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03-19-2010, 08:21 AM   #1
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convince me please

After 15+ years of being out of photograph I decided to get back into it. After months of reading about DSLRs I narrowed it down to either the K7 or the Canon 50D. I don't own anything of either company so when I purchase, I'll be committing to a system. I nearly convinced myself into the K7 as it feels nice, is weather tight and has some neat features. However the lack of DA* lense availability has made me wait and wait and wait. So some WEB searching brought me to this forum.

You've all scared the snot out of me with the posts of terrible QA issues with the lenses and poor after sales support. This may be my first and last post since I'm now leaning towards Canon. Someone, give me a compelling reason to give Pentax a shot?

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QuoteOriginally posted by photoholic Quote
I'm now leaning towards Canon. Someone, give me a compelling reason to give Pentax a shot?
Look at DpReview.Com user reviews of comparable Canon vs Pentax gear. Pentax gets higher ratings. On any forum, you'll hear about the problems, not the 99.9% without problems. Canon makes some very good HIGH END stuff; their consumer stuff is more problematic. Check the ratings. That's what I did when I was plotting which dSLR to buy two years ago. Pentax won.
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Forums are places where people love to rage about tiny failures. When everything works fine they don't come here and say it does.

I don't have a k7. I've a k20d....and I'd put even k20d over 50d. Being able to use vintage lenses without problems(You can even use old canon glass on k20d with a "lossless" converter) AND with SR (for which you pay extra$$$ on EACH lens for 50d) is great. MTF priorty Hyper P mode is great. The DR range is great. On the top of that people claim that they finally managed to get a stable AF system and light metering for K7.

I'm sure Canon also has its positives. But they somehow manage to elude me!
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One thing to consider is that Pentax's compatibility with all of it's older lens (like going back 40 years or more) means that you can get some great older glass at very good prices. I hadn't considered that when I got my k10d 2 years ago but I see now that this is really a plus. You can't do that with Canon equipment.

Looking at it objectively, my daughter has a Canon 40D which she purchased about the same time (2 years ago) as I go my k10d. While I do have more financial resources than her, it has been easy for me to build a large stable of lenses, while she really only has the kit lens and a couple of others. Personally, I find the 40D's viewfinder to be very bright over the Pentax and having a 3inch LCD is nice. However, I hate the menus and controls on the Canon it's just too big and confusing to me. She says the same thing about my Pentax(s).

The way I look at it is that you are likely to spend more money on a Canon system in the long run. Like RioRico said, they make good high end stuff. You are apt to see Canon stuff in a lot more stores and be part of a much larger user community. With Pentax it's kinda like owning a Mac it's just as good but just not ever going to be a real business computer. That's the best way I can put it. A pro said that he aways went with Canon and Nikon because you can rent stuff for them 'anywhere'. I'm not so sure about that but it's not an issue for me anyway.

Really, it all comes down to you. Any of the cameras in the class of say a K7 or 50D will give you really excellent images right out of the box. You haven't stated what you want to do with it (that might actually make a difference in our suggestions, I'd expect), but assuming your interest is general photography, flip a coin. I made my choice 2 years ago and now have 3 Pentax bodies, 15+ lenses, 2 flash units etc. and am enjoying my return to this hobby. The deal is that it's more than equipment with DSLRs you will need to learn post processing skills and also how DSLRs differ from film SLRs. Good luck on what you decide.

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:d :d :d

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QuoteOriginally posted by rustynail925 Quote
:d :d :d
Isn't it this a beauty. SR, weather seal should be enough. Unless you need it for fast action or sports.

I choose Pentax because I was able to use my grandfather's lenses. Thanks for this he still lives on in my memories every time I use them.

Go to a photo chop and handle each one. Sometimes the ergonomics help you to tilt the scale one way or another. The K-7 is smaller when needed or add a grip and you get a complete comfort for any situation.
03-19-2010, 11:11 AM   #7
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I'm new here, but not new to photography and definitely not the internet (I've been "online" since before The Internet was called The Internet).

When it comes to buying into a camera system, you need to start with the professional reviews, next try to hold the body or lens in your own hands and try it for yourself, so you can see if it's right for YOU.

The problem with the internet is that you have to understand that you WILL find whatever you're looking for. It is impossible to get "open-minded" feedback if you do not search for it the right way. For example, if you search for "Problems with the Pentax K-7), you're going to find it. Another problem with the internet is that you're not going to typically find website dedicated to bragging about how great a particular item or namebrand is. People turn to the internet when they want to complain and seldom post unsolicited comments about how great a particular item is.

That's why I think you should start with the professional reviews, then try to form your own opinion (as much as you can) by holding the item in your own hands and trying it. If you have a problems with something you bought, then you should research that particular problem on the internet, because if others have encountered it before you then you'll know how to get it repaired or even just work around it or resolve it yourself.

As for choosing between two namebrands, systems, etc., I feel it's mostly personal preference or even brand loyalty more than one being better than the other. I don't think a manufacturer is going to put out a camera that they know sucks. They're all trying to be competitive, and each have their own set of positives and negatives, but all-in-all, they're pretty much equal. This is when personal preference sets in, along with a little bit of extra marketing that can make some companies appear better than others.

I chose Pentax (the K-X) because of the price and feature set as well as the high reviews that it has been receiving from professional reviewers. On a personal preference I also like how backward compatible Pentax is with its legacy lenses, but realize that's not a requirement or a preference for everyone.

Good luck with your choice.
03-19-2010, 12:05 PM   #8
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Original Poster
Thanks All...

I confess: I'm a born worry wart and sceptic. It dosn't help much that I work in a customer service division of a test and measurement company. I see, hear and feel the grief of equipment owners. I do thank you all for making me look at it from a differnt point of view.

As for my type of photography, I'd call it general. Landscapes to candids. I've a keen interest in doing some macro work and learning to do more with artifical lighthing.

I think if I googled "Canon 50D problems" their forum would probably scare the hell out of me also. Internetpiolt pointed out that If i look for problems, I'll find it in spades. Time for me to look at the glass half full and go for the if only pentax would hurry up with the 16-50mm...

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You won't go wrong with either system IMO.
The 50D is a fine mid-range camera. It will chew up much more of your budget to get the lenses you'd want.
The K-7 is a fine mid-range camera also. Lenses are where it really comes down to, and Pentax have quite remarkable lenses (yes, less available than Canon, but once you find them, you get them for life) at a fraction of the price.

This forum is also quite resourceful with regards to Pentax gear, and online stores such as Adorama and B&H are absolutely faultless in terms of price for new gear, quality service and excellent post-purchase support.

All the best in your decision.
03-19-2010, 01:39 PM   #10
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I've owned a K20D for six months. Before that I had a Canon 2SIS, which I enjoyed, especially the image stabilization, but I wanted to do more.

I researched a lot, and one reason I decided on the Pentax was because the image stabilization is in the camera, not the lens. Good Canon lenses get expensive with image stabilization.

Weather sealing was another important consideration for me, and at the time, I didn't even know about low cost vintage lenses. I now have five Takumar lenses for less than $300 total, and they all take great pictures. I have the kit lens, and bought the FA 50 1.4 and the DA 55-300 zoom lenses. They are all great lenses and I haven't had any problems.

The Takumar lenses are just plain fun, and I've really enjoyed learning to shoot with manual lenses. They don't disappoint, have a look at the Takumar Club thread and see for yourself.

For me, price was really the deal breaker not to go with Canon, I am sure I would have been happy, but frustrated, too, at the high price of quality glass.

I am really happy I took the time to read lots of reviews and forum comments. As everyone else has said, Canon is great, but Pentax has much to offer.

Good luck with your new purchase, Canon or Pentax!
03-20-2010, 02:58 AM   #11
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I think when you look at a camera, you need to think about the system that you are buying into. What lenses will you someday buy? Which ones can you afford? Is size important? Really fast auto focus?

Canon has some amazing lenses that Pentax will never have -- the 85 f1.2, the 50 f1.2. At the same time, if you buy L lenses, they are quite expensive. To me, the biggest advantages that Pentax has are the weather sealing, IS with primes, and small size. That last item is really important to me. I will take the K7 with the DA 40 anywhere, but Canon's get really sizeable when you move up into the 50D and 7D range.

I wouldn't worry about quality control too much. In my experience, Pentax has taken care of every issue that I have had on one of their products quickly and completely. The internet does tend to magnify negative experiences, so take that into account as well.
03-20-2010, 04:16 AM   #12
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QuoteOriginally posted by Rondec Quote
I think when you look at a camera, you need to think about the system that you are buying into. What lenses will you someday buy? Which ones can you afford? Is size important? Really fast auto focus?
You make an important point. A camera is just a platform for lenses. When you buy a camera, you are MARRYING its system. Divorce is expensive.

That was a major consideration when I was analyzing the possibilities for my first dSLR, two years ago -- I looked for the lenses that would do what I wanted, then found which camera(s) supported those lenses, then looked at what I could afford, then studied user ratings.

Another major consideration was, will I be happy with this body for some years, or will I feel impelled to upgrade (spend more $$$) soon? Too many non-Pentax owners wrote griping about their 'starter' camera, and of anxiously awaiting the next upgrade. Suckers!

I see some of that with new Pentaxers eager to sh!tcan their kit lenses and move on to one or more gems. I picked the lenses I wanted first, then the body to mount them. Those first lenses (10-17, 18-250, 50/1.4) are still what I use most. If the system isn't considered as a whole, future changes get expensive.
03-20-2010, 05:55 AM   #13
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The K-7 is a great camera (weather sealed, lightweigt, compact, stuffed withe features etc.). Add the fact that Pentax offers affordable WR lenses.
Thats what made me go Pentax
03-20-2010, 08:00 AM   #14
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Without looking at specs and knowing what you want as a system; on a piece of paper write down the prices K7+16-50/2.8+50-135/2.8=?, then Canon 50D+ the comparable lenses=$? and now look at the features you get on body+lenses of both ...then decide.
03-20-2010, 08:18 AM   #15
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Good Morning, In reading the posts here, I think that most of the major points have been made. Choosing a camera is difficult, however with the available choices it is going to be difficult to make a bad decision.

I started with the K100 (although I had a Spotmatic II in 1970) and about a year ago upgraded to the K20. I tend to run a camera generation behind - easier on the check book, but lenses are what make the camera system. The deciding factor for me was the in body image stabilization, especially in that for landscapes, Canon /Nikon did not offer any stabilized wide and ultra wide lenses (so it was an easy decision). It helps me, since I work during the day, so I take pictures (landscapes / cityscapes) in the late evening and at night - not always having a tripod with me. Also, on business trips, I am not trying to pack a monster body & lenses. Glass, size and build quality brought me to Pentax.

The 10-17FE, 12-24, 16-45, 31Ltd and 55-300 cover everything. Wonderful lenses, great colors, excellent quality glass, and I could afford them (even if it took me 5 years to acquire all of them).


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