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Forum: General Talk 7 Hours Ago  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By lesmore49
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I use to factory order our rides. I would talk to about 3-4 dealers..selling the same manufacturer's vehicles and list exactly what I wanted in terms of options of that particular car and tell them I was going to factory order ...through the one dealer that gave me the best price on that vehicle .

Given that I was specific in model, options...there was no apples and oranges comparison. It was like a tender that 4 dealers could compete. Usually about 3 out of 4 dealers would be willing to compete and we bought around 3 vehicles at different times, using this system...and I got exactly what I wanted in a car...options, colour, etc. Not like buying off the lot, where I sorta get approximately what I want with all the car sales crapola that goes along in the 'game'.

The price I paid IMO was very good. I felt that capitalism and competitive market forces could be used successfully to a certain degree, in purchasing a new vehicle.

When I was a young guy, I was a salesman for a period of time and I got to know sales tactics. I also found I learned quite a bit about psychology ...that wasn't in the post secondary psychology course I enrolled and paid for. :D
Forum: General Talk 7 Hours Ago  
Gearheads, Unite!
Posted By lesmore49
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I like that old International. Low stance, high wheels, con rod shifter. Nice angle for the photo, low and wide. :)

---------- Post added 08-20-18 at 10:52 PM ----------

Nice job on that Model A. Don't see too many sedan deliveries from any era much anymore. Owner has nice set of wire wheels/tires that fill the wells. Nice , conservative rod.
Forum: Pentax K-1 14 Hours Ago  
Post your K-1 pictures!
Posted By lesmore49
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Interesting statue, but the lighting and composition are very good.
Forum: General Talk 16 Hours Ago  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By lesmore49
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It was a very nice sportscar at the end...with the 2.8 liter V6 and 5 speed standard. Another short lived Pontiac sports car was the Solstice...both coupe and convertible. Believe they had a DOHC 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine with a 6 speed manual available. Sharp looking and quick with the Turbo 4.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 1 Day Ago  
Sigma Support - Good for a Laugh
Posted By lesmore49
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I agree.
Forum: Pentax K-1 1 Day Ago  
Pentax K-1II is the second on PhotographyLife
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 17
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Thx for posting this top 10 list. I have a K1 and am very happy with this camera. I agree with the list, seems well considered.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 1 Day Ago  
Nature Precipice of Niagara Falls - A Seagull Nest
Posted By lesmore49
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Talk about living on the edge....the young birds will literally sink or swim in their first attempt at flight and swimming about in the water in this situation. Wonder if the seagulls who chose the nest there, are first time...and chose some ghostly knight said in a Indiana Jones movies.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 1 Day Ago  
Misc Bonneville Speed Week - Another Old-Timer
Posted By lesmore49
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Very nice photo. The subject is translucent and weathered...with a few nifty age striations. Chief Pontiac in all his glory. The Pontiac Motor Division really knew how to design an hood ornament...even though someone in the past mounted it on an old Cornbinder (International truck).
Forum: Post Your Photos! 1 Day Ago  
my reasons for 50mm :)
Posted By lesmore49
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Wonderful photograph of the doggies. I also like the 'lean''s as if they're in a motorcycle sidecar and that motorcycle combination is going around a corner at speed. :D
Forum: Post Your Photos! 1 Day Ago  
People What a Difference Three Months Can Make
Posted By lesmore49
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You're new granddaughter is a real cutie. :D

As it happens my wife and I also just returned from a trip to Alberta to visit with our daughter, her husband and our new grandson, who was born in late January 2018. We got in very late last night, we drove 1100 + kms ( 700 miles or so) on Saturday and boy was I tired. I'm at the age where I can still do most of the driving, but now at the end of a long day in the saddle, I know it. :D

I do wish this part of our family was closer, but it's great when we get the chance to visit. He is my first grandchild and it is wonderful to see the little fellow. I think even at his young age, he already recognizes the 'need' :lol: to humour his old grandpa and his eccentricities. :D
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 08-10-2018, 10:33 PM  
Leica doesn't exist
Posted By lesmore49
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I'm looking at one right now. It's a '51 Leica llf rangefinder 35mm, with a Leitz 50 mm F 3.5 collapsible lens. I've had it since around 1981, never had to do anything to it, still works well . Can't recall how much I paid for it, but I think it was around $ 300-350 CAD.

Other than me, I've known only a few who have Leica cameras.The last one I saw and tried out was an M8 digital. It is owned by a guy, older than me and I'm no spring chicken. He bought it as he always wanted a Leica is on his bucket list. He asked me if I wanted to try it and I did work with it for a few minutes. Like my llf, the controls are precise, smooth, effortless. It's manual focus, as are all the Leica rangefinders.

The new ones are pricey, so are the older model rangefinders. I still would like to have a new Leica rangefinder, but I don't think it is in the cards. :D

So in answer to the OP's question....Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...and there is a Leica too. It exists in the hearts of all photographers and in some cases ....exists in the Domke bags of a few well off....sometimes discerning.... photographers...:)

Now since I mentioned Santa puts me in mind of the Leica M10 rangefinder body with a 35mm F 1.4 Summilux-M f/1.4 lens. I think this one body and this one lens would be enough for about 80 % of my photography. Right now it doesn't exist in my personal sphere...but wouldn't it be nice...:D
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-10-2018, 03:50 PM  
Machinery MV Monaco
Posted By lesmore49
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Very nice ship, I guess.... if you like that kind of watercraft, but in the end I much prefer my Old Town, Freighter Canoe, with it's 4 horsepower Evinrude twin cylinder outboard and when I run out of fuel, why I've got alternate power aboard...oarlocks, oars and me. :D
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-09-2018, 07:41 PM  
Landscape Lighthouse
Posted By lesmore49
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Beautiful photo...
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 08-09-2018, 03:50 PM  
120 Folding Cameras: Any Satisfied Users?
Posted By lesmore49
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I have a 120 folder, a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B. It's ok, but I prefer my Mamiya 220 Pro F TLR 6X6. The end product, the quality of picture, is better in my experience. I like both, but prefer a TLR, particularly the Mamiya 220/330 line. I have a Yashicamat 124 G and it's a nice little camera, but my heart belongs to the Mamiya TLR. :D

Just saw your post on your new purchase. Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun with that 'new' camera and after all, a major part of photography is the fun factor.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-09-2018, 02:20 PM  
Nature Sleeping Swan
Posted By lesmore49
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Lovely. Swan in repose.
Forum: General Talk 08-09-2018, 12:38 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By lesmore49
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I think you're right about modern day, heavy duty truck engines using 2 stroke engines. Don't exist anymore, I'm assuming due to emission issues. Unfortunately that closed the door on something like the Detroit Diesel V 12 2 stroker...the famous 'Buzzin' Dozen'. I remember hearing one many years ago...the driver was running his truck through the gears and it was a main downtown street...kind of a canyon of high buildings on either side..boy was that an aural hear that revvin' buzzin' dozen exhaust note ricochet off the buildings.

Modern 2 strokes seem to be resurfacing at least in the outboard engine industry. Evinrude has a line of powerful 2 stroker outboard engines.

Self Disclosure as the journalists say. :D:D I admit to having a 1993 Evinrude 4 hp Deluxe ( twin cylinder 2 stroke) for my 17.5 foot Old Town Freighter canoe and a 1988 Lawnboy (made by OMC) 4.5 hp 2 stroke powered lawnboy...and a Stihl 170 chainsaw. I like 2 strokers. :D I've always got 2 stroke oil...Evinrude and Stihl...on hand for my variety of 2 stroke engines.

Here's a link to the latest Evinrude 2 strokers...globally designed by Americans, Canadians and Austrians.

Interesting to note that the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM has some new 2 stroke racing bikes.
Forum: General Talk 08-08-2018, 09:56 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By lesmore49
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I'm no engineer either, but Kevin Cameron who wrote this Cycle World article on 2 stroke engines, is one, I believe. Great writer who has the ability to take complex, technical stuff and explain it well for mechanical enthusiasts like myself. I have one of his books...'Classic Motorcycle Race Engines, Expert Technical Analysis of the Wrld's Greatest Power Units." The title is a mouthful, but it's a wonderful book that analyses in informative and entertaining detail, pretty well every type of motorcycle racing engine you can imagine.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-08-2018, 06:19 PM  
Architecture Favourite Steps
Posted By lesmore49
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More than 39 steps...:)

Lots of photographic opportunity there...I did some 'mental' cropping if you know what I mean and even doing that the slight tuns of the stair blocks has quite an appeal.

I don't know what I mean either. :D
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-08-2018, 06:13 PM  
Landscape A magic Tuscan sunrise
Posted By lesmore49
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Forum: General Talk 08-08-2018, 02:16 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By lesmore49
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I had a fair amount of experience with the Ford 385 series, 460 cube V8. I recall hearing somewhere that the 385 series (429, 460) got a lot of it's head design from the Chevy Daytona, Mystery Motor 427 that Ford bought a copy or two (NASCAR rules allowed) at the conclusion of the '63 Daytona 500. Chevy's mystery motor later on became the famous big block Rat motor (366, 396, 427, 454, 496, 502). An interesting aside to engine development. :D

Back in the '70's when I was attending U. , the job that paid my way, was driving a company 'Ford E 350, cab and chassis, dual rear wheel, with a 14 or 16 foot box attached (can't remember which) and it had the 460 and C6 transmission. It was a wonderful engine/transmission combo...scads of low and mid range torque which came in handy running that truck that was invariably loaded close to maximum GVW. Never a bit of trouble and that truck was used hard and put away wet. I loved it! :D

I've always been a fan of OHC engines, first one that I recall seeing was an early '50's Jag XK 120 that used to visit one of our neighbours when I was a young kid. I used to hang around (I was about 6-8) hoping the owner would come by and when he did, he was a nice guy would chat about it.

Most of my early experience with OHC engine design was with motorcycles in the 1960's...mostly Honda and Ducati...early mass production OHC proponents in the motorcycle world. Although the Ducati also had the 250cc single cylinder, Desmodromic, the Diana, if I recall. We had a motorcycle dealer who brought in a lot of motorcycle exotica, including desmo Ducatis....along with some interesting English Matchless motorcycles...the G85CS and G15CS scramblers...these were 500cc and 750cc OHV engines, but in a fairly high state of tune. In fact I have a '67 Matchless G15CS Scrambler, bought originally from this shop in my small M/C collection...two bikes. :lol:

My other bike was my first OHC engine, a '78 Yamaha 500cc OHC single.

In the '60's I was mostly into 2 stroke motorcycles, which really progressed technologically in the '60's, thanks mostly to the East German concern MZ and their racing engineer, Walter Kaaden. He understood principles of sound waves and was one of the first to develop expansion chambers for high performance 2 strokes. Both Suzuki and Yamaha street and racing 2 stroke engines benefited in a round about way, from MZ developed technology. I had a '60's Yamaha sport YDS3 2 stroke twin which belted out about 2 hp per cubic inch, not bad for an engine 50 odd years ago.

Two stroke engines unfortunately due to their image as polluters are pretty well a dead end engine now. Too bad IMO, as I think if development had continued the 2 stroke engine would be a very viable engine for modern times. .
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-07-2018, 10:18 AM  
Landscape A good morning
Posted By lesmore49
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Beautiful. What a place to see each morning.
Forum: General Talk 08-06-2018, 12:39 PM  
Your vehicle: what do you have, why do you like it, and what do you not like?
Posted By lesmore49
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Good point about V8 engines vs 4/V6/I6 engines. I've had a number of V8's and I don't think you can beat the sound of a healthy V8. However, back to the subject at hand. I agree with you that the V8 engine is becoming less of a factor. Turbocharging is much more common now and provides the low and mid range torque in a 4/V6/I6 engine that the regularly aspirated (fuel injected or carburated) V8 provided largely through big displacement . At one time I regarded turbos as service components, components that would have to be replaced/repaired well before the rest of the engine needed a rebuild. But as of late, turbos seem to have the same durability as the rest of the components in an other words , function well... for the life of the engine.

Ford has been one of the leaders in promoting turbo engines as everyday engines, not only in their cars, but more interestingly (to me) in their pickup trucks. My understanding is that currently the new F 150's come equipped gas turbo engines about 70 % of the time and their one lone gas engine (and a good one) the regularly aspirated 5 liter Coyote V8 is in about 30 % of new F 150's. Well you can see that turbos are the majority and not by a small amount in the Ford F150 line.

GM has resisted going gas engine turbo in their pickup trucks, until the 2019 model year. They have introduced a new 2.7 liter, 4 cylinder, DOHC gas engine with a turbo with some unique features. This 2.7 liter turbo 4...isn't putting out much less power than the regularly aspirated 5.3 liter Chevy LS V8. It will be interesting to observe how this small turbo 4 sells, in comparison to the traditional LS V8. The Chevy LS V8 engines are very highly regarded by hot rodders and North American high performance enthusiasts. It is a really good, robust engine and OHV, at that.

This new 2.7 liter turbo 4 has been designed from a clean sheet of paper as a purpose built, truck engine. I'm very interested in seeing reviews, tests, etc. of this new powerplant.

---------- Post added 08-06-18 at 02:42 PM ----------

That wagon looks good, real good. Power (350 LT1), utility and one thing rarely mentioned about these sedans/wagons is how smooth riding and utterly quiet they were. A wonderful place to be...driving down the Trans Canada highway :Dor the Interstate.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-06-2018, 10:20 AM  
Macro Cup of Joe
Posted By lesmore49
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A cup of envisioned by grandpa 'Caligula'...:lol: Well done and I like the humour. :D
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-06-2018, 10:18 AM  
Landscape Blue hour abstract at Mesquite Dunes
Posted By lesmore49
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Very nice...soft and subtle with different layers of topography and lighting, that seem to undulate towards the horizon . Also like the way the colours blend.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 08-06-2018, 10:12 AM  
Landscape Bad weather approaching in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
Posted By lesmore49
Replies: 9
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Lovely pix. I've been in isolated spots like that in Northern Scotland. These areas are quite different than other parts of the world that I've seen. Seem to be shrouded in fog and mystery...I kind of like that.

Nice eye, the way you caught the winding road trailing off well into the distance.
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