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08-30-2009, 10:13 PM   #16
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My request is for a built in time lapse video function. Set the intervalometer, and choose your video properties and the camera does the rest. I'd just prefer to be able to create time lapse videos simply with no computer work required. Not a big request, and something that could no doubt be arranged in a firmware update.

I like some of the other requests too, bud didn't want to be repetitive.

08-31-2009, 05:47 PM   #17
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QuoteOriginally posted by OutOfFocus Quote
I'd lower its power consumption so it could run on AA batteries.
Doesn't the grip allow that?

My biggest concern is high ISO performance. I really want to see better quality from ISO 1600. The pictures I have seen vary signifacantly, some very clean and some were horribly noisy at ISO 1600.

bigger viewfinder (.98X would= the same magnification as my old EOS ELANII film camera)

Grip is very nice and the sturdiness is rock solid (the rubber feels better than the GX-10) but the magnesium alloy feels very similar to the GX-10's body. They probably should of just made it feel like the D300. They "textured" the body with plastic, although under the bumps and inbetween the plastic textured bumps it feels like metal.
I actually prefer it to feel that way, but of course, I am just saying what I am thinking (I know some of you talked about this) I love the feel of my GX-10. The k-7 feels better with the better rubber, more definite grip, and mag-alloy body.

Looks too sexy for it's own damn good... you guys know it's true!

Bigger viewfinder...

My nose keeps getting on the screen so maybe they should place the viewfinder farther out (or I can get myself a O-EM3) But I am so poor and lazy!

Did I mention a bigger viewfinder? I really want that film feel. Already has some of the looks. Now I need that feel when I look through the viewfinder. It's basically the same size as the GX-10. Not a bad thing. The GX-10 already has the biggest viewfinder among APS-C bodies (even bigger than the D300 and D200 and D2X), but if it was bigger that would be AWESOME.

Yeah.... I can't wait til I can actually OWN one. Stupid Fry's trial isn't worth much.

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08-31-2009, 06:21 PM   #18
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I would improved the AF-C performance quite a bit.

I would reduce the price by at least 250$ (canadian funds, that is).

I would put a FF sensor in it. (If it was possible!...)

I'd pretty much leave the rest as it is, since I'm a rather very satisfied owner.
08-31-2009, 09:05 PM   #19
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Physically I wouldn't change anything. I love it.
- I'd like to be able to format the SD card a bit easier (i.e. not have to roll thru menus to find it), and be able to take the SD card out a bit easier.
- I'd like my 77 ltd to render the same as it does on my K10's. With this camera the images look different. I'm not sure if it's the CMOS sensor or what it is...
- I'd like the grip to hold my remote like the K10 grip.


08-31-2009, 11:52 PM   #20
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- bring back the top LCD backlit functioning of the K20D
- be able to see both the levelling meter and the exposure meter in the viewfinder at the same time
- better eye relief for glasses wearers (it's good but could stand to be a little better)
- voice annotation of photos while reviewing them, my Canon S45 from an eternity ago had this!
- faster initial shake reduction acquisition
09-01-2009, 06:25 AM   #21
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1) I'd make it cheaper from the start.
2) A little more high.
I don't like small camera despite i haven't large hands.
Clearly if in a distant future i must buy another camera I'm interested on the pentax k7d despite i think is a little small.
As usual some compromise is always necessary.
09-01-2009, 07:14 AM   #22
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Higher X-Sync and allow syncing flashes faster than x-sync like all the big brands.
09-01-2009, 10:58 PM   #23
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(1) Add optional stronger NR processing to the on-camera software, and allow more flexibility in when NR etc get applied. While there are obviously many tradeoffs involved in using NR/sharpening, the "canikon look" (always-on strong NR) is very popular, and it would help sell cameras if the K-7 could turn out really clean jpegs without PP -- even if those in-the-know turned off all that stuff.

"in a perfect world" (but...not gonna happen):

(2) If the on-chip sensor amp problems that those Gordon/Oleg keep talking about (that they claim are mucking with the sensor DR and adding noise) are real, then get Samsung to fix the sensors. I've no idea whether they're actually correct -- I've not yet seen compelling visual evidence for this problem -- but more DR is a good thing.

(3) Bigger VF / high-eyepoint VF. Canon's 7d has a huge 100% 1x VF! Yum! But... I wear glasses, so I'm jealous every time I try a camera with a HEP VF. Today's generally less-magnified VFs seem to work better for glasses, but I still kinda miss the giant VFs of times past (even tho I had to kind of twist and turn my head to see the whole image with glasses on!). I guess if they made the VF window BIG enough, maybe they could do both simultaneously?

09-01-2009, 11:53 PM   #24
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Based on short try-out in local shop:

-Body size should be as large as Canon 5D / Nikon D300/D700 for the big-handed
-Electronic level should be engaged from a button near grip and shown immediately on the back LCD with black background & white grid (when not using liveview) as a rotating line representing horizon
-with bigger body bring back K20D button layout next to LCD screen (playback etc. buttons)
-missing bracketing button is EPIC FAIL
-there should be a lever which engages viewfinder cover
-Bracketing should give 3-9 (adjustable max 1ev difference with 9, 2ev with 5) exposures with mirror locked up during the whole sequence with max shooting speed
-in-camera HDR should give out a radiance file instead of 8bit JPG
09-02-2009, 12:50 AM   #25
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Aside from the obvious getting the bugs worked out of the sensor (which they're apparently doing), my personal wishlist would include the following. Almost all involve video, as I have few complaints about the camera's excellent still-taking ability (then again, I usually shoot in the 6mp mode, which is plenty of resolution for 99% of my shots and come out nice and sharp. I use RAW if I need more). The first would probably require new hardware:

1, 2 and 3) TRUE 1536 x 1024 resolution in video mode. This is probably the most critical thing holding back the K-7's video from greatness, it already produces some of the nicest and most natural videos right out of the box (esp at .9mp) but given the suspected limited nature of the "native" 768 x 1024 format that low horizontal resolution is holding it back and causing jaggies. The only way to smooth them out is turn down the sharpening in the camera which causes loss of detail or some Photoshop work, both of which are just band-aid patches on the deeper wound of missing detail.

Implementing a 3 x 3 sampling matrix would do wonders for the image quality, it would double horizontal resolution giving an image more suited to a 1.6mp still frame. Personally I wouldn't have a problem with them dropping the frame rate to 24fps (but no slower) if that's what it would take to get the job done. Unlike many I like the 1.6 mode for the crop room it gives you and is basically a pillarboxed 1080 mode already (which looks pretty good if output from the camera's HDMI to a 1080 TV). If it were a REAL 1.6 megapixels it would look good resized to a 1920 or make for an even better 1280 (which is already among the best out there in good light).

If this or a future processor still couldn't handle that kind of bandwidth then it may be worth considering implementing a 1536 16:9 cropped mode (1536 x 864) which again would make a nice upressed 1920 image, a superb 1280 image, or left as kind of a native format (though the crop ability would sadly be gone). That and an extra **** quality mode for those of us who don't mind chewing through the memory cards but want top-notch videos. The blue channel is particularly prone to blocking up from the jpg compression, which can be distracting in the skies (though again it looks fine on a TV).

Really, the K-7 is ALMOST THERE - the videos look so good, much better than those of most other camera makers, it's just they need a little more detail. The default look is better than Canon's but it's clear that Canon's 1920 mode outresolves the k-7, at least on the x-axis. Doubling the horizontal resolution should go a long ways in fixing that. It also wouldn't hurt to run a little bit of color aliasing correction through the images if it didn't take that special look out of the videos (but not a deal-breaker, it can be post-processed out. BTW an included video editing program wouldn't hurt). And avoid the temptation to go to h.264! Especially HDAVC. Memory is cheap and cards and hard drives will be plenty big in a few years. Computers will come and go but I'll only have 1 chance to take the pictures and videos I want today. Give us all you got Pentax, just let us keep those files as large as we want!

The others fixes are more minor and probably possible with a firmware upgrade:

4) Manual controls for video! The K20d offered it on its 1.6mp superburst mode so why can't we get it for the K-7's videos? I suppose they should reimplement the promised AF during recording to keep up with the Jones' but that's not a big issue for me personally. It doesn't have to be a 5D/7D level of control but at least SOME control over the shutter speed and/or restricting the ISO mode used by the camera to the same range you set up for the auto ISO for stills would be very nice.

5) Speaking of that, why not bring back the k20d's fast burst mode if for nothing more other than to cushion the spec sheet? (30 fps! WOW) It's basically already there in movie mode so why not offer it as an option? Basically it would be video without sound and each frame is captured as an individual file. Would be nice if the camera gave these burst files their own folder to keep them separate.

6) Higher limit of frames on the intervalometer. I LUUUVVV this feature being built in and not requiring a remote or 3rd party solution. Just one of the built-in goodies that make the little bugger such an appealing camera.

7) Keep the video default picture parameters separate from the still parameters; what looks best on one doesn't always look so hot on the other. Pentax apparently tones down the saturation on its video which I think is a brilliant move since many videos will be played back on HDTVs which usually have their contast and saturation set too high.

8) My K-7 overheats REAL FAST with live view on, but I'm in South Texas with an early release model. One thing I've noticed is that once I quit shooting a video (or using Live View for still shooting) is the LV stays on after the shoot is over, further exacerbating the problem. It'd be nice to have an option to make live view automatically cut off after shooting to keep the sensor temperature down a little longer (the option may be there already and I don't have it enabled, my apologies if true). Just hit the LV button again to turn it on when I'm ready for it. An easy and practical fix to help combat the overheating issue

9) Have the option to leave the sensor level on while shooting video (again that may be possible and I'm just to stupid to realize it)

10) Have different presets for the video (maybe stills too) for optimal auto shooting modes for outdoors/indoors. I had good luck tinkering around with the high-low key and contrast settings indoors to help keep some noise in check, though it did crush some blacks it made the videos look better overall.

11) In-camera video trimming seems to be the new gimmick, and the way the K-7 goes through memory this would be a valuable tool. Should be very easy to implement given the simpler compression used by the K-7

Well those are the biggies, I'm sending my current K-7 back since it does heat up too fast and gets that annoying green line in high ISO/extended exposures even on relatively mild nights. Right now I'm real tempted to sell my soul to the devil and get a 7D since I am doing far more video than I thought. If I knew Pentax may be coming out with something better in the next 6-9 months I may stick with the K-7 for now, but the 7D is extremely tempting.

The K-7 has been one of my favorite cameras and it doesn't need a whole lot more in the video department to keep it in the race. Video is up and coming bigtime in DSLRs whether the more traditional photographers like it or not. This is Pentax's chance to stay relevant and I hope they don't stay complacent in the video department. They've already got the built-in stabilization gig that others don't have
09-02-2009, 01:01 AM   #26
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I don't own the K7, but here some of the things that makes me hesitant:

Video: I've no need for it and I'm sure it adds to price, complexity and lower durability.
Fancy in-body features (filters, hdr): Ditto.

No increased compatibility with older glass. This would be a major selling point.

No substantially improved image quality over the K20D.
09-02-2009, 01:42 AM   #27
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QuoteOriginally posted by Maffer Quote
-in-camera HDR should give out a radiance file instead of 8bit JPG
Even better, it should use OpenEXR, which is more modern, flexible, and better balanced for real world images.

See Greg Ward's article on HDR formats (Greg Ward is the author of Radiance).

[Sadly, in the real world, they'd probably end up using one of Microsoft's horribly-designed "HDR" formats... ]
09-02-2009, 07:22 AM   #28
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Ah indeed. Well something else than 8bit jpg. I just mentioned radiance format which I have been using and didn't remember what the other ones were during writing.
09-02-2009, 09:02 AM   #29
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I would give the camera, along with a complete set of lenses & accessories, away free to Pentaxian residents of Brooklyn, New York as a promotional campaign.

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09-02-2009, 09:53 AM   #30
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1. Put it in a K20D body
2. Reasonable price

No 2. will happen over time, unfortunately No 1 won't

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