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Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-03-2016, 01:34 PM  
Kickstarter lens adds Pentax support
Posted By spotreunion
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Got mine one week ago (the packaging of this lens is top) and I was finally able to go out this afternoon and give it a try on my K3.
It is a good opportunity to get some digital work done as I a mostly analog recently.

The look I get from this lens is for sure different from the other lenses (I have only recent Pentax lenses) and I must admit I like the results.
For sure I will need some practice to find the good subjects to shoot with this one (just like it is the case for any other lens).

Here are some examples I have put on my Flickr account:
Lomography Daguerreotype | Flickr

The results can be very soft (with the widest aperture) or very sharp (as soon as you get wider).
You can get some 'interesting' bookeh depending on the 'metal plates' you insert to get your aperture.

Plenty of room to experiment and not knowing what you will get as final result is something that pleases me.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 09-28-2015, 04:15 AM  
Posted By spotreunion
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I bought one 645 NII in 2013 when I wanted to take a step back to analog.
Was no too expensive, it feels quite 'modern' and brought me into medium format and find it 'beautifull' (while not discreet).
Bought quite a lot of lenses and love the system and the results.

I think it really made me progress in my photography as it made me slow done and think more.
Have since bought a 645D but still continues to use my 645NII.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-26-2015, 12:12 AM  
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 4
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Not doing sports myself (although in September i'll see what I get from my 645D when I will go to my favorite surfing spot) but found this video with shooting sports.

This is not motor sports but it is sports.

You Tube

Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-13-2015, 12:59 AM  
Now is the time to buy Pentax 645d
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 25
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I got my brand new 645D delivered.
As I am already used to the 645NII the weight/size is not a real issue.
Up to ISO1000 is OK for me as I am used to shoot film and never go beyond 400.
For everything that is sports (mainly surfing) I have the K3 which is perfect for this and if I need a really small device I have the GR.

Have done some test shots and like the color and the way the images are rendered (without talking of the huge details that are taken with this 40M sensor).
As said in many reviews this is a camera made for photographers.

Anyway for me at least the most achievable dream camera and although 4000euros (body + 50mm lens) is quite some money I think it is really worth it.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-06-2015, 12:51 AM  
Post your medium format photos!
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 15,305
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I bought a Hoya R72 filter.
When nice blue sky you get it pretty dark.

I found best results are achieved when mix of items that reflect infrared (trees, grass, ...) with items that do not reflect IR like a road or a building.

Need to find time to go into the darkroom and see what the printed results are like.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-05-2015, 12:18 PM  
Post your medium format photos!
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 15,305
Views: 2,551,899
Some great pictures in this thread and my first contribution.

My Pentax 645D is on its way but in meanwhile some examples of what I took lately with my Pentax 645NII and the Rollei IR400 infrared film.
IR is really interesting and pretty fast to get some decent results with.

2 examples.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-04-2015, 11:53 AM  
Now is the time to buy Pentax 645d
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 25
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Yes I have a few.

Fa 35, 75, 150, 200, 300(5.6)
FA 45-85 and 80-160 as well as A120.

Will allow me when I go for a photo (trip) to take my 645NII and 645D with me knowing that they share the same lenses.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-03-2015, 01:20 PM  
Now is the time to buy Pentax 645d
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 25
Views: 4,521
Having 2 645N2 with a good collection of lenses I have been thinking since quite some time for a 645D but the price was way too high (and difficult to convince my wife).

I love film but sometimes I think the 645D can add something more when lots of details are needed or when I do not want to limit myself to 16 views on an afternoon.

So today after reading everything available over and over again in the last week I made the move and ordered a 645D with the 55mm lens for 3.999euros in Germany.
Quite a bunch of money but brand new and with a 2 year warranty I found that this was a better deal than a second hand from eBay from outside Europe.

Sure the Z is better but the price for a Z is just too much.
(And as a film shooter less interested in live view or high ISO or the speed to display the image).

I think that below 4000euros for a medium format (with the 55mm lens) is a pretty good deal and not sure the price will go much lower as I imagine that production will stop in the near future.

Thanks for your thoughts on this (took me some effort to place the order lol).

Anyway will arrive just on time to exercise with the 645D before my trip to Porto (Portugal) early september where it should feel at home with that colourful city (and intend to bring the 645Nii with me also).
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 07-05-2015, 08:44 AM  
Pentax-K Adapter for 645
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 4
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I had a (small) surgery a couple of days ago and can not go out for a week or two so my only playground these days is at home or in my garden.

I mainly take pictures (black&white) with my Pentax 645 NII (I have 2) and start to have a good collection of 645 lenses.

For digital I also have a K3 that I mainly use when I need to do color work.

One day I hope to buy a Z but right now is stay analog.

Last year I bought a Pentax-K Adapter for 645 that I hardly used (because my K3 lenses are quite good).
When I bought it (used from eBay) it was difcult to find information on adapters so this small review.

Putting the adapter on is staight forward and it is not heavy.
With the adapter you loose the autofocus so forced to go for manual focus (not an issue but you need to be aware of it).
As usual as soon you are in focus a small 'beep'/sign in the viewfinder informs you that the object is in focus.

I also have the impression that you can only do spot metering with the adapter on as I was not able to make changes to the default metering.
When you go to F11 or higher it can become quite 'dark' in the K3 viewfinder but not an issue when wide open.
(So the more you close the aprture the less bright the viewfinder is).

The medium format lenses on the K3 can look heavy but with the smaller ones like the FA75, FA150 or even the A120 it is ok.
(I am used with the 'heavy' lenses so no issue although they feel better at home on my 645).

As I am not able to move around a lot I though it could be a good to take some pictures in the garden with the SMC Pentax-A 645 120mm F4 Macro put on my K3 so that you have some examples.

I am not a macro shooter but I thought that the results were not that bad (at least made my wife happy to see some of her flowers in the PC).

Although we are at F4 if find that we still have a very narrow depth of field and I like the bookeh.

So all pictures were taken with the K3 and the A120mm lens. AV mode. Is switched shake reduction off. No changes were applied (I imported the raw in lightroom and exported into JPG). I used a monopod as sometimes the speed was slow.

Below some examples.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 08-27-2014, 02:30 AM  
Pentax K-S1!
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 1,867
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First I did not like the look of this new K-S1 but the more I look at this the more I like it.
Looks really compact too.

I'm pretty sure it could help in getting more visibility to Pentax as not everybody has a need of a K3 and we need different cameras that cover different needs.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 03-10-2014, 02:20 PM  
Post your medium format photos!
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 15,305
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Hesitated to put my first contribution on this thread as you guys make some realy great pictures.
Mine are pictures I took recently with my Pentax 645Nii in la Défense (Paris). Ilford Delta 400.

Picture 1: FA35

Picture 2: FA35

Picture 3: FA75
Forum: Pentax K-3 10-30-2013, 02:32 AM  
order has shipped
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 97
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My vendor in France said that they left Pentax early this week and that he hopes to get them by today or tommorrow at the latest.
So just some more patience on my side :-).
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-26-2013, 04:17 AM  
Post your medium format photos!
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 15,305
Views: 2,551,899
My first contribution here taken with Pentax 645NII and Fuji Acros 100.
Pictures were taken in sunny Reunion Island (Indian Ocean).

Picture 1: Vue on St Pierre (Réunion Island)

Picture 2: Street portrait (several m wide and around 2m high). Taken with FA75.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-13-2013, 11:20 AM  
Shots taken my Pentax 645 and advice needed as results are not as expected
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 14
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Thanks for your answer. I ll look on the lightmeter side.
I have been delivered an external demonic lightmeter and that should help.

I have used a lot of different films just to see what I like most.
Will reduce this to Kodak ports and ilford which currently I seem to prefer.
Forum: Pentax K-3 10-11-2013, 01:41 PM  
Who will pre-order their K3
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 80
Views: 6,779
Have ordered mine today (black one).
Should get in at the end of october and looking forward to it.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-07-2013, 01:51 PM  
Shots taken my Pentax 645 and advice needed as results are not as expected
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 14
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When I look at this one of the old suger factiry it looks ok to me (just scanned and not post processed just added some 'light' to it as it was a little underexposed for my feeling).

FA35, 1/125, F16.
Can it be a question of 'bad focus' ?
This one was on 'multi segment metering'.

Is it advised to generally "overexpose" a little bit ?
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-07-2013, 01:39 PM  
Shots taken my Pentax 645 and advice needed as results are not as expected
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 14
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The shot was taken in early afternoon probably around 14.00.
Not sure to understand your point :-)
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-06-2013, 02:02 PM  
Shots taken my Pentax 645 and advice needed as results are not as expected
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 14
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Thanks for your answers.

The black and white ones are OK with the expected level of detail and they are like I hoped for.

The color ones have too much 'noise' this time compared to the last films I brought for development.
Same issue for the Kodak and Fuji color fims I gave to the lab.

Using the same scanner as for the first films I gave in August I can only imagine it has to do with the actual development.

Will post a black and white one when back home tomorrow and check how the issue can be made better with lightroom or the nik software tools.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-06-2013, 02:18 AM  
Shots taken my Pentax 645 and advice needed as results are not as expected
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 14
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No the films were brand new and not expired (and I keep them in a cool area).

Maybe as said it depends on the lab.
I think it also depends on the film type used.
Porta 160 looks easier to scan than the Ektar 100.

On the other had I started with the B/W and there I'm pretty happy with the results.
(I'll post some results in B/W).
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-05-2013, 06:40 AM  
Shots taken my Pentax 645 and advice needed as results are not as expected
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 14
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Bought a Pentax 645 Nii back in July.
Went on holiday in September and got the results back yesterday.

Went to the Indian Ocean (Reunion island) thus good lighting conditions.

To be fair I am pretty disapointed with the results so if you can advice me it would be welcome.
I used several types of film (Kodak, Ilford, Fuji) some in color and others in B/W.

For the time being I concentrate on the color films.

A lab in Paris developped my films and I'm scanning it at home (I'm new to scanning).
I use the Plustek Opticfilm 120 with Silverfast.
In silverfast I use as much as possible the standard settings.

For my pictures I fully relied on the build in meter (and thus did not use an external lightmeter).

Some concerns I currently have:
- Seems that quite a lot of what I shot comes out underexposed.

- I find the results not very 'sharp'.
(I scanned other films before my holiday which were sharp with those lenses).

- On some of the film I have a lot of "grain" (see the examples below).
The 2 examples below are with Kodak Porta 160.

Example 1:
(actually this is taken from the garden of the house we have over there :)).
Film used porta 160NS.
F11, 1/250, FA75, AF S, WideC, Iso 160.

Example 2:
Film used porta 160NS.
F13, 1/250, FA150, AF S, Iso 160

Spotmetering used for both of them. Shot with autofocus (thus not manual mode).

Any suggestion will be welcome.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-27-2013, 01:09 AM  
Joining the medium club
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 12
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Thanks for your advice.

From what I remember when I was shooting film in the last ... century.

100asa film for outdoors.
400asa film for indoors due to lower light conditions.

Looking more in the threads a lot of people shoot outdoor with 400asa film.
Also quite a few people take 400asa film and setup 200asa (or less) on the camera.

Is there any reason for this ?

Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-25-2013, 01:45 PM  
Joining the medium club
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 12
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Also took some pictures in coulour and used Kodak porta 160.
Used Pentax 645NII with as lenses for landscapes the FA75 and for the portraits the FA150.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

To be fair with the Porta 160 I'm not very happy with the colours.
I find the one with the landscapes missing contrast while the skintones are (I find) not very pleasing.
(As said no post precessing done on those and scan performed at the lab. I'll need to buy a scanner and hope to get better results but wanted to share this with you as I'm going on holiday to the Indian Ocean later this week so every advice would be welcome to make sure my pictures get better.

I'll take with me different films of different brands (colour as well as B&W).

Right now I love the camera (such a beautifull piece of equipment) and the lenses are great.
Just need to learn to master it :).

Thanks for your advice and remarks.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 08-25-2013, 01:21 PM  
Joining the medium club
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 12
Views: 1,308

Got my Pentax 645NII a week or 2 ago and shot my first films:

Here a some in black & white taken with Kodak 400Tmax.
Development was done in lab in Paris (and they scanned as well).

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

I know you people like cats with 645 :-)

Picture 3:

(Not lucky with this one as did not get the exposure correct).

Picture 4:

(For me the skintones are to dark).

Picture 5:

Pictures were taken with the FA150 for portraits and FA75 for the 'landscapes'.
No postprocessing done for those pictures.

As said film used was Kodak 400TMAX and I find the 'contrasts' a little bit too much and some of the pictures look underexposed to my 'eye'.
Any idea if maybe I need to expose it a little bit more ?

Would you use the 400TMAX for portraits or more landscapes ?
I have bought several films of different manufacturers just to get a better feeling.

Anyway great camera and I'm enjoying medium format film.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 07-17-2013, 01:39 PM  
Joining the medium club
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 12
Views: 1,308
The last couple of months I have spend quite some time on this forum reading about medium format and the 'public' here convinced me this is the way to go.

I had a 24x36 in the past century and I am going back to 'school' in January for 1 year 'photo trainings' (1 Saturday every 2 weeks).
They ask the students to get a film camera as well as a digital one and as I sold my film camera a long time ago I thought it was the good opportunity to go medium format.

So I ordered my Pentax 645NII at KEH and ordered 2 lenses on eBay (FA75 and FA150).
(When i'll have some money will by the A35 of FA35 for the landscape shots).

Well to be fair I'm pretty excited to use again film and looking forward to get my new toy.
Looking on different forums there seem to be quite a few (as well younger as older) people that buy 'old film' cameras as they have something different.

I mainly photograph portraits as well as architecture/landscapes so with 3 lenses I should be able to cover this.
(And the nice 645 lenses made me take the decision although I already have for my K5 15, 21,43, 77,100 and 300 lenses so 24x36 would have been very cheap but medium format I find is something different).

Must admit I would have liked the 645D but maybe oneday but right now unable to convince my wife this is a great camera :).

So just wanted to present myself and maybe good to have a thread where new 'medium format' users can present themselves .
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 05-20-2013, 02:49 AM  
Ricoh Pentax European cashback starting May 13th
Posted By spotreunion
Replies: 8
Views: 2,380
Good news as actually payback in France is active.

Up to 100 euros:
Pentax rembourse jusqu'
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