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Price 52750.62%
Better Options 41039.39%
Loyal Follower 24423.44%
Good Optics 40038.42%
Hate the main stream big brands like canon and nikon 19118.35%
Just do, that's all 625.96%
Other.. please specify 23722.77%
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12-13-2006, 08:58 PM   #61
Veteran Member

Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: UK
Posts: 643
no brand loyalty at all.. except general suport of the underdog brand.. something out of the big two norm..

big lcd
build quality
uses old cheapo lenses.. (price)
6 mega pixels was a plus point.. a choice..
sd cards
price.. he he

my choice was the k100d without the kit lens..

12-13-2006, 10:26 PM   #62
Inactive Account

Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Pocatello, Idaho
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Posts: 1,518
Use my existing lenses.
Use my existing SD cards
Weather/Dust resistant.
03-06-2007, 08:49 PM   #63
Senior Member
Trawlerman's Avatar

Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Hull, Yorkshire, UK
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Posts: 210
Why did I buy into Pentax Digital?

I guess it was because all of the other 35mm stuff that I had been using was fitted with the Pentax K-mount and changing to Canikon stuff would be too expensive.

IMHO. the cost / performance ratio of Pentax is much better than other manufacturers. Many people buy into Canon or Nikon because they think that they will automatically be better photographers if they use the same stuff as the so-called pro's. Wrong! They just end up shelling out more money and don't get the kit that they need because of the exorbitant prices that these companies charge for their stuff. I know Pentax doesn't have the lens lineup that C & N have but in all honesty who needs all that choice in lenses anyway?

Besides, i've always had a liking for Pentax stuff over the years. Why break the habit of a lifetime?

For me dedicated Pentax users tend to care more about the end result rather than what kit they use.

I find that it's also interesting to see the reaction users of other kit when I show them some of the great shots that I have taken. They are often astonished at the performance of elderly K and M series lenses.
03-06-2007, 09:47 PM   #64
Veteran Member
FotoPete's Avatar

Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Toronto
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Posts: 1,710
The backwards compatibility was the number one thing. Other reasons..I was sick of big brands, big price tags.

Pentax veiwfinders was something too and the fact that Pentax liked to do things right for a customer. (althougth, I can't entirely agree with the decision to cripple the KAF mount and then the susequent removal of the aperture ring in FAJ and then DA lenses.)

Its funny now because I don't even bother explaining to people that I have a Pentax rebrand anymore. Canikoners usually disregard me anyways. Haha, that look on a shopper's face was priceless. I was talking to my friend at a store and the shopper saw the slr around my neck. Then his eyes like widened. Samsung.....with..a...vivitar..lens...(the what...the...heck?! look).

Yea there are alot of Rebelers and Nikonians at school. The offical photographer on campus shoots D2X and D200. The photographers at the student newspaper all have Nikons. Alot of the students in the journalism programs have Rebels (some nikon D50s).

I volunteer for the student union and theres always this rivalry at events. Maybe its just me getting annoyed cuz of the ease main photographer spent like several thousand on the best 2.8 lenses and a D200 and how he blazes away. Anyhow, I'm trying hopefully to one day best them with much older/cheaper/minority brand gear and prove that its not about the camera and lenses that will get you the shots.

so far its been quite a journey in less then a years time. I shot my first event last september with an Mz-M and a Casio point and shoot. Just little over half a year later, I've got a dslr and expanded the lens collection from Dad's ol' primes to a shelf full of rag tag 2nd hand lenses haha.

03-06-2007, 09:50 PM   #65
Veteran Member
-=JoN=-'s Avatar

Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: NYC
Posts: 1,000
bought the ZX-50 too long ago to really remember.

mostly price, and aesthetics. I didnt know much about lenses, and all that other stuff that goes with owning an SLR system, but after time, I did, and i'm glad I went with the ZX-50 and not the Rebel-G
03-07-2007, 01:44 AM   #66
Veteran Member

Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Queensland, Australia
Posts: 668
Price, features, image quality, had no lenses so no bias to begin with, and the 16-45 was an awesome lens for a price that Canon, Nikon and Sony don't do.

The other options were the K100D, 400D, D40 and A100, which lost out because (respectively):
- MP count, features, many more faults, not available so readily with the 16-45
- NASTY ergonomic design, the worst kit lens
- too basic, no secondary LCD, MP count
- doubts about Sony full stop, the stupid lens prices, more faults than the K10D

Funny how many lenses Sony has on their website listed as for sale considering they only have 1 DSLR, I doubt Konica-Minolta users will enjoy the prices either.
03-07-2007, 02:26 AM   #67
Inactive Account

Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Perth
Photos: Gallery
Posts: 669
With two babies my wife and I wanted to ensure we had plenty of photos, in particular my wife was getting very involved in the digital scrapbooking community and was leading into a business involved around that.

My Wife said that evryone in scrapbooking has a canon Rebel and that is the one to get. I did the research and remembered as a kid at high school seeing the ads for the Pentax cameras and the legendary glass and checked out the Pentax Digital offering the *ist D was no longer available but the Pentax *ist DS looked allright to me.

Wife insisted it had to be a canon Rebel as everyone else has one. I took my wife to a shop that sold the Pentax DS and let her hold it etc - they had sold out of the Canon rebel. We found another shop that had the Canon (no Pentax) she held it looked at me and stated "What a piece of junk, lets go back and buy the Pentax."

We have been very happy with the Pentax *ist DS ever since.
03-07-2007, 02:31 AM   #68
Veteran Member
benjikan's Avatar

Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Paris, France
Photos: Gallery
Posts: 4,312
Pentax K10D's

Ahhh...Hmmm...Well, I didn't actually buy my stuff, but I did decide to use it though. Does that count?

03-07-2007, 03:43 AM   #69
Inactive Account

Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Perth
Photos: Gallery
Posts: 669
Ahhh...Hmmm...Well, I didn't actually buy my stuff, but I did decide to use it though. Does that count?
It certainly counts in my book.
And I sincerely hope they continue to keep you well supplied, cause you using Pentax is going to lead to more sales which means more R & D and lenses, flashes etc from Pentax.
03-07-2007, 07:48 AM   #70
Inactive Account

Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 158
I decided on pentax when i finally felt i was ready to make that change from a point and shoot to a digital slr. at the time 6 megapixels was all i needed, and now the 6 mp is great for my uses, as i dont print really huge anyway.

another thing was its price. i dont know of many cameras that give you that good of quality, and all of those features for under 500 dollars, plus i really like how it feels in my hands. since i have sort of small hands.

But at the time i narrowed it down to the canon eos 300d and the pentax k110d of course the pentax blew the 300d off of its battery grip. Now i have 4 lenses with another one coming soon

eventually i'll get a k100d and the k110d will serve as my backup.
03-07-2007, 09:34 AM   #71
Junior Member

Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Oregon, USA
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Posts: 49
Didn't choose Pentax--I chose the K10d...

I wouldn't have considered Pentax prior to the K10d. That was the first DSLR that had the SR in conjunction with the most complete feature set. The focal lengths and prices that Nikon and Canon have available with stabilization are poor at the moment (either too expensive, or wrong aperture range, or wrong FL range). Pentax doesn't have a great selection either, but with in-camera SR, the entire Sigma and Tamron selection suddenly are available. So for just over $1200 I can have a complete kit that is fully stabilized throughout the focal length range (yes, SR is just as valuable at short FL as it is at telephoto). Actually, that just got Pentax in the door for me.

I might still have gone for the Nikon D80 if it wasn't for a few of the other cool K10d features like the RAW button (I use that thing constantly) and Sv mode, more and better AF points, and the overall ergonomics are just much better.

Reasons that I might not have chosen Pentax:
I still don't particularly care for the jpeg softness of edges and I don't care for the steepness of the tone curve near the brightest highlights in jpeg. Neither of these is well-suited to post-processing.

Of course the notorious vertical pattern noise is also an issue although more minor than the others IMO.

03-07-2007, 02:14 PM   #72
Site Supporter
Mallee Boy's Avatar

Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Hindmarsh Isl. Sth Australia
Photos: Gallery | Albums
Posts: 3,488
I ticked the 'other' box for the following reasons:

Previous camera was a p&s, after having the battery charger give me grief & losing a charger cable early into a world trip, I decided it was time to upgrade.
Also wanted more control over my camera after re-kindling my interest in photography.

I wanted the camera to have the following features:
AA batteries.
Portable as in not overly big & cumbersome for travel.
Use SD card. (which I already had).
Give me the option of using manual settings.
Interchangeable lens.
Solid build.
Reputable manufacturer.
Reasonable price

After looking at all of the obvious candidates I was just about to forget the whole idea and stay with the p&s sysytem, which probably would have been the Pentax 750Z or a Nikon Coolpix (8 zoom) when I read a review on the Pentax *ist DS. (Interestingly I had to ask in a shop to hold one, & even then I was getting other brands pushed at me)

Game over....and absolutely no regrets.
03-07-2007, 04:40 PM   #73
Forum Member

Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Connecticut USA
Posts: 73
Because Pentax Got It Right!

This was my principal "other" reason.

When the digital camera appeared on the horizon, I sold my Canon SLR and lenses anticipating that I dd not want to get locked into anyone's system that early in the game. So I returned to my trusty mechanical rangefinders. However I did close my wet darkroom, except for film processing, and bought a Nikon Coolscan, Photshop and an Epson 2200.

I kept lookng for a DSLR but none of the Big 2 seemed to fit my needs. Despite the millions in R&D and advertiing they spend I was never conviced that the really were addressing my needs.

After reading my first review of the K10D, I felt that PENTAX GOT IT RIGHT!

Now after 2 weeks and some 600 images, of which I have put about 200 through my full digital workflow, I could not be more pleased. In 40 years of photograpy, one thing I have learned is that no camera is perfect. The best like the Canon RT (with the pellicle mirror) that I sold and my current CV BessaT, Konica Hexar AF and Ricoh GR1v were or are are great because they meet a specific need almost perfectly. My K10D joins these camera by being the best "all around" DSLR for myneeds.

03-08-2007, 05:47 PM   #74
Veteran Member
khardur's Avatar

Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: NW Massachusetts
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Well, I just made the switch from film to digital - the main reason I was holding out for a decent Pentax digital camera was because I had Pentax gear already, so I suppose that makes me a "loyal follower"

What made me switch to Pentax in the first place is probably more relavent. This was back in 2000, my camera was older, I wanted more lenses, but they just weren't available anymore because of the dying Yashica/Contax brand. I just wanted more options, so I figured I oughta go with a better system before I expand too much, but I can't stand the Canons and Nikons.

I don't have any rationalization for it, I just cannot stand Canons at all. Nikons are OK, but Pentax had more options for your dollar, (and still do) and the BEST backward compatibility with their old lenses, so I knew I would be able to get some not-so expensive lenses used.

I ended up buying a great cheap manual focus camera (the ZX-M) which was awesome. (still have it sitting around - can't seem let that one go, even though I haven't fired it since November. I did sell my *ist 35mm... that helped pay for the K110D I've got now. I want a K10D - just not yet. It wasn't in the budget for this year.

03-08-2007, 08:30 PM   #75
Site Supporter
SpecialK's Avatar

Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: So California
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32 years ago I bought my second SLR - a Canon EF - that was sitting right next to a Pentax. Both were $300 with a 50mm 1.8. I don't recall what the deciding factor was.

About 30 years, three bodies and 5 lenses later (not counting Bronica), most of it was sitting in a closet because I was sort of burnt out on lugging it all around. Then I had a bit of extra $$$ for toys, I decided to "try" digital photography in the form of a Canon A95. Iliked it well enough to buy an A620 after the A95 was stolen in a burglary.

However, the focal length of the A620 was a bit limiting (35-140 equiv) especially wide angle, and conversion lenses are somewhat disappointing.

So, I was reading the reviews on DSLSs on another forum, and talked myself into getting a DSLR.

I started shopping with the Canon XTi ( a bit small) and the Nikon D80 (a bit large).

I figured I would get three lenses, and though I did not have a specific budget I quickly decided I was not going to invest in Canon or Nikon lenses at about $1000 a pop.

With that brand restriction removed, it became much easier to shop. I saw the Pentax 10-17mm fisheye which brought back fond memories of my Canon 15mm 2.8.

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