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11-12-2012, 02:12 AM   #271
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Count my vote.

11-12-2012, 04:40 PM   #272
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+1 for me
11-12-2012, 11:48 PM   #273

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Hm. I didn't really know Pentax before I bought mine. Was actually looking for an old Canon body before I stumbled over Pentax. I'm glad I did. The poor resale value got me interested, and after some research I bought one.

I do use old lenses though, that is one of the things that got me interested.
11-19-2012, 02:05 AM   #274
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Original Poster
173 #Bdfn knixhh
174 #-267 retroflex (Yes to de-crippling!)
175 #-270 deus ursus (I'm all for de-crippling)
176 #-271 hopsing
177 #like cali92rs (Yes! + #-272)
178 #like SpartanD63

11-19-2012, 06:21 AM   #275
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I REALLY miss the aperture ring and focus marks on my F and DA lens. Although they don't support auto-focus, the last good lens design was the A-series. I note that Sigma managed to keep this kind of information on its lens barrels in its newer designs.
11-24-2012, 03:45 PM   #276
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I vote to de-criple the k-mount. One of the reasons I still use my film cameras.

11-24-2012, 05:09 PM   #277
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Wish they would. Recently used a Nikon D600 with all mechanical 1970 era lenses. Still couple mechanically and work great in "A" or "M" mode, with no need to stop down with a "green button" or awkward switch. If Nikon can keep compatibility, so could Pentax.
(Oh, and the D600 focusing screen is actually great for manual focusing, not just for viewing like my K-5.)
12-03-2012, 04:05 AM   #278
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Original Poster
+ 3 :
179 #Bdfn Uliwin
180 #-276 vkaro45 (I vote to de-criple the k-mount)
181 #-277 TomB_tx (Wish they would. If Nikon can keep compatibility, so could Pentax.)

12-03-2012, 04:16 AM   #279
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QuoteOriginally posted by froeschle Quote
See/hear: Interview

One of the very few reasons, why I would consider to buy an APS-DSLR again: A de-crippled PKAF2-mount.
An important feature, which the D7000 offers but the K-5 II(s) still lacks.
There won't be any future professional Pentax DSLRs without it.
Why not invest some cents or even dollars?

Pentaxians, let your voices be heard !

Copied from #117:

LAST UPDATE: 03/12/2012 12:00 MEZ

xxx #xxxx xxx
001 #---1 froeschle
002 #like Alfie (+ #--24: Count my vote!)
003 #like tibi
004 #---4 Aegon (old lenses more useful)
005 #---8 Docrwm (would be nice ... improvement)
006 #---9 Lowell Goudge (not just the crippled K mount ... flash system)
007 #like NaHoruk (+ #--13, great little feature)
008 #--14 paulh (cites 9 -> +1 to this)
009 #--17 kcobain1992 (I'm in)
010 #--18 Not a Number (I'm for this)
011 #--22 JoostW (I endorse a petition)
012 #--23 Tanzer (I'm all for it)
013 #--25 kaiserz (Awesome! I would love that on my next DSLR!)
014 #--27 kenyee (doesn't seem like a hard thing to add)
015 #--30 architorture (Please yes!continuing to develop full frame technologies)
016 #--31 geojazz (DE CRIPPLE THE K MOUNT!!!! )
017 #--32 LFLee (I'm in.)
018 #--33 Mattco26 (I'm all for this, #--85: Nikon does it for their "hobbyists" so why not Pentax?)
019 #--34 GabrielFFontes (Of course! De-cripple it, please)
020 #--35 jeffshaddix (+1 de-cripple it!)
021 #--36 wcchamp18 (+2 de-cripple it!)
022 #--37 Carloz (+1 for de-cripple - Nikon cares enough to maintain an uncrippled mount)
023 #--38 foto guy (+1 for de-crippling.)
024 #--41 Designosophy (This would make life with K and M type lenses so much easier. Why did they remove this capability in the first place)
025 #--43 TomTextura (great it would be to use any of the current FA lenses with aperture rings)
026 #--45 Canada_Rockies (Count me in for the de-crippled mount, and even more so for TTL)
027 #--48 Compur (Count me in.)
028 #--49 Grigoris (I'm also in)
029 #--50 DimitryMD (+1 from me)
030 #--51 aurele (Pentax could do the same : uncripple the mount)
031 #like french_mike (+ #--52, +1)
032 #--53 Warpig (I'm in too)
033 #--54 wisent (count me in)
034 #--55 Macario (De-crippeling the K-mount)
035 #--62 ossy59 (Please Pentax, uncripple the K-mount. It´s only a few Cent or Dollars, and will help us (old) Pentaxians a lot. For me the uncrippled K-mount is more interesting than a FF-DSLR!)
036 #--63 mattiag (Please Pentax-Ricoh de-cripple the K-mount! This can be one of the most important new features in the upcoming cameras, more than FF.)
037 #--64 GibbyTheMole (Yep... I'm for de-crippling the mount.)
038 #--65 Mace (I am also pro a de-crippled K-mount.)
039 #--67 Designosophy (Sounds good to me.)
040 #--68 paulusje (And to me.)
041 #--70 drougge (Yes please, uncrippled mount!)
042 #--72 theperception2008 (I would like to have a non-crippled k-mount!)
043 #--76 Echo Eric (There should be no reason why a new top of the line SLR cant preform as my 30 year old K1000 can.)
044 #--78 geofferiah (I will only buy a Pentax FF if it comes with an un-crippled K mount.)
045 #--86 Quicksand (An uncrippled mount would be pretty good)
046 #--95 TaoMaas (I see uncrippling the k-mount as simply a way to make one of Pentax's biggest selling points even better.)
047 #-107 iht (It'd be nice to take pictures with a de-crippled mount)
048 #-115 BigDave (+1 for de-cripling the K mount)
049 #+dfn fibbo
050 #+dfn zackspeed (-> send this list to Mr. Shiro Kondo)
051 #+dfn gianni
052 #like southlander (+ #-119, Yes please, decripple the K mount.)
053 #+dfn TaxPen
054 #like feverbeaver (add me to the list)
055 #like adrianpglover (Add me to the list! Full manual mode only is not sufficient backward compatibility!)
056 #-125 V'cuz (Add me to the De-cripple the K-mount petition.)
057 #-126 riff (Yes a decrippled k mount is something I want badly!)
058 #-127 yyyzzz (Count me in.)
059 #like tromboads (+ #-128, +1 over here too!)
060 #p--9 Fogel70 (I voted for Uncrippled K mount for M and K series lenses)
061 #p-12 baro-nite (I maxed my votes for K-mount continuation and uncrippled K-mount.)
062 #p-39 befocus (Uncrippled K mount)
063 #p-54 Digitalis (a non-crippled KAF-mount)
064 #p110 stanislav (I would actually like non crippled K mount)
065 #like eddie1960 (liked #---1)
066 #like hjb981 (+ #-134, liked #-123, Very good initiative!!!)
067 #Bdfn ergoden (Blesator -> will ich auch ... möchte ... Blendenring verwenden können)
068 #Bdfn wema02
069 #-131 Kreepax (Add my vote)
070 #-133 Yamagi (a de-crippled mount would be wonderful)
071 #Bdfn ice-dragon
072 #Bdfn Al
073 #Bdfn Arnold (I want the aperture simulator back!)
074 #-137 regentag (I would buy a new Body just for that feature)
075 #like vrrattko (liked #---1, decrippled K mount is a lovely idea)
076 #Bdfn Lefty de Vito (Somit bin ich für den Blesator)
077 #Bdfn Juan
078 #Bdfn derstefan
079 #Bdfn klaus123
081 #Bdfn Normag 1
082 #Bdfn UndKlick
083 #Bdfn cola (Der Blendensimulator und KB Format würden mich zum Kauf einer PENTAX DSLR bringen)
084 #Bdfn bmk
085 #Bdfn Rauti2
086 #-dfn ErnstK (PM: möchte ich deine 'Petition' ... gern unterstützen)
087 #-139 networker
088 #Bdfn Austro-Diesel (Wär schon schön, fände ich nützlicher als 24x36 mm ...)
089 #Bdfn Orangefield
090 #Bdfn bmu
091 #-141 fs999 (need it for my bellows)
092 #-142 agchang (Pentax has proudly marketed the fact of backward lens compatibility with all slr/dslr cameras and should do so fully in all feature aspects)
093 #-144 Spodeworld (+1! Yes! I love this feature on my D7000 ! Add it to Pentax!)
094 #-145 perron
095 #Bdfn wolfi_z (a great improvement on the issue of backward compatibility)
096 #Bdfn boxer-harry
097 #Bdfn einherzfuerknipser
098 #Bdfn Ramashang
099 #Bdfn AES
100 #Bdfn Yogibaer.bln
101 #Bdfn 1a rabenvater
102 #Bdfn Teevogel
103 #Bdfn penlei (ein Traum könnte in Erfüllung gehen)
104 #Bdfn BerndS67
105 #Bdfn paul
106 #-151 carrrlangas (yes please!)
107 #-152 tlong423 (I would love to see Pentax de-cripple the K mount.)
108 #-153 JorgeR (Yes, please)
109 #-156 jt_cph_dk (Yes. I would like a de-crippled Pentax DSLR)
110 #like UliBär (+ #-157, I vote definitely YES!)
111 #Bdfn learza
112 #-163 iDon (I would definitely buy a de-crippled Pentax DSLR)
113 #-167 Pioneer (I would like to have the K-Mount on my dslr to work the way it does on my PZ-1p. That should not be that difficult to do.)
114 #like Nass (liked #---1)
115 #Bdfn HKMKonz
116 #Bdfn Hasenvater
117 #-170 Roob-N-Boots (Count me in.)
118 #-171 Davidw0815 (Open aperture metering with old lenses would be fantastic!)
119 #Bdfn Eisbär
120 #-179 MysteryOnion (De-cripple it!)
121 #-184 bobpur (Just not acceptable that Pentax has not included this on the K5s after all they advertise the compatibility with the older lenses. If Nikon can do it Pentax should.)
122 #-187 Digitalis (you can count me in. Pentax didn't cripple the mount with the 645D)
123 #-188 Jonathan Mac (I'd love a de-crippled K-mount and yes, it's a feature I would be prepared to pay for.)
124 #-190 topace (let me use my aperture rings the way they were meant to be used, please.)
125 #-191 henrx (Positive)
126 #-192 codeblock (+1, count me in.)
127 #-193 pixelsaurus (+1. Seems like a good idea.)
128 #-194 Gerbermiester (+1. Decripple the K-mount!)
129 #-195 _quicksilver_ (+1 De-cripple it -Now!!)
130 #Bdfn Master of Disaster (Also bin ich dabei!)
131 #Bdfn manolo (Als leidenschaftlicher Altgerätenutzer schließe ich mich natürlich an.)
132 #Bdfn pid (Mich auch!)
133 #-197 dlacouture (I'm in)
134 #-198 MiLKMAN (Count me in)
135 #Bdfn henne (Please give me back the freedom to fully use all the Pentax lenses I've been buying since 1980!)
136 #Bdfn waldbaer59
137 #Bdfn tatrei
138 #-202 obscura (if one of your main selling points is great backward lens compatibility, why the hell do you cripple it ?)
139 #-203 Lupine (so count me in as well, for both de-crippling the K-mount and restoring TTL)
140 #-204 Stratman (I'm in too!!)
141 #-206 gabriel_bc (I've long, long wished that Pentax would de-cripple the K mount. I would buy a new Pentax dSLR merely to have this feature.)
142 #-208 bofh (I'd like to have a full featured KAF2 mount)
143 #-210 lguckert79 (i would love to be able to meter and have controle of my apture ring again)
144 #-214 glasbak (Yes, I want a decrippled mount)
145 #-217 zokes83 (+1 Yes I want a De-crippled K-mount with a aperture ring coupler!)
146 #-220 geedee (A De-crippled K-Mount with a aperture ring coupler would be great! Let's hope Pentax reacts as they have announced.)
147 #like Katier (liked #---1)
148 #Bdfn africanarcher
149 #Bdfn Schellnsau
150 #Bdfn Alfix
151 #-233 tcom (+1, please add me on this list)
152 #-Moderator Bramela (the Pentax consumer wishes to be heard on this issue)
153 #Bdfn blaubaersurfen
154 #Bdfn AS
155 #-235 utak (Yes, please count me in: de-cripple.)
156 #Bdfn Thomasz Xatnep (You can count me in. For a full-frame Pentax this would be mandatory)
157 #-236 Transit (Yes please !)
158 #-237 stingray (Count me in, yes the old fashion way.)
159 #-238 Pentaxle (Very much in favor, heal the system.)
160 #-239 grahame (Pentax should have done that much earlier! Or it shouldn't have been crippled at the beginning!)
161 #-241 floriko
162 #-242 p38arover
163 #-245 Bukaj (Shooting with [...] film cameras with non-crippled mounts makes me wish Pentax de-crippled the mount on current DSLRs)
164 #-249 LaurenOE
165 #-250 rockmaster1964
166 #Bdfn reisschuessel
167 #Bdfn Heribert
168 #Bdfn JGS
169 #-253 kadajawi (if they added the feature for the next camera I'd have to buy a new camera... again!)
170 #-255 TedH42 (using the green button is disruptive, especially for hand-held macro shots)
171 #-256 torge (Yes Ricoh, please do it!)
172 #-257 gilsouthwood (where the hell is the aperture ring, I'm all for this)
173 #Bdfn knixhh
174 #-267 retroflex (Yes to de-crippling!)
175 #-270 deus ursus (I'm all for de-crippling)
176 #-271 hopsing
177 #like cali92rs (Yes! + #-272)
178 #like SpartanD63
179 #Bdfn Uliwin
180 #-276 vkaro45 (I vote to de-criple the k-mount)
181 #-277 TomB_tx (Wish they would. If Nikon can keep compatibility, so could Pentax.)

(#+dfn: Blesator and Nikon; #Bdfn: Petition #p---: poll)

Please add your positive vote at the end of the thread.
Count me in!
12-08-2012, 05:43 PM   #280
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QuoteOriginally posted by Aegon Quote
Before the A setting, lens communicated aperture settings via a feeler arm. Old bodies would sense the current setting on the lens by feeling for the arm. So old bodies knew what aperture setting was currently in use and would meter appropriately without stopping down.

Every Pentax digital camera lacks the feeler arm, so the only way to use old lenses was either all manual or using stop-down metering via the green button.

If they include a feeler sensor, then old lenses would operate smoothly without workarounds.

*CR was quicker in responding, but I'll leave my post too*

Imagine being able to easily use a $50 Pentax-M 50mm ƒ/1.7. Great lens, great price, but a minor PITA on crippled bodies. If a non-crippled body existed, then this lens suddenly becomes as useful as the $100 Pentax-A 50mm ƒ/1.7 (though perhaps without P-TTL support).

Similarly, the Pentax K 50 ƒ/1.2 would be easy. And so on. It makes all these nice old lenses more useful.
you both nailed the issue, lots of lenses, M and A, with limited practicality in the digital world without a manual setting! with shake reduction, and focus assist this could be the catalyst for selling a lot of bodies. Vintage Pentax glass is a selling point, not something to make the cameras difficult to work with.
12-08-2012, 06:07 PM   #281
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The $50 million dollar question.... Does Pentax/Ricoh seeitself as a camera body manufacturer that sells lenses to support body sales, ordoes it see itself as a lens manufacturer that sell camera bodies to supportlens sales? It is an important question and over the decades the answer may have flip-flopped several times. This petition might get somewhere is Pentax's priority is to sell camera bodies. However, if that is the case, the quality of future lens designs my suffer slightly. It's one of those damned if do and damned if you don't type of scenarios.

12-08-2012, 06:40 PM   #282
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QuoteOriginally posted by wisent Quote
count me in. I really would like to use my K 50/1.2 on an uncrippled mount!
Like it better than my A-version, just as sharp (as I can tell), and a way smother -faster- focusing ring.
12-11-2012, 05:28 PM   #283
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QuoteOriginally posted by Rico Quote
I don't get all this fuss over decrippling the mount. Pentax has provided two simple alternatives. First the Green Button which works perfectly fine. Second there is DoF Preview which gives you live metering with any lens. Change the aperture ring while using DoF Preview and the metering values change.

I have several M and K lens which I use very much. Once I got used to how each lens handles with any of the bodies I have owned the latest the K-5 I have not been impeded in any way using these lenses.

If it is such a problem for people using K and M lenses then find the equivalent A series lenses. As great as the M 50 f1.4 might be get the A 50 f1.4 as it is far superior as you have full aperture control. As great as people might think the K28 f3.5 is it is not better than the A28 f2.8 when the A28 is stopped down to f3.5.

I think Pentax has already supplied enough in their DSLR's for exactly what one needs to use any lens they have ever produced.
Is this is a Pentax promotion, trade in your M lenses for A's. Im in! Otherwise, they must recognize their most loyal customers, as can easily be acertained, by the love and dedication for the quality, look, and feel of all (zooms not counted) pre- auto-focus lenses. A year or two ago, when I first went to B&H, and the salesman, told me he was not sure if I could use my M lenses, with the Pentax flagship at the time, or if I would want to deal with the hassle, said I should bring an M lens in, and we could play around with it. He did show me a K-mount 200mm pentax 2.8, new. It was super fine, and felt like their old lenses, solid, and packed with glass. He mentioned that Pentax does not support a system, like they did with the LX anymore, but then they put out a piece of glass, that puts the rest to shame,once in a wile.
12-12-2012, 12:16 PM   #284
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This feature will be very useful for me as I am 90% of the time using manual lenses.
Please count my vote as well.
12-12-2012, 12:41 PM   #285
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Please add my name to the list. Thanks.

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