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06-17-2018, 01:32 PM   #76

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QuoteOriginally posted by pentaxfall Quote
Irrespective of whether one makes a living out of photography or not, completing a photo is like a project. Several things have to fall in place like, time of the day, camera, lens and editing skills, etc... We have been using technology (provided by camera and Photoshop) to cover up our lack of skill but many do not see that way consistently. For example: In film days we had to get the metering right but in Digital era we use Tone curve and lot many other features of PS for covering up our lack of skills. On the same lines if Sony camera helps cover up lack of skills that is not bad at all. In fact that is being consistent . If the result coming out of camera is good then go for it.

Coming to lens price, latest designs tend to be expensive in any field. Wait for new version then people will dump their old lens. When I buy laptop I go for one or more generations lower . First adopters pay premium.
Umm... in the film days we bracketed just like we do now, we just spent more money doing it. Or, we looked at the Kodachrome a week later and said to ourselves... "oops, really needed half a stop less!" We might tend to remember getting the exposure exactly right but even with external meters etc. getting that half-stop accuracy didn't happen very often for most of us.

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QuoteOriginally posted by tibbitts Quote
Kodachrome a week later and said to ourselves... "oops, really needed half a stop less!"
I dunno how... but with Kodachrome 25 back then, half a stop out seemed much more, than being half a stop out now.

In fact I can remember working in third of a stop steps.
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QuoteOriginally posted by Fenwoodian Quote
A question like that makes me think you are an amateur and don't have much experience making videos.
I dont consider myself as a Pro-Guy but first of all, in order to edit large amounts of 4k video I need a computer that can handle 4k video editing haha
My main computer struggles with 1080 videos, you have to imagine the pain when in school, they ask us for a 10minute video in 1080p with subtitles included, it can take over 2 hours to render it correctly. And, many of my favorite documentaries have been recorded even on 720p, so I dont think that 4k is that big of a deal, thats why I said that.

And no, Im not a gear head at all, I have had interest in photography since I was 9, and i bought the K-50 in 2014, it has been my only camera since then. I have had the same camera with me for four years and it has accompanied me in 30+ trips. Believe me, I know how to take pictures, Im not the best. But I think that its time for a well deserved upgrade.

---------- Post added 06-17-18 at 07:59 PM ----------

PS: Im sorry if I have mistakes in what Im posting but English is not my native Language and learning 3 languages at the same time can get things to be a little bit tricky!
06-18-2018, 12:11 AM   #79
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If you only need videos for school, then 1080p is plenty enough.
BTW it's not the resolution the only thing that matters (in fact, it matters very little), but a lot of other features, like the kind of codec used, the bitrate you can record at, and a host of video-specific functions that make your life easier when shooting.

If you want to do good video on the cheap, you could consider an old Panasonic model, like the GH-2.
Pentax definitely has its strong suit in stills (though you can make videos with it).

07-23-2018, 03:50 PM   #80
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I also recently had a look at Sony's FF cameras and was quite impressed. I spent some time looking for reviews and oppinions, here's are two I found useful:

Of course, the reason why this guy included Sony in the big player league, and Pentax not, is his own opinion, and is valid for professionals.

Previously I never considered Sony as a choice, as I don't trust the brand (generally, not only for photo equipment). But I have to agree they made a smart move (as did Fuji a couple of years ago, imo), and they certainly had the muscle to do it. They might very well to be the leader in FF mirrorless, at least for some years. Looking back we can't dismiss the fact that they tried to innovate (I'm thinking of their SLT line), as did Fuji for that matter, and you we have to give them credit for that. They are trying hard. Time will tell if it will work out for them and reach a critical mass of professionals which will make the switch. Samsung tried hard as well in the mobile business, had a lot of failed projects, and look where they are now. I see no reason why Sony should not become the new Canon or Nikon. Dismissing them with arguments like "they are a consumer electronics company" or "they have no history in making lenses or cameras" seems silly. On the other hand they also made some bad decisions in the past which effectively canceled the potential of some technologies. Just look at their smartphone business, especially during the Sony Erricsson era, or the minidisc.

It would seem like the DSLRs don't have a bright future. They won't go away, for sure, but it will affect R&D and likely also the prices. I wanted to try out a rangefinder some time ago, but stay digital, and there was no option for me. Even second hand Leica's are way out my reach.It will be a sad day when this happens to DSLRs. Pentax has stated they will further invest in DSLR and that's great. For me, I just hope they will find a way to make K-1 (more) portable, or maybe an APS-C which is so close to FF that it doesn't matter anymore. I know, you can't beat physics, there will always be differences, but a super sensor with incredible dynamic range and/or low noise would leave FF with so few advantages that the decision might shift from APS-C vs FF to APS-C to medium format.

I shot only DSLRs until now, and I think I'll miss the OVF once I make the switch. It's the biggest concern for me right now. Probably the same way Rangefinder fans relate to DSLRs . That's of course not the case for the kids out there which grew with Smartphones and Digital point-and-shoot, and are perfectly comfortable with the EVF. Maybe that's one of the reasons for this big shift to mirrorless.
07-23-2018, 08:10 PM   #81
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I think it'll force Canon & Nikon to streamline their offerings, e.g. instead of having ~7 options for apsc, theyll offer ~4, ditto for their FF lineup. The advantage $ony has is that they have their Playstation/movie industry money to pull from, and Fuji has their Instax money and extra cash from their soon-to-be-dead-35mm film sector to fund their dslr cameras.
07-25-2018, 06:58 AM   #82
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QuoteOriginally posted by KevinMoss Quote
Lol, Im still here. Havent had the time to make a decision, dont worry, I will let you guys know what was my final decision. As a 17 year old that makes less than 100$ a week its kinda difficult to buy a K-1ii or a A7iii, BUT I will definitely buy one in a short term. Im the kind of person that analyzes every single aspect of a product in order to buy the best one for me and for the price, because once I spend $2k on a camera, there is no way back! :P Thats why Im still deciding, meanwhile Im improving my skills in editing software!
Thanks yll for your comments and time.
You're at least 30 years away from needing auto-focus:-) and your cash is limited. I strongly suggest you purchase a used K-1 for around $1200 - $1300 and you have a large selection of FF capable lenses to choose from.
07-25-2018, 09:45 AM   #83
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QuoteOriginally posted by KevinMoss Quote
...I consider myself as a portrait, street and landscape photographer...
That covers a lot of ground but for landscape, most independent professional camera reviewers agree that K-1 is the absolute best value FF camera for landscape. I was wrestling with some of the same questions and opted for the K-1. It's ultimately a question of the tradeoffs you are willing to live with for the style of photography you want to shoot. For me I don't care about video from my DSLR, I think Sony EVF has a ways to go still (especially in the A7 iii), and the lens options are still somewhat limited though they do increasingly have the third party advantage over Pentax. I also recognize I am still learning and developing my style and my aim is to become good enough at certain things that I can earn some money to reinvest in my kit. But I also like the build and features of the K-1 over Sony and Canikon, plus having a strong online community is important, and strong backwards compatibility for lenses can actually be helpful in giving you certain artistic options (it's not all or even primarily about sharpness and optics performance, depending on your aims). I genuinely like all the "little things" in the Pentax build and design approach, e.g. body lights, control layout, menu, IBIS(!), true pixel shift (while Sony technically has this feature it requires post-processing effort), good weather sealing, the "feel" of the camera.

Also consider the K-1 over K-1ii, it's available at clearance prices right now if you keep your eyes open and the higher cost of the mark ii may not be worth it to you. If I switch to mirrorless in a few years it would likely be Sony but only after another generation or two of the current line. For me here and now, K-1 gives me what I need at the best value.

I would suggest watching at least 3 comprehensive, independent reviews of each camera before deciding. Make a table (in Excel) of your most desired features and rank them in order of preference, see how many boxes each one ticks off, then focus on the differences. Read the full manuals of each camera online so you get a better idea of how they work in hand.

07-27-2018, 01:33 PM - 1 Like   #84
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Ive just switched after 12 years of Pentax. The A7III is a huge step forward (even though not flawless).
07-29-2018, 04:07 AM   #85
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Well, the lack of equipment (i.e. lenses) is a handycap for Pentax, that's true. And mirrorless cameras are more light-efficient than any reflex. But the results on my K1 are simply stunning, especially after buying several Zeiss Distagon lenses.
07-29-2018, 08:21 AM   #86
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This is a lot of discussion for a relatively simple answer. Pentax is a brand that appeals to people who are ok with being a little bit different and appreciate a good price to performance ratio. People who want the latest tech features should probably look elsewhere and Sony is currently leading the tech pack (in my opinion).

I shoot both systems and am brand agnostic. If you are wanting to try something more mainstream and are willing to spend more, Sony might be worth checking out. There is also a decent used lenses market on another camera forum for Sony gear, so its not as overpriced as people make them out to be. Ive bought all my Sony lenses used except for one and saved $100s of dollars. You might try renting first or finding one in a store since an EVF is different. I prefer it in general, but other people hate it. A mid range Sony lineup is also much smaller and lighter than with the K-1, but the f/2.8 zooms and f/1.4 primes are just as big for full frame mirrorless. The only exception is wide angle lenses which can be made smaller.
07-29-2018, 10:29 AM   #87
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QuoteOriginally posted by zeitlos Quote
Ive just switched after 12 years of Pentax. The A7III is a huge step forward (even though not flawless).
I think so!
09-25-2018, 06:46 AM   #88
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QuoteOriginally posted by reh321 Quote
Have you looked at the latest review of the DFA* 50mm f/1.4??
DFA*50/1.4 first review -

Exactly what more do you want to get from that lens???
Excellent if we could ever get a F1.1 high speed 35 or 50mm prime, that would really fill out the lens arsenal. Plus, has the Sony lover ever tried any of the dozens of legacy lenses available? Has he tried the manual focus mode on the K-1ii for finer focusing (via peak focus) for refinement on specific subjects? The K-1ii is an amazing machine. I would purchase a lens alignment device as well to keep the AF as sharp as possible....
09-25-2018, 09:11 AM   #89

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QuoteOriginally posted by neokind Quote
If you are looking for best image quality and best value, definitely choose the K1. You’ll not find nearly the same variety of lenses for such a low price as you will in the Pentax system. I’m trading a relatively new Pentax body and ten premium lenses for another system and 2 lenses. And it’s costing me more than $1000 to make the change. I have specific reasons why it makes sense for me, but it’s not about value.
I can afford to get both a Sony mirrorless outfit and a K-1II. But years back I feel I paid way too much for the *istD, even though I waited as I usually do for the price to drop considerably, then used it far too little before getting the much less expensive K-100D, since it offered SR and the IQ was at least the same. So after that mistake, I've been very conservative about jumping on the latest and greatest. I have not even moved from APS-C only to include a full-frame K-1 even though I already have many fine FF lenses, instead getting the KP after a substantial price drop. I am not only very happy with the excellent results I get from it, along with its highly portable slim design, I am still happy with the fine results I get from my beefier but still pretty compact K-5IIs when I desire a larger body with more dedicated controls. Yet it is now 3 models back in "obsolescence". I skipped ver the K-3 series. I essentially have a complete set of APS-C fine lenses that can accomplish nearly everything I can do with my FF lenses on my very fine Pentax 35mm film bodies- my FF shooting background of many years. I have found my KP's low light/higher ISO capabilities push the envelope of the FF advantage closely enough that I now hesitate to consider carrying the extra weight for that little bit extra.

Even though FF mirrorless does allow reduction in camera size, one must still carry a bigger lens to do the same job. Especially when dealing with the tele range. For some this is not an issue, but for my way of doing things it is. As the guy in that video says, it is more important to go out and shoot pictures, as long as your gear serves your needs in a practical way, and you get fine IQ.

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09-25-2018, 11:50 AM   #90

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QuoteOriginally posted by KevinMoss Quote
Lol, Im still here. Havent had the time to make a decision, dont worry, I will let you guys know what was my final decision. As a 17 year old that makes less than 100$ a week its kinda difficult to buy a K-1ii or a A7iii, BUT I will definitely buy one in a short term. Im the kind of person that analyzes every single aspect of a product in order to buy the best one for me and for the price, because once I spend $2k on a camera, there is no way back! :P Thats why Im still deciding, meanwhile Im improving my skills in editing software!
Thanks yll for your comments and time.
This is another quote I meant to use. I don't know what Pentax equipment you own and use. As I said, the K-5 IIs I have is still very satisfying. I found just eliminating the AA filter did make a difference in fine detail over the 16mp sensor K-5 which has the filter. The entire Pentax current models do not have an AA filter, but have a different type of similar filter that can be switched on if needed- a very unusual and useful concept. And it is important to setup "Fine Sharpening" in the "custom Image" menus with the mode dial set on "P". Using the green "auto" mode is not best because the camera makes all the decisions.

Gaining more and more experience is most important, and it might be to your best advantage to get some better lenses. Some very good ones can be had at relatively low prices, which is definitely an advantage for Pentax users.

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