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Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 3 Days Ago  
K-3 or K-5 II?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 30
Views: 1,210
Sorry but I have to correct your post, the K5ll has a low pass filter and doesn't have a selectable AA filter simulator that feature started with the K5lls model and is one of the main differences between the two models.

For the OP that feature also is found on the K3 up. For that reason I would pass on the K5ll, look for a K5lls which was one of my all time favorite Pentax cameras. I only sold mine because I bought a k1 mkll. So of the two mentioned my selection advise would be go for the K3.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 3 Days Ago  
Pentax Digital Camera Utility Issue, Problem etc
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 3
Views: 435
You necessarily wont need a blank CD... I recently change CPU's and didn't have my original disk so I used a Flash drive,, Volume label it S-SW55, then load the latest upgrade file unzipped onto either a CD or Flash drive and it will install.
Forum: General Photography 6 Days Ago  
Do we need fast lens to produce nice bokeh ?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 57
Views: 1,509
Forum: General Photography 01-14-2022, 07:09 AM  
Thank you PentaxForums! (and photo exhibition)
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 5
Views: 661
Congratulations on the new family member! We are Pentaxians but more importantly we are a community of photography lovers. Yes our gear matters to us but much more importance is someone's enjoyment in photography no matter what they are using. Just always remember it doesn't matter what gear you are using or what someone else is, it is the person behind the camera that takes and makes great photos.
Forum: Pentax K-3 III 01-14-2022, 06:53 AM  
Blank rear screen in all but U modes
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 4
Views: 316
Using the Info button one of the selections is to turn off the screen when shooting. As you found out it will stay like that if memory for that is selected in your C menu.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 01-10-2022, 01:02 PM  
K1 II in competition with 5DSr
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 15
Views: 1,183
The other factor I noticed is the software it appears they used to process the pixel shift images looks according to the video screen to be lightroom, which will not process them correctly nor as sharply if not done in the steps needed to do them correctly which is a lengthy process. Since these folks are not familiar with them then I doubt they knew that and more then likely just hdr stacked or auto blended them hence the artifacts.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 01-04-2022, 11:46 AM  
End of SLRs?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 77
Views: 3,552
Let's see the discussion in another brands group 10 or 11 years ago was .... DSLR's are dead because Olympus quit the dslr market and was only going to produce mirrorless cameras...... And now here we go again because of what Canon has stated...... Shades of chicken little perhaps. Me I could care less, I'm keeping what Dslr I have until either they or I drop dead.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 12-31-2021, 07:07 AM  
What's with the pathetic tripod socket on cameras?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 46
Views: 1,765
That has always been an on going problem I've had too.... Though I still have a really good Manfrotto Ball head, since getting my K1 mkll I have gotten away from using it. Since I've bought a Vanguard 300T pistol grip I dont care what heavy lens, collared or not, I have put on my camera I don't have to mess with realigning the plate nor do I encounter any lens sag. Plus it has a feature that cable links the grip to my camera for remote shutter actuation if I choose.
Forum: General Photography 12-31-2021, 06:36 AM  
Crop Factor
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 12
Views: 540
Crop factor would not be my main reason to use my Apsc K3 ll for some macro work vs using my Full Frame K1. Personally I think the use of the term crop factor has way out served it's useful purpose. As much as I disagree with much of TN's posted information personally I did find this one to have a lot of good information I hadn't given much thought to.
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 12-31-2021, 04:52 AM  
Which brand was my H-shaped dual camera strap?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 6
Views: 558
This is what I have used for years.......
Dual Harness? - Two-Camera Harness | OP/TECH USA
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 12-26-2021, 06:53 PM  
Intel i5 vs i7 for photo editing
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 36
Views: 1,379
I could post my long linage of computer history back at you and working with some pretty darn well known people in the industry but personally I dont think that pertinent to this thread.. You spouted off trying to dispel something I mentioned that was factually happening and does happen and the good ole boys jumped in.. Just because something doesn't happen with your computers doesn't mean it doesn't happen you gents ticked me off which I was willing to let it drop.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 12-26-2021, 06:15 PM  
Possible KP/Sigma 150-500 incompatibility or defect?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 13
Views: 729
I have owned and used my 150-500 on every Pentax I've owned without problem... However if it is firmware your SOL because Sigma no longer support older Pentax version updating or so I ws told by their techs on another lens that needed one. The doc will not work
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 12-25-2021, 01:09 PM  
Intel i5 vs i7 for photo editing
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 36
Views: 1,379
Hyper threading can increase processing It's great for gaming but it isn't a cure all as there are still some tasks it isn't as efficient such as image editing. Instead of taking my word on it, I quote from HP;

Will hyper-threading improve my computer’s performance?

According to Intel
[1], hyper-threading your cores can result in a 30% increase in performance and speed when comparing two identical PCs, with one CPU hyper-threaded. In a study published on Forbes, hyper-threading an AMDŽ processor (Ryzen 5 1600) showed a 17% increase in overall processing performance
Despite these results, hyper-threading your cores isn’t always the go-to solution. There will be tasks in which the speed of your processor does not increase despite hyper-threading. This is due in part to the fact that not all applications and strings of data can efficiently load into a multi-thread core.
In an experiment carried out by, a hyper-threaded Intel i7 Core was compared to a single thread Intel i7 Core after being put through a few different tests
When it came to image editing, multitasking, and power consumption, the hyper-threaded counterpart did worse than the single thread.
However, it performed the same or better when it came to Handbrake Video Encoding, the Overall Custom PC Benchmark Score, and playing the popular game Crysis.

very true when it comes to just image editing & video editing difference.
Just keep in mind those product requirements are the bare & recommended minimums... not what can make a software run at it's optimum performance.

I've probably interjected too much. I know what and how I want my system to run and have it built for that to keep me happy. Each person's level of comfort, Software they use and what equipment they use can be different and that is fine...

For the OP it sounds as if your headed in the right direction.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 12-25-2021, 12:09 PM  
Intel i5 vs i7 for photo editing
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 36
Views: 1,379
Sorry Norm but that is an impossibility to have a 10 year old 8 core as Intel didn't come out with an 8 core processor until Generation 9 in Mid 2015 , the I7 6 core wasn't introduced until late 2011 using DDR3 1600MHZ max ram otherwise they were 4 cores. I think your confusing it with your Mini Mac. And yes with an 8 core one should rarely see more than 1/2 the cores loading.

In any case I've been using computers since 1976 & building them since 1980 and most certainly have monitored my old 4 core processor slow loading at 100% starting with the 2020 versions with both of the software I have mentioned, consistently watching them slow load using 100% of my cores on initial load and that is with 64GB 2400mhz ram. When 2022 Photoshop came out it and Lightroom became excruciatingly slower to load then I cared to deal with and if I were using several layers it would bottleneck my processor. Software is and can be CORE loading intensive slowing the computer down while shuffling files in and out of the cores.. For several years I have recognized and had the need to upgrade my computers due to software requirements. Just as currently if you do not have certain mfg #'s or generation of Intel processors you can't upgrade to windows 11. Now with all of this said if one is not using as processor intensive of software then it is something that shouldn't be a problem.
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 12-25-2021, 11:23 AM  
Intel i5 vs i7 for photo editing
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 36
Views: 1,379
There's a lot more to it then whether they are an I7 or I5. You touched upon it with the Gen 11 as both then would be 8 core processors which means a lot when your dealing with newer core intensive games or photo processing software. The next factors to consider is the graphics card and ram, being the type it is , speed & how much is available. Photoshop & Lightroom can do alright with 16gb DDR4 2666mhz or higher with the newer faster ram being DDR5 and higher MHZ but that addition at a much higher cost. It all boils down to cost.

I just upgraded mine to a new I7 8 core 32GB DDR4 2666 with a faster graphics card and it makes all the difference in the world speed wise vs my older I5 quad core DDR4 2400mhz with 64GB ram, especially running the newer upgraded Lightroom & Photoshop. The bottleneck was the quad processor, so having more ram didn't/doesn't do squat if your bottlenecking in either or both your processor and/or graphics card. One can be using less than 15-20% ram and if your processor is shuffling files at 100% through the cores your going to be running slow no matter how much ram you have. Just my CPU upgrade was close to $1000.00, well worth it to me. I already have a great IPS monitor.

So with those being Gen 11 processor wise either should do fine for photo processing.
Forum: General Photography 12-25-2021, 03:51 AM  
Your favourite gear acquisition of 2021
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 89
Views: 2,388
I'm happy to say I ended my LBA and didn't buy one piece of photographic gear this year, though recently I did spend $1000.00 upgrading my computer CPU for processing my photos. That doesn't mean I don't plan on acquiring 1 or 2 lens for my K1 mkll in the future.
Forum: General Photography 12-25-2021, 03:38 AM  
2013 macbook air
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 39
Views: 767
For Adobe 2022 products the Mac air I5 1.3ghz processor and only 8gb DDR3 1600 ram is going to be pretty darn slow. Also with a TFT color monitor your photo processing colors would be off for printing as you wouldn't be able to calibrate them well enough to print match. I wouldn't worry so much about the 128GB HDD because you could use a USB connected external HDD pretty much up to any size you want..... though I would pass and work on getting a much better suited system for photo processing.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 12-22-2021, 01:10 PM  
K1ii Using Crop Lenses
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 29
Views: 1,354
Not sure what you mean by this....It would only appear only wider through the view finder's visibility outside of the crop box, otherwise in that mode it captures a narrower field of view on the sensor hence the to15 mp reduction.
Forum: General Photography 12-20-2021, 12:36 PM  
Hardest question of them all: What camera to buy?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 160
Views: 4,403
I have a hard time recommending a camera that may be prone to failing such as the K70. For expenditure savings the K5 & K3 series cameras aren't prone to aperture block or anything of the like. The K5lls was my favorite camera, I only sold it because I got a K1 mkll and it's crop mode being similar and owning my k3ll.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 12-19-2021, 04:07 PM  
K1ii Using Crop Lenses
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 29
Views: 1,354
And don't forget you can pick up some of the Pentax F lens fairly cheaply. Two I own are well thought of and I have used on both my apsc and now K1 both the F 35-70 & the F 70-210 take lovely pictures.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 12-19-2021, 04:00 PM  
K-1 and KP as a duo?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 65
Views: 2,545
To me that would hold true if one only has Apsc lenses, If one has full frame lenses since those can be used on either format very well then I too agree mixing FF/Apsc works fine.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 12-19-2021, 03:41 PM  
K-1 MKII - How to set focal length of manual lens?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 18
Views: 749
You are right I stand corrected on that. The Ricoh P lens data pin only works on Ricoh program cameras.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-19-2021, 03:58 AM  
Pentax Lenses and Problems
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 62
Views: 2,616
I've been using Slr type cameras for over 60+ years Dslr for the last 17 of those years, since "auto fine tune" has been added I haven't used it or felt the need to use it on any lens I have purchased. Guess I am just one of those lucky ones and believe if it ain't broke dont try to fix it. I find correcting My mistakes overtly takes president over trying to think it my gear needs correcting, unless my inadvertent carelessness has damaged it.

Negative posts of defects on products in social forums always greatly outweigh positive ones and yet if they truly are defects in reality those usually are miniscule given the multitude of what has been sold and are usually taken care of under warranty by a well thought of manufacturer.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 12-19-2021, 03:38 AM  
K-1 MKII - How to set focal length of manual lens?
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 18
Views: 749
Many of the Sears cameras and lens were rebranded Ricoh if so then setting the lens on A the K1 the will be able to auto set the aperture. Using those lens watch out for the Ricoh pin.

Now to set the K1 request the focal length.....

1. In C4 menu look for "Using the aperture ring" and set it to "Enable"
2. turn the camera off
3. Take the lens off the A setting to any aperture and attach the lens
4. Turn the camera on and the menu should pop up requesting the focal length
5. Use the up/down arrows to select the lens focal length.
( I found it best with short focal zoom lens to set it at the max focal length if changing lengths using zoom. However if you want to be able to change to the focal length your using on a zoom lens after the lens is attached then Camera menu 4 is where to change the focal length to what you are setting the lens to.)
6. press OK to set
Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 12-12-2021, 03:15 AM  
Lightroom 6 standalone suddenly wants a password
Posted By Oldbayrunner
Replies: 18
Views: 904
Adobe has dropped support of CS6. If you do upgrade Lightroom Classic you will be able to easily import your new photos with the existing sidecar xmp edit files from their existing locations on your hard drive. You would have 2 versions of lightroom, the Cloud one and The Classic one. Using the cloud version isn't necessary if one chooses not to use it. I dont so I only work with Lightroom classic. The newer version no longer creates visible xmp files unless one chooses to create them as they aren't necessary any longer. With the subscription model one also receives the newest version of Photoshop which is easily accessed through Lightroom and that combination I find very useful. I have used both for many years now and I am at the point with this combination for photo editing I dont need Topaz or most of those type plug-ins any longer as I find I can achieve the same looks on my own.
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