HP 812 Photosmart used the same sensor and lens as the Pentax Optio 430

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When I retired from teaching some 9 years ago, I was looking for a hobby. I had a superzoom camera (a Canon) and I had dabbled with woodworking. I decided woodworking would be too expensive, so I chose photography. I had a pair of Pentax binoculars for bird watching and they were very good. So I decided to buy a Pentax camera – a K-5-IIs.
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QuoteOriginally posted by pschlute Quote
Pentax MX + SMC-M 50mm 1.7 lens. 1979
my introduction too, except 1978,

Dad had a Spotmatic he brought back from Vietnam, when it came time for me to get a camera, seemed natural to stay in the family,
Then I added an ME, and an LX, and a bunch of K & M lenses, along with many other larger format non-Pentax film cameras. Pentax is the only 35mm system I've ever owned.

When digital SLRs started becoming affordable, I kept hoping Pentax would join in, and was almost ready to buy the *ist D when it came out, but it was a bit steep for a guy only doing it for fun, so I held off and picked up a *ist DS, thinking it would be great to use all my old glass.
Was doing photography just for fun now, having gotten into engineering for work.
I started adding modern lenses, because they just worked better with the newer camera.
Then added K200D, and a K5, K3, now a K3III, have replaced all my film lenses w/ modern glass (and then some).

I shot film professionally for about 10-years with other folks cameras, Nikons, Hasselblads, Bronicas, Rolleis, and some 4x5 gear.
I've used a lot of different gear over the years,
Going home, my personal gear always felt better in my hands, one thing about Pentax, I've always liked the ergonomics. And typically it's been less expensive than comparable gear from the "other" guys. I'm too deeply invested to change now,
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The first I SLR camera I ever used were Nikkormats in a photojournalism class in college. I knew then that I wanted to get into photography sometime, but I didnít know sometime would be years later. In my job I had become the webmaster for my companyís intranet, basically building it (with another guy too) why also creating a lot of video content with a Canon GL-1 and Final Cut Pro. Then I got a Nikon D70 for still photos. The company had one full time video guy and one full time photo guy at division HQ, the photo guy was a Nikon guy and bought the D70. Not long before this the photo guy had about three photographers on staff, they would come to our plant for shoots, or call a local guy that specialized in industrial photography. So when it came time to buy a DSLR you would think I would go Nikon. Well, I donít buy anything without research. Big points for me was built in stabilization, and to a lesser extent, weather resistance. All my research brought me to Pentax or Olympus, with the K10D being the choice, but the K20 D came out before I Was ready and that ended up as the one in 2009. Since the K20D I have owned, a K30, K50, Q, And 2 KPs. While I was still working I bought a K-S2 (which the recently replaced with a K3III. So even though Iím not young,Iím really a recent Pentaxian.
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I became Pentaxian the day I bought a Pentax K200D on special offer. At the time, I compared the K200D offer to Nikon's offer, and Pentax offered more for less money, and the Pentax felt higher quality then Nikon entry level when holding and comparing cameras side by side. Pentax offered SR, Nikon did not. Coming from compact digital Nikon and Canon, images from the Pentax K200D were just jaw dropping, closer to my 35 film images I was taking the years before compact digital.
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My first Pentax was an MX with the excellent M 50mm f/1.7 lens. I bought it new when I started working during the school holidays. It was rapidly followed by an ME Super. I also bought two additional lenses, a Magnon 28mm f/2.8 (quite good in fact, Cosina made?) and a Pentax 80-200mm f/4.5 (I loved this lens). I used these two cameras with a Rollei 35 for years while traveling all around the world until I bought a digital compact (Canon S50) and then an *ist D. Then I got a K10d, a K20d, a K-x, a K-01 a 645d and a K1-ii.

The MX and ME Super died a few years ago because of inadequate storage in tropical climate. I have since bought another MX, because it's really a gem of a film camera. I love the big viewfinder with regard to the size, especially when I compare it with APS-C digital SLRs, which are usually much bigger cameras featuring a smaller imager. I also bought a couple of Pentax 6x7 because I had the pleasure to use a borrowed one in the 80s but this camera was an unaffordable dream when I was young. I love these big negatives and many 6x7 lenses are also excellent on the 645d.

I also have 5 Pentax Q (2 original Q, 1 Q7 and 2 QS-1) and a full assortment of lenses. These small cameras are fun and much more capable than usually credited for.

Apart from Pentax, I shoot all sort of photographic contraptions: film cameras ranging from the diminutive Tessina (14x21mm negative on 35mm film) to the 5x7 Linhof Technika, and all sorts of digital cameras with a particular interest for Sigma Foveon technology.


09-23-2021, 10:17 PM   #43
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One summer day in 1965, Gramps picked me up from swimming lessons down at the beach. Can't remember how the subject came up but he offered me his box Brownie to use. I think we must have been talking about my dad's Hawkeye camera (a great camera that he unfortunately lost). I used the old Brownie and a little Agfa point and shoot until my older bro bought his Minolta in the mid 70s. I had to have one, too, so I ended up snagging first an SRT-102 and then an SRT-201, I believe. in 1978, I got a job as a meteorological technician with Canada's weather service. One of the ab initio expectations was to survive a year in the boonies at a weather station. I was posted to Cape St James, a lighthouse at the south end of the then Queen Charlotte Islands (since renamed to Gwaii Haanas). We had a zodiac equivalent that we took out for a float on the calmer days of the summer. However, even in the summer, there is a large Pacific swell to deal with. We did a bit of jigging for snapper but darn it if the other guy in the boat didn't hook a small chicken halibut! Once it broke water it flapped crazily and without a bonker to subdue the fish, he took out his knife and tried to stab its head. Of course, he missed and the knife went easily into the inflatable's gunwale. By the time we limped back to the dock there was considerable water onboard, some of which had sadly drowned my Minolta. Panic ensued. There was no way I was going to be in paradise without a camera so I phoned my camera-fiend friend and asked him to buy me a replacement camera and lens. I asked him to check out the Olympus OM-1 which was new on the market at the time but the sales person steered him toward a Pentax MX instead. Been with the brand ever since with no plans to change.
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I'm relatively late to photography. We discovered travel in 2013, at the age of 55. Two years later, after many phone shots, I bought a cheap but very capable Fuji bridge camera and soon realized I had a lot to learn. The Fuji was followed by a Sony and the desire for an ILC. I wanted a Canon but couldn't understand the models. Also they were so expensive! Even the really old ones. At the time there were lots of K30s about. I checked the reviews and could see no good reason not to buy one, so I did, it was blue I now have a K3 and a KP, both get used a lot, along with plenty of zooms and primes. I will never change as I love Pentax cameras. I have just started getting into film. An old spotty SP, bought for the lens has been spruced up and recovered and is working like a charm. I have no reason to shoot anything else
09-23-2021, 11:02 PM - 3 Likes   #45
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I wondered into a local camera store in Vancouver after Xmas 1975, looking to replace my Kodak Instamatic. I was armed with the money I had saved from my first job as a sales clerk and some that I got for Xmas. I did not know anything about SLR's and the clerk recommended one of the new Pentax K-Mount bodies that were released earlier that year. I ended up getting a KX, K28/3.5, K55/1.8 and the K135/3.5. Still using the KX today and the lenses as well, I've taken pictures with the KX on all seven continents and it keeps on ticking. One of the best purchases I've ever made....

I now have over two dozen Pentax cameras and 100 Pentax lenses, so I guess I'm staying with Pentax for awhile.


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