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READ FIRST: How to list items - marketplace rules - condition key - feedback guide
Posted By: Adam, 09-12-2006, 07:22 PM

Welcome to the Photographic/Pentax Marketplace & Classifieds Section!

In this unique section of our forum, you can buy and sell new and used Pentax or other brands of photographic gear! The main index of the Marketplace contains a list of items (cameras, lenses, photographic accessories, etc.) for sale, and there's also a separate sub-forum containing threads through in fellow forum members are looking for gear. If you're interested in any particular item, start by sending the seller/buyer a Private Message.

Get Marketplace access now! | List an item now!

What is needed to sell items?

To list equipment for sale, your account must meet one of the following conditions:
If you are a new member and currently do not have access to the Marketplace, the easiest way to gain access is to make a donation using PayPal.
There are NO item listing fees and NO final value fees whatsoever when using the Marketplace.

If you do not use PayPal, you can also get Marktplace access using your credit card, without using a PayPal account, using the corresponding button which will be shown after you've selected a donation option. For check/money order donations, donations by bank transfer, or credit card donations over the phone, please send Adam a private message.

Guidelines for Marketplace Users

[Updated as of May 4th, 2019]

We have simplified the text of the Marketplace rules to make them easier to follow. No significant policy changes have been made beyond relaxation of cross-listing of items on other sites, and allowing PCs, laptops, and tablets to be listed (see below).
  1. Access: The Marketplace may be used by any member with Marketplace access. Access for unlimited personal use is available to Site Supporters and Loyal Site Supporters (members with an active donation to the forum [donate here] or a recent credited order from our partner stores, B&H and Adorama [details]), "Pentaxian" veteran users [details]. Commercial and reseller access is available to users who have purchased Marketplace Volume/Commercial Access [details]. You must have the appropriate access for the duration of your Marketplace listing. Selling an item through the "Wanted" section requires Marketplace access.
  2. Conduct: Users of the Marketplace agree to conduct themselves honestly, act in good faith, and comply with all laws at all times, including sale of goods and intellectual property laws.
  3. Use: Buyers and sellers use this facility at their own risk. If a transaction goes smoothly, please leave feedback through our feedback system. Although the PF Team does its best to remove any suspicious threads, access to the Marketplace is restricted, and the number of malicious sales throughout the site's history has been negligible, we ask that you always double-check a seller's integrity yourself. Site owners, moderators, and administrators are not responsible for any losses resulting from members’ use of the Marketplace. PF staff reserve the right to remove any thread or feedback entry without prior notice when fraud is suspected. Any fraudulent use of the Marketplace, including fraudulent chargebacks, may result in your forum membership being terminated and/or your details forwarded to the appropriate authorities.
  4. What you can and can't sell: The Marketplace may be used to list for sale your own new or used photography-related equipment (such as cameras, lenses, and accessories) as well as photography-related computer hardware and software, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Brands other than Pentax are permissible. Software originally acquired via download may only be sold through the Marketplace if the publisher's EULA explicitly permits a license transferal, and such transferal is carried out upon completion of the sale. All software must otherwise include an original CD or DVD, etc., and must be shipped. You may not sell coupons, gift cards or any other item that is not specifically photography-related.
    Note that the rules have temporarily been relaxed to allow all electronic goods. See Pentax Forums Statement on the Coronavirus - Take note too that some jurisdictions are limiting the shipping of private (non-essential) goods. Shipping your sales / purchases may be delayed.
  5. Safe trader option for international sellers: A payment option with buyer protection (such as PayPal or credit card) must be offered by sellers for international transactions over $100 USD. In addition, you may of course offer other payment options for the buyer to choose from at his or her discretion. Note that Pentax Forums does not process any payments on your behalf. When selling internationally, it is the seller's responsibility to choose an appropriate shipping method and complete all required import paperwork. It is the buyer's responsibility to expedite customs clearance once the item arrives in the destination country, and to pay any applicable customs fees.
  6. Adding a listing - using the editors: There are two editors which you can use to list items. The item listing form, which features organized pre-configured fields, can and should be used when listing individual items. The classic editor may be used when selling multiple items simultaneously. Buttons at the top of the Marketplace allow you to choose which form to use. If for any reason you do not wish to use the form, feel free to use the classic editor for single-item sales as well, but please ensure that all salient information is provided.
  7. Adding a listing - prefixes: Please apply the "For Sale" thread prefix for items being sold, and the "Wanted" prefix for items being sought. Additionally, please do not use any acronyms or phrases such as "FS" or "WTB" to begin your thread titles, since the prefixes already indicate intent. Before creating a new thread to list an item for sale, make sure it is not being already sought in the Wanted Items section. If it is, contact the user(s) interested in the item via PM. If you would like to list a new item or items, then please make a new listing. Do not add additional items to an existing listing.
  8. Listing title: Multiple item listings must have as many of the items as possible listed in the title with the most significant given priority.
    Examples: If you can't fit the descriptions of the camera, flash, three lenses, and a spare battery in the title, leave out the battery, not one of the lenses. "Several Lenses" would not be acceptable; they need to be specified, but for small items, such as filters and other minor accessories "Several Filters" or "Plus Accessories" would be okay.
    Also keep in mind that you are not limited to a single listing. Your items may be divided into multiple listings if needed. Clarity is encouraged for good searchability.

    Examples of good thread titles:
    Pentax-DA 21mm F3.2 Limited Lens (price reduced)
    Pentax K-5 with 18-55mm kit lens and battery grip
    Pentax K-5 body (low shutter count) and 16Gb SD card
    Pentax K-r body only
    Takumar Prime Lenses: 35mm, 50mm, 55mm, 85mm, and more
    Pentax K1000 (free shipping)
    Examples of bad thread titles:
    Pentax-DA 21mm F3.2 Limited Lens (***PRICE REDUCED***)
    Pentax K-5 and more
    !!Pentax K-5 **MUST SEE** low shutter count + extras
    FS: Pentax K-r body only
    Lots of Takumars
    Free shipping: K1000 camera

  9. Listing must show photo: Your listing must include one or more photos of every item you are offering for sale. Your photos may be uploaded to the forum or embedded as links such that the images appear without requiring members to click on those links, or may be links to your photos of the item(s) for sale posted elsewhere. Embedded photos are strongly encouraged for better visibility of your listing. Members with Marketplace Reseller status need not include photos of items with an asking price of less than US$100.
  10. Accuracy of listing and item location: All information in your advertisement must be true and correct, and accurately reflect the item(s) you’re offering for sale. Your listing must indicate the location of the item offered for sale, and have Shipping Destinations given as well.
  11. Warranty: Listing titles may only make mention of warranty coverage if the warranty is transferable to another individual, per the manufacturer's terms, at the time of the sale. If the warranty for a given item has not yet expired but is non-transferable, sellers may choose to state (in the body of the listing) how warranty service can be obtained. We advise buyers to read the terms of the manufacturer's warranty prior to making assumptions about warranty coverage for second-hand items.
  12. Asking Price: An asking price or price range must be posted (you may ask for a best offer in addition to your stated price) You may not solicit payment to be made via PayPal as a gift or friends and family payment, or add any payment processing feels that are not in compliance with the payment processor's terms of service.
  13. Describing an item’s condition: All for-sale listings must show each item's condition per the Item Condition Key. In addition, be sure to describe your item(s) clearly, accurately, and fully to avoid any issues with potential buyers.
  14. Listing your items on other sites: You may cross-list your items externally (i.e. on auction websites or web stores), provided that your Marketplace listing otherwise complies with all other Marketplace rules (i.e. includes a full description and photos, rather than just a link) and that you are willing to accept purchases via private message.
  15. Price comments strictly prohibited: Posting price related comments in any Marketplace thread (i.e. publicly) is not allowed, nor are price negotiations. If you would like to negotiate with a seller, then please do so via PM.
  16. Personal information (i.e. your e-mail address, phone number, address, account number, etc.) may not be posted in public. This applies to both sellers and prospective buyers. Please use the private message system to exchange such information if needed.
  17. "Bumping" your listing: You may bump your Marketplace threads as needed simply by replying to them. Each thread may be bumped no more than once every 40 hours, and no more than 2 threads may be bumped within any 24 hour period. These restrictions are enforced automatically: bumps beyond the limit will simply be merged into previous posts. Do not bump to indicate another sale thread you may have posted elsewhere. Threads are automatically archived if no replies or edits to it are made for 90 days.
  18. Withdrawing your listing: If you made a listing and decided not to follow through with the sale, please withdraw it using the withdraw link/icon near the "mark thread as sold" link/icon. Withdrawn threads will be hidden from public view, so please don't withdraw threads which led to actual transactions.
  19. When a sale has been completed: We request that you leave item prices intact after marking threads as "Sold". Once an item is sold (or acquired), please click the "Mark Item as Sold" (or "Mark item as Acquired") icon or link, found below your username in the first post of your thread, as well as at the top of the thread. The thread will be automatically closed, marked as sold, and moved to the "Sold Items" forum. Should any conflicts come up after a thread has been closed, we ask that you use the private messaging system to communicate before contacting a moderator or leaving negative feedback. For each completed transaction, both parties involved should exchange feedback. Please check out our feedback guide for details.

Non-compliant listings may be moved to Expired Listings by the moderation staff, or may be deleted.
If your listing has been moved or deleted for non-compliance with these rules then you will receive a message from the moderation team. Please do not post your advert if you're not ready. "Placeholder" adverts which do not have photos or has photos taken from the internet or which are misleading or incomplete will be moved to Expired Listings. Please ensure you have the relevant information (including photos of the items for sale) ready when you compose and place your advert.

Last edited by Racer X 69; 03-25-2024 at 08:50 AM. Reason: 8. Listing Title requirement modified.
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Original Poster
Feedback Guide, Marketplace FAQ, Marketplace Thread Management

If you have questions not answered in this document, you may ask them here: Site Suggestions and Forum Help -

Feedback System Guide features a dedicated, eBay-like feedback system which is used alongside our Marketplace section. We ask that all Marketplace users exchange feedback upon completing a transaction.

0. Where is my feedback profile?

On this page: You can also access your feedback through your profile page, or through the "Marketplace" dropdown menu in the navbar on any forum page.

1. Where do I leave feedback as a buyer?

In order to leave feedback as a buyer, you will need to click the "Leave Feedback" link in the Marketplace seller's post. Note that when you click this link, you will first be asked to confirm that you are leaving feedback for the right user. Then, you will be taken to the form which you should fill out to leave feedback. Note that the URL of your Marketplace thread is automatically added to this form when accessed from a Marketplace post.

Name:  feedback1.png
Views: 36590
Size:  33.5 KB

brings you to...

Name:  feedback2.png
Views: 35676
Size:  37.1 KB

Note that this form features a field for a public comment, as well as for a private comment visible only by whoever is getting the feedback.

2. Where do I leave feedback as a seller?

As a seller, you typically return feedback after some is given to you by a buyer. To do this, click the link provided in the Private Message that was sent to you when you received the feedback. If you deleted this message, go to your feedback page (see below) and click the icon beside the buyer's feedback comment.

If you want to leave feedback first (before the buyer), then proceed to the buyer's profile and click the link indicated in the screenshot in item 4 below.

Name:  feedback6.png
Views: 35474
Size:  33.7 KB

3. Where can I view my feedback page, or somebody else's feedback page?

A link to your personal feedback page is found at the bottom of the Marketplace dropdown, as well as in your profile. The Marketplace dropdown is only visible if you meet the criteria needed to sell in the Marketplace.

Name:  myfeedback.png
Views: 37212
Size:  11.5 KB

You can also always access any user's feedback page by going to his or her forum profile and clicking one of the links below:

Name:  feedback4.png
Views: 36015
Size:  80.3 KB

4. Where are feedback scores displayed, and where can I view comments?

Feedback comments are only visible on users' feedback pages. Scores are found in a variety of places, such as in each Marketplace post, and in each user's profile. Note that you must be logged in to view feedback!

Name:  feedback3.png
Views: 36091
Size:  108.7 KB

5. Feedback FAQ

-How are feedback scores and percentages calculated?
Your feedback score equals the number of members that left you a positive rating minus the number of members that left you a negative rating. Multiple ratings from the same member do not increment your score, although they are shown on your feedback page.

Your feedback percentage reflects the percentage of total members who gave you a positive rating.

-I got negative feedback! Can I dispute this?
If you received an unfair or untruthful feedback rating, you can dispute it by contacting me via PM.

We will then investigate the issue further and collect facts from both parties involved. Note that we will not mediate disputes. If you fail to work things out with the opposite party, we will only make changes to feedback according to the findings of another mediator (i.e. paypal, your credit card processor, etc.) rules in favor of one of the two parties.

-Can I withdraw negative feedback?
We honor mutual feedback withdrawal requests when requested via PM by both parties involved.

-Can I edit feedback?
Yes, but only to correct any errors or typos. Please contact me via PM for assistance.

-Can moderators assist me with feedback problems?
While you may report problems you have with other members to moderators, they are unable to manage the feedback system, and all final decisions go through me.

-I am trying to leave feedback, but I keep getting a permissions error. What should I do?
You probably forgot to fill out all fields on the feedback form; they are all required. You could have also entered an incorrect Marketplace thread URL for your comment- note that this thread URL must link directly to the seller's Marketplace thread and be copied exactly as-is from your browser's URL bar. Possibly, you could also be trying to leave feedback for yourself, which will also return an error.

-I did the above, but I'm still getting an error!
You actually didn't do the above. Double-check everything!

-I have a question that's not answered here- what now?
Please ask it in the Site Suggestions and Forum Help - forum.

Marketplace FAQ

0. Why the Marketplace?
This section of our site was included since day 1. We think it's important for us, now as the largest Pentax-dedicated online forum, to provide a place where users can offer gear for sale to fellow Pentaxians. The mission of this section is to be the ultimate source for used & rare Pentax gear. We place a heavy emphasis on safe online business, easy-of-use, and assistance from the site staff. (Personal note- over the past 2 years, I was able to acquire the rarest of Pentax FA* lenses through this very Marketplace!)

1. Who can sell items in the Marketplace?
-Anyone who has an active donation to to ($20+ donations give one year of access, $10 donations are for one month)
-Anyone with Pentaxian status (1000+ posts and 1 year of membership, or 300+ posts and 2 years of membership)
-Note: ALL users can post in the "Wanted" section regardless of donation status

2. Are there any listing/final value/etc. fees?
No, never.

3. Is there a limit on the number of items I can list?
No. However, if you are using the Marketplace for commercial reasons (i.e. bulk sales, selling on behalf of a store, re-sales of items simply for profit), you must purchase Reseller Access, which costs $8.50-15/month, depending on how many months of access you opt for. Details are here: READ FIRST: How to list items - marketplace rules - condition key - feedback guide -; this access can be purchased in the User CP.

4. Why are there access restrictions and the Reseller Access requirement for commercial sellers? runs no advertisements, and we need a way to pay for our server, software, and maintenance costs in addition to voluntary donations. Hundreds, if not thousands, of hours have been put into the site by myself and others to bring you the best online community experience possible. When it comes to resellers- if you're profiting off of our service, we feel you should be obliged to help cover site costs. Additionally, requiring a donation to access the Marketplace adds another layer of security to the section.

5. What is feedback and how do I leave it?
See the guide above.

6. Does process payments for Marketplace items?
No. All deals are conducted on an individual basis between the two parties (users) involved. Although we do our best to prevent fraudulent listings, we cannot be held responsible for any losses that arise from use of the Marketplace. We are proud to state, however, that nobody has had their items or money stolen through use of the Marketplace to date.

7. What sort of item exposure can I expect on the Marketplace?
Comparable exposure to that on eBay, for most items. Our site is viewed daily by over 50,000 people and Pentax-specific items go fast. Over 10,000 items have been successfully sold through the Marketplace since 2006.

8. Is bidding allowed?
No. All items being sold must by coupled with an asking price, although negotiation and best offers are allowed.

9. How to buyers communicate with sellers?
Through the Private Messaging (PM) system. We ask that you refrain to include e-mail addresses with your listing, this will 1. not generate as much interest and 2. waive your privilege to have the site staff review or resolve any disputes.

10. How do most people make payments?
Through PayPal (some send paper checks as well). Site donations are also processed through either of these methods. We recommend PayPal as it adds a third layer of identity/address security.

11. I've sold an item. What should I do with my listing?
Mark it as sold using the controls provided in the "Thread Tools" dropdown. Also, make sure that you have left feedback for the buyer, and that he or she returns this feedback through the link provided in his or her notification PM.

12. What are the official Marketplace rules?
See this post: READ FIRST: How to list items - marketplace rules - condition key - feedback guide -
Attached Images

Adam Webmaster (Site Usage Guide | Site Help | My Photography) server and development costs are user-supported. You can help cover these costs by donating or purchasing one of our Pentax eBooks. Or, buy your photo gear from our affiliates, Adorama, B&H Photo, KEH, or Topaz Labs, and get FREE Marketplace access - click here to see how! Trusted Pentax retailers:
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For easy access, here is the Item Condition Key in a separate post:

Item Condition Key

New: Item is new and in 100% of original condition. Not opened or used except for testing purposes.

Mint: Item has no marks, scratches, or signs of use whatsoever. Packaged in original box with all manuals and accessories. 99.99% of original condition.

Like New: Item is lightly used, but shows no marks or scratches. Extremely minimal signs of use may be visible. Packaged in original box with all manuals and accessories. 98% of original condition.

Excellent: Item is moderately used, but shows no scratches or dents. Small marks and minimal signs of use may be visible. Collectors would accept items in this condition. 95% of original condition.

Good: Item has seen substantial use, but shows no significant scratches or dents. Marks and signs of use may be visible as a result of wear-and-tear. 90% of original condition.

Fair: Item has seen substantial use and may have some scratches, but no significant dents. Marks and signs of use will be more abundant than typically. 80% of original condition.

Poor: Item has seen great use and may have scratches, dents, and signs of use that are clearly visible. 70% of original condition.

Damaged: Item has seen extreme use, or has been handled poorly. Significant scratches, dents, dings, and signs of use are clearly visible OR the item is NOT in full working condition. 60% or less of original condition. Bargain price. Any lens with scratches on its front element, fungus, or fog will automatically fall in this category.

All conditions, save "Damaged," are assumed to retain the item's full working condition. If a lens is being sold, its glass is assumed to be in mint condition unless it is described as "Poor" or "Damaged". Please note the fine distinction between 'Mint' and 'Like New' condition for used items when posting.
This key applies to lenses, cameras, accessories, and photo bags alike.

If an item meets the criteria for 'Like New' but comes with no box, this condition may still be used as long as the lack of a box is clearly specified.

It is usually a good idea to specify the shutter count when selling a camera body. You can check your camera's shutter count using this tool:
Check Camera Shutter Count and Manufacture Date

Adam Webmaster (Site Usage Guide | Site Help | My Photography) server and development costs are user-supported. You can help cover these costs by donating or purchasing one of our Pentax eBooks. Or, buy your photo gear from our affiliates, Adorama, B&H Photo, KEH, or Topaz Labs, and get FREE Marketplace access - click here to see how! Trusted Pentax retailers:
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Buying and selling checklist:

When posting a new item:
Does my thread title exactly reflect the item(s) I'm selling?
Have I provided an asking price?
Have I provided sufficient details about the item, including shipping, accepted payment, location, and condition?

After selling:
Have I marked the thread as sold using the appropriate link or $ button?
Has the buyer received the item?
Have I left feedback for the buyer?
Has the buyer returned feedback?
If something has gone wrong, have I communicated with the buyer via PM? Has that resolved the problem?
If there is still a problem, have I contacted a site Administrator and filed a PayPal claim (if applicable)?

When buying:
Have I confirmed shipping location and price with the seller?
Have I verified that the seller is trustworthy?
Have I sent the payment?
Have I returned feedback for the seller?
If something has gone wrong, have I communicated with the buyer via PM? Has that resolved the problem?
If there is still a problem, have I contacted a site Administrator and filed a PayPal claim (if applicable)?

In order to sell on the Marketplace:

Keep in mind that in order to sell on the Marketplace, you either need to be a Site Supporter or Pentaxian. If you make commercial, bulk, or reseller sales, you will need to purchase special access as well. Please refer to this thread for details:

Leaving Feedback:

We ask that you exchange feedback after every completed transaction. Please see the post above for details on how to do so. The feedback system is accessible from each member's forum profile.

Adam Webmaster (Site Usage Guide | Site Help | My Photography) server and development costs are user-supported. You can help cover these costs by donating or purchasing one of our Pentax eBooks. Or, buy your photo gear from our affiliates, Adorama, B&H Photo, KEH, or Topaz Labs, and get FREE Marketplace access - click here to see how! Trusted Pentax retailers:

Last edited by MarkJerling; 06-01-2019 at 04:01 AM. Reason: Outdated information removed.
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A few comments about managing your marketplace threads

With lots of new members using the marketplace (ain't it great to be able to avoid Evil bay!)

A few notes on your listings.
1) When your item sells use the correct link which will auto close and move the listing. Please don't use the "Withdraw" link to close a Sold item. It puts the closed listing in the wrong archive. We want sold items to automatically go in the "Sold" archive.
We ran a poll about this and most want the prices still there Prices

2) When the item sells and you have the payment, please mark the item sold (as in #1 above). You can still leave feedback and communicate with the buyer. It just removes the clutter of sold listings being in the active marketplace forum. Plus it saves you from answering questions and PM's on something that is already paid for.

Note: if the deal falls apart, you can just ask any mod to reopen the thread and we'll be happy to do so.

3) Please leave your asking price in the Sold listing. Of course some of you may have a reason to keep it private but it really helps someone to research the value of a possible future purchase or what to list an item for. It improves the database to have the listing prices still visible.

4) Please do not comment on prices in any way. It may seem helpful but a nervous buyer could see positive comments as friend boosting a listing and of course negative comments are in no way helpful. If you really think your opinion is needed on a price, then send a PM to the seller.

Last edited by J.Scott; 12-28-2009 at 03:26 PM.
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Sales of Pentax or other REBATE CARDS in the Marketplace is not allowed. The site staff interprets this as a violation of the terms of the rebate and could be construed by Pentax as FRAUD. This is covered under this clause of the marketplace Rules:

Only photo-related items may be sold. This includes photo-related software and accessories in addition to cameras and lenses. You may NOT sell coupons or computers, as well as other, non-photographic items.
Selling a Rebate card is essentially selling MONEY (same as any coupon).

Note that this policy only applies to rebate cards sold separately from the item they came with. It does not apply to rebate cards being supplied with the original camera or other accessory. It is perfectly acceptable (even encouraged) to list the rebate card as part of the sale if the rebate was a part of the item when purchased, as long as you do not charge extra for it.

Last edited by MRRiley; 11-09-2010 at 05:50 AM.
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If you have any questions about the marketplace, please post in the site help forum.

Complaints about transactions should be sent directly to the staff via the moderator contact form.

Adam Webmaster (Site Usage Guide | Site Help | My Photography) server and development costs are user-supported. You can help cover these costs by donating or purchasing one of our Pentax eBooks. Or, buy your photo gear from our affiliates, Adorama, B&H Photo, KEH, or Topaz Labs, and get FREE Marketplace access - click here to see how! Trusted Pentax retailers:
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Posting replies

Posting Replies in the Marketplace

Before posting a reply to a Marketplace thread, please familiarize yourself with the following policies. They are described in more detail in our Complete Marketplace Rules and Guidelines.

Please DO NOT include any of these in your replies:
  • Absolutely no price comments, whether positive or negative, are allowed about others' items
    This rule is in place to preserve fairness for all sellers.
    The only exception to this is if you suspect a scam: in such a case, please report the thread immediately to the site staff (using the thread reporting tool)
  • No excessive bumping
    Sellers may only bump their own threads once every 40 hours. This rule will be automatically enforced by our system.
    If you attempt to circumvent this rule in any way, your listing may be removed and you may face further consequences.
    If you change a price or update your listing, please edit your original post. You may also wish to reply to your thread if you are outside of the bumping cutoff.
    Members otherwise uninterested in an item may only post up to 1 "free bump".
  • No buyer/seller feedback
    We have a dedicated feedback system for this purpose.
    While positive comments are naturally allowed, do not use them as a replacement for leaving feedback through our system.

The following are allowed as replies by buyers or potential buyers:
  • questions about items
  • notifications that you've sent a PM to a seller
  • positive comments on items
  • positive comments about sellers
  • "free bumps" to bring a thread to the top of the listings (limit 1 per user please)

The following are allowed as replies by sellers:
  • answers to questions
  • updates regarding the status of the item(s)
  • notifications that you've sent a PM to a potential buyer
  • "bumps" to bring a thread to the top of the listings
  • notifications of an individual item being sold

Note that if all items in your thread are sold, please mark your thread as sold instead of posting a reply!

To be able to list items for sale, you must make a donation! Access will then be granted instantly and automatically by our system.

Adam Webmaster (Site Usage Guide | Site Help | My Photography) server and development costs are user-supported. You can help cover these costs by donating or purchasing one of our Pentax eBooks. Or, buy your photo gear from our affiliates, Adorama, B&H Photo, KEH, or Topaz Labs, and get FREE Marketplace access - click here to see how! Trusted Pentax retailers:
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