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01-29-2021, 09:34 AM - 1 Like   #1
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Should I go for K1ii or K3iii I really need some help

My current camera for work is K3 and still have K20D K10D that woking well for small print.

I shoot most corporate, editorial, portrait, headshot, boudoir or maybe food for work... The DA14, DA40, DA70, FA100 can cover 90% of my work needs.

Below is stocked lens

- Lens FA -
FA 20 2.8
FA 28 2.8
FA 35 2
FA 43 1.9
FA 50 1.4
FA* 85 1.4
FA 100 3.5 Macro
FA* 300 4.5
FA* 400 5.6
A* 200 4 Macro
FA 17-28 Fish eye
FA 20-35 4
FA 28-105
FA 24-90
FAJ 18-25

- DA Lens -
DA 14 2.8
DA 35 1.4
DA 40 2.8
DA 70 2.4
DA 10-17 Fish eye
DA 18-55

80-200 2.8 af
300 2.8 manual


I have try some FA lens in a K1ii and result CA / purple fringing when stop down even one stop... kinda upset.

My question is should I just go for K1ii enjoy the FF but need to fine turn every photo CA / purple fringing etc/, or go for K3iii and build my DA line up?

It's very headache in real I hope got some input here... many thanks.

The itching is not satisfying the tethering support of the current setup... no cable support and using wifi eye-fi (already dead) solution to mac computer

FYR: The K1ii in my area is USD1700

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With that lens collection I would not even hesitate. You need a K-1II. Some of those lenses will have purple fringing in some situations but not all. And others will be just fine. And PF is easily fixed in Lightroom so except for extreme contrast situations it isn't a problem for me.
QuoteOriginally posted by mactrash Quote
It's very headache in real I hope got some input here... many thanks
When I got the K-1 I assumed I would move to FF completely but that did not happen. I am quite happy shooting both formats. I use the K-1 when it is the best camera for the job and the K-3II when it is.
01-29-2021, 10:20 AM - 2 Likes   #3
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I'd probably get the K-1II if I were on your shoes. You already have a lot of FF lenses. Unless you need what could possibly top if the line AF in a Pentax camera (K-3III), the K-1II should be nice.
01-29-2021, 10:44 AM - 1 Like   #4
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The K3III is aimed more at outdoors, action type shooting. You have a lot of lenses, which do you use most? The K1ii would give you full frame obviously, but is that important in your work, will it create an advantage? I think if you wait until the K3III is out and see some real world users chime in you will know more. Of course you have to be careful with that also, owners will likely gush over it, while reviewers will try to make little things they may not like into reasons it is a failure. I don't really have data to recommend one over another, but I would create a list of the attributes of each, that really matter to you. You could start with the camera comparison tool in Pentax Forums, where you can compare specs of each vs your current camera. But I would stil wait for real world results, specs don't always add up to pleasurable usage.

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How do you process your photos? Either camera will use your gear very well. The k1ii can do crop mode at nearly 16mp allowing you to use cropped lenses when needed without the need to do manual cropping. My Pentax gear only includes crop bodies, but I also have a Sony A7Rii on which Iím using some adapted k Mount lenses. It is great to see wide angle lenses giving their original angle of view on FF. However I also shoot m43 and find all formats viable.

I suggest you could make either one work. When you spot any of the things you do today, what limits do you have you want to get past? Also what budget for new lenses what plans for what lenses to use?

The DA* 50-135 used can be a spectacular bargain on crop for portrait or other work where a 70-200 on full frame would be normally used. But sdm is slow.
01-29-2021, 11:30 AM - 1 Like   #6

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it is possible that the new K-3III could be more expensive than the K-1II now ... I am sure there will be a massive price increase
01-29-2021, 11:35 AM - 1 Like   #7
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As a K1mkII owner, and a 645Z, I'm leaning towards advising a K3III for you. Your K3 has already been doing a good job for you professionally, so the new camera is likely to be even better and looks like it will add some useful video which you might find to be a boon. The caveat is if you have been using the LCD in an articulated way, like waist level shots or something else. Then I'd suggest the K1mkII. It's a wonderful camera. And remember, for some of your lenses where you have seen a problem, you'd always have crop mode.
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I don't know which lens is giving you PF problems, but as plush as you are with FF gear, the K-1ii would be my first choice. As for dealing with CA (la or lo) the approach in PP is the same for both APS-C and FF. Make yourself a preset. PF is another matter and is a side-effect of loCA that is also the same on your K-3 as it will be be on any other digital camera. A preset for PP is of little use, though batch apply of fringe correction on a per session basis might help as might attention to exposure* and use of a narrower aperture.

If you get the K-1ii, you might want to consider selling some of your lenses to fund purchase of the soon-to-be-released D FA 21 Limited, a D FA* 50/1.4, and D FA* 85/1.4. Those, along with the D FA 28-105 should provide a superb kit for wide to short tele.


* Moderate overexposure exacerbates PF as does use of direct flash.

01-29-2021, 11:57 AM - 1 Like   #9
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Wow, I am impressed with your lens stash! Personally, I would be very tempted to get a FF body for all those lovely FA lenses. The FA 20, 43, 85, 300 and 400 in particular stand out for me. The first three of those together with the 100 macro would probably cover most of your usage and do it brilliantly. The DA 10-17 fisheye is also very capable on FF from about 14 mm upward, for the odd occasion when you might want some ultra wide fishiness.

I think the K3iii will excel for field/wildlife, which is not your thing. The K1ii would be my choice for your usage. You might even get a good copy second hand if price is an issue.

Depending on what software you use, purple fringing is a non-issue. Lightroom in particular is brilliant at removing it, and if you set it up properly can even remove it automatically for 90% of your shots where it would otherwise have occurred. For the other 10%, a simple manual slider does the job.
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regarding your DA series lenses

you may want to look at this article on how they would work on the full frame sensor of the K 1 II:

Full Frame Coverage of DA Lenses: Comprehensive Test
Which DA lenses cover the full 24x36 mm frame?
By PF Staff in Gear Guides on Jan 7, 2019

Read more at: Full Frame Coverage of DA Lenses: Comprehensive Test - Gear Guides |
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QuoteOriginally posted by mactrash Quote
I have try some FA lens in a K1ii and result CA / purple fringing when stop down even one stop... kinda upset.

My question is should I just go for K1ii enjoy the FF but need to fine turn every photo CA / purple fringing etc/, or go for K3iii and build my DA line up?
Nothin in your shooting resume requires a K-3iii.The K-3iii has great action potential.

That being said, because of the FA lenses you own, I doubt you'll be happy with all of them on a K-1ii.

The newer DFA lenses are made to address you complaints with CA and purple fringing, but they are darn expensive. People claim using Lightroom is acceptable, except for the part where you have to pay for it, and regardless of how easy it is, it's still extra work.

My own K-1 line up of my most used lenses:
DFA 28-105.
DFA 100 macro
Sigma 24 macro
DA* 55 1.4.

I rely on DFA and DA*s for everyday use.

For studio work the biggest plus for FF is the tilt screen and live view combo. With focus assist, it's amazing. A K-P might be the best of both worlds. It has the K-1 type, tilting back screen, the accelerator chip, pixel shift for added clarity and detail in stills, all the good things about the K-1ii but with the added tilting back screen making it more useful in the studio than a K-3, plus all your current lenses will work the way you're used to.

Based on my own experience, the DFA 100 worked pretty much the same as on my K-3. As does the DA* 200 and DA*55 1.4. I really wasn't happy with the K-1 until I bought the DFA 28-105, in your case probably the 24-70.

Going to a K-1 series I really can't recommend going into it thinking you'll necessarily be happy with all your current lenses. Many of my current line up of 22 FAs and DAs I just don't use on the K-1, for a variety of reasons.

That being said, most of them I didn't use much on the K-3 either. If you like it on a K-3, you'll probably like it on a K-1ii or K-P, as long as they are FF lenses (which of course all your FAs are.)

Your FA*85 1.4 would be an absolute treasure on a K-1 as should be your FA 43. It's not like you have a stable of lemons. You may find the Wide angles , lenses in the 20-30mm range may display CA and PF especially towards the edges that the crop sensor would not record.

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I'm a little late to the thread, so my recommendation adds little to what's already been said. For the use cases you mention, the lenses you own and the choices you've given us, the K-1II makes better sense. Effectively, you get a 36MP full frame camera and 16MP crop camera in one body, so you can use all of your lenses as originally intended by switching between those formats. Or, you could sell off your DA Limiteds and raise enough to buy, say, the D FA*50/1.4...
01-29-2021, 02:13 PM - 2 Likes   #13
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QuoteOriginally posted by mactrash Quote
I shoot most corporate, editorial, portrait, headshot, boudoir or maybe food for work... The DA14, DA40, DA70, FA100 can cover 90% of my work needs.

Below is stocked lens
My experience on crop includes these lenses from your collection and my impressions of them:

FA 35 2 / great fast normal lens
FA 50 1.4 / wide open soft portrait lens
FA* 300 4.5 / great super telephoto
DA 14 2.8 / superb close-far juxtaposition lens
DA 35 1.4 (2.4?) / left me cold I like the FA 35/2 more
DA 40 2.8 / great environmental portrait lens, short or medium distance lens for me.
DA 70 2.4 / good portrait lens
DA 10-17 Fish eye / fantastic perspective bending lens
DA 18-55 / I prefer the 18-135 but this lens works well in all around use.

The same lenses used on my Sony:

FA 35 2 / nice modest wide - my fa 31 sees more use on FF
FA 50 1.4 / compact normal lens - mostly used at f2.8 or more.
FA* 300 4.5 / great telephoto
DA 14 2.8 / not really usable
DA 35 1.4 (2.4?) / no longer own
DA 40 2.8 / unclear, not much use on Sony yet.
DA 70 2.4 / I use my FA 77 more on Sony - unclear if I will use as much on FF
DA 10-17 / very specialized - at the longer end it is usable and still VERY wide.
DA 18-55 / I no longer own.

Think about what you like and dislike about the lenses you have and then think about how the perspective they offer will shift on FF. Is that desired? Is the crop mode on the K1 sufficient?

If you can rent a K1 (of mk1 or 2) you can probably answer this easier.

Iíd lean towards the k1 if the extra weight isnít a problem. The crop mode on it is similar to the k-5iis which is a great camera already. As a 24mp crop user the 15+ meg crop mode loses me too much that Iím used to but I see the value.
01-29-2021, 03:40 PM - 1 Like   #14
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Based on the list of FA lenses you currently have, I would go with the K-1ii. I have the FA 20 and FA 35. The 85 or 100 would be good for portraits. You also have some telephotos that will work full-frame.

I still use my K-5 for traveling or when I want to travel light.
01-29-2021, 05:51 PM - 1 Like   #15

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Back in October, I came to the point of making the same decision, and like yourself have a fairly good supply of very high quality FF lenses, especially in the shorter-to-medium FL range, many of which have been seeing little use with my fine APS-C bodies. I have really missed their use in their full FOV as I enjoyed on my 35mm film bodies. So I went for a K-1 II and I am glad for it. Unless you need the improved action shooting capabilities of the K-3 III, which apparently is a major design goal, or likewise its improved video, like my reasoning for my FF lenses, the K-1 II should prove to be a fine advancement for you. As to the forthcoming K-3 III's superior new VF being "almost" as good as a good FF VF, well my new K-1 II's VF is not "almost". it is great. Then you still have your fine K-3 for its APS-C advantage for longer FL work with lenses of lower weight/size/cost as well as the other fine APS-C lenses you have, or you can switch the K-1 II to crop mode to use them as an alternative. There are still some advantages to doing that- such as lower noise at higher ISO, better DR, and taking advantage of special features offered by the K-1 II, like its pull-out tilting screen for shooting from low or high positions, etc. which the K-3 III does not offer. The price of the new model will probably approach that of the K-1 II rather closely, making adding FF with the K-1 II even more attractive. All of the above reflects the reasoning I employed in my decision. I am very happy with my new K-1 II, for sure.

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