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FORUM USAGE GUIDE: an explanation of forum features! Feature/Usage Guide

This guide is primarily for new users wanting to learn more about our forum features and how to use them. I hope you find it helpful!

Note: If you have trouble viewing the fonts, go to the View menu in your browser, and check "zoom text only". Then, press control++ and all fonts will increase by one size without breaking the layout. To zoom back out, press control+- (control and minus simultaneously).

New Users: note that your first few posts may require moderator approval if they contain links. E-mail accound activation is not needed, but if you register with a non-functional e-mail, our system will detect this and you will need to update your e-mail before.

Addendum 1: Guide on finding posts-

Addendum 2: Guide to site sections-

Addendum 3: Handy Tips & Tricks-


0. Posting New Threads and Replies
To post a thread, select a category from the forum homepage, click the "New Thread" button in the upper-left corner, and type your post content into the editor provided. A similar button exists for posting replies once within a thread. However, a quick reply feature also exists- to use it, click the quick reply button to the lower right of every post, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your post content. This is the most self-explanatory and obvious site feature.

Want to know how to embed photos in your posts? See here:

Post can be edited by using the edit button by each of your posts. Certain posts, i.e. those that don't begin a thread, can also be deleted if needed. To delete a post, click the edit button, and then click the delete button that appears above the edit button. Thread titles can be edited up to 10 minutes after posting a thread through the advanced post editor interface, accessible via the "Go Advanced" button visible when editing a post.

Please contact a moderator for thread closure or movement to a different category. More details on post editing can be found in item 6.

1. Post Reporting
If you spot any post, thread, or comment that violates the forum rules, simply click the report button in the lower-left corner of a person's post ( or or or a text link , depending on your style choice) to dispatch a notice to the forum moderators. You can also contact the moderators via the moderator contact form, or, worst-case, via PM

The reporting system also works for private messages- the above icon will be found in the upper-right corner of each message.

2. Private Messaging
The private messaging (PM) system, once you have made 2 forum posts, allows you to privately contact any user on the forum. Links allowing you to PM members quickly can be found throughout the forum, and you can also send private messages directly through the User CP. You may also choose to be notified of new PM's via e-mail, but please be adivsed that the e-mails are for notification purposes only and cannot be replied to directly. To reply to a PM message sent to you via e-mail, please access the User CP via the link provided in the e-mail. A copy of the private message will be in your PM Inbox on the forum.

3. Thread Subscriptions
You can subscribe to any thread by clicking the check icon above the first post of a thread (or, in the Classic and Simple skins, by acessing the "thread tools" dropdown within a thread and then selecting "Subscribe to this thread.") Based on your subscription type selection, you can get the system to instantly send you an e-mail or notify you in the User CP when new replies are posted. Through the Options menu within the User CP, you may also elect to subscribe to all of your own threads by default.

4. Send to Friend / Printable Version
If you find an interesting thread, you can easily notify a friend about it by selecting the E-mail icon above the first post of a thread (or, in the Classic and Simple skins, by acessing the "thread tools" dropdown within a thread and then selecting "E-mail to Friend."). If you want to print out a thread, you can obtain a printer-friendly version in the dropdown as well.

5. Thread Rating
You can rate any thread on a scale from 0 to 5 stars from the "Rate Thread" dropdown at the top of the thread table. Please note that ratings cannot be changed once submitted.

6. Quick Reply, Post Editing, and AJAX features
You no longer have to waste time loading additional pages to reply to a post! Simply click the or or button (depending on your style choice) on the post you wish to reply to, and then type your message in the quick reply box. After you click the "Post Quick Reply" button, your post will be added to the thread and displayed on your page without refreshing! This technology is known as AJAX, and it's really time-saving. If you choose to post replies in the advanced view, however, you'll see a few additional options that are not accessible through quick reply. Finally, you're actually able to edit your messages after you've posted them here, unlike at DPReview. Just click the "edit" button and you'll be able to quickly modify your post!

7. Automated Polls
You can make the system add a poll to your thread by selecting "Add a poll to this thread" when posting in advanced mode, or by clicking the poll icon above the first post of a thread (or, in the Classic and Simple skins, by acessing the "thread tools" dropdown within a thread and then selecting "Add a poll to this thread") within 10 minutes of having posted a thread. You may choose single-option polls, multiple-choice polls, or limited-choice polls.

8. Full WYSIWYG Editing
With the "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" editor, you can easily apply text formatting (fonts, sizes, bold, italics, underlining, colors) to your messages, and you can also easily embed images and links. This editor also lets you add smilies/emoticons to your posts! If you do not wish to use the WYSIWYG editor, however, you can choose to use a simple textbox in your User CP options. However, in that case you'd have to use vB Code manually.

To embed a photo, click on the image icon( or or ) at the top of the editor and paste the URL of your photo. If your photo is not already hosted online (PBase, ImageShack, PhotoBucket, etc.), please use the forum attachment system instead.

Should you choose to post photos wider than 800 pixels, use the button to embed your photos instead of following the method above. After you click the button, two tags ([imgwide][/imgwide]) will appear in the WYSIWYG editor. Simply paste your image URL in between the two tags and your image will become clickable, featuring a JavaScript effect that restores it to its original dimensions only when clicked, thus not disrupting the format of your post.

To left-align wide images, use the [imgwideleft] tag.

Note that we also have an automatic image insertion system, acessible via the camera-like icon in your editor, allowing you to insert photos from the gallery, attachment system, or albums with a single click.

9. File attachments
The advanced posting screen lets you attach files to your posts. Simply click the "manage attachments" button and then select a file from your computer to upload. Please keep all photos as small as possible and no wider than 850 pixels. Note that you can upload a maximum of 4 Mb of files total (30Mb if you have donated to the site). See how it's done here to insert photos via "Manage Attachments" with screen shots of the controls.

10. Additional profile features
You'll notice that there are several custom profile fields and options available for you to fill out and set. Most of these can be controlled through the User CP, and you can also select an avatar and profile picture to associate with your account! Clicking on a member's name in a post or on the forum index will bring you to his or her profile page, showing basic details such as post count as well as optional profile information provided by the member on an individual basis. Status icons in each post and on every profie will show whete or not the member is currently online. or or mean that the user is online, or or mean that the user is offline.

11. Powerful forum searching
The forum search engine allows you to easily find anything you're looking for! It features an advanced mode for specific searching and a standard mode (dropdown menu) for quick access. You can choose to see the results either as threads or posts. The search feature can also be used to list unread posts or post made within the last day, and links to your own threads and posts can be found on your profile page as well as in the "Quick Links" dropdown. When you're inside a lens database or the gallery, the search box will instead search lenses and photos, respectively.

If there's something that our internal search engine can't find, try running a Google search. To do so, follow these instructions:
  • Either use the search dropdown in the navigation bar, or go to our advanced search page and...
  • Scroll down to the "Google Search" box, found below the main search area
  • Enter the keyword(s) or phrase(s) for which you wish to search
  • Hit Google Search!
12. User photo gallery
You can upload and share photos (like on PBase) for free here at our Pentax Forum! In our user photo gallery, each member is entitled to upload up to 50 1.5-megabyte photos at any resolution into our categorized caller! Other forum members will be able to rate and comment on your photos, and you'll also be able to link to them from other sites. Users that have made donations to PentaxForums will automatically have their upload limit increased to 200 photos!

Note that we now also feature personal photo albums!

13. Pentax Lens Reviews
This section is complete with a listing of all Pentax M42, K-Mount, 645 and 67 lenses ever produced. You're free to post your own reviews of any lens; fields for rating, price, recommendation, pors, cons, and overall impression are provided. To review a lens, simply click "post a review" or when viewing its entry. If you own a lens that we do not currently have a photo of, please contact us.

We also offer a database for third-party lenses compatible with the Pentax K-mount.

14. Links Directory
The Links Directory is intended to provide our users with quality links to resources and personal pages. You may add links to the directory by clicking "add link" in the menu bar, but we ask that you link back to us if linking to a personal site. All links are subject to moderator approval.

vBulletin's feature list is endless, so I could be going on like this for hours. Sections/features like the Members List, Calendar, Unread Posts Display, Selectable Forum Styles, Post Icons, Navigational Breadcrumbs, and Collapsible Forums can also prove very useful

15. Marketplace
We offer free a marketplace forum which allows users to buy and sell photo gear. Please navigate to it via the forum index for more details.

Feedback system guide:

Note that you must either have donated to the site, OR have 1,000 posts, OR have been registered for at least 2 years and made 200 posts in order to gain access to post new items for sale.

16. Camera Reviews
We offer a section containg of and information about all Pentax DSLRs and Film SLRs (including Medium Format). Please use the "Reviews" dropdown menu/button found in the main navbar at the top of the page for details.

17. Donations is entirely user-supported; your donations keep us running and keep the new features coming. If you'd like to help us out, you can donate via PayPal here:

Check and money orders can also be sent if you do not use PayPal; please contact me personally if you'd like to do so.

Donating bears many added benefits- including increased attachment space, Marketplace for-sale access, and a larger PM box.

18. Multiple Forum Layouts
We feature seven different forum layouts so that each user can choose to use the color scheme and style that fits him or her best. You can quickly cycle between layouts using the controls in the lower-left corner of each forum page, or you can make a permanent skin choice in your User CP options.

Green Skin- The default, most-used layout. Features east navigation and browsing; recommended for all high-speed internet users.
Green Skin (Fixed)- Same as the Green Skin, but limited to an 800-pixel width.
Red Skin- Same layout as the Green Skin but with red coloring.
Red Skin (Fixed)- Same as the Red Skin, but limited to an 800-pixel width.
Gray Skin- Same layout as the Green Skin but with Gray coloring.
Gray Skin (Fixed)- Same as the Gray Skin, but limited to an 800-pixel width.
Lo-Fi Skin- A fast-loading, large-font, low-image skin that is optimized for users with slow connections or computers. It is very easy to read and has no clutter. Also recommended for those wanting optimal readability.

Attention mobile device users: in your User CP options you can opt in to use our 'mobile skin' should you frequently access our site from your mobile phone or other portable device. Should you do so, your system will automatically detect when you are using a mobile device and use an ultra-lightweight skin which optimizes forum usability on mobile devices.

19. User Titles

We have several titles for users on the forum, most of which are post-based. Below is a table explaining them all.

Title Criteria Effect
New Member 0-49 Posts Cosmetic
Forum Member 50-299 Posts Cosmetic
Senior Member 300-999 Posts Cosmetic
Pentaxian 1000+ Posts, 1+ year of membership and 15+ likes Perks*
Pentaxian 200+ Posts, 2+ years of membership and 75+ likes Perks*
Site Supporter Donated to the Site Upgraded Account**
Loyal Site Supporter Donated a Larger Amount Unlimited Attachments***
Marketplace Reseller Monthly Subscription Commercial Marketplace Access
*Perks include access to the Marketplace, larger PM box, and additional attachment space
**Access to the Marketplace & quotas increased, but significantly more than for Pentaxians. See this thread for details:
***All the perks of a Site Supporter, plus unlimited attachment space, more gallery/album space, support for PM attachments, and a customizable title


We have a Likes (formerly "reputation") system in place to reward and recognize valuable posts and posters. To like a post, simply click the icon by the user's username in a post. Once a post received enough likes, it will be featured at the top of the thread so that it is easier to find by others!

21. Mobile Browsing

We feature a mobile skin, which is enabled by default, and our forum also supports TapaTalk. To disable the mobile skin, visit the bottom of you User CP options page, either from your PC or your mobile device.

Adam Webmaster (Site Usage Guide | Site Help | My Photography) server and development costs are user-supported. You can help cover these costs by donating. Or, buy your photo gear from our affiliates, Adorama, B&H Photo, KEH, or Topaz Labs, and get FREE Marketplace access - click here to see how! Trusted Pentax retailers:

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10-01-2006, 03:53 AM   #2
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This forum is cool. DP & Steve's are ok too. I'll stick to all of them
10-01-2006, 05:32 AM   #3
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I like this forum much more than DPrview and I hope it grows. However I'm still lurking and ocassionally posting in DPreview.
10-01-2006, 06:11 AM   #4
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Great job!

Hi Adam!

This is a very helpful thread. Thanks! I find this forum much more interesting (feature-wise) and easier to use. Now if we can just get the content (history) built up it'll be a definite contender for the only place to be visiting!

10-01-2006, 07:25 AM   #5
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That's sad to hear. I gave up on dp a loooong time ago and Steve's is OK but slow. This has ALL the features I am looking for and quickly becoming home.

Adam and helpers as well as the members have, and are doing a great job in building-up its contents.
10-01-2006, 07:54 AM   #6
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Ummm, me?

QuoteOriginally posted by JCSullivan Quote
That's sad to hear. I gave up on dp a loooong time ago and Steve's is OK but slow. This has ALL the features I am looking for and quickly becoming home.

Adam and helpers as well as the members have, and are doing a great job in building-up its contents.
Hi JC!

I use the Hybrid view of the threads, which can clear up response confusion sometimes. But this time it's caused a bit of confusion. Were you responding to me or Caliban?
10-01-2006, 10:13 AM   #7
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I am trying to keep this and DP going. I tried Steves and found it a bit slow and not too busy. There was some useful information there, but I cannot do 3 forums at the same time.

One question - when we hit our posted photo limit, do I need to change my name or can I delete photos? (I'm just joking about the name change, BTW)

10-01-2006, 11:39 AM   #8
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This forum does it for me too, and it promises to grow in the future. A forum grows into what its members make of it, so I would suggest considering it a growing investment and bring your suggestions, instead of giving up!
10-01-2006, 03:52 PM   #9
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Great work! After the initial problems with the speed this forum has been great. I use Dpreview, Steve's, DSL-Reports Digital Imaging and this one. I am always checking in real quick, every time I'm on the computer.
10-01-2006, 04:40 PM   #10
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QuoteOriginally posted by photo_mom Quote
Hi JC!

Were you responding to me or Caliban?
Sorry Tracy, I was responding to Caliban.
10-01-2006, 05:05 PM   #11
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I agree with a couple above. I check in pretty frequently and find this and a few others good for info. This is become one of the favorites and once we have more on board I am sure it will easliy become others as well. Heck they ban a few more from the other sites for silly things and I see Mo's little project flying high. Keep up the good work.
10-06-2006, 02:58 AM   #12
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I like this forum but I think its a little restricting due to the fact that its very name restricts all discussion/photos to Pentax only. I do own Pentax but Ive also used and do use other brands. So thats my opinion.
10-06-2006, 11:32 AM   #13
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Original Poster
I prefer running specifically-oriented sites in which I myself have expertise with the topics at hand; however, as we grow, I may add a small section for discussion of all other manufacturers.

Adam Webmaster (Site Usage Guide | Site Help | My Photography) server and development costs are user-supported. You can help cover these costs by donating. Or, buy your photo gear from our affiliates, Adorama, B&H Photo, KEH, or Topaz Labs, and get FREE Marketplace access - click here to see how! Trusted Pentax retailers:

10-06-2006, 03:20 PM   #14
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You and all here do a fantastic job on this forum. I joined the first day you posted on Dpreview because I thought it was a winner. The forum grows as we the members do our part in the quality of the post we provide and the experiences we share with each other.

Yes this forum moves slower then Dpreview but we have the same comitment to the industry and manufacture we support. The members here are getting to be family just as we were in the Dpreview site and thats a good thing.

Dpreview now a days moves so fast you can't keep up. Your threads get lost in the shuffle or just become unanswered because the new guys have no time for the questions or to look at the photos you post for comment. Here we all take time to respond and I haven't seen a thread yet go unanswered by one of us.

For those of us that still post from time to time on Dpreview and steves and other forums some where in your posts make a reffrence to this site, like for more info go here and leave the link. More people will come and take a look, just as we did from Adams first post. Or you could say man this forum is a great site for inof (again leave a link) or you could say if you really want to get me see my thread here.

To All Here and to all the new members just starting out here I extend my warm hand any way I can and hope your experience here is a great one.

Good Shooting.
Cheers: David
04-17-2007, 08:15 AM   #15
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Still need help in moving photos to this forum

Well...just don't know what to do. I tried to use the forums' uploading device and even inserted the filename/number of my photo that I wanted to move to the forum, but to no avail. I REALLY need help with this problem. Oh, and by the way, I just donated to the forum..........................

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