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06-09-2014, 04:36 PM   #16
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Hi Penny. Wlecome.

Great advice already. For your needs, the K-50 with weather-resistant lenses, notably the 18-135 and 55-300 WR, would be ideal.

Re macro, I think the DFA 100 Macro WR is the gold standard, but before shelling out another $600 on that, try some of the cheap alternatives:

A simple and cheap solution in the meantime would be to use a diopter/close filter on the 18-135 or 55-300. The latter is an excellent lens, but has a frustratingly long minimum focus distance. People have got good results using it with a Raxnox150 or a cheap close-up filter, which would overcome the problem. Do a search for Raynox and 55-300 or 18-135 and you will find a few threads on the topic.

06-09-2014, 07:44 PM   #17
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Thanks again for the welcomes! Lol, Good point JayBee!

I'm definatly looking at getting decent lenses, totally agree on that thought and have preached it many times when people ask me for advice (that's about the only thing I do know to tell them lol!!)

After a bit of shopping around, the K-50 is such an insanely low price It is getting hard to resist - Almost $1,000 difference which is really mind blowing, Ideally I'd just walk into a store and hold them, take a few snaps and see what just FELT right, but given that nobody stocks pentax locally and I'm not up for city driving right now, so that's out lol!

Another thing that is beginning to occur is my computer. have some very large photos from a professional shoot done at work a few years ago, and while I did yearn for images that SIZE I find even now, navigating them on my current computer (humble laptop) a nightmare, and there's only a couple of dozen of the images, not a massive amount, I do store my images externally, but even just processing I'm beginning to wonder if I will encounter problems... I'm thinking 16mp is a fair step up given that the image below of that icy wire was taken with the 12mp k-x and is currently blown up to about 4ft on my lounge wall with no pixilation evident...

I notice a few people are asking about what kind of macro, well, I like to take macro shots of odd/different things, but at the moment I'm really hitting limitations with the 18-55 lens, I can get yay-close before it goes out of focus, which means my photo is yay-big, so then to get up close and personal with the subject I find I have to crop, which I don't like having to do as it reduces the overall image size making it hard to enlarge, for example, the image below, it's one of my favorites which I took with my k-x when I first got it, (yes, I admit I did bump the saturation in post production) but what has always annoyed me is that I just wanted to get closer to that ice, but this is as close as I could get (top image was cropped about 40%).... I get the same problem a bit with water drops like the next one down, I get yay-close but I want to get even closer if that makes sense, so you're not just seeing the droplet, but what's in the droplet....

Both those photos are about as close as I can get with my 18-55 and I'd really like to get closer..... (obviously I've resized them for net use though)
However, I'm definitely going to pursue the suggestions raised by all here, I'm loving all the input and I'll most probably look into getting a 2nd hand macro lens after I'm acquainted with my new camera

Anyways, despite the fact that I probably sound MORE confused and indecisive, I'm actually not lol, thanks so much for the input everyone, I'm loving it and learning heaps more, for that I'm grateful - Thank you!!
06-09-2014, 07:47 PM   #18
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Oh, and please excuse the watermark, I linked the images across from facebook and that's to try and deter mr FB from running riot with them lol.
06-09-2014, 09:17 PM   #19
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Good Evening Penny,

I just looked at your portfolio on your website and it is absolutely stunning!! I now understand why your friends are pointing you towards the K3. We should be asking your for advice. I know that a $1000 difference between the two bodies is large. If you can pull that portfolio off with a Kx - a K50 will be magic in your hands. The 55-300 will be wonderful. However, I think that you will be out growing your lenses faster than the body. I know that I am talking some rather substantial money here, but - eventually you will wind up with a DA* 60-250/f4 along with a DA* 300/f4. The 60-250 is not as long as the 55-300, but the image quality will leave the 55-300 in the dust. Its also $1000 more in price (new) (ouch, I know). Well taken care of used glass will be your best investment.

The other thing is your landscapes. A DA35/f2.4 is pretty reasonable and its quality is a large step above the kit lens - and it is substantially cheaper than a FA31. I think that you will also want to go wider in time.

The point that I am trying to make is that - the K50 body will perform extraordinarily well in your hands. From looking at your images, you are probably the one (of the few) that will probably outgrow the K50 in time. In 18 months the K3 will be the price of the K50 - use the K50 as a stop gap for the present - and invest in glass. If you can shoot these images with kit lenses, and you print at the 48" size (with the Kx), you can really make extraordinary good use of the best glass Pentax has to offer. The glass will make a large difference. The additional resolution of the K3 for large prints would also come in handy for you. I have printed to 36" (stunning results) with the K5 - same sensor as the K50. With software and a talented printer - you can easily print much larger with no loss in quality.

I am at a loss to suggest what would be the best approach. I do think that glass is the investment, as bodies rapidly depreciate.

06-10-2014, 03:54 AM   #20
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Thank you so much! I'm rather surprised you took the trouble to visit my site, thank you!

I really like your point about the k-3 coming down in a year or so - If I do happen to desire it by then I'll probably be no more out of pocket than if I jumped in boots and all now, plus it would give me a good back up if need be, so can't really go wrong with the k-50, it makes a lot of sense now.
I will put what I am saving aside for a really decent lens, I daresay the DA35/f2.4
I have put an order in for a k-50 and the DA35/f2.4, I opted not to get everything in the one order as I was warned today that a reputable online camera seller has been attacked by hackers, I did call the company I'm ordering from and it checks out, but still, I'm playing it safe, once the camera gets here then I'll get the rest of the gear

And I let vanity take over and got a red one, red goes faster right?? lol
06-10-2014, 04:12 AM   #21
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I reckon you'll like the 35 f2.4, it is great to use a prime lens and compose images with it, changes the game somewhat. Have you had a look in the lens clubs, lots of images from that lens
06-10-2014, 04:37 AM   #22
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Cheers, yeah hopefully, it looks like a neat little lens getting itchy feet to have a go at it now! Thanks for the link Going on holiday to a rainforesty area soon (big novelty, I've spent too long living in an arid area lol) I think it'll be the ducks nuts for that, hopefully it gets here in time!
06-10-2014, 08:07 AM   #23
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Good Morning,

There are two primary themes across your images. The very effective use of the sun and macro in a landscape sense. So, in selecting lenses, you are going to want to look for two qualities within every lens.
  • Flare resistance - You use the sun extremely well to backlight your foreground subject. The sun usually produces flares in the lens. Having a lens that resists flare would be a quality you need to be aware of.
  • Bokeh - This is the "quality" of the out of focus background - and its very subjective. Some lenses are known for their creamy bokeh, others not so much. You seem to have mastered the ability to pull this quality out of your current kit lenses.
Also, in bodies - when they are first available, you will pay a premium price. When I feel the need to upgrade, I usually wait until a new body is announced and look at the one it is replacing. On average, I have saved $1000 each over the introduction price. The older body has everything I need - while the new body, usually carries various updates and refinements - I would rather have the cash in my pocket. Also, I usually skip at least one if not two models. I only upgrade when there is something I need that I cant do with my present body. For instance, the K20 had somewhat of a noisy sensor, especially in low light situations. The K5 solved this problem with a vengeance, and brought with it wonderful dynamic range and high ISO (all of which the K50 has with the same sensor).

Today's camera bodies are handheld embedded computer systems - really nothing like the film based systems of the past.

One additional note that comes to mind. With the K50 sensor - its dynamic range, and ability to capture detail in the shadows, you should be able to shoot your subjects and pull additional detail out of the surface of the subject in the foreground (if you so desire). For instance, in your "WireínĒIce", you might not need to provide additional fill lighting - you might be able to do it naturally. Just a thought...

06-10-2014, 09:47 AM   #24
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Good evening Actually, good morning, it's morning here now, we've passed midnight lol

Thanks again, and yes I do indeed love to shoot into the light for some reason, It's the first thing I did when I was a kid using a camera the first time, someone called to me "hey kid, don't take photos facing the sun", Probably the worst thing anyone could say to a teenager lol, it was like waving a red flag to a bull!

Might be "Just a thought" but Thank you for your thoughts - they are good ones!
06-14-2014, 02:14 AM   #25
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QuoteOriginally posted by kurrawinya Quote
Hiya! As prompted by the site I thought Iíd better introduce myself!
My name is Penny, and Iím based in SE QLD (although originally from South Australia) I specialise in equine photography as well as a love for anything country.
Iíve been pegging away at photography for a few years, but am self taught and slowly learning more as I do lack quite a bit on technical knowledge, I currently use a Pentax K-x and the 2 lenses it came with although my ďkitĒ is a little worse for wear now as itís spent a few years getting lugged around stations, horse events and general outback antics I think itís coped remarkably well but some of that rough lifestyle is starting to show so I have decided to upgrade which is what has led me here.
I would really like to get this right Ė I donít actually like upgrading lol, and itís taken a while to save up so Iím feeling a bit chicken-hearted about it all lol!!!
For body I am in 2 minds wether I ought to go for a K-50 or K-3, Iím a little concerned that a K-3 may be wasted on me given my current lack of experience and rather demanding conditions but I do crave something that I could really go ahead with and not outgrow too soon.
For lenses Ė now, this is where I get very lost! I have half an idea of what I need but get utterly and hopelessly lost in the lingo, I have a 50-200mm but would love to get something with more reach, particularly as I like to photograph moving horses and getting close isnít always possible when they are doing their thing!
The next on my wish list is a macro lens Ė Iíve been doing what I can with an 18-55 lens but would really like to have a crack at getting closer, a good starter lens/ dummy proof lens would be handy Ė recommendations?
Also, best place to get them from, I bought my first Pentax in-store but Iím well away from any Pentax sellers so will have to go online this time!

I look forward to learning what I can here
Cheers and Thanks,
Hi Penny I am in the Darling Downs Toowoomba I understand your trouble deciding between the k-3 and k-50 I had the same problem. The best advice someone gave me was to see which one feels comfortable in hand I chose the k-50 because it felt good in hand didn't need a battery grip to use the double A batteries and the weather resistance. Only fully so if you use the WR lenses but still hasn't been a problem for me I started with the twin WR kit. I suggest way going the twin kit and get a body with a 18-50wr and buy a 55-300wr separately I so wish I had of done that but as I have said in other posts coming from a bridging camera so a bit of a zoom nut.
I have driven to Brisbane to digital camera warehouse Digital Camera Warehouse - Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Stores have had great advice and help from them also Teds Camera House has been around for a long time and very helpful.

Hope that is of some help if you are still doing the horsey thing fully suggest K-50 had horses and lived on property and know how dusty the environment can get.

I am sure either one will give you great joy BTW using a eye-fi in my k-50 love it as the flu card sort of led me that way😀.

Love what you have captured and shared beautiful.

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06-14-2014, 02:43 AM   #26

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Hey. I just had a look at Kurrwinya Images too. There are some gorgeous photos there. Save money by getting the K50 but go crazy on the lenses. You have a natural talent. The dog photos are fantastic.

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