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Pentax Medium Format Third Party Resources II: T/S-lenses (Tilt and/or shift lenses)

Pentax Medium Format Third Party Resources II: T/S-lenses (Tilt and/or shift lenses )

Pentax never produced an original tilt or shift lens [T/S lens] for the Pentax 645 system (Pentax 645, 645N, 645NII, 645D), but there were always possibilities to adopt T/S lenses.
Main reason for this habitude is IMHO that Pentax never planed the system for the main purpose of T/S photography architecture and table top photography.

For principles about lens adaptation see part I:

For T/S purposes an adaptable lens has to have at least

_ A flange Distance (FD) which is greater than 70.87mm (see Table1)
_ an image circle which is greater than 60x45 mm

Table 1: Flange Distances (FD) of medium format (MF) camera systems (in mm)
Mamiya RB67 Bayonet 111.00
Mamiya RZ67 Bayonet 108.00
Rollei SL66 102.80
Bronica S2A 101.7
Pentax 67 84.95
Kiev 80/88 Gewinde 82.10
Hasselblad (1000F/1600F) Gewinde 82.10
Hasselblad V (200er, 500er, u. 2000er-Serie) Bajonett 74.90
Pentacon Six 74.10
Praktisix Klemmbajonett 74.10
Rollei SLX 74.00
Pentax 645 Bajonett 70.87
CONTAX 645 64.00
Mamiya 645 Bajonett 63.30
Hasselblad H ?
Leica S2 ca. 53 mm
Hasselblad X (xpan) 34.27

Third party T/S-lenses with Pentax 645 mount

Wiese TECHNOPLAN MC 3,5/45mm TS

Wiese is a mechanical workshop in Hamburg (Germany). They offer a Kiev shift lens adaptation with “direct” Pentax 645 mount.

Our latest development is the 3.5/45 mm shift and tilt lens Technoplan-T. This lens is based on our shift lens Technoplan 3.5/ 45 mm. It contains a ring instead of the usual turning screw to adjust the shifting way. This ring is marked with a scale and can be easily adjusted from 1 to 11 mm and in addition the lens can be turned at an angle of 360°. The lens has a stable metal barrel (K-6) and is multi coated. The low vignetting (from 11.5mm) and the distortion of the lens provide together with the good centralisation sharp and brilliant photos.
The tilt angle of this lens is 9°.

Lens mounts:

Contax 645, Exakta 66, Kiev 60, Kiev 88Mamiya 645, Pentax 645, Pentax 67

Technical Data:
focal length MC shift and tilt 3.5/ 45 mm
Shift-Way 1-11 mm
tilt angle 8°
Shift-Turning 360°
Filter M82
lens system 8/7
resolution 90/ 60 lp/ mm
Weight 0,9 kg
Price P6 Euro 950,-
Pentax 645 Euro 1300,- „

Shift-Objektiv 3.5/ 45 mm

T/S-lenses to adapt on Pentax 645

Pentax 67 SMC-Pentax-67-75mm-F4.5-Shift-Lens

About this lens :
SMC Pentax 67 / SMC Pentax-6x7 75mm F4.5 Shift Reviews - 67 Wide-Angle Primes - Pentax Lens Reviews & Lens Database

Pentax doesn’t recommend an adaptation of the Ptx 67 75 Shift lens to Pentax 645 (see manual !).
Last price tag (lens only) I have was 2600€

Pentacon SIX (P6) lenses:

As we know from part I the Pentacon Six camera system includes the Praktisix, Pentacon Six, Pentacon Six TL, Exakta 66 and Kiev 60 and late Kiev 88 cameras. It has a special breech mount the P6-mount. Lens suppliers are Carl Zeiss Jena, Meyer Görlitz, Schneider-Kreuznach, Arsenal Kiev. There are good adaptation possibilities on Pentax 645.

Schneider –Kreuznach PCS Super-Angulon f/4.5 55mm shift lens [P6-mount]

The West German Exakta (a Schneider Kreuznach substitute) manufactured between 1988 and 2000 on the base of the Pentacon Six (starting with imported parts from east Germany) the Exakta 66 camera with P6-mount. Lens supplier was Schneider Kreuznach also, like Exakta (West) a part of the Mandermann optical group.
For their P6-system (Exakta 66) Schneider constructed the Schneider PCS Super-Angulon f/4.5 55mm shift lens.
The Super-Angulon is well known as an outstanding lens that has been available for many years in mounts for Rollei SLRs, and also for the Bronica ETRS. The illustrations in the Exakta 66 literature seem to indicate that it was indeed produced in the Exakta 66 mount, although the list price of DM 6,890 + sales tax (ca. 3500 €) in 1988 must have led to very few of them being sold! It is of course beautifully engineered, although it is extremely heavy (1.65 kilograms in P6 mount, according to Exakta’s literature). The recommended retail price and the end of production (2000) was €8,400 incl.VAT (that’s eight thousand four hundred Euros – in this time enough to pay for a good new small car!)
To be honest, personally I never saw one in “wild” life!

Table 2: Lens Data Schneider –Kreuznach PCS Super-Angulon f/4.5 55mm shift lens
Focal length 55mm
Maximum aperture f/4.5
Minimum aperture f/32
Field of view o 51-84
Elements/groups 10/8
Closest focus m 0.5
Shift distance 12mm
Filter thread, mm -
Weight, grams 1650

P6-mount shift lenses from Ukraine

Kiev (Arsenal) 4.5/55mm Shift lens for Kiev 60 [P6-mount]

Arsenal in Kiev introduced their own “Arsat” 4.5/ 55mm shift lens for the P6-mount at Photokina 2000. They named it “Kiev Arsat PCS 4.5/55mm” similar to the Schneider analogon – but it is definitely not the same construction. !
Beside the Schneider the Kiev 4.5/55mm Shift is reputedly one of the sharpest lenses available in the Pentacon Six mount (see Table 3.)
The Arsenal 4.5/55 mm Shift lens is the only Arsenal lens which was constructed and calculated for shifting.
In origin it was (2000) a Single Coated (SC) lens, later multicoating (MC) was done on request at a higher sales price. At last (from ca. 2004) only MC lenses were offered. Price in 2000 was 799 DM (400 €).

Table 3: Lens Data Kiev 4.5/ 55mm Shift
Focal length 55mm
Maximum aperture f/4.5
Minimum aperture f/22
Field of view o 69-84
Elements/groups 9/7
Closest focus m 0.5
Shift distance 12mm
Filter thread, mm M 72 × 0.75
Weight, grams 900
Resolution l/mm center/edge: 98/71

Other P6-mount shift lenses (modifications of normal wides with shift )

In mid-nineties the Hartblei after sales workshop in Kiev realised that the image circle projected by the normal wide angle Arsenal 45mm Mir 26 and the 65mm Mir 38 wide-angle lenses (the lenses were single coated) is large enough to enable the optical components to be put in a mount with a shift facility.
Hartbleis mechanical after sales workshop designed some shift and tilt and shift mounts for these “normal” wide angle lenses, and also applied their own multi-coating to the optical elements. They branded it “Hartblei” .

• 1:3.5 45 mm shift
• 1:3.5 45 mm tilt/shift
• 1:3.5 45 mm Super-Rotator tilt/shift
• 1:3.5 65 mm shift
• 1:3.5 65 mm tilt/shift

Hartblei (Ukraine) 3.5/45mm Shift // T/S [P6-mount]

Table 4: Lens Data Hartblei 45mm Shift
Focal length : 45mm
Maximum aperture f/3.5
Minimum aperture f/22
Elements/groups 8/7
Closest focus 0.35
Shift distance 12mm
Filter thread, mm M 82 × 0.75
Weight, grams 750

Hartblei (Ukraine) 3.5/ 65mm Shift // T/S [P6-mount]

Table 5: Lens Data Hartblei 65mm Shift
Maximum aperture f/3.5
Minimum aperture f/22
Elements/groups 6/5
Closest focus 0.5
Shift distance 10mm
Filter thread, mm M 72 × 0.75
Weight, grams 610

Arsenal MC PCS ARSAT 3.5/45mm Shift [P6-mount]

Arsenal followed the their “after sale workshop” and offered from end of the nineties their own Shift mount. A T/S mount from Arsenal isn’t known. It was branded not only as Arsenal – a lot of after sale companies / mechanical workshops changed something and rebranded it ( e.g. Arax, Wiese…)

Table 6: Lens Data Arsenal 45mm Shift
Focal length : 45mm
Maximum aperture f/3.5
Minimum aperture f/22
Field of view : 0 83-98
Elements/groups 8/7
Closest focus 0.35
Shift distance 12mm
Filter thread, mm M 82 × 0.75
Weight, grams 750
Resolution l/mm center/edge: 69/31
Coating: SC or MC

Arsenal 3.5/ 65mm Shift [P6-mount]

Table 7: Lens Data Arsenal 65mm Shift
Maximum aperture f/3.5
Minimum aperture f/22
Field of view : o 66-78
Elements/groups 6/5
Closest focus 0.5
Shift distance 10mm
Filter thread, mm M 72 × 0.75
Weight, grams 610
Resolution l/mm center/edge: 73/51
Coating: SC or MC

All five Kiev based T/S-lenses (45mm from Hartblei and from Arsenal, 65mm from Hartblei and Arsenal, and 55mm from Arsenal only) are in mounts that rotate – so it is possible to shift down as well as up, sideways, or even in other diagonal directions if required. From Hartblei there are also T/S mounts

Sources: Pentacon Six: shift lenses

Hasselblad V: Carl Zeiss Oberkochen Distagon 4.0/40mm + PC-Mutar

A possible (but imho not recommendable) adaptation solution is to use the Hasselblad PC-Mutar with a Carl Zeiss Distagon FLE 4.0/40mm and a Hasselblad V – to Pentax 645 adaptor.

Special solutions

Zörk, München

Zörk, is a medium sized opto-mechanical workshop in München (Munich) . He offers three ways to use T/S-lenses on Pentax 645 and 67 cameras.

[b] A) Zörk Multi Focus System MFS for Pentax 67 and Pentax 645 [/b)

The Zörk Multi Focus System MFS consists of an innovative, ball-joint design and precision helical tube that provides continuous focusing from infinity to macro range (magnification depends on lens—1:2 with 80mm on 24x36). This extremely versatile design, allows mounting on a variety of digital and film cameras, as well as on medium format SLRs and even interchangeable lens video and cinema cameras.
The MFS uses enlarger and large format lenses with 39mm thread (adapter ring included). Note: the Multi Focus System consists of the Mini Makro Mount
and Tilt Tub—items that are described at Zörks home page separately

Zörk also offers the MFS-S (shortened version) with a Rodenstock 105/4 APO Rodagon (The GF lens is modified for infinity focus) for Pentax 67 (includes camera mount)
Spacer ring for use of 105 lens on smaller format camera

B) Modification for Pentax 67 and Pentax 645 medium format cameras
Zörk offers the Mamiya 50/4 PC lens – specially modified for extended shift and/or
tilt on Pentax 67, and Pentax 645.
It is produced by special order only.

C) Pro Shift Adapters Medium format SLRs

The Zörk Pro Shift Adapter is available in two versions: the ProSA-ZM uses enlarger
and select large format lenses (with Copal 0 shutters) on medium format cameras
up to 6x7. It requires either the Zörk Mini Makro Mount focusing helical or Multi
Focus System to focus the lens; the ProSA-P67, uses lenses from the Pentax
67 system (45 mm and longer) on Mamiya 645 cameras. The ProSA provides
up to 20mm of shift, and when combined with the Multi Focus System gives
a full range of view camera movements (requires an enlarger or large format
lens at least 120mm or longer).

Welcome to Z

Future wishes:
Schneider-Kreuznach PC-TS Apo Digitar 5.6/120 HM aspheric

At Photokina 2010 the German lens manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach presented the Schneider PC-TS Apo Digitar 5.6/120 HM aspheric for MamiyaLeaf (phase one). It is a real tilt (8 degrees) and shift (12mm) lens. Close focus is 84cm . The build quality of this lens is as excellent as his optical. The market introduction for MamiyaLeaf was in 2011. Street price is about 3700 €, which is for a new TS medium format lens inside the acceptable price range.

In 35mm photography Schneider is well know for their T/S-lenses , and at all their 135 T/S lenses the mount is changeable ( at the 2.8/28mm PC-Superangulon it can be made DIY, at the 55mm T/S Apo SuperAngulon and T/S ApoSymmar 85mm it needs the customer service )

Unfortunately the main owners of Schneider Kreuznach and MamiyaLeaf seem to have a strategic alliance on MF lenses.
In present Schneider Kreuznach produces this lens only for the Mamiya mount , which is due to the flange distance (FD = 63.50mm) not adaptable to Pentax 645.
Shortly before eastern 2012 I spoke with Mr Kanzer (Sales Manager Photo Production) about. He doesn’t make me any hope for the near future, but I might be that Schneider will broaden their MF-lens base later (after PK 2014?).

Hartblei (Germany)
Hartblei („Germany“, Lindenberg- Hamburg- Venice-Kiev)
My whish a Carl Zeiss Distagon FLE 4.0/40mm T/S adaptation with Ptx 645 or neutral (see Schneider) mount



Brenner Foto Zeitung . Editions 04/2000, 01/2002, 04/2005. Weiden.
Scheibel, S. (1993): Mittelformat Ost . Fotografieren mit Pentacon Six TL. Lindemanns Verlag, Stuttgart 98p.

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Interesting reads! Thanks for posting. I own the Zoerk shift adapter which works nicely on my 645D with the 67 45mm. I have not tried out the 67 35mm as I do not own it and I am not sure if it fits. You have to change the back end of the 45mm to fit on the adapter.
I just recently bought a Fuji GX680 III which delivers a lot more possibilities to shift, tilt, rise and fall as it seems. You can shoot on film or use a Sinar or Hasselblad digital back. I have not tried it out, yet, but I am sure handling architectural photography with it will be a lot easier even though it is a huge camera.
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Interesting indeed. The zork pro shift adapter is an appealing option. How much does the p67 lens need to be modified to work with it? I read some good things about the Arsat 55 PCS. However 45mms seems more usable for architecture...
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QuoteOriginally posted by WJJ3 Quote
Interesting indeed. The zork pro shift adapter is an appealing option. How much does the p67 lens need to be modified to work with it? I read some good things about the Arsat 55 PCS. However 45mms seems more usable for architecture...
You just need to remove the 2 tiny screws from the rear gelatine filter holder. The screws are tightly done up so I had to take my lens to a friendly watch repairer who had the necessary equipment.

The 55mm f4 (late version) is a stunning lens and performs remarkably well on the Zoerk shift adapter. When the images are stitched together the end result is as good as the 28-45mm! (which I used to own) I haven't had enough time to see if the stitched image equals the f.o.v. of the 28-45mm but I will continue to play.


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