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02-22-2020, 11:29 PM   #91
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QuoteOriginally posted by robgski Quote
My Friendly but not so local camera store had a few Soligor lenses for sale in their used lens collection. Any experience?

Until I threw it away because of fungus, I looooooooved my Soligor 35/3.5. Felt great, easy to use, sharp, good character to the images.

02-24-2020, 01:31 PM - 2 Likes   #92
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Hey all. Still here. Still shooting.

Not been posting.

Much going on, but I will spam threads when I get time and headspace
02-24-2020, 08:27 PM - 2 Likes   #93
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Original Poster
March thread is up:

Single in March 2020 -
02-25-2020, 01:45 AM - 1 Like   #94

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Caught up in my typical, sporadic fashion having been ill last Thursday/Friday, not 100% until now.

Will get on with commenting on some people's stellar pictures later. I need to find a better way of going about this, feeling guilty doing it 'chunks'.

02-25-2020, 01:04 PM - 6 Likes   #95
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The past two days have been pretty cramped with work for me and the rest of the week is probably going to be the same, so I guess I'll finish my February SiC a bit earlier. Thanks for all the comments, especially for those with suggestions for improvements(!). My lens of choice proved to be quite versatile, although sometimes I wished to have something wider to get better framing. The "A" feature makes it very easy to use on a digital body. Some of my favourites from this month:

I think the selfie wasn't bad either

02-27-2020, 07:43 AM - 1 Like   #96
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Since we’re coming to the end of the month (and I work all weekend) I figured I’d give some thoughts on the Leica Summicron 50.

First off, the lens has stellar build quality (it is a Leica) and without the hood, it’s quite compact. The focus ring is the perfect combination of smooth but not loose, which may be that I have a good lightly used copy. The colors and contrast from the lens are exceptional.

There really are only a couple of Cons for this lens. First, I wish it would focus a bit closer than 18”. And second, it’s a full 320 degrees to go from close to infinity focus. We often complain about not having enough focus throw with the newer autofocus lenses, but this one goes to the extreme.

I’ll definitely be keeping the lens as I think it is perfectly suited for portrait/people work.
02-29-2020, 04:44 AM - 2 Likes   #97
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February Single In Challenge 2020 with K1ii & M40/2.8

Wrap up time!!! An other month has passed with acceptable performance from me. I shot and delivered daily and only a few shots that can be blamed to be safety. Often last day is just something quick get the month done, but even that turned out to be excellent shooting session this time

The lens this month was the tiny M40 pancake. Almost too small for manual focus, as the focus ring is so small that it's sometimes hard to get hand in right place. On the other side it almost turns K1ii into pocket camera. It doesn't quite fit in my winter jackets pocket, but it's close enough that I had to try it. Never before I have imagined to do that. Build quality is solid M level stuff AKA very good. Pancake design unfortunately effect MFD. It is so long that on FF camera this doesn't take close ups without extension tubes.

Both 50's and 35's are sharper, offer more versatility in shooting with theis shorter MFD and you can find faster lenses in them. M40 also vignettes more and in reality is only 1cm shorter. For the first time I corrected the light fall off almost daily. Still I like this lens a lot and definitely want to keep it and plan to use also in future. There is something special in rendering that produce lovely results. Tiny format is also fun to carry around and casual travel shots are what this lens is best suited. It can take reasonable portraits, landscapes and product shots of reasonably sized targets. If need be the sharpness wide open with K1ii is good enough to look at in screen size. Stopped down to f4 certainly nothing to complain about.

For me this lens is a keeper and it will be my travel light lens when I don't want to carry more than one lens and camera. Wouldn't necessary recoment for the first manual lens, but it's a fun toy when you already have faster and sharper lenses.

Wide open:




02-29-2020, 04:54 AM - 1 Like   #98
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I only got a few days into the challenge before I bailed. But I really like the K17/4.0 Fisheye.

It's incredibly compact. Build quality and aesthetics are everything you could expect from the K series. And the few images I got did not disappoint.

Profound apologies for my pathetic performance. I promise to do better in March.
02-29-2020, 05:59 AM - 2 Likes   #99
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QuoteOriginally posted by Sandy Hancock Quote
I really like the K17/4.0 Fisheye.
It's incredibly compact. Build quality and aesthetics are everything you could expect from the K series. And the few images I got did not disappoint.
I have used this lens for SIC in the past on both a K-5 and a K-1, and I have to agree. One has to come to terms with the challenges of a fisheye lens in order to enjoy it by getting close, often getting higher or lower that usual eye level, but this lens does produce excellent images.

Even wide open, and with a close MFD, so much is in focus and sharp but on my best day out with it, I failed to focus to infinity, so many of my images were blurry.
I will go back to this spot and try again with a tripod and better focus. I cropped the right half out to emphasize the lith on the gorund, but it shows how useful this lens is as a UWA. I didn't try to correct the FE distortion either.

IT's compact, and solid, I enjoy using it for many situations, especially street photos in tight spaces, or just experimenting.

The built in Orange and Yellow filters are also a treat with both color or BW conversions. (From a SIC many years ago)
02-29-2020, 12:08 PM - 3 Likes   #100
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Another month over, already! The purpose, for me, of choosing the 18-135 was so that I could use familiar kit and iron out some of my silly mistakes. It is a tremendous lens though. Next month I am doing the daily in. I want to do a month of B&W (i am quite excited about it too) and will be trawling through my lens box and getting my tomiokas out! Ooerr!

Last edited by Cerebum; 02-29-2020 at 12:14 PM.
03-01-2020, 02:15 PM - 4 Likes   #101
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Single in February 2020

February with the Sigma 30/1.4.

Contrary to appearances, I did shoot something every day. (Iím about to post pics in all the appropriate daily threads, but please feel free to ignore.)

Itís a ridiculously sharp lens, and with the added resolution jumping from K-30 to KP itís almost silly at times

AF is still hunty and slow, and needed calibration (whereas every Pentax lens Iíve put on the KP has been spot-on).

Itís still big and heavy.

A few times this month I was a bit unsure about the auto-exposure. Dunno if the lens can affect that at all...

I liked its rendering more this month than I have in the past.

Good lens for sure, but still doesnít sway me from the DA 35/2.4.


Soaking Lori by -Occasionally Focused-

To Flickr-3 by -Occasionally Focused-

To Flickr-15 by -Occasionally Focused-

...actually... nup, Iím not going to put them all in the threads, as itís a bit past the point by now. Theyíre all in the group and my album on Flickr. 8)
03-02-2020, 03:56 AM - 2 Likes   #102
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Well the K 17mm Fisheye was a fun month of shooting, I only went with the fisheye as a few others were going fisheye as well. I ended up shooting way closer than I thought I would, mostly from 1-2 feet away. I found the quality very good and the ability to get a variable fisheye effect with careful framing added a nice challenge.Setting the lens to the hyperlocal distance, conveniently marked in red along with the f8 aperture mark, made for easy point and shoot style. I faded towards the end of the month rather than the lens this month and several shots I had planned to do were missed , it gives me a chance to try and get them on another month. Sure the corners could be a little swirly , however I liked the effect, certainly not going to be selling this one.

03-03-2020, 03:29 AM - 3 Likes   #103

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A poor participation month from me, again, though I did hit around my average of 2/3's photos taken. That being said, I loved using this little lens. When manually focusing, the throw is smooth and short enough that you can flit quickly between near and far, but long enough that you can adjust focus without too much headache. When you do hit the correct focus, it snaps into sharpness. Having toyed around with my recently-acquired M85/2 the other day, this isn't so much the case for the longer focal length - it's far 'muddier' as to which aspect is in focus through the viewfinder.

Onto the photos. f/1.7 is plenty sharp. It's bright enough and sharp enough on the K-1 that you rarely need to up the ISO much unless shooting in truly dark conditions. The depth of field isn't too short that focus is an issue, but not too long that you lose out on the bokeh, which is nice and smooth (though I do prefer the K55/1.8's personally). It renders sharply, especially once stopped down a little, and does present some nice 'vintage' feel, especially slightly underexposed. It's typically warmer than cooler in 'out of camera' shots, from my experience.

This is also my first foray into 'normal' length, really. On APS-C I never owned a 35mm for long enough to try it fully, and now I'm on the K-1 this fits that same niche. It makes for quite natural photos, and the lens focuses close enough that you can get 'personal' and are not too restricted by MFD. Contrast doesn't drop too much into the sun either, especially stopped-down, so can be used for some (light) landscape stuff if you so desire.

03-06-2020, 01:23 PM - 3 Likes   #104
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end of the month review...

running late with this - apologies...

all month with the world's fastest macro lens..... say what?

yep - a quirk pushed me down the rabbit hole of tracking down one of these seemingly-rare lenses, until one turned up on eBay that I was willing to take a chance on....

an odd duck, this lens... looks very similar to any of the other Auto Chinon 50 or 55mm lenses, until the macro function comes into play....

this is an M42-mount, fully manual, film-era lens, built in Chinon's signature colors: green, orange, and white...

I'll start with the lens' only downfall - lack of modern lens coatings: wide open, at f1.7, any stray light is going to ruin your shot with veiling, loss of contrast, and just general glow... I didn't do much shooting at f1.7 this month...

but knock the aperture back to f2 or beyond and all that stops - you've got a capable, responsive lens that will give you color, clarity, bokeh... and up to 1:3 macro range if you want it...

how about some shots?

and a little distance:

overall, a great lens and it's a shame that the lens' lineage did not continue beyond this line - it seemingly ended with Chinon's demise...

the rest of February's flickr file:

Single In Challenge - February 2020 | Flickr

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