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05-23-2009, 09:20 PM   #1
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Pentax K20D

Pentax K20D
Year introduced
KAF2 (exposure mode limitations with M and K series lenses)
Meter range
0 to 21 EV
Meter pattern
m (16 segments) c s
ISO range (expanded)
100 - 3200 (100 - 6400)
Expanded dynamic range
Exposure modes
Green, HyP, Sv, Av, Tv, TAv, HyM, X, B
Exposure compensation
+/-3 EV
Exposure lock
Shutter speeds (auto)
30s - 1/4000s (stepless)
Shutter speeds (manual)
B, 30s - 1/4000s
Self timer
Mirror lock-up
Continuous shooting
Hi: 3 fps up to 38 frames (JPG), 14 franes (PEF), 16 frames (DNG)
Lo: 2.3 fps until card is full (JPG)
Burst mode: 21 fps up to 115 frames (1024 x 1536 JPG)
Auto bracketing
HDR mode
Multiple exposures
Built-in flash
Yes, GN 13
TTL flash
P-TTL flash
Sync speed
Flash exposure comp
-2 to 1 EV
Yes (SAFOX VIII, 11 points)
Autofocus sensitivity
-1 to 18 EV
Autofocus with SDM
AF Assist
Yes, stroboscopic flash
Front/Back focus corr
Power zoom
Lens correction
0.95x, 95%
Viewfinder type
Diopter adjustment
-2.5 to +1.5
AF Points in viewfinder
Exchangeable screen
Depth of field preview
Digital preview
Live view
Video/Movie Mode
Camera controls
2 control wheels. Many dedicated buttons
Custom Functions
(One programmable USER Setting)
Shake reduction
Dust removal / alert
Yes / Yes
Pixel mapping
Image size
16 x 24 mm
14.6 MP CMOS
File format
Memory card type
Back LCD
2.7 in. 230,000 pix
Weather resistant
D-LI50 lithium-ion rechargeable
Battery grip
D-BG2 with D-LI50
Size (W x H x D)
141.5 x 101 x 70 mm
715 g

Program modes: Normal, Action, Depth of field, MTF.

Extra flash functions: Wireless, High-Speed, Contrast control.

Exposure modes with M and K lenses: Restricted to Av (with aperture always wide open) and M.

Attached Images

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This is an awesome camera. Get it while they're still available new.

Some stuff I wrote previously: my impressions switching from the K200D to the K20D.

+ The memory buffer is great! The K200D filled it with only 3 RAW pictures and this was the main reason I upgraded. On the K20D I haven't hit the buffer limit yet.

+ Auto focus is ridiculously faster with my small primes (FA 50 and 77), quite faster with the big prime (FA 31) and noticeably faster, but not by a big deal, with the 18-250 zoom.

+ Viewfinder is much better, not only brigther, but clearer and easier to find focus, seems to have "higher resolution"

+ The green button finally has a use! Almost useless on the K200D, now it sets ISO to auto after changing it with one of the little wheels. What a dream it is to be able too set iso like that.

+ A switch to choose between AF-S and AF-C without opening menus is a great thing I missed before.

+ High iso is a stop better in noise. Even better in colour rendition, I think.


+ My mirror lens exposes correctly on Av now. On the K200D I had to use manual mode and green button to get good exposure. Focus confirmation also works with it now.

+ The ability to do autofocus adjustment is nice, fixed my FA50 which I previously thought soft wide-open, now sharp.

+ Switches for AF and AE area selections are good but I won't use them much

+ TAv is a nice convenience, I had wished the K200D had it.

+ The backlit LCD is another nice convenience that I've missed before.

+ I don't care for multiple exposure, but will certainly find use for interval shooting

+ The battery and card door locks just show how well built this camera is


This is one great camera I'll be happy to hang onto until the Pentax FF camera comes out in 2017, and proud to show off to my friends with 50Ds and 300Ds.

It takes great images. They simply "look" better than the K200D's, I can't explain.

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05-26-2009, 11:11 AM   #3
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it's a review!

well even though i own one and love it, it isn't perfect!

the weight and size is how to say.. not for my hands, it's a little to big and a little too heavy.

viewfinder only 96 or 95% of coverage i believe all cameras in this class have it like that, but i find it very irritating to frame an image and later find that it's not like i've framed it.
3 fps isn't a spectacular while on k10d it was unlimited, now it's limited up to 40 shots, while mine ends in some 20 shots.. i do not know maybe it's because of the card, but i do not believe, because it's a buffer thing.. maybe it's deffective.. but, i do not want to send it for such a thing..

21fps.. is a ridiculous joke.. i find it totally not useful.. but maybe that's only me.

liveview.. no one mentioned, but it really stinks. But i do use it occasionally. even though it's hard to use it, because you cannot change anything whlie shooting with liveview on.

SR works fine, although in liveview a certain noise is audible of it working.

the extent of its customization is amazing! you can accomodate it to your specific needs, and it's awesome.

intervalometer is good, but.. only for 100shots.. that's a pitty.

ISO performance.. good until 1600 ISO, some 2500 ISO shots are good, but 3200 isn't usable to me. not to mention 6400ISO, even though others might claim differently..

oh and the main thing.. low light focusing.. but i guess several people already mentioned that. well it's not robust. although quicker than k10d.

built quality is amazing, weather sealing superb!

another thing that is irritating is it's not that fast and responsive, while to show the shot on lcd, and then to browse menu, and to add some filter or to develop raw or something, I sometimes experience lag, while i want to review shots, but the lcd doesn't shoe anything.

oh wireless flash and remote control is amazing.

I've been as critical as possible. other than that it helps me to make amazing pics and is an amazing tool for any photographer..
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Overall, a great camera. I'll give it a 9 for doing so many things so well. Note: I shoot exclusively in RAW so anything to do with picture styles or JPG output will not be considered.

First, the bad, to get it out of the way:
- the autofocus is slow compared to the competition, but is actually better in low light than some other cameras I've used. Forget about using AF-C to track anything moving very quickly
- the shutter is kind of loud
- live view is useful for some things (difficult angles, etc) but lack of HDMI output and lack of a good manual focus zoom (the actual pixels are enlarged on the screen when zooming in live view, so you don't actually see more detail!) restrict its usability
- sort of a problem with Pentax system in general, but P-TTL is very inconsistent and usually gives bad exposures for me with my AF540 flash

And now, the good:
- image quality is fantastic -- big, detailed files even at ISO 1600
- handling is great, and the body is built very well
- the camera is very responsive, with nearly no shutter lag or lag when turning it on
- auto ISO is extremely handy...TAv mode, where you set the shutter and aperture and the camera selects ISO, is great for a range of things
- the overlaid histogram on image review is nice and much better than some other manufacturers' methods of shrinking the photo to display a histogram to the side
- shake reduction is indispensable -- with it in-body and a fast prime, you have low light shooting Canon and Nikon simply can't match without going full frame

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This is the camera that really introduced me to SLRs as a whole... Not much to hate, but much to love! Here's what I wrote about mine :

What I like and dislike about the Pentax K20D
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros very versatile with WR
Cons not enough Pentax focusing screens
Rating 9
Price 680
Years Owned 1.6

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
I like the top dials that remind of of film bodies. The other feature is the front and rear dials for shutter speed and aperture control.

Camera Review
The key feature that attracted me to the K20d (and k200d) is the ability to use legacy lenses with these bodies. That is a big deal since I have a working vintage 135 camera collection.
06-19-2010, 10:24 AM   #7
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros Great IQ, price, weatherproofing, amount of customization, shake reduction in body
Cons some noise at high ISO, bit big and heavy, basic live view, not the fastets AF in the bussiness
Rating 9
Price 499 euro
Years Owned 3 months

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
This camera has loads to offer. Most features are mentioned in previous reviews, so no need to further specify.

Concerning the value I must say this camera currently represents excellent value in The Netherlands. I bought this camera (body) new at a price lower than competing Canon 40/50/500/450 offerings, which I consider it's main competition. Yes, it does not have the latest features like advanced HDR, advanced Live view, HD recording but I don't care about those frills. This still is a great camera IMO!

Camera Review
I recently upgraded from a Pentax K200d, in itself a very good and capable camera and I should still write a review about it. Basically the K200d introduced me to photography. With the K20d I hope to further expand my interest.

Why on earth buy an "old" camera like the Pentax K20d new, you might wonder. Why not the Kx of K7? Well, I must confess that money had something to do with this choice. The K7 costs +/- 900 euros overhere and that's roughly twice the price of the K20d. The Kx is a very different kind of camera and as such doesn't really compare.

Primary reason for me to upgrade was the amount of customization this camera has to offer. Metering, AF select, fully customizable Program mode. And because of the two command dials you can easily set this camera just as you want it. You'll spend less time going through menus. Also the fact that this camera has a proper battery with excellent battery live, brighter view finder and larger buffer made the choice easy. An excellent offer from my favorite shop around the corner sealed the deal.

Compared to the K200d I found this camera to have quicker AF. In my opinion the IQ is also better (not that much and not in all conditions but still). It just capsures more detail and lighting/metering is also much improved. Better flash too. Coming from an earlier Pentax I had no problem to adopt, however if you are new to Pentax there might be some text book study (just 281 pages, but learning to work a camera is part of the fun). The built quality is excellent (so is the K200d), as this is a real sturdy camera. No probs taking it hiking/sailing!

All in all I'm extremely pleased with this camera. It's not a mind boggling upgrade from K200d, but if you enjoy taking great pictures and don't care about the newest frills in the market, this is an excellent choice. Pick one up quick. It's a bargain.

07-22-2010, 04:32 PM   #8
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros Good IQ, nice in low light, backwards compatibility, very customizable
Cons AF is not that great
Price 1000
Years Owned 1

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
Good low light, high ISO images have a nice film like grain, incredibly durable. Button layout is very intuitive.

Camera Review
I will not rehash what has been said before.

Maybe the best value camera system available today. This camera can be configured to fit your style perfectly, and plays like a familiar instrument. High ISO images have a totally unique feel compared to other manufactures. I find other cameras try their best to clean up high ISO noise, and the result looks almost computer generated. Pentax high ISO images are some of the more "organic" I've seen from a dSLR.

This thing is a tank and will fit any lens you can find for it. I suspect this camera will outlast it's welcome (when in 5 years all these cameras will iron your clothes and shoot holographic video ) as the construction really is top notch for this price point. You can easily build a system for this camera for very little if you are comfortable with manual focus (and you should be, it's much more reliable than AF).

Prints nice and big.

I would buy this over a K7 because you can get the K20D for a very good price right now. The K7 is improved, yes, but the K20D performance/value ratio is off of the charts.

08-16-2010, 11:14 AM   #9
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros weather-sealed, well-built, external AEB and SR switches
Cons heavy, lower-res 2.7" LCD
Rating 8
Price (U.S. Dollars) 900
Years Owned 2

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
An excellent value at today's used prices ($475 for a low-click example?) for a weather-sealed, professional 14.5 MP Pentax. Great sensor from Samsung: accurate colors and decent high ISO performance (esp. with modern noise-reduction software), with lots of latitude in raw files for exposure adjustments later on!

Similar to the K-7, with one big difference: I use the clearly-marked external buttons/ switches for Auto-Exposure Bracketing and Shake Reduction all the time! Sure, a newer K-7 has improved metering and a metal body, but having to go into a menu to switch these during my landscape photos is a deal-breaker for me.

The K20D's lack of any "movie mode" could be both a pro or con...

Camera Review
"Take it outside!" That should've been the K20D's marketing slogan. This camera is so well-built and sealed that rain, dust, rough handling, and temperature extremes don't stop your creativity. Naturally, having a WR or DA* lens on the front helps as insurance...

I've put more than 20,000 frames on my K20D (and about as many miles) in 2 years and it is still solid and always ready for more. The external controls are without equal (I mean, really, who else but Pentax puts things like the Green Button, the RAW button, the AEB button, and Live View/DOF preview switch all within easy reach?). The sensor and PRIME engine combo is phenomenal (see above, and it lives on in the K-7), with great colors, noise, and easy ability to customize any WB and Custom Image profile (and use AdobeRGB and DNG!), along with the ability to calibrate the rear LCD really make this a color-critical photographer's camera choice.

For me, personally, the main reason for getting the K20D (after a string of mid-range Canons) was the 5-shot +-2ev Auto-Exposure Bracketing. I'm an HDR-geek, and this is what puts the K20D (and other current top-tier Pentaxes) in the same league for HDR as Canons and Nikons costing 4-8x as much. Having built-in Shake Reduction and the ability to use it with almost any lens you can fit on the front (with AF confirm even on old M42 glass!) is just a bonus. Honestly, for landscape photography, you cannot beat these weather-sealed Pentax bodies... if only the lens line-up would be updated with T/S and AF TCs it'd be a one-stop shop.

If there are any areas that have me sometimes wanting an upgrade, it would be the AF accuracy for moving targets (not a frequent problem for my photography, but a Pentax common complaint), the lower-res 2.7" LCD, and the slow 3fps burst rate with a smallish buffer.
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros Great Sensor
Cons Yes, a little slow AF
Rating 10
Price (U.S. Dollars) $500.00
Years Owned 2 1/2
I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
Too many attributes to mention. Seriously.

Camera Review
C'mon let's get real. This is the last genuine Pentax digital body. Everything after is Hoya-Pentax. So this is an immortal classic that too few people recognize as such. How sad is that? This camera gives much, but also demands much of you. Your brain controls the camera. If your brain isn't up to the task then please buy more updated equipment that will do more of your thinking for you. This camera has it's flaws, but it's still superb. Ask any K20d owner. A totally indispensable tool. Get one cheap used.

Cons: Retro Safox autofocus

Pros: Great sensor. Optimized for still photography, not video!

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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros solid feel, weight, SR
Cons default meter settings, AF low light
Rating 9
Price (U.S. Dollars) 1100 (body and 16-45 kit)
Years Owned 2 years now

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
Cheaper than similar featured cameras and I'm a Pentax user all the way (lenses). Even after about two years of ownership, the K20D continues to deliver superb performance. The SR, after firmware update, is a pleasure to have. It allowed some wiggle room when a lens change was not available. The weight of the body is well balanced for carrying in hand and moving around and the grip (D-BG2) lets me dance the camera around even more.

Camera Review
I've been a long time photography amateur, but circumstances put in the other realm... volume images, publishing, deadlines, fast turn-around and still the need for high quality high megapix shots for the past two years. The K20D has met all my needs and has fooled many in believing a full pro Nikon or Canon was at work behind the scenes. First, day light or normal lighting problems, it is always great. So then, low light conditions...well unlike most it seems, I've been very happy with the most of the High ISO performance and sure I'll have to post-process it, it just looks like I have much to work from. Post firmware update has opened up the SR feature for me. Prior to the update was a crap shoot most time and often just plain crap. I don't know what they were thinking before, but I'm glad they fixed it. In most cases at 1/15th is the best balance for greatest number of shots from 16mm to 200mm. I've pull 50% success at 1/8th or 1/10th from 16mm to 80mm. A few gems at even 1 full second. The camera has left the work place also and has gone on a few vacation now. It was nice to have it around with just a 21mm limited all stuffed in a fanny-pack or backpack. Even with the new flagship camera that are or to be installed as successors, the value, performance of the K20D is holding up well.
Oh, an often over looked feature that I've heard folks complaining about it the fumbling to change ISO via the FN button... not sure where in the manual, to quick set the ISO if you like to be in M/manual mode like me. Just hold the OK button and spin the wheel..."big hassle it is to set"... really is not, quite easy!
To date, the only knock is the AF seems to get fooled more with low light and the DA 16-45mm set to 45mm. However, when I back it off to 40 or 35mm it will find the lock. I've checked the AF window for dirt, but all was clean.
UPDATE: I also get some extra focus errors with a 300mm/f4 while indoors at 100+ feet. Pity there is no split-image or something.

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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros Inexpensive for its class, pro-level features, built-in SR, solid and weather sealed
Cons exposure and white balance are so so, low light is a bit off
Rating 7
Price (U.S. Dollars) 600
Years Owned 2

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
Value is not even a question. Competes with much higher priced cameras. While some don't like it's weight and size, I personally like a hefty solid feel. Performance falls a little short of some of its contemporaries, but not so much that the value is affected. IN some areas (SR, etc) the value is unmatched.

Camera Review
I upgraded to this camera from a K100d, and it was a great move. While it certainly is less relevant after the release of the k5 and k7, it was a solid workhorse for its time.

White balance wasn't as successful as I'd wanted it to be, on auto. It certainly outperformed the K100d, but to be honest, that's not the most ringing endorsement. It was exactly what it was designed to be...a solid upgrade to the venerable k10, with substantial additional features. While some (Live View) didn't pan out all that well, it still represented an appreciable improvement while retaining the good aspects of the k10d. The shake reduction is nice, though not quite as effective as advertised. The dust reduction is certainly a nice complementary feature to the weather sealing.

I like its heft, and its solid feel. It's size feels good in my medium sized hands, more like a professional camera, less like a point and shoot. The controls are well placed..there's nothing that really requires manual gymnastics to reach while shooting. The menu options are relatively well laid out, at least the ones that matter (on the Fn side, especially). The diopter is a bit tight...I have a hard time adjusting it finely. A rotating grip wheel adjustment instead of a small sliding bar that doesn't offer much elevated tab to grip would work better, though this is hardly the most pressing issue.

Even with my better lenses, I do feel that the camera has a tendency to underexpose a bit. I'm willing to chalk a good deal of this up to my abilities, but there is some portion that seems to stem from the camera itself. The custom settings make this less of an issue, but having to work around it make sit a tad less user friendly. High contrast scene, again even with better lenses, seem to cause more problems in the dark area with a lot of noise even at some of the lower ISO settings.

AF is hit or miss. Sometimes it's spot on, sometimes it goes into hunt mode, even in the same light conditions, but especially in low light.

My particular camera seems to have an ongoing issue with digital artifacts in about 1 out of every 50 shots, in which half the picture will be fine, but the other half will look like it was printed with only one of the primary colors, and a lot of digital artifacts and noise. I do not know if this is a wide-scale issue.

All in all, it was a great camera for the money back in its day. These days, it certainly would serve well as a backup, although the price differential between it and the K-7 isn't as great as it used to be, making the added value of the K-7 more appealing.
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros sturdy, liveview, and price
Cons high iso=noisy pic and
Rating 8
Price (U.S. Dollars) $750
Years Owned 1 yr

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
14.6-megapixel CMOS sensor
ISO up to 6400
Shake reduction
Basic Live View

Camera Review
I purchased this camara 1 year ago. I am a beginner person who loves to take pictures (most photographers I know dont like it when an amatuer calls themselves a "photographer"...LOL) I think initially my favorite thing about this camara is the price, you get more 'bang for your buck". Second was how it felt in my hands, nice and sturdy (although thats a minus too because my wrists start to hurt after a while).
The camara stabilization is inside the camara AND the lenses! Not just the lens...It's sophisticated, too - the sensor is moved with magnets rather than motors, and in three dimensions rather than two. The camera even uses focal length data from the lens to fine-tune its reactions.
I live in a desert area and DUST IS A PROBLEM...well this camara has a nifty dust removal function: Other noteworthy features include a basic Live View mode, pixel mapping (to identify and blot out any dead pixels), a dynamic range enlargement feature to cut down on blown highlights and a Dust Alert function to check for sensor dust. This works very well for me. To activate the function, just point the camera at a white surface and press the shutter release. The camera then displays a white field with any dust spots clearly delineated.
I also purchased the optional battery grip which made the camara even heavier...BUT easier to handle (if that makes sense). and gives me the ability to swap focusing screens to better suit particular styles and types of photography.
THere are some annoying qualities also, one of these is the 'Fn' button on the back, which is used to access the drive mode, ISO, white balance and flash mode. On a camera of this type, these really ought to have their own buttons on the body.The other is the light and tacky-feeling navipad, which also manages to have a rather vague and indecisive action.
The menus stick to the old Pentax style, too - they do look basic and dated compared to the interfaces on rival cameras. This is a serious, powerful photographic tool, but the menus look as if they belong to a simple 3 year olds toy! And then there's the 18-55mm kit lens. It has its good points - a focusing ring with a distance scale, a metal mount - but its performance is pretty weak, particularly at the edges of the frame, where the sharpness falls away and quite high levels of chromatic aberration begin to appear.
These details are disappointing because, basically, this is a really good camera. The viewfinder is big, there are two control wheels not one (ideal when you're adjusting shutter speed and aperture independently) and the larger-than-average body means that you can really get a proper grip on it.
Not only that, and notwithstanding the indifferent kit lens, the image quality is really good.
Live View mode: It's worth taking a closer look at the Live View mode, too, even though it's not as sophisticated as others. No, you can't change or even view the exposure settings, but it's easy to activate and it can help you frame shots in awkward positions.
Keep detail in your photos
It has another trick up its sleeve, too - its expanded dynamic range option.
This can be applied when changing the ISO. It restricts the ISO range to 200-3200, but it doubles the dynamic range of the images captured. This means that you can shoot on an overcast day and still keep sky detail without having to deliberately underexpose. Or shoot a reflective white subject like a vase without having to switch to RAW and fiddle about on the computer to recover those brilliant, subtle highlights.
Get it I LOVE IT
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros Feels sturdy, comfortable to hold, performs excellently for what they're asking for it these days.
Cons Somewhat sluggish continuous shooting rate, low light autofocus is frustrating, iso levels 3200 and 6400 are really noisy.
Rating 9
Price (U.S. Dollars) 499.99
Years Owned About a month.

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
I've really only dealt with one other dslr, a Canon Rebel XTi that belongs to my girlfriend. The K20D is a bit larger than the Canon, and substantially heavier, and it's easy to see where that extra weight comes from when you hold it in your hand, for better or for worse. I'm a fairly large person, with reasonably large hands, and I find the camera very comfortable to hold.

No doubt adding to the quality feel of the buttons and dials is the weather sealing, which I've yet to put to the test, but I know I'm going to, and it's nice to know the camera will be up to it.

Also worth noting that the camera did include an 18-55mm AL II lens for the 499.99, which feels every bit as solid as the camera.

At 14.6 megapixels and reasonably respectable noise performance up to 1600 iso, and excellent performance at low iso, I've been really happy with the pictures that this thing has taken.

Camera Review
This is my first dslr. I'm not sure whether or not that qualifies me to be writing a review, but I'm going to write this for any other first time buyers that want to get impressions from someone who pulled the trigger on a K20D.

Based on my prior experience with the Rebel XTi mentioned above, and on handling some of the entry level dslrs hanging around on the shelves at Best Buy and Microcenter, the first thing that I noticed was the size and weight of this thing. It was quite a bit larger than I expected, but I came to appreciate it, as I find the camera really comfortable to handle in either orientation, even without a battery grip. It's worth repeating that the solid build quality on this thing inspires confidence, and I'm not afraid to simply neatly position it in my backpack when I go out as opposed to purchasing a camera case.

If you're a beginner photographer, this camera does not go too far out of its way to hold your hand. You can set the top dial to green, and that's basically your only option for letting the camera think for itself. So it really helps to know the basics of how aperture, shutter speed, and iso are going affect your pictures.

Another thing that the camera quickly educated me about was hot pixels. ("What's that green dot on my chin?")

Apparently when this camera was released in 2008, this was a thing. I apparently only had one positioned down and left of center, but running pixel mapping out of the menu seems to have fixed the issue, and I've seen nothing of the sort since.

Now to be honest, my experience is pretty limited, but with the 18-55mm lens this thing shipped with I've been extremely happy with some of the pictures I've taken in the glorious sunlight. Indoors, however, things are a bit different. I took a little walk with the camera at the air force museum, which happened to be pretty much my first time out with a dslr, and I'm not very disappointed with the results.

Picasa Web Albums - Nate Bendickson - USAFM

Obviously things could have been a lot better, but I'm sure a few issues could be solved by changing what's attached to the front of the camera, and all of the rest by improving what's behind it.

Overall, I'm really glad I decided on this being my first camera, and I look forward to improving myself in order to see what this thing is really capable of.
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Pentax K20D Camera Review

Pros Takes great pictures
Cons Live view is not too useful
Rating 9
Price (U.S. Dollars) 750
Years Owned 2

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
I can use a boatload of old accessories and lens from 25 years of using various Pentax film cameras.

Camera Review
Excellent viewfinder. Auto focus could be a little faster, but I am getting spoiled since I have never had auto-focus before. When given a chance it does a fine job.
I like the weather protection feature as general protection.
The standard neck strap just didn't work for me. Now I have a hand grip and it makes things much more convenient.
Built-in flash is too weak.
The standard lens is excellent.

Overall, I love it!
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