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02-03-2007, 05:48 AM   #16
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Digital wish list

I perhaps should have put my origonal comment on this discussion thread, but there is another "wish list" started which is a little different.

While a lot of the wishes you have here require new hardware, i.e. gps, different sensors etc, and are good for a future release (perhaps the dream of the K1D which people are speculating about). Ungortunately these will take time.

There are, on the otherhand, things that Pentax can do RIGHT NOW! in software with our existing DSLRs, to make them even better.

I like the following ideas already entioned in this forum:
-parameterization through some means to customize functions further,
-the idea of depth of field bracketing,
-selective programming of focus sensors for automatic optimization of depth of field,
-the ability to change default file names,
-modification of green button function in flash mode to calculate change in F Stop for old K mount lenses, thus providing P-TTL flash or TTL flash on K mount lenses,
-the ability to trip the shutter even if there is no focus indication.
-the ability to enter whether you have a teleconverter on the lens, for anti shake
If enough people ask for things from Pentax, we will get them

02-04-2007, 08:51 AM   #17
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1. 100% VIEWFINDER! Used a Nikon film camera that had 100% and it had +- benefits. Part of the image on the transpareny was hidden under the mount. With digital I don't see a problem. I keep getting stuff at the edges that wasn't in the viewfinder.
2. Incorporate a "T" setting so wireless remote can work time exposures longer than 30 seconds.
3. Make the bottom of the next grip rougher. It is very hard to keep Arca release plates from sliding around.
4. Dual card slots. Download on two SD at a time for in camera back up in case of card problem.
5. Use prime engine to output 14-16 bit info.
6. Uncripple the K mount so all lenses work as originally intended.
7. Greater flash exposure compensation range. +1 often doesn't get it done. Even closeup in macro shooting.
8. Ability to use P-ttl or ttl with any lens. Both on board flash and 360, 540 flashes.
9. A P-ttl ringlight.
10. SPLIT IMAGE FOCUSING SCREEN. Ben, you could get this done! Perfect for all these primes.
11. 200mm MACRO LENS.
12. Make mirror lock up time adjustable. My Olympus E300 already does this.
13. ISO down to 50 or 25.
14. Memory of each lens with +- exposure calibration built in. All my DA,DFA,FA lenses don't shoot the same exposure. This would allow photographer to fine tune them once and not worry about it.
15. Better incandescent light setting on AWB. I can get there manually so the camera should have the same adjustment range on AWB.
16. Rectilinear lens wider than 12mm.
17. New teles bigger than 400mm.
18. Longer exposure capability on AV. Old LX would go for about 2 min. This camera won't go as long in AV as it will meter in MANUAL. Why not?
19. Attachment to turn an Optio P&S into a zigview.
20. Larger buffer for more RAW shoots before slowing down.
I really do love the K10D. These are just other things that could be done.
Really want 100% viewfinder, uncrippled mount, 200mm macro, and ringflash the most.
02-08-2007, 02:24 AM   #18
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I'm wondering if it would be possible, for the 100 series (which seems to need less power than the 10), to make a high-capacity rechargeable battery, such as the K10D's one, but also to make an adaptor that would also fit AA batteries (or maybe they could slot straight in). So the high power rechargeable for normal use, then in an emergency slip in some AAs. The use of AAs was a compelling reason for me, and a lot of others, to get the istDs.
02-08-2007, 05:29 AM   #19
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my friend's and my wish list

Ok I am writing most of what other people i know are wishing for the next pentax body.

Keep what K10D has already but add the following:

- 10MP-8MP sensor with 1.2-1.3 crop factor would be ideal. I know that it'll take some time to lunch a body with a sensor like that but Pentax will rock with such a product...

- Lenses: Many people asking for a 35/1.4, for a relatively inexpensive 16-70 all around lens and why not for a DFA* 80-200/2.8?!?

- Many people asking for a compatible ring flash...

- Now I wish for a compact (pocket size) camera with an excellent fixed lens or even interchangeable ones (if that is possible). For example a camera with the following specs would do the job:

Could fit in a jacket pocket meaning it should have smaller size than any of the other Pentax DSLRs have…
Not necessarily a DSLR. A rangefinder would do fine. If you could provide something else that could support the rest of the specs would also do…
6MP sensor with 1.5 crop factor or 8MP-10MP with 1.3 crop factor
Weather proof body with excellent construction,
Retro style would be nice
Programmes Av, Tv and M. No more no less…
A separate ISO wheel on top of the body would be great...
A big bright view finder if that is possible?!?
No internal flash only hot shoe (unless an internal flash won’t increase dramatically the body size),
Flash synchronisation 1/125 or faster
B, 30 sec - 1/2000 sec or faster
If possible a low light focus assistant lamp (however AF speed and accuracy should be competitive),
RAW files option,
At least 2 FPS,
Mirror Lock Up feature.
Lens with a focal length somewhere between 20mm and 35mm (equivalent 135 film format)
24.0<= f <= 2.0
Limited lens quality/look/feel with manual focus
Can you provide a zoom lens with such specs and normal price? Even better

Price around $400-$600

Weather proof and pocket size body, best lens and image quality and raw files would be crucial... There are many - Many - MANY photos i didn't shoot because i could not get my Ds with me...

Some people asked for something similar but with the ability to change lenses (maybe a rangefinder that's able to work with pancakes...). I wouldn't mind either. Do the best you can

Many thanks for listening


02-08-2007, 07:06 AM   #20
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Well, if Pentax wants input from working photographers on an even higher spec body tell them it needs even better than 3fps burst speed and the battery grip (if the higher-spec body doesn't already come with a portrait grip built into the body) needs to have the compartment for two batteries.

It's a BAD design to build a portrait grip that requires you to remove the grip in order to change both batteries.
03-12-2007, 03:41 AM   #21
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I as well could use
-100% viewfinder coverage
as I too hate getting things I didn't want on the picture. And one more thing that I didn't see here but could probably be done with firmware update is
-manual on-board flash with 1/1, 1/2... 1/32 power output (without preflash of course)
if nothing else It would be very handy for triggering conventional slave flashes.
03-12-2007, 07:18 PM   #22
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rob's wishlist x1

K10D wishlist
semi pro:
1 - lens focus/exposure calibration
2 - sensor with better DR
3 - 1.3x sensor
- flash sync port
- - viewfinder 97-87%
- - vertical grip, draw power from 2 batteries, not just one, with switchover
- - 5fps, this would give sports/kids shooters and option
- - 15-20 raw buffer
- - AF improvement, bigger AF motor, higher voltage for SSM,af motor, (dual battery)
-- IR AF assist, aka minolta
.... also use the IR to fire strobes,...
- - hand-strap loop for grip
- grip AA option, for the travelers,..

1 - lens focus/exposure calibration
2 - FF sensor , better DR
3 - flash sync port
- dual battery
- eye shutter,
- IR remote
- tethered shooting,usb or firewire
- wifi option, full size USB port with wifi driver
- CF/SD slot
- removable IR front filter aka sigma,
- OLED touch-screen, less buttons, big knobs
- bluetooth

- open spec ,DNG/PEF for softwaredevelopers
- firmware, backup, restore function
- focus bracket, priority
- camera flash for studio trigger,
camera IR for studio trigger
- P-ttl with rear-sync mix

if you measure something, show it, use it
- shake, aka sony show it,
- shake priority,... ready to take the picture, waiting for less shake,
release shutter, at low shake, ...
- dust,.... shoot f16-32, and do a quick display of the dust devils,
with magnifications of the spots,.... even count the spots,
display xxx small, xxx large
- distance,...AF knows it, show it,
- where is the 645D !?!?! price, availability ? should be at BHphoto for order now!!
- Metz support
- battery time prediction

canon to pentax lens adapter,....

get sigma/tamron/tokina up to speed,....
- sony/zeiss/leica ,.... for pentax ,...
- sigma 150mm macro HSM
- old lens compatibility

crazy misc:
- heatpipe/ micro peltier sensor cooling ,... noise over temp rise,....
- lens fillfactor, new backlit high dr sensor,
- regular so-dim memory slot,....

funny, building sensor windshield washer,....

getting late, just my 2 cents, Robert
03-12-2007, 08:56 PM   #23
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Nice list

QuoteOriginally posted by robsphoto Quote
K10D wishlist
just my 2 cents, Robert
More like a few $$$ if you ask me. Nice list.

I am not sure if Pentax are aiming at D200/5D level or more like ID/D2X level.

I think the pro body needs to be price competitive but less specialised - a good blend of Canons decent IQ, low noise, good DR and Nikons decent performance and build without compromising too much in any one area for the sake of another. If this can be achieved, who cares about the sensor size?

In other respects, a similar control set to the K10D would be fine, with the following additions:
a dedicated low light focus assist light
a PC socket
1 custom button (which users can configure for front and back dial use)
5 USER memory settings (all on mode dial as U1...U5)
5 image parameter settings (like natural and bright) but with a difference - each can be adjusted on a dedicated PC application and downloaded back to the camera - in this way up to 5 tone curves, sharpening amounts and types, saturation levels and WB offsets can be customised and downloaded back to the camera.

Agree that the ability for users to calibrate their own lenses is a key feature. Now its been done, anyone who doesnt have it will be out of contention. 15 lens memory should do for most of us.

I would also like to see some serious effort on the accessory front with a compact flash that can double as an IR flash controller with similar commander functions to that on the D200. If they could do this, they can drop the internal flash.

After that, lenses. I would love to see...

21 F2 DA* prime (to go with the 14, 35 and 50)
135 F2.8 DA*prime
100-350 F4 DA*
135-500 F4.5 - 5.6 DA zoom

03-12-2007, 11:02 PM   #24
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"19. Attachment to turn an Optio P&S into a zigview." = genius ...
03-13-2007, 12:11 AM   #25
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Hi Benji,

I think for you the 645D, a 48mm full-frame DSLR/Medium Format camera, is gonna do the trick nicely.

In a new upscale DSLR body, a K5 or K1, I would like to see something like a D2Xs equivalent, with a 12,4 MP CMOS sensor.
A 1.5x crop for Full Image, and 2x for High Speed Cropped Image, would be fine. Magnesium alloy (or titanium), it should lie between the D200 and the D2Xs. And on some points beat the Eos 5D, having 4-5 fps and weatherproofing. Maybe also IR support light like on the Z-1P, instead of strope light.
03-13-2007, 06:01 AM   #26
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I would also like the K1D to have interchangeable viewfinders. Nothing says pro like that. Don't think Canon or Nikon do it any more. Then the Optio camera could click in the viewfinders place like a super Zigview. You add bluetooth to the Optio and wow. Great for astrophotography and other things. About time Pentax came out with A special modified IR model too.
03-13-2007, 06:30 AM   #27
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Serious list

My list would be above and beyond what the K10D has already

1. 90sec - 1/8000 Shutter Speed (1/10,000th if possible)
2. 1/250th X-Sync (Higher if possible)
3. 5 FPS + (selectable eg 1, 3, 5)
4. 24 RAW buffer,
5. PC-Sync socket
6. Interchangeable Finder, plus sealing
7. OTS metering for long exposures (Metering range -6.5-21 Ev)
8. TTL (though not as necessary these days)
9. Intervalator.
10. Have a finder that has an internal flash (95% .95x), one that doesn't (100% .90x), An angled 2x finder and finally a shielded waste level finder.
11. Integrated Grip
12. 2 batteries + a Double charger
13. 2 SD(HC) slots + Remote and extra SD storage
14. Deeper Vertical Grip and full vertical control layout (miss the second AF button)
15. Make the RAW button programmable for any function, not RAW changing (as some of us never take the camera out of RAW)
16. Dual Battery indicator, that shows a % of charge
17. Centred Tripod screw on the grip
18. External WB sensor
19. Titanium Chassie
20. Mag Alloy shell
21. 3" S-VGA LCD
22. Status LCD
23. True Mirror Lock-up

Okay that is the Pro spec body sorted, now to concentrate on the system

Sealed Flashes
RF control of Flashes

More DA* lenses.

Last edited by Cideway; 03-21-2007 at 06:05 AM.
03-13-2007, 06:32 AM   #28
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Original Poster
Pentax Meetings

QuoteOriginally posted by Jonson PL Quote
Hi Benji,

I think for you the 645D, a 48mm full-frame DSLR/Medium Format camera, is gonna do the trick nicely.

In a new upscale DSLR body, a K5 or K1, I would like to see something like a D2Xs equivalent, with a 12,4 MP CMOS sensor.
A 1.5x crop for Full Image, and 2x for High Speed Cropped Image, would be fine. Magnesium alloy (or titanium), it should lie between the D200 and the D2Xs. And on some points beat the Eos 5D, having 4-5 fps and weatherproofing. Maybe also IR support light like on the Z-1P, instead of strope light.
I tried to speak to my contact at Pentax today. They have been in seminars since yesterday. That means "Very Important and Crucial Meetings"...I think it may be in relation to the new stratagy. I'll see what I can garner in the next couple of days. I can't promise anything but perhaps they will tell me something...
03-13-2007, 08:48 AM   #29
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I'm just going to insert my aspect ratio rant here:


Now that sensors are freed from the specific width of a piece of film, why not have a sensor whose SHAPE is more like the typical portrait/wedding photo? Most paper sizes in the USA and Europe require the ends of the frame to be chopped off. A sensor with an aspect ratio of 4:5 or 3:4 would give us more usable pixels for commercially sold work.

03-13-2007, 09:19 AM   #30
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ben- I am new to this forum, but I don't understand why there are so many
silly replys to your question. I woul like to see the up dated camera to the K10
have at least 5 frames per sec. motor-plus 250 flash sync. also a PC plug in onthe camera so I don't have to use after market hot shoe plugs. Of course witha faster frame rate we need a larger buffer for raw. I too am coming from canon 1D and 1DII cameras and will up grade all of my Pentax lenses as soon as they are available. I would also like to see the autofocus continues mode to operate more like the canon system(shifts from selected spot to nearest one if subject moves past the selected one)

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