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05-06-2009, 02:02 PM   #1
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Why I Love Pentax

I'm starting a positive thread here, folks. No camera is perfect, and I know very well what the flaws of the K10/K20 are. At the same time, there is a reason that I use these two cameras and am starting to make a little money with them. So, what does Pentax give me that another brand doesn't?

Number one for me is the build/weather-sealing. I love being able to shoot in the rain. In order to get that feature in another brand, I would have to move up to a way more expensive camera. The K10 with DA* 50-135 survived a fall from the top of a car onto pavement, no injuries whatsoever. That's enough to sell me on any camera. (I know, don't ask what it was doing up there.)

I love having two dials. Whenever I pick up relatives' non-Pentax SLRs (same class), I am not only blown away by how plasticky they feel, but also by the fact that I have such a hard time changing settings.

I love the green button. People are very impressed with my sunset silhouette portraits, but the green button makes that something even a beginner can do.

Let's hear it. Why are you a Pentaxian?

05-06-2009, 02:09 PM   #2
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I use pentax BC of the LTD's and prime lenses .

And also BC its cool...
05-06-2009, 02:21 PM   #3
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I am a Pentaxian for some of the same reasons you are, but mostly because Pentaxes have been the brand I have used since 1961, when I bought an original 1957 Pentax in a pawn shop, and no other brand's lenses produce "The Pentax Look".

It would be nice to have some of the whiz bang features of other cameras, like faster AF, but none of them take images with the Pentax look. Any Asahi lens has a look to it that it uniquely top notch. Even with a 1957 Takumar preset 55mm f/2.2 lens (that might even have had a single coating on it) I have Kodachrome slides that look three dimensional.

I have slowly upgraded since then - adding a Takumar preset 135/3.5 for example - using the old until I had spare cash for the new. A number of lenses for different purposes, occasionally a non-Pentax lens that I sold off again, dissatisfied with the rendering, including a number of rather pricey lenses. The last non-Pentax lens I tried out was a Sigma 170-500. I was hoping I could use it to replace my M 400/5.6, but it was soft. It did not have the snap and sparkle of images coming out of the M lens on my MZ-S. Took a loss on that one, I can tell you!

My progression, ignoring the non-Pentax trials that were swapped out:
  • 1957 Pentax body with Takumar 55/2.2 preset
  • + Takumar 135/3.5 preset
  • - 1957 body and 55/2.2, + KX and SMC Pentax 55/1.8, + M42/PK adaptor
  • + M 28/3.5
  • - Takumar 135/3.5 preset, + M 135/3.5
  • - M42/PK adaptor (to a Pentaxian I met in a park for Cdn$10)
  • - KX + SF-1 - mistake. Should have kept the KX.
  • + M 400/5.6
  • + A 1.4X-S adaptor
  • + ME, + FA 28-80 (light rig for wife + daughter bike trip, 2 months in Europe
  • + AF500FTZ flash
  • + MZ-S + FA 24-90 when wife took over SF-1 and FA 28-80
  • + SMC Pentax Shift 28/3.5
  • - Shift, + M 100/4 macro - shift great in Chicago, no use in Sparwood
  • + K10D + D-BG2 + DA 12-24/4
  • + DA* 50-135
  • + DA* 16-50
  • + AF 1.7X adaptor
  • - AF500FTZ + AF540FGZ flash
Next? I'm waiting for cash, and when I have some, I'll look at some of Pentax's longer glass. That DA* 200/2.8 looks really good, and so does the DA* 300/4.
05-06-2009, 02:38 PM   #4
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* Ruggedness ( Built quality )
* Backward compatibility
* SR
* IQ
* Weather sealing
* Primes
* Bang for the buck
* Rich Pentax heritage



05-06-2009, 03:09 PM   #5
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As the now official complaints-basher of pentaxforums, I'll support a new and refreshing positive thread

Part of the reason I'm a Pentaxian is the fact that my father had/have a Pentax MG and I was able to use that. I love the feel and simplicity of the MG and I think it's a shame it is not possible to make a digital SLR with a similar body even today.

My first DSLR was the K100D because I could use the K-mount lenses and it had in body SR that would work even with my fathers older m42 Meyer and Pentacon lenses. I later upgraded to a secondhand K10D and got the battery grip for it. I've not yet found another dslr body that fits so well with my hands. I think it's kind of big and bulky, but it's impressively comfortable to use. I even got the K20D "because it was on sale"

I love the in body SR and I love the fact that it will work with any old lens I'll put on my camera. I really like the DA limited lenses as well as the old K and M series with its excellent build quality and super sharp optics. I even bought a couple of old Super Takumars and I never get tired of just enjoying the fine craftsmanship involved in the production of those gems.

I can't really pinpoint exactly why I'm a Pentaxian. I think it's a mixture of a lot of different aspects. It's not something I really think about that often, I just know that Pentax has become my weapon of choice. I'm not a professional, I just love to run around taking pictures and enjoy the feeling of getting "that shot" when the day is done. I think that Pentax probably more than most other camera manufacturers represent the feel/joy/pleasure of taking pictures.

Today I've got 4 Pentax dslrs and 3 film bodies, and I don't seem to be able to sell any of them. I'm pathetic.
05-06-2009, 04:42 PM   #6
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[QUOTE=Canada_Rockies;585034]I am a Pentaxian for some of the same reasons you are, but mostly because Pentaxes have been the brand I have used since 1961,

i knew we had something in common
i was born in that year, HaHaHa

05-06-2009, 04:50 PM   #7

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QuoteOriginally posted by OPTMEKX& Quote
* Ruggedness ( Built quality )
* Backward compatibility
* SR
* IQ
* Weather sealing
* Primes
* Bang for the buck
* Rich Pentax heritage


Yup..I agree. Like Canada Rockies I too have been a Pentaxian since the '60's. I flirted with changing systems a couple of times....twice with Nikon...thinking about going to Nikon F in early '70's and then again leaving Pentax and changing over in the digital age, by starting anew with a Nikon D200.

Also thinking about changing to Canon (30D) during my initial foray into the digital age.

But when the K10D came out and I read about all the features and read the lens reviews I kept with Pentax.

I'm happy with my feels real solid and robust...I enjoy using and carrying my little KM. I use both new digital Pentax lenses and old film based that I have had for awhile.

The only Pentax piece of equip. I'm not happy with is my Pentax 360 flash. I would much prefer to continue using my 25 year old Vivitar 285 HV...what a great flash. Apparently it has a little too much HV (high voltage) for the digitals. I know I could get a Wein shoe to mount it and thereby take away the risk of frying the K10D and KM...but I'm still not completely convinced that this would work.
05-06-2009, 05:14 PM   #8
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I've always known of Pentax but never had one until last year. My SLR was a Chinon CE-4 (early 1980s) and then a Minolta Dynax 7000i (late 1980s).

However, when I switched to digital, moving first through Point & Shoots (Canon Powershot A70, Panasonic DMC-FZ5,FZ7,FZ8) and then choosing my SLR, I first got a K200D. The salesperson in Henrys didn't like Nikon, liked Canon (I didn't mind it but it seemed a bit plasticky, Olympus had a small and dim viewfinder and the Pentax had an LCD datapanel that I had loved on the Minolta and supported older lenses (I discovered that my 50mm Chinon and 28mm Osawa lenses for the Chinon SLR both had K mounts and would work on the new Pentax along with the kit lens). The Pentax also had a nice bright viewfinder with a digital display that I could read and it was weather sealed which seemed a nice little bonus.

I also discovered eBay and lenses and teleconverters (enough said).

Fast forward to April this year and I've now upgraded to the K20D (thanks once again to Henry's half back offer and a free battery grip offer!!). I love it even more because the aperture & shutter speed display in the viewfinder are bigger, the data panel is lighted (50 year old eyes need help) and I love the two control dials. Also, a cheap Chinese focusing screen and Pentax magnifying eye cup make it even better.

It also works well with my collection of Metz flashes (8 CT 45 hammerhead style and a 32 CT-7 along with my Nissin 360TW. (I also discovered there were flash units on eBay!!)

Needless to say I do use a Safe-Sync clone on the hotshoe of my K20 when I'm using the older flashes. Even a Pentax may not be safe with >200 volts shooting through the hotshoe & digital electronics.

My 2 cents worth.


05-06-2009, 05:39 PM   #9
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K200d user here, I choose Pentax because:

1) AA batteries. I can shoot as much as I want without worrying about power and no propietary battery;

2) Weather sealing even for an entry level body. This is unthinkable in any other brand;

3) In-camera SR. Tthe price of IS/VR lens in other brands are simply insane for a hobbyist on a budget;

4) Support old lens. I don't need it when I was deciding to buy Pentax, but this gives me the impression that Pentax is not likely to ditch an old lens mount leaving long time users high and dry;

5) Great colours. I just love how the picture turns out from the camera as-is, no need to PP. I would rather spend more time being out taking pics than sitting in front of the computer adjusting every single shot.

Bonus: prime lens (I LOVE my pancake lens!)
05-06-2009, 05:50 PM   #10
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Pentaxian because of

1) SR
2) excellent ergonomic body
3) price
4) Unmatched primes
5) Ability to use older lenses
6) Excellent IQ for a APS-C sensor

These made me choose Pentax, and I am thrilled as I've always liked Pentax by name.....
05-06-2009, 06:08 PM   #11
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I bought a Pentax DSLR - *istDS - back in the days before SR, for the following reasons:

- I went to the store more or less blind, having done very little research (I was still thinking superzoom P&S at that point), but after being shown the Canon & Nikons at Ritz/Wolf, I noticed they were running a great deal on the DS with kit lens + 70-300.

- Intrigued by the sale, I tried the camera and liked how it *felt* better than the others, although AF felt a little sluggish.

- My wife had a K100D, and I had Pentax film P&S camera giving us warm fuzzies about the brand; the ability to share lenses didn't really play into it at the time.

- On going home to do more research, I encountered Mike Johnston's article The K-1000 of Digital SLRs
05-06-2009, 06:22 PM   #12
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i love Pentax caues, for some reason it just took me.
back in sept 2007, i went disney world with my 21 year old son and a canon P&S, when we were leaving, my eyes stopped on a guy with a DSLR straped to his neck, and then i figured out what was missing,
so in Oct'07 i was in L.A and went into Samy's with my eyes and credit card wide open, the sales clerk was very helpful, he asked me how much i wanted to spend, and i replied, show me stuff.
i was impressed with the K10D and started there, since then it has been CBA, LBA, BBA, ABA
so much reading , reviews, and researching some day i will go out and take pictures, until then its CBA, LBA, BBA, ABA

05-06-2009, 06:47 PM   #13
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Like C-R, I've been messin' about with Pentax since my first H1A in the early '60's. The only time I've left the fold was a three-year period in Southeast Asia in the '70's when I felt an Olympus Pen-F kit would be much more convenient than the SP-family.

Pentax just "feels" right to me. My Limiteds and *star lenses are all cunningly disguised as Super Takumar's or SMC's per the lens ring even though I've accumulated five Digital bodies to date.

Yeah, that l'il MG-body with an M 35 made the sweetest day-time walk-around kit I've ever used, although the P3n body was my favorite film workhorse - just a tad larger, a bit lighter and easier to hold than the ME-Super/MX The SP- and K-bodies were fine machines but not very comfortable to carry to my mind. Never felt the need for the pre-digital AF/AE bodies.

Now if they'd just put the K20 functionality in the smaller K200 body style, . . . or open the Scene Icon slots for user assigned pre-sets . . . or . . .

05-06-2009, 07:18 PM   #14
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As someone new to DSLRs and fairly new to Pentax, it's nice to hear your stories

My story starts in early 2006, when I was looking for a new P&S camera. After a long time looking it was suggested to me to look at Pentax cameras...
I got an Optio A10, after having to wait a month or so for it to be released. Immediately loved the small size and the vibrant, high quality images it produced.

Fast forward to earlier this year and I was looking at getting a newer camera. Eventually I moved on to look at DSLRs, particularly the K200D as it was (at the time in Aus) so much more affordable than others. After another month or so of reading reviews and trying it out, I bought my K200D and was immediately in love with it!

I (already) love Pentax because:
- general affection for the brand from a few years with a P&S
- The quality and affordability of the K200D
- Of course, the quality and colour of the images
- older lens support, SR and weather sealing really appealed to me

I also love Pentax because it just took me; hard to explain but I'm sure we all understand...

05-06-2009, 07:20 PM   #15
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I was heavily into photography 30 years ago with a mamiya SLR and Yashica TLR, doing cibachrome in my bathroom. I always wanted a K1000 because it was almost within my reach and it just looked right and durable. I decided to get back into 'serious' photography a few months ago and started checking out DSLRS. I was shocked at how cheap and plastic the entry level Canon & Nikons felt. I picked up a K100D in a local ritz and it just felt better and the feel of the lens was better than the others. I found this forum and started reading about the lens selection and the ability to use older glass.

I found a *ist DL a couple of weeks later and bought it. 2 months later I have 3 lenses and a teleconverter. So a Body, 18-55, 50-200, 50F2 & 1.7TC cost me less than 450 bucks. That is a great camera at a great deal.

I've become addicted to this crazy hobby again. I'm wanting SR so it looks like I'll be picking up a K10D soon. I can't quite afford a 20D. I love having a camera that feels like a real piece of quality equipment instead of a dime store toy. I also like being able to have a camera that will give me plenty of manual options.

And it's still cheaper than my other hobby, bicycles..

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