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Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 01-16-2018, 10:18 AM  
K-3 Tethering with a cable.
Posted By awaldram
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PKtiggercord fully supports the K3 except for bulb mode

so full remote control via USB
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 12-21-2017, 09:18 AM  
Poll: Used Metz 58 AF 2 vs new Shanny SN 600 FGZ
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 8
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Shanny only supports a subset of P-ttl so you get no Wireless P-ttl

you cannot control the flashes firing and exposure off Camera using P-ttl signals.
you cannot control another flash using this using this unit

i.e no Master/Controller or slave mode for TTL

decent cheap flash for on camera use but creatively limiting.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 02-05-2014, 08:39 AM  
K-3 delay when using the flash
Posted By awaldram
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I'm just posting this to show how fast twitch muscle are!!
Note my finger position.
And of cause all the delays are sequential so if you assume my reaction time .3 and the camera bug is .1 the the shutter is delayed 25% longer than it should be.
Given your reaction your obviously do not use your camera in time critical situations so I find it hard to understand why your so rude given youi inability to understand or appreciate the issue.
The problem with the delay is human reaction time , you predict the shutter time send the signal to your finger to coincide with the required event yet the camera does ...Nothing.

As this image clearly shows I can easily remove my finger from the shutter before the shutter opens , given as per your abusive response either I'm super reaction man or there is something wrong with all k3's when firing P-ttl, assuming it take .3 secs fro me to send the signal and move my finger. !!

Don't forget to wipe the egg of your face before you go out LoL !
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 10-12-2015, 02:24 AM  
Increasing AF speed on a K-3 : technique or hardware or both?
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 32
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There a big different between priority and mandatory !!

The only difference between focus priority and shutter priority is the weighting applied to focus Vs shutter

Both will attempt to focus the camera using all the data you provide, In the case of single point and approaching target that would be roughly no data so no accurate focus will occur the same is true for lacking target background separation.

So from this we can establish 1 rule - single point AF does not allow predictive AF

In focus priority the camera will attempt to focus the subject to the detriment of FPS so under low light frame rate will drop drastically as it can take upwards of .7 second for the sensor to correlate multi point AF, Under shutter priority the camera will fire the shutter while it attempts to focus so frame rate around 7.2 will be achieved.

Another rule coming up

Under AF-C focus is not promised as this is a continuous AF mode the camera will always be attempting to follow the moving subject , If you need lock before shutter then AF-S is the mode you should use.

Finally Lens, as AF-c relies on fast reporting from the Phase detectors and positive discrimination of target vs background it easy to see the slower the lens the worse AF-c performance, When light drops the phase reporting takes longer, an f2.8 lens lets in twice the light as an F4 lens so you can see under low light a fast lens is required.

Under good light you will still need a fast lens especially with shorter focal lengths as the DoF can end up so large practically everything is more or less in focus and AF-c is pointless and wont work anyway.

Nothing has changes you still need a 70-200 f2.8 as a starter for indoor sports work (aps-C you can get away with 50-135) for intimate action shooting you need f2.8 or better or your wasting your time.

IMO no lens in the 10-200mm range should be used for indoor sport AF-C work unless it has an open aperture >=f2.8 physics clearly shows you will be disappointed !!

Only when you've met the above requirements is it time to look at body used or lens motor speed.

Of cause in reality you look at both the basics requirements (F2.8 and 200mm) at the same time as lens /body performance, With this in mind and the knowledge that glass control is paramount to good AF-C performance you need high torque low latency lens drive which translates to HSM,SDM,DC in lens drive.

Currently the best current indoor sport solution (basic) for Pentax is
DA* 50-135 + K3ii

the best 2nd hand solution is
Sigma 70-200 OS HSM f2.8 + K3ii

This is only valid for 'general' advice for indoor shooting and is possibly not correct for your sport/conditions.

For example I shoot under mixed lighting in 25 and 50 m Pools sometimes deck side my usual 'arsenal'

25M pools
DA*300 F4 , 70-200F2.8 , 50-135 F2.8 and 55 f1.4
50M pools
DA*300f4 , Sigam 400 F5.6 , Bigma +HD converter

I usually carry the 70-200 @50M pools as sometimes the light is appalling as night comes, Generally 50M pools in the UK are modern and well lit.

---------- Post added 12-10-15 at 10:35 AM ----------

Just thought on your last bit, Getting multiple AF reading is paramount for successfull Predictive AF (sharp image under AF-C) fro this to occur the Photographer must.

1 keep AF wound up
2 accurate track the subject

It may be easier for a beginner to enable back button AF and keep that pressed , That way they can 'squirt' the shutter in bursts without lifting to far and stopping AF tracking. allowing more time to concentrate on keeping the subject on sensor.

---------- Post added 12-10-15 at 10:43 AM ----------

Centre point ? You've disabled predictive AF, so as soon as you lose target or the camera/lens can't keep up with the action you will get OOF images

If you used 9 point expanding you'd get predictive AF and auto handoff if you slightly lost the subject from the centre point during the pan the camera would hold target for you

Admittedly Pentax's 'predictive' AF is pretty crude but works well for linear tracking allowing sharp image as the AF will skip to where the subject will be whilst the shutter is open not lagging behind.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 03-29-2016, 03:14 AM  
K-1 AF in video mode
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 18
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To achieve decent AF with a Dslr lens you need phase detect AF (the ability to detect direction required to focus).

Afain all current Sony/toshiba sensor 3rd party implementations do not have hybrid AF capability therefore all Nikon/Pentax cannot focus quickly in Video mode as the sensor is CD only.

Sony use a translucent screen so do not need to remove the 'mirror' during live capture so PD is available in their dslr's and Canon have on chip hybrid AF.

So for video with full time AF (consumer IQ) Sony and Canon have the best solutions, But with Canon you need to ensure your model supports hybrid AF.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 08-11-2016, 10:21 AM  
Is it worth upgrading my flash?
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 6
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What body you using it on

is it user firmware upgrade as 3rd party flashes have a history of requiring update to function with later bodies.

Personally I wouldn't touch and 3rd party offering without USB user upgrade options and a proven record of providing those updates.

Even Sigma I'd be dubious of with the 'we cant get parts anymore' excuse for older flashes/lens.

Unless it cheaper than you could get an equivalent manual flash I'd give it a miss.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 05-11-2016, 07:06 AM  
Sigma announcement about K-1 lens issue
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 347
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So because Sigma refuse to pay Pentax for the right to use their mount, Rioch should 'test' these 'non' K mount offering and change there specified design and clearances to match Sigmas Made up design !??

Ignoring Pentax lost licencing fees and Pentax's lost sales to competitors what reason have Ricoh to change their design to fit someone else's made up spec ?

I do see a flaw in your expectation :rolleyes:

If any current Pentax lenses failed to fit then maybe you'd have a point but it appears the k-1 matches Pentax K-mount design specification and so ALL Oem lenses fit without issue.

Oh and Sigma Lens do not work on all manufacturers bodies both Canon and Nikon Owners are used to having to send their Sigma lens for FW updates to be compatible with new models (that is until Sigma drop support on that lens then your stuck with a white elephant)

You pay a low price for Sigma for a reason don't expect OEM's to carry the cost of your decisions. This is Sigma's Issue and the contract between yourself and Sigma are where you need to be looking for restitution.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 03-11-2016, 04:09 AM  
Metz 48/52 AF-1 and K-3 II compatibility issues? Help!
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 14
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I have 2x 48Af1's some 50 af1's and fgz360 /540 mk1's

I don't have a K3ii though.

What version of firmware have you installed on the 48 .?
Pentax: Metz

I can test against my k3 if you like but though haven't done your exact test have not seen any consistency error when bouncing.

One thought it relies on the 'bounce' being detected Does your head acknowledge it in bounce mode ? (zoom indicator vanishes bounced or comes on direct.)
Ensure when your firing your test shot it doesn't flicker into direct mode (zoom appears)
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 03-10-2016, 05:25 AM  
Details on the sensor in the K-1, hands-on impressions and photos
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 173
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Mm? maybe you haven't heard of computers :D they can be identical processors but deliver different functions non the less .... Its called 'programming' :D

If you knew about modern ASICs you'd know that customization is built in you can define (adapt) many parameters of the chips behaviour prior to ordering.

The k5 had the same 'chip' as the d7000 but had ISO 80 due to customizing Amp gain based on testing production samples linear zones Vs DR. It also implemented on chip RAW NR that Nikon decided not to engage (probably scared of public backlash)

The D800,D810 and K1 can have identical sensors but different image outcomes based on programming of the sensors parameters and quality of ancillary support chips.

Never the less all will results in similar broad IQ as well depth is constant.

The idea they are 'different hardware' is the marketing trick not the fact they behave differently, it appears your the one whose a pawn of market speel here.!

Its also normal for identical hardware to have different product numbers based on enabled functions/parameters.

Being a tight wad I have been known to modify Intel and AMD Cpu's so they become higher grade processors :) (till they got smart and removed the customization lands off the top of the CPU :( ) (not a good idea if reliability is a concern as they have often failed the higher rating)
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 03-06-2016, 01:25 PM  
Right or Wrong
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 62
Views: 5,957
A lens never deteriorates whatever material it casting the image on to.

All lens will be as good or better on a higher resolution sensor than a lower.

The only thing a 'better' lens might show is in in comparison to another where it matches a (worse) lens on a lower resolution sensor it may resolve more detail as the sensor resolution goes up whereas the poorer lens doesn't

The result is its irrelevant .... if you are using a cheap kit on your existing body its probably already limiting the sensor detail so will the same on a better sensor, If your using the 'ultimate' lens then again it makes no difference if it the 'ultimate' then you have no better option.

Nothing changes really if you want to put a two bit lens on a $2000 body then fill your boots but it will be no better than on a $200 body.

Glass is what counts and always has done, But fools will part with cash for no improvement so they can shoot FF :) rather than spend the money on quality glass and get a real gain.

All the baloney of out-resolve the lens is just that twaddle.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 03-07-2014, 05:16 AM  
Am I reading this riight ? The Pentax 18-135 WR is sharper than Tamron 17-50 F2.8 ?
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 21
Views: 7,037
Your reading them wrong

If your willing to ignore klauses warning on cross system comaparason then you need to normalise the graphes

to do this your divide the resoltuion with the max chart scale so for 24mm F4
Tamron = 2050/2150 = 95% of max system resoltuion
Pentax = 2598/2750 = 94% of max system resoltuion

so the Tamron os sharper @f4 24mm ......But that only works if your using the lens on 8Mp

the reason is the lens may well have a max resolution (itself) of 2200 lw/ph you will not see this on 8mp but switch to 16Mp (2750) and the lens suddenly cannot rise to the requirements of the sensor.

SO you might see figure like
Tamron 2170/2750 = 78% of max resoltuion

I'm not saying that is what would happen but that is why you cannot cross compare MTF figures.

You need to interprate them as a trend and be aware the lower the Mp tested the easier it is for a lens to shine.

In your two examples I woudl summerise as

The Tamron easily out performs the Pentax at the wide end where the Pentax edges are well beyond soft.
by 24mm the Pentax has caught up and portentially passed the Tamron give the Mp differences but still the Tamron has f2.8
once past 24mm the Tamron again shows it superioirty

But bear in mind this is a single lens and the images I've seen from the Pentax are not indicative of the results Klaus obtained being considerably better across the frame than those MTF figure would show.
Forum: Pentax K-1 & K-1 II 02-18-2016, 04:30 AM  
Difference in price
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 7
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+6% import tax

And for that extra we get
2 years full warranty
6 year design warranty
Consumer law to back it up.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-16-2016, 12:49 PM  
Final Countdown to Feb 25th 2016 (CP+ 2016)
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 1,654
Views: 195,061
Any feature or function I want is potentially Jaw dropping.
Any feature or function I have no use for is boring however clever.

i,e in-built GPS, Pixel Shift boring
virtual AA filter impressive
unable to disable horizontal SR whilst Panning ludicrous when everyone else has gone auto switch of in direction of pan and even the 3rd parties offer at least on axis off (Sigma Mode 2)

Some one at Pentax needs to prioitize function/feature based on applicability to basic photography Vs gimmick or limited use
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-15-2016, 07:44 AM  
Full K-1 Spec list
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 781
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Shutter speed is 30 seconds -1/8000 seconds. Synchro speed is 1/200 sec

Read more at:
1/200 from 1/180 what a waste of time on R&D better to have left it alone.

Not that I;d take this as gospel I very much doubt it will revert to USB2 from the USB3 the k3 series offers

It reads more like someone collating rumours than hard facts.

If it is hard fact then the FPS speeds would indicate the processor is a derivative of the K3's and not a new faster release.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 02-03-2016, 07:52 AM  
K1 pics new update with the 3 fa ltds
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 62
Views: 12,364
Better still if it supports variable crop dependent on da lens fitted

Integrated digital auto FF converter
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 01-26-2016, 08:01 AM  
Any possible way to modify a plastic hotshoe to metal?
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 18
Views: 2,103
I'd guess the switch with 'LOCK' written above could conceivably be the lock switch ! :p
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 12-15-2015, 03:19 AM  
Flash diffuser
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 72
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Just a quick word about on flash diffusers

1 they do just that diffuse light (stop the light firing in one direction)
2 they only work well with reflecting surfaces available
3 they are zero use outdoors

This is because light and light quality from flash is inversely proportional to the light size you can create as a source,
Bouncing light gives you a light source the same size as the bounce pattern
A diffuser can give you mutli light sources from every reflective surface giving a great natural light but you can suck the power out your flash.
Flash diffusers with the domed top can be great as you can control contrast.

Umbrellas on soft box type diffusers are key to great flash illuminated image , flash brand and protocols are only secondary and convenience features having no effect on the final result.

IMO One of the best flash primers available (bit manual flash orientated)
Strobist: Lighting 101

Flash reflectors are subject to the same issue (light source size) and are of limited use in creating a natural lit image.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 12-22-2015, 07:25 AM  
Pentax FF Teaser Updated
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 496
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Don't believe people know what there talking about just because there bumping their gums

"The Pentax ME-F, which used focus sensors in the camera body coupled with a motorized lens, became the first autofocus 35 mm SLR in 1981. In 1983 Nikon released the F3AF, their first autofocus camera"

Kodak was first to market with a D-slr and look how that worked for them none of Canon, Nikon or Pentax were forrunnners
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 10-29-2015, 05:18 AM  
Acon R930 P-TTL radio trigger and 1/8000 Sync
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 176
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I would argue the Aokatec is a more elegant remote xTTL flash solution
It may be more cumbersome to set up and less reliable (optical RX could conceivably move during shoot)
But I can pick up a Canon and use my Aolatecs for RF triggering, Pick up my Olympus or my Sony a or my Nikon and do the same all without any modification to the triggers as purchased.
That is a very advanced level of functionality for an inherently brand locked protocol.!

The Aokatecs also operate very well in multi flash RX setup and can themselves drive two flashes each (grouping) by the addition of a cheap Optical feed

The Acom can only control 1:1 flash to Rx'r and there is no infication they support anything but 1:1 RX to TX

I have happily used 1:2 TX to RX with 1:2 flashes attached giving 1:4 TX to flash with 2 goups

The Cactus V6 can also be easily used using pass through to give great mix manul/P-ttl with Cactus V6's and Aokatecs

So in summary if my suspicions of the Acom functionality is correct it ai just a very expensive wireless P-ttl cable substituent.

Whereas both Cactus,Aokatec and every other RF flash trigger (I know) deliver fan out for multiple flash triggering.

P-ttl obviously uses light+flash ID for the back channel

Can the Acom respond from the associated ID and direct the the correct Rx'r

This isn't a problem for Aokatec as it carries full feed from the camera to each flash and the flash decodes which data is its own.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 10-23-2015, 03:04 AM  
Some Crappy shots of the new FF Camera
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 560
Views: 105,051
And think of the bragging rights when you sit your PentaxFF next to a D810

It wont be look at those clean lines it'll gawd what are you shooting you most be a real professional !!

Good for you and good for Pentax free exposure and ease of use.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 10-13-2015, 04:47 AM  
Increasing AF speed on a K-3 : technique or hardware or both?
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 32
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Yes as DoF is greater on FF then the phase variance would be more apparent for any give aperture , This would be the same as having a stop more light prior to blackout.

So an F4 lens would focus as per an f2.8 lens on aps-C

Once you go past the baseline of the sensor gains stop so an f2.8 lens on FF would outperform any lens available on aps-C under low light af-C

Any FF camera without f2.8 baseline sensors will not outperform a k3/k5ii with an f2.8 lens. This is irrelevant of cpu power etc as the f2.8 sensor will allow phase detection below light levels the FF could see (you can see that in the EV-3 spec)

---------- Post added 13-10-15 at 12:51 PM ----------

I use traffic in quiet roads (busy enough not to pxss off drivers) where I know what speed they'll be doing you can get a good feel for focal length Vs AF speed Vs target size and get plenty of panning practice.

Bridges over motorways provide head on fun for long focal lengths, Also trains into stations is good for practice.

All are capable of saturating even the best tracking if you get focal lengths wrong for subject distance
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 09-03-2015, 07:24 AM  
FF out in 4 months
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 1,200
Views: 141,340

-2EV with an f1.4 lens impressive for a MilC not so much for a dlsr

There point of valid for the ability to utlise wider aperture to get more light but then again a K3 will focus down to -3ev with most lens

As all lens irrelevant of 'speed' focus using open aperture and most lens are not f1.4 I'm not sure of D previews conclusion as to the A7rii advantage over Dslr's

It would seem better to have a sensor that can do -3EV with an f2.8 baseline sensor than one that needs an f1.4 lens to approach -2ev

Lets see the test done again with say the kit lens on all bodies !

You may think I'm being frivolous but when did you last see a 70-200 F1.4 or even a 135 F1.4 ?

Low light continuous shooting is general used for indoor sports shooting you are not going to be using a 50mm f1.4 for that so a silly test they did as it has no use case.
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 08-30-2015, 01:24 AM  
Pentax's Sorry Flash Unit
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 60
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Return your flash immediately it's obviously missing the instruction manual :rolleyes:

Page 62 clearly states full recycle time for the flash with alkaline or lithium is 5sec but with NiMH is 3Sec.

This is not Pentax's fault but is because of the the internal resistance of the battery technologies limiting power and will be the same for ALL manufacturers you can't pull a quart from a pint pot :D

Recycle time are mainly related to battery delivery Vs GN of the flash.

You may want to return your Canon flash as well (I assume 580EXii)
Page 53 states

• Flash Recycling (with size-AA alkaline batteries)
Recycling time Normal Full flash: 5 sec.

I'd advise you read your camera manuals and get a good book on flash photography especially around GN and aperture as your issue is all about your technique and not related to the equipment your using.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-22-2015, 08:22 AM  
New k3 1.21 firmware
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 76
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Yep that's pretty much what I'd define as predictive. If you think about it all AF slr type cameras have to have some predictive capability else you could never take a sharp image of a moving target.

During the blackout period no AF data is coming to the camera , If the camera did not continue focusing the Target would be ooF by the time the shutter opened.

Sequence must be

1 focusing - > shutter pressed
2 mirror lifts -> camera predicts target location and focuses
3 Focus stops shutter opens

And in the case of AF-c repeat

Where Pentax falls down compared with other is in what Nikon call 3D focusing which is simply predictive in the x,y and z axis . Pentax is weak on the Z Axis though now they have the technology hardware in place (86k exposure sensor) to accurately detect front-back movement they just need algorithms and processing power to match.

You need obliviously accurate front back data for that you need to 'see' size increase/decrease (many acquisition points)
Algorithms to no what to-do with the data
and fast CPU so you can re-assess movement for erratic trajectories.
Forum: Pentax K-3 & K-3 II 06-17-2015, 05:28 AM  
How much better is the AF tracking on the K-3 II?
Posted By awaldram
Replies: 50
Views: 15,385
Predictive tracking for all cameras is defendant on data received on subject movement

Anyone using single point AF is not using any tracking capabilities of the camera they are purely dependent on AF speed of lens, AF systems and ability to hold target (1 slip and the camera will AF rack). As such if the camera is in FPS priority and the subject is moving faster than the linear speed (frame to frame 8Fps) then every shot will be OOF this is expected for all makes.

If you then switch to focus priority the frame rate will drop to the point the AF motor can keep up and the results will be bearable.

Switch to expanded and suddenly the camera will 'predict' subject movement this is when 'hold af' etc becomes important so the 'prediction' is accurate and won't overrun.

In summary
Never use FPS prioity and single point
Never confuse tracking and single point AF

Camera tracking performance is dependent on
1 accurate rate data form sensors in use (hold AF etc)
2 Processing power (for fast subjects limit 'expanded area')
3 decent phas variance of subject to background.

Without any further data the results posted above are indicative of the settings not the cameras performance.! He mentions when he tried expanded the AF points flickered about .... This indicates either target was not offering decent phase variance or the panning was not accurate both will give poor single point AF and not the greatest predictive AF. (the camera didn't have a clue what it was supposed to lock onto never mind track :D )

This is opposite to getting the best out of the K5 series where the 'predictive AF' is so primitive it's gain is lower than the performance boost from the cpu using single AF points fro most types of target.

The K3's predictions start to stutter the closer you get to head on so a expect there is some new logic in the k3ii to adapt to a growing/shrinking target in the Z axis rather than linear movement in the X-Y
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