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01-18-2016, 05:30 PM   #16
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Three factors drew me to Pentax:

1. Quality to cost ratio

2. K mount. They don't jerk their customers around with new mounts every few years.

3. Ergonomics and WR. It fits my hands well and I live in a temperate rain forest.

01-18-2016, 06:05 PM   #17
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QuoteOriginally posted by Kath Quote
2. K mount. They don't jerk their customers around with new mounts every few years.
slight exaggeration
01-18-2016, 06:08 PM   #18
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It is a relationship. It starts with a need and desire with a bit of chance and then nothing final or negative ends it.

In the late 80's, I wanted to upgrade to medium format. I simply couldn't afford a Swedish or German system, and coming from a 35mm background, I wanted something that was ergonomically close to that. Bronica, Mamiya, Fuji, and Contax all made fine equipment, but none were as ergonomically friendly as the Pentax 645. And then the results I got from two out of three of the primes exceeded my expectations. Pentax had a publication called Pentax Life and I submitted an article and a series of images and they published it! Wow, I matter! They acknowledge that I exist and I am part of their family. In many ways the attitude and collegiality of this forum continues that spirit.

And I continue to shoot Pentax with film because my system has survived a ton of hikes, excursions, and travel through three decades and the Pentax DSLR system is distinctively innovative and special relative to the others. As a teacher of film and digital, however, I am disturbingly aware that the Nikon FM10 remains the only new entry-level FSLR and that its price is escalating. We had the Promaster 2500PK as the last vestige of an affordable K-mount FSLR, and although I know there is a large used market for the likes of the K1000, it would be so much more satisfying if Pentax's had a current 35mm SLR that was more like the LX or K1000.

We had Honeywell Pentax and Asahi Pentax; let's see a Special Edition Ricoh Pentax!

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01-18-2016, 06:21 PM   #19
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To be honest, when I first shopped for my first DSLR, I chose the one who looks coolest regardless of price. The green ring on majority of their lenses and the cool shape of the Pentax DSLR's, I picked up a K-2000/K-m back in mid 2009. Well the shape of the K-2000/K-m aren't that cool compared to the K20D and K200D at the time but I knew I would upgrade in the future.

So here I am today, Upgraded from a K-2000/K-m to a K-7, to K-5, to K-3. I would say I do care more than just looks now, unlike back then where I ignorantly thought every camera brands are near equally good so I might as well buy the best looking. Today, I look at it like this, Pentax offers great product for the price and that's that.

01-18-2016, 06:36 PM   #20
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QuoteOriginally posted by Imp Quote
slight exaggeration
Oh? Tell that to the cupboard-full of lonely cameras I've got.
01-18-2016, 07:02 PM   #21
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QuoteOriginally posted by Kath Quote
Oh? Tell that to the cupboard-full of lonely cameras I've got.
I guess it depends on your definition of "few"
01-18-2016, 07:07 PM   #22

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I bought Pentax because it was the best for my needs when I got back into photography.

Now that I've added astrophotography, if I was starting over again I would strongly consider Canon solely because of software support. Most astro software can tether to Canon and sometimes Nikon, which makes polar alignment, framing, and data collection much easier. Canon bodies feel subpar compared to Pentax, though. Some day I'll upgrade to an astronomy CCD and get past my Canon tethering envy.
01-18-2016, 07:08 PM - 2 Likes   #23
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*In no particular order

1. This forum
2. I favour underdogs
3. Bang for buck
4. Different than others
5. Pentax sounds badass compared to anything else
6. This forum's organisation, look, marketplace, people... everything to be honest It feels like home
7. I am on a quest of gathering the whole family (The silver MIJ princes is already at home)

01-18-2016, 07:15 PM   #24

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I've been a Pentax fan since '68. Tough, reliable, durable bodies, excellent glass and they're different than other makes. I also maybe a bit of a contrarian and I've found having examples of this fine camera appeals to me. I've had Canikon owners ask me why I own a Pentax and not a Canon or a Nikon and I think it's because I like to think I'm capable of independent thought and chose Pentax not because of a successful advertising campaign...or because it's the 'safe' thing to do, like buy a Canikon instead.

In 2007, I considered whether to switch from Pentax film to some other brand of digital DSLR. After consideration, I bought into the Pentax digital system....yet again after a long, thorough research and analysis and Pentax came through my assessment. I almost bought Nikon, but was very impressed with the K10D, which I still have and use regularly.

When I look at how many bucks I've spent on Pentax equipment...since 2007 alone...I could of easily bought a Canon 5d3, Nikon D810, with their pro level wide angle zoom, 70-200 F 2.8, Macro/portrait prime, Sigma 150-500, top flashgun, etc....with the money and still had some bucks left over.

When it comes down to it, I just like Pentax equipment, the history, have always been satisfied with photographic results and they have always been reliable and durable in service.

What more could I ask of a photography system ?

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01-18-2016, 07:18 PM - 2 Likes   #25
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Classic Cameras:


And most of all, the excellent lenses:

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01-18-2016, 07:43 PM   #26
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I bought a Pentax (k1000, like everybody else) in 1982 as my first SLR. Why Pentax then? because my dad had screw-mount lenses, so with an inexpensive adapter, I could borrow glass from him. I never changed my SLR brand because I never felt the need to change out my whole system.
Also I like my cameras to be small. I'm a woman with wimpy skinny wrists.
I've occasionally looked through the viewfinder of a consumer Canon DSLR (”could you take a picture of our family, please?") and once, recently, looked through the viewfinder of some non-professional-level Nikon. I would hope the high-end Canon (and Nikon) DSLRs have bigger and brighter viewfinders than what I saw; I don't think I could work with those. Meanwhile I can see through the viewfinders of my *istD and K30 just fine. So, not tempted to switch.
Admittedly, it was a bit hard waiting for Pentax to introduce a DSLR, and I've been waiting over a decade for full-frame ... But usually, whatever I've been looking for has been available in the Pentax line and therefore compatible with the rest of my system.
01-18-2016, 07:46 PM   #27
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When I finally made the decision to go digital, I began looking at all the available DSLR's. The entry level Canon and Nikon models had the feel of cheap plastic junk and their high end models I couldn't afford. I was fortunate to have a local Ritz camera store that stocked Pentax cameras and fell in love the the K10D the minute I picked it up. Since I already had a history with Pentax and had some lenses, it was an easy decision. The $800 price tag with a 2 lens kit helped too.

I have since added a K5 and some more glass. I'm happy with what I have mainly because I get good results. Will I ever switch brands? Not likely but I have no issues with adding other gear if I really have a need. I shot with a Nikon for a while in the film days and still have a couple of dusty lenses around. My daughter has the others. She shoots with a D300 now after moving up from a D200 and I have to say it's a fine camera that I can borrow if I need it.

I've looked through some of the other replies and I have to honestly say I don't shoot Pentax to be different. I shoot with Pentax because I like them and they work. I beat the crap out of my cameras. My K5 joins my SP1000 as a motorcycle crash survivor. It was in the saddlebag of my Harley when I went down a year ago at 40 mph. The bike flipped at least once. $4200 damage to the bike. The K5 is still going.
01-18-2016, 08:23 PM - 1 Like   #28
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The Photo Outing

One early morning...

I take my Pentax out of its bag, preparing for a photo outing on a cold winter morning at sunrise. The camera feels great in the hand; it is familiar; it's comfortable. I pick up one of my Takumar lenses - it's the 50/1.4 today - and fix the adapter to its thread to mount it effortlessly on the K-5. I ponder the marvelous match of this old lens and the modern digital camera - and smile at the exquisite quality of both. I pick up the DA 15mm Ltd - this little jewel of a lens - just in case I need a wide-angle this morning. All set to go, I glance at the outdoor thermometer as I grab my thermos from the kitchen - hmmm, almost minus 20 Celsius, better wear my double gloves today. But, I know I'll be able to operate the camera easily through my inner gloves - those Pentax designers must have thought about winter, too, and were smart about the controls and layout and all that ergonomic stuff. And the cold temperatures? Pffft, this camera has stared down winter on even colder mornings.

Those are some of the reasons why Pentax makes me tick.

- Craig
01-18-2016, 08:44 PM   #29
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Why I chose Pentax: Canon and Nikon confuse the H*** out of me. They sell SO MANY CAMERAS -- which one do I need? Obviously it works for them, but when I purchased my K200d, they had two models -- that one and a more goodlier one. I didn't need the more goodlier. Also, AA batteries. I HATE having a DIFFERENT battery charger for EVERY SINGLE DEVICE I OWN. Plus, lenses -- Pentax had the pancakes. They seemed to me to fill a niche that Canon and Nikon, despite having primes at focal lengths every 2mm from 18-80, never thought about. They were gorgeous, and at the time, I thought that's all I would ever want/use (before they came out with the 18-135). I knew their auto-focus needed work (and still does) and they didn't have a full frame (and "probably never would") and didn't care. Now, I've got a K-50 and see no reason to change, especially having to repurchase lenses.

My only regret now is focusing screens. They could definitely use improvement, with KatzEye gone. At least they've paid lip service to the AA batteries.
01-18-2016, 08:49 PM   #30
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I bought a K1000 in 1976. I used it almost exclusively until sometime in the 1990's At that time it was the best camera that I handled in the camera store. "Everyone" was copying Pentax. Sturdy, weighty, robust and very simple to operate. It is still the best camera I ever owned (nostalgia here).

I have also owned a Canon f1-n (1976 version with a magnificent 85mm L series lens), a Yashica- Mat124G, a Mamiya 645 and a Chinon CG5 (bought cheaply when I worked in a camera store).

I have owned a P30T, an MZ-50 and 2 x MZ-5's film era cameras.

I bought an ist D, with which my brother is currently travelling around Australia, then later upgraded to a K200D, which I gave to my nephew.

I currently own 2 x K5, and a K3. I have a variety of Sigma and Pentax lenses which includes a new 150 - 450 zoom and the 24 -70 zoom. This is probably the best kit I have ever owned, but, I say that about every new camera I buy..

I am in the queue for a full frame and the 70 -200.

I guess I qualify as a Pentax tragic. Part of the reason for owning Pentax is sheer bloody mindedness. I worked in a camera store with a female who constantly made snide comments about professionals and the use of Pentax. Mostly it is that the cameras have always satisfied my needs, they have been reliable and have functioned well without any maintenace on my part ( I do charge/change batteries ).

The thing that really sold me was dropping my K1000 down a set of concrete steps, it was in a (Pentax) case, picking it up and taking photos. The only visible signs of impact were scuff marks on the case. Two days later the light meter stopped working, I replaced the batteries and it worked perfectly. I regret selling it. It went to lifes best friends sons who were studying art and needed a good camera.

I sometimes wish that Pentax would make a digital version of the K1000, all manual with a match needle metering system, but I guess time moves on.

Long winded I know but I use Pentax because I like it.

If Stan the statistician is still standing perhaps he could compile some information regarding the correlation between owning a K1000 and still using Pentax

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