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Forum: General Talk 11-09-2017, 11:57 AM  
Your latest acquisition
Posted By RKKS08
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A Meike D-BG4 (Chinese clone of the Pentax battery grip for the K-7/K-5). From eBay, described "as good as new").
5.- (plus 5.90 for registered shipment).
I was the only bidder.

I am not sure I will ever really need it, but at this price I could not withstand.
Forum: Pentax Price Watch 10-20-2017, 09:45 AM  
Another Pentax-A 3.5/15mm
Posted By RKKS08
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Now I was curious and searched.
I found 2 more of them, plus 2 with a modified mount for Nikon.
The better ones with original mount are:

Pentax 1:3,5 15mm SMC Objektiv | eBay
Pentax Asahi SMC 3.5/15 mm #5067226 Lens | eBay

But from the descriptions it seems they are either not in a near mint condition, or/and not absolutely complete (caps, box).
Forum: Pentax Price Watch 10-20-2017, 03:30 AM  
Another Pentax-A 3.5/15mm
Posted By RKKS08
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Another offer of the very rare ones for the legendary SMC Pentax-A 3.5/15mm.
It is on eBay Italy, delivery worldwide. but a hefty shipping fee (as nearly always with offers from Italy).

SMC Pentax-A 15 mm. F3.5 Full Frame K1 boxed ultra rare KA 15 3,5 | eBay
Forum: Pentax K-S1 & K-S2 10-14-2017, 01:51 PM  
K S2 vivitar k mount old lens
Posted By RKKS08
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It is in menu C4 of the K-S2.
Select "Enable" in "28 Using Aperture Ring".
Page 115 of the PDF version of the user manual.

And thank you, Not a Number. I forgot about the possible problem with the protective shield for the aperture lever.
Pentax lenses had a shorter shield than some of the older 3rd party lenses (Sigma, some Vivitar, and others).
When Pentax introduced the lenses of the Power Zoom series, they added a small box with contacts for the power supply of these lenses (which is now used to service lenses with built in AF motor). If the protecting flange is much longer than that of the Pentax lenses, the lens cannot be mounted. One could use a dremel to shorten the shield a bit. I once had to return a Sigma 2.8/28 II which I did not want to modify, as it was in mint condition.

If you don't own the manual, you can download the English version as a PDF file.
Forum: Pentax K-S1 & K-S2 10-14-2017, 07:20 AM  
K S2 vivitar k mount old lens
Posted By RKKS08
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With a fully functioning copy of this lens you cannot damage your K-S2, as there are only 2 possibilities to do it:
  • There are lenses where the last lens element is reaching too far inside the body, which could block the mirror. But as this lens was designed for Pentax FF bodies (where the mirror is much bigger), there can't possibly be a problem with your APS-C camera.

  • If the aperture lever of the lens is damaged (bent), it could stuck the aperture actuator of the body and damage it. But this is true for ALL lenses.

The bayonet of Pentax lenses was always blank metal, some 3rd party lenses are anodized (blacked). This was not a problem with older Pentax analogue cameras, but DSLRs and later analogue models may not fire, as they cannot detect whether a lens is attached.

To work with this lens, and all "M" type lenses (Pentax and 3rd party):
  • Search in the settings menu for "enable usage of aperture ring" (exact text may vary between models), and set it to "ON". You can leave it that way permanently, it does not do any harm. It is just to prevent you using KA/KAF lenses (with aperture ring) in P or Tv mode when you involuntarily moved the aperture ring away from the A position.

  • Set the camera to M mode. Set an appropriate aperture with the aperture ring on the lens.

  • Do stop down metering. With most (but not all) Pentax bodies this is done by pressing a "green button". If the K-S2 does not offer such a button, have a look at your manual how to do it. The camera will now set a correct exposure time fitting to your aperture and ISO setting.

  • After stop down metering, there are possibilities to modify the chosen setting before firing, which vary between Pentax models. Have a look at your manual.

EDIT: I forgot to mention: the exposure value set by using stop down metering will stay, which means under constant light conditions you don't need to repeat it, just fire away.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-07-2017, 10:52 AM  
Pentax D-LI50 battery
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 4
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After bad experiencies with other labels, I always take Pantona (German company, but of course produced in China).
I am using them for my K-5 as well as my Lumix DMC-LX5 (and before did for the LX3).

I saw that they often offer 2 versions: a cheaper one with about 15-20% less nominal capacity, and a more expensive one with 15-20% more than the original battery. I found they lose their capacity much earlier than the Pentax labeled ones, but here they are about 75-85% cheaper. So what? I can at least buy 5 of them for the price of one Pentax.

But I would be aware of Pantona battery chargers. It seems they just re-label cheap Chinese standard devices, which are not up to what we are used to in my country.

As an afterthought: the overheating problems with a Pantona charger as reported by one PF member could be an US problem.
Most of the world use 220-240V as standard home voltage. So the device might originally have been optimized for 240V AC down to the DC charging voltage.
If they used a (too) simple design for this process, it may result in doubling the energy transformed to heat when applied to 110V AC.
Forum: Pentax Medium Format 10-04-2017, 06:27 AM  
K-1 or 645n
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 20
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Someone has compared the K-1 crop mode with the K-5 in one of the many early K-1 threads.
I can't find it right now, but as far as I remember, the difference was not a big one, and the K-1 was at least not a clear winner concerning IQ...
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 09-12-2017, 10:47 AM  
Flash stupidity question
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 9
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Setting the flash zoom for wider than what the lens focal length would suggest can sometimes have a positive effect.

Inside, specially in smaller rooms, there will be more light bouncing from walls and ceiling, which may produce a less flat appearence of the picture. Whether this will improve the result, will depend on many things.
You should experiment with it a bit, to get a feeling of when to use this effect, and when better not.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 09-05-2017, 09:09 AM  
Bright Colored Mystery Spots in JPEGs Only
Posted By RKKS08
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If the problem is indeed caused by clusters of dead and hot pixels on the sensor (which I doubt), it could mean that the in-camera raw file display makes its own demosaicking, but the in-camera jpeg engine does not use these processed raw data and starts from scratch using the sensor data themselves.

A test may (or may not) reveal this: shoot raw only, and some pictures later (when you are sure the buffer does not hold any data of the picture) do an in-camera RAW to JPEG conversion. Investigate whether the JPEGs now look different.
And process the JPEG externally, after shooting RAW only. Does it look different?
Forum: Pentax K-r 09-04-2017, 04:42 PM  
TESTS: Plated vs Painted (conducting vs non-conducting) lens mounts on K-r: whats t
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 7
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My K-5 does.
It works as expected with a SMC-M 1.7/50, but neither green button nor DOF preview work with my Petri 2/28 (which works with both methods with my K200D). The Petri lens mount is NOT "black anodized".

However, after shorting pin 7 with a small piece of tin foil as a test, the K-5 will do. So there must be some kind of isolating surface which cannot be seen.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 09-04-2017, 03:24 PM  
Bright Colored Mystery Spots in JPEGs Only
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 11
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I don't think sensor cleaning will help. Dirty spots on the sensor produce black spots on the picture just as there were dark spots in the scenery.

The situation can be different with pixels known as faulty. Because these pixels are interpolated from neighbouring pixels which are not listed as defect. I remember Pentax had a major problem with the first badge of the K20 (I think it was solved with one of the firmware updates?). The problem there occurred when horizontal borders between light and dark areas met a known defective pixel, with that pixel just on the darker side. The algorithm used only a small number of neighbouring pixels for interpolation. As only the light side, but not the dark side (value=0) could contribute to the interpolation, the missing pixel would be replaced by a red, blue, or green one. This was very visible specially with zebra-like horizontal patterns.

This also was a proof how many dead pixels are located on any sensor, which are disabled already by QC in the factory - for the 14MP sensor obviously 50-100.

But the problem of the OP is probably not related to dead pixels. Can it be seen on the camera display?
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 09-03-2017, 03:55 PM  
K1 Video is not that bad
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 26
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The Helios 44-4 was sold with M42 mount (Helios 44M-4) and K mount (Heilios 44K-4).
As far as I know, these two are otherwise identical.

For that kind of work it probably won't matter, but for other applications it may be more convenient not to use an adapter (changing lenses in the field comes to mind).
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 09-01-2017, 04:29 PM  
What other Chinon lenses are M42 mount ?
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 24
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If you are looking for Chinon K mount lenses, you can also search for "Agfa Color" lenses.
Agfa Selectronic - - The free camera encyclopedia

They are often offered on German/European eBay.
What I saw the last 3 months were
It is said they are all Chinon lenses, ment to be used with the K mount Agfa Selectronic SLR series.
These series were also completly Chinon inside, just got another outside design.

I just saw that the K mount Revueflex AC2 (Foto-Quelle) is based on the same Chinon SLR as the Agfa Selectronic 3, just with again another outside design.
So any lenses sold with/for this camera (probably branded Revuecolor or Revuenon) may also be Chinon made. But in this case I would look for design similiarities, as Foto-Quelle ordered lenses from West Germany, East Germany, Japan, and Soviet Union.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 08-31-2017, 02:23 PM  
Chinon/Revuenon Autofocus 50mm 1.7 - AF for any K-mount?
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 7
Views: 499
When the German Agfa company started to offer SRLs (with K mount), they did neither develop nor produce these themself. Here it is said they all are Chinons (bodies and lenses), and that they are quite good.

Presently you can find about one such lens per week on German eBay ("Agfa-Color").
These are 2.8/28, 2.8/35, 1.4/50, and 2.8/135 (or 3.5/135?). A while ago, I got a 2.8/35 for near to nothing. I haven't really tested it yet (I got several other F35mm lenses). But one of the owners probably used it for video, as the aperture setting is stepless, and I don't like this very much. Despite I should be used to it from old soviet rangefinder lenses.
Forum: Pentax Full Frame 08-22-2017, 07:23 AM  
Pentax K1 review in German
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 11
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He was using solemny the FA77 and was quite happy with its performance.

He tried, but did not like the zoom (generally doesn't like zooms), with this the unit was too front heavy. If he would ever buy a K-1, it would be only with the battery grip, because in his very big hands even the K-1 felt tiny.
Forum: Product Suggestions and Feedback 08-17-2017, 12:47 PM  
Focal Length Setting
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 20
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There may be a solution, but I investigated only for PhotoME.

The lens database used by PhotoME is stored in a XML file, so it is possible to add lenses which are not (yet) included.
You need a text editor - using one designed for programmers helps as it may highlight structures, but it also works with a plain one.
Mind that the information is sorted by camera mounts, not by manufacturers of the lenses. So info for Sigma lenses with K mount are not found in Sigma.XML, but in Pentax.XML. All these files are located in the data\makernotes sub folder of the installation folder of PhotoME.

It certainly helps having some basic knowledge about HTML/XML files. I myself have it on my ToDo list since Internet started decades ago, but there was never enough time - but my VERY basic knowledge was sufficient to solve the problem, at least for my special targets.

The Pentax.XML is a mess - obviously several people have worked on it independently, and added lenses just making it working (so much of the original structure got lost). There is a lot of redundant info, where it is not always clear which one will be used for display.
Also, in several locations the hexadecimal F was translated to 25 instead 255, so these lenses may not be recognized. It is possible this was deliberately done to make it not working, because the result was not as intended.

What I found strange, is the fact that the RAW file will show the lens info, but the JPG does not. If I have time, I may have a look at a master XML file, which may define the complete display structure with all the lines and columns. Basicly, the lens info can be included in the EXIF of both RAW and JPG.
With the pictures I tried, IrfanView did it the opposite way: for RAW files there is no lens info, but for JPG there is. But this effect could also be caused by the RAW converter used.
It is also strange, that PhotoME and IrfanView DO NOT use the same 4-letter code (hexa) of the EXIF for the lens detection. For the fourth number IrfanView uses a different EXIF entry.

But for a start I managed to add 2 of my lenses, which were not displayed before.

Please don't ask me WHERE I modified (Sigma 55-200) or inserted (18-125) these lines.
I know where I did it, but it was a bit of try and error, also because the first number (=maker: 3/8) in one case stands for Sigma, in the other for Pentax (so I think). The way I found appropriate locations may not help you with other lenses.
And keep in mind, that 3rd party lenses in some cases are using the same code as existing Pentax lenses. I was lucky, that I don't also own one of the Pentax lenses which write the same code to the EXIF as the Sigma 55-200, so deleting the entry for the Pentax lenses does not bother me.

If you try it yourself, make a copy of the original Pentax.XML and store it somewhere else. If you delete it, nothing is lost: just re-install PhotoME.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 08-11-2017, 08:35 AM  
DFA*50 1.4 coming
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 2,051
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They probably won't risk expanding R&D, because after filling the gaps in the lenses line they may have to shrink again and fire staff.

I saw some examples for such behaviour in my former profession. I remember one case, when a big company placed a very big order with one of our competitors for a special model (metrology equipment). They refused to take that order, as it would have either needed big investments in buildings, machinery, and staff, or it would have blocked any normal production for several years. What happened in the end, was that the ordering company just bought the manufacturer, and took the risk themselves.

Think also about Boeing and Airbus: the media proudly announce if one of them gathered much more orders than the other, which is absolutely meaningless. Production of both companies is booked out for more than a decade already. But none of them risks strongly expanding production - what to do if orders decrease a lot in the future?

We just see the same problem with railways. None of the manufacturers (European or Canadian) can deliver on time. 1-2 years late must now be expected. The manufacturers just pay for the delay, probably had it in the calculation of their offerings anyway. Do they expand their production lines? No, they presently all are shrinking them (and some of them are booked out for many years, too).
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 08-10-2017, 09:09 AM  
Old MX help
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 12
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Some general information you may find here:
MX light seals -

Light seals (complete sets ready to use) you can find on eBay, but probably not for the MX.

But you could try these, contact them first for shipping to the EU, Custom Pentax Light Seal

There are some more, I think in the past also one PF member sold them.
You may also look for Jon Goodman, I heard he sells complete sets. Find him at

And greetings to Zagreb.
I have been there many many times, privately and for work at companies and the University (Fakultet Strojarstva i Brodogradnje)
Sadly, not for the last 10-11 years.

Good luck.

Also have a look at
There are useful general hints for replacing light seals.
Forum: Travel, Events, and Groups 08-09-2017, 09:48 AM  
Next potential K-mount film travel kit.
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 11
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I think a 20mm or wider, a fast normal, and a tele zoom.

As there would be a (too big) gap between the UW and normal, I would consider one of the many 19-35mm zooms from the nineties instead the UW prime. Most of these offer the aperture ring and are AF, but the shorter throw for manual focusing should not be a problem at wide angle. The Tokina has the best reputation (Cosina, Sigma, Vivitar and others offered it too, some of them - I forgot which - were rebranded Cosinas or Sigmas).

The normal could be replaced by a fast 35-70, but there are not many F2.8. I own the Tokina AT-X 2.8/35-70, but it is a bit soft at 2.8 (and it is big and heavy).

The mentioned "transport problems" occur when an already old ME, MV, ME Super, Super A, or P series Pentax gets no use for a long time. This will apply for almost every such camera you will buy right now. Also because possible mirror and light seal problems, I would do a CLA after buying. The ME Super is all the ME is, plus M mode. A spare battery is never wrong, but fresh ones lasted in my ME Super 3+ years, and I used that camera several times a week.
It seems many people don't like the push buttons for shutter setting, but it makes it easy to change shutter speed while looking through the VF. Something that doesn't make much sense with the MX, as you may loose your composition.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-08-2017, 05:39 AM  
Anyone else miss the K200D?
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 782
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The digital *ist line does not support power zoom. Starting with the K10D, always (and only) the top models of each line do it.
These are the K10D, K20D, K-7, K-5x, K-3x, K-1.

But it is a very basic support (just motorized zooming). Even the entry level Z10/PZ10 supported at least some of the additional goodies.
As far as I know, only the Z1/PZ1 (and the MZ-S ?) made use of all the functions.

For the Pentax digital cameras, you can look up the support in the "Pentax DSLR Comparison" section, you won't find it in the reviews database.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 08-05-2017, 04:23 PM  
M42 on a K-Mount: Stop-down metering isn't the big problem (for me, anyway)
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 20
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I think I tried to say exactly what you did, just not as elaborated.
Sometimes I make mistakes when thinking in German, but writing in English (but that happens seldom). In German traditionally the expressions were opposite to English; Tv=Aperture Automatic, Av=Time Automatic.
But I cannot find even such a problem.

And no, I did not mix up aperture automation and exposure automation.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 08-05-2017, 03:48 PM  
K200D empty SD card after humpbacktrip :(
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 8
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The camera as well as you laptop must completely rely on the information the controller on the card is providing. It "sees" a virtual image of the file system and the position of the files. The real structure is kind of top secret of the manufacturers, as performance and wear is relying on these. That's why some brands have a better reputation than others.
As photoptimist said, if the card controller does not signal a problem to the operating system, the camera will not show an error.
And whether the controller of your card performs an internal verify or sum check, who knows? The manufacturer will not tell you.

But power failure during a write cycle will cause inconsistant FAT entries. This may later lead to overwrite or cross write files. Worse, directory entries could vanish, and their complete content would magically not exist any more. If you now stop working with this card, there would be a chance to re-establish this entry, and the complete content would magically be there again. But the chance is very small, as the original position of the directory entry start is not known. Specialized programs try to find some hint where it could have been, but (disks/hard disks included), during the last >30 years I had not more than 10% success.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 08-05-2017, 03:05 PM  
M42 on a K-Mount: Stop-down metering isn't the big problem (for me, anyway)
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 20
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It is a long long time since I last used a M42 lens on a K analogue body.
But as far I remember:
  • To use the Auto setting of the lens you need a camera which can control the aperture of M42 lenses. I think, with Pentax these were only the last 2 or 3 M42 models, before the switch to K mount. I think, the first Spotmatics couldn't use it.

  • With a MX, you certainly have to work with at least 2 steps: focusing fully open, measuring stopped down.

  • Again I am not sure, but I think providing automatic exposure with aperture priority, you could use this mode. Focus fully open, then set aperture, and click.

  • The exposure measurement was expected to be used with fully open aperture. Stopping down for exposure measurement provides even less light for the sensors, and near their limits the results may get unreliable. In this case, go to manual, measure fully open, and calculate the needed correction for your intended aperture setting. In theory, you could face exactly this same problem when using M42 and K lenses with DSLRs and stop down/green button metering, but today's light sensors are quite capable even in dim light. Of course, in the past there was also the LX.

And, sorry, welcome to the forum.
Forum: Pentax Camera and Field Accessories 08-05-2017, 07:41 AM  
Heat issue with Patona D-LI90 chargers
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 12
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The pictured loaders are worldwide offered under many different brands, and presumably all come from the same Chinese factory. It somehow troubles me that also Patona is selling these. Patona is a German company which mainly develops and designs reloadable Lithium batteries (production probably is also in China), and their reputation for these is not bad in my country.

I still own the simpler one of the pictured loaders, labeled "vhbw" (it came with a Lumix), and I don't use it any more for overheating problems. The original Panasonic devices do provide the third (middle) contact, on which really compatible batteries signal heat problems. Loaders with a no-cheat third contact will make a break till the signal is ok again (without showing the user). With such loaders, increased recharge time may be a first sign, that the battery starts developing problems. This should be monitored, to prevent your house getting burned down. There is no way stopping burning Lithium batteries, also a knowing fire brigade can only cool it down to prevent spreading the fire (till the chemical process stops by itself, some time later).
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 08-02-2017, 10:28 AM  
Av mode with M42 lens
Posted By RKKS08
Replies: 8
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I can speak only for the K200D, which has the very slightly modified firmware of the K10D.
There, EV settings will be ignored in M mode. If you think you need it with M42 lenses, use Av instead.

I think there was some problem with green button measurement for M42 lenses.
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