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01-21-2017, 10:50 PM - 1 Like   #31
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I'm not loyal to any brand. I just try and buy what suits my needs best, and I've bought Pentax and non-Pentax cameras. Companies should have customers based soley on the current product they have so that they don't get lazy.

01-22-2017, 12:56 AM   #32
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QuoteOriginally posted by Bengan Quote
For me it's not a question of loyalty even though I started with a Spotmatic in 1969. When it came down to choosing my first DSLR five years ago, the reason I went with Pentax was ergonomics and the way the use of Pentax cameras came more or less naturally to me. It just felt right. I was considering Pentax and Nikon and if Nikon had felt better, I wouldn't have had any problem choosing that brand.
My experience almost exactly!

I had a Spotmatic in the early 70's and when it came to getting a DSLR, I did all the reading and narrowed it down to Nikon and Pentax. Walked into a camera shop (yes it had a K-5!!!!!!), picked up the Nikon, then picked up the Pentax. No contest. K-5 came home. Then a K-3, and now a K-1.

When I have done the odd course, I have had the opportunity to hold various cameras, and I still like Pentax....and the K-1 is just SOOOOOO very good!

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To my mind, brand loyalty is not an altogether bad thing. Ideally, it should encourage a manufacturer to keep customers over longer periods of time and build a real user base. This is particularly important if you want to sell product that is part of a system. Conversely, if you know as a manufacture that you are producing for a dedicated user base, you should be more willing to develop the system, rather than putting out a meaningless sequence of built-in-obsolescence product. The charm of such a user base, as long as you manage to keep them satisfied, is not only that they will likely purchase more product from the system, but also that there will be a word-of-mouth effect, that is free and believable advertising.

Of course, brand loyalty must not be blind to real shortcomings, outright goofiness, nor chronic unwillingness to listen to user demands. Much the same as it must not make customers lazy and ready to accept anything. Brand loyalty, like loyalty and trust in other spheres of life, has to be earned and kept alive.

Just my two bits.

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I have more brand inertia than brand loyalty. Selling everything to move to a different brand would be a hassle and would probably give me gains in a few areas but pains in others and likely little overall change in satisfaction. However, if all my Pentax gear blew up today I'd give other options serious consideration when looking for replacements.

01-22-2017, 07:28 AM   #35
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Switching from Nikon, I found that Pentax has its unique features. Slowly then I've been adding few lenses, which I didn't do when I was nikonian. I feel pentax is just the right tool for me. Before Pentax released K-1, I was tempted by Canon 6D, but after many considerations, switching brand is very costly. So I stay, and I think I will be using Pentax as long as they make DSLR camera. I have tried Sony, Olympus too, but I don't feel mirrorless is right camera for me. I don't do much video, but when I need it, I prefer to use action camera such as Go Pro. Right now, I am adding Ricoh theta, and it is very fun to use.
01-22-2017, 10:41 AM   #36

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QuoteOriginally posted by afan137 Quote
I was tempted by Canon 6D,
I actually went the other way. I switched from 6D to a K5IIs. The reason was a super discount for a K5IIs and the 3-Amigos. I was a Pentaxian in the film era and decided to give Pentax a shot. I bought the K5IIs and shot it side-by-side with the 6D and decided to get out of Canon systems. I had issues with the flash system and the focusing of the mid-range Canons. Now that I have graduated to the K1, Canon is history. I had shot Canon for over 12 years by the time I switched. The only thing that would make me switch from Pentax will be the need for video. I do not look forward to switching because it is costly. I also like the Pentax user interface a lot... and the K1, well what can I say. It is a masterpiece.
01-22-2017, 10:48 AM   #37
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Original Poster
Perhaps brand loyalty was not the best term for me to use as I see it can be taken to mean you always buy it regardless even if not fit for purpose. I suppose what I really meant was brand preference; I start off from the premise that I am going to find which Pentax I want, assuming one of them will fit my needs which is a fair assumption so far. Of course in the event that Pentax were not producing what people need it would be different.

But if I want a new device it never occurs to me so far to consider another brand in the first place and I have always found I can get what I need from Pentax.

When I got my first Pentax it was in the 80's and I felt at that time I was getting quality without such a high price tag, I felt they were underrated even. I feel the same now even if I have not done the comparisons to verify it, but a few examples I have notices suggest that they still cost more for like spec, so is that still fair to say in general ?
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QuoteOriginally posted by Frosty66 Quote
I felt they were underrated even
You are so right.

I bought my first Pentax back in early 80's because of the value proposition. A Nikonian "pro" friend told me to sell it and to get a "real" camera. As luck would have it my beloved MX was stolen in less than a year after I got it. I switched to Nikon film then Canon digital. It took me over 30 years to come back to Pentax. It was value again and lots of nostolgia that brought me back. I am happy with the system. It allows me to produce great images as my Canon did. As far as my current needs go, I would switch to MF if I were to make a move. That is not likely for a while. So K1 it is for the next few years!

01-22-2017, 12:05 PM   #39
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Being loyal and being a fan are different. I think Pentax have some very hard fans who may actually attack you if you have a simple negative comment on any Pentax camera or lens or even a charger You may even be blamed to be troll of another brand
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QuoteOriginally posted by Bad Boy Quote
I am loyal to companies that I share a compatible design philosophy with. As an architect I understand how design influences products. Design that focuses on providing the best product for the customer values and enjoyment inspires loyalty for me. I have no loyalty when I see products designed for the up sale and planned obsolescence.

I get the sense that Pentax is designed for my enjoyment of photography. I have lenses I bought 35 years ago I can still use. I like that. I have added auto focus lenses because I like that.
You bring up something that I think is equally important. Pentax has shown, over the decades, that it has customer loyalty , not only to its own customers but to those who have equipment sharing Pentax mounts. Pentax hasn't been saying, "You know that camera and/or lens of ours you bought a few years ago, well, it's a has been, and now you need to buy our entirely new system, because we don't support our old equipment or people who want to stick with it." Pentax doesn't do that, so that in itself is one of the best reasons to be loyal to Pentax.
01-22-2017, 12:27 PM - 1 Like   #41
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QuoteOriginally posted by ozturert Quote
Being loyal and being a fan are different. I think Pentax have some very hard fans who may actually attack you if you have a simple negative comment on any Pentax camera or lens or even a charger You may even be blamed to be troll of another brand
Intelligent posts are always welcome. And there have been reps from camera stores and companies on here posting or playing up the negatives on Pentax equipment. So, in our collective experience there have been people making unwarranted negative posts about Pentax equipment, and I have actually seen a camera store employee with them book marked point to one trying to convince someone to buy the product he sells.

There's the trolls who actually propagate the misleading info, and then there are the dupes who fervently believe it and preach it as gospel.

You can say idiotic things in defence of Pentax, but you can also say totally idiotic things attacking Pentax. And you could be a troll for another brand. Being for or against doesn'tt confer on you a presumption of correctness. People evaluate posts by what they know and make comments accordingly. An ignorant post is simply an ignorant post, whether or not it's in support or against, and people will point that out.

And actually, say something stupid on this forum in support of Pentax and people will take that on as well. We aren't against negative comments directed against Pentax, we are against incorrect information.

The troll comment comes from reading something that is a bastardized misinterpreted bit of information from someone else where the poster clearly doesn't know what he/she is talking about. You end up asking yourself. "Why did they even post that?" Corporate troll or gorilla marketer is one of the legitimate answers to that question. It's happened before. Of course usually it's just some newbie who really doesn't have a clue (having learned everything he/she knows from reading reviews on line), or have the intelligence to understand the responses.

Any post that starts by spreading half truths about equipment many of us own is not going to be treated with much respect. Especially if the attitude persists after more experienced users have made an effort to reach out.

If someone came on and posted "Pentax has the best AF in the business" they will get a rough ride as in this thread, which I posted in jest, and yet still took a beating on.

SO why would you expect people who posted anti-Pentax nonsense to get a free pass?

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01-22-2017, 12:31 PM   #42
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QuoteOriginally posted by Frosty66 Quote
But if I want a new device it never occurs to me so far to consider another brand in the first place and I have always found I can get what I need from Pentax.
Does this mean if you're in the market for a colonoscope you'd head straight for the Pentax catalogue and wouldn't even look at what Olympus has to offer?

QuoteOriginally posted by ozturert Quote
Being loyal and being a fan are different. I think ***insert brand name here*** have some very hard fans who may actually attack you if you have a simple negative comment on any ***insert brand name here*** camera or lens or even a charger You may even be blamed to be troll of another brand
Changed your statement to the broader version.
01-22-2017, 01:03 PM - 2 Likes   #43
Ooh! Shiney! Me Want!
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Brand loyalty can mean a repeat buyer is comfortable and familiar with distinct, embedded brand identifiers, including omissions (core engineering, ergonomics, feature combinations and visual cues), and assumes they will carry over into new products. Such an assumption is efficient - it saves research time, and time spent becoming familiar with a different brand's differences.

Fanboyism is blind, irrational and emotional. It has to do with self-identity rather than product identity.
01-22-2017, 02:17 PM   #44
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I own both Pentax DSLR and Sony mirrorless, in both APS-C and FF.

My 1" camera is a Canon, my P&S a Nikon, my phone a Samsung.

Brand loyalty can be commendable, but I'm a horses for courses kinda guy.
01-22-2017, 03:07 PM - 3 Likes   #45
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QuoteOriginally posted by Frosty66 Quote
Do many people actually switch brands or use multiple brands at the same time?
For me a camera is a tool.
I have Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and Pentax and each one has a different sensor format so each one is a different tool for a different purpose.
Brand loyalty is pretty much a marketing humbug - I am "loyal" to my family, friends and pets not to a tool.

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