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Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 07-11-2014, 12:20 PM  
Iceland Trip
Posted By H-Alien
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I believe your "definite" list is pretty much covering it all.

I went to Iceland last year and it was just absolutely brilliant. You can view my short impression Since it was a true holiday with the girlfriend I pretty much made holiday snapshots, so not much artistic stuff going. I really need to get back for some serious photographing! Below are some of my tips, you be the judge wether they're helpfull or not :D

Reykjavik is a great city, be sure to visit some local pubs for some great live music going on (music is a big thing in the city). The city itself is rather small, we stayed one evening + a full day which really was enough.

If you plan to go Whale watching I would definately advice to go to Dalvik instead of the way more popular Husavik. Dalvik has much less tourism, there is 1 whale watching operator who use 2 boats maximum. The boats are rather small and the crew is very friendly. On the trip back to the harbour you can go fishing. Back on land the crew puts your freshly caught fish on the grill. The boat is on one of the pictures. I would reccommend the 60-250 or possibly the 16-50 for the whale watching....these whales just were often waaaaay too close for my 135mm to really catch a good shot.

Myvatn is the most "active" part along the ring road with truly breathtaking scenery. However be aware that Myvatn is Icelandic for mosquito lake...and it lives up to it's name.

We visited the eastern town called "Borgafjördur Eystri" which is a small place with some great hiking trails nearby. It is a small bit "out of the way" so not much tourism going on. The road towards it was a bit tricky though (steep climb, big drop and 10 meters visibility due to fog). It has the best puffin rock that we visited.

Icelake...James Bond went there so you must too.

Golden Triangle.....very touristic. A let down after visiting the other parts of Iceland, just way too much tourism (90% of the people visiting Iceland never leave Reykjavik except for the "golden triangle" tour). The rest of the island isn't spoiled by tourism at all, which we loved.

Sometimes on the hot spots people can spoil that scenic view of the waterfall. Just wait a bit, we noticed that 99% of the time we were the only people staying for a bit longer and the rest of the people had to catch the bus again within 20 minutes to continue their "bustour"

One last thing, Iceland has very little wildlife. There are birds (puffins!) and a whole lot of sheep (crossing the road all the time) but other then that not much going on. The reindeer are import from scandinavia and we didn't see one. However we did have to run for our lives when we got attacked by a couple of "squa". They are a rather aggresive bird, comparable in size to a seagull...just a tad bigger. They're really nasty and made sweeping dive attacks on us. According to the guy we rented the place from, the birds are known for making (mostly fake) attacks to scare away people (they succeeded!), however a poor fella was in fact killed a year before after a attack by one of these birds...the guy really knew how to make us feel safe :)
Forum: Lens Clubs 08-03-2013, 12:12 PM  
The Mirror Lens Club!
Posted By H-Alien
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Bought a Tokina 500mm mirror from ebay. Today we went to the zoo and I took it with me to get toknow the lens. It was my first shoot with it and I must say it is quite a challenge (and therefore fun) to use. I found it very very difficult to judge whether my focus was correct or not and in the end about 15-20% of my images were in focus (okay I admit, shooting handheld in sub optimal conditions doesn't help but I couldn't be bothered to take my tripod on a nice day to the zoo with friends). Overall I have had a blast with this lens today :)

Because most people in this thread judge the pictures wondering if they should buy a mirror lens or not, the Images below are straight from the camera, no postprocessing whatsoever. Note these were some of the 15-20% I was happy with. The second one was through a window.

and for a real "scare" ;)
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 06-07-2013, 11:49 AM  
Weekly Challenge #246 The thin slice
Posted By H-Alien
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K200d Panagor 90mm Macro - iso 800 - f2.8 - 1/500 (somewhere around 1:1.5 macro)

Just shot this one outside in the garden. I noticed a feather stuck in the shrub (a Ceanothus 'Yankee Point' for the curious) and thought it would make a nice testsubject for some messing around with my newly acquired Panagor. I didn't expect much since it's rather terrible weather for macro stuff. Due to the wind I took some shots in burst hoping one would turn out sharp. None did, however this one showed up and I was completely surprised by the caterpillar, I didn't see it taking the picture cause I was focusing on the feather. Image denoised and cropped slightly. This must be my weirdest, luckiest and busiest picture taken ever....however it does fit the "thin slice" theme ;)
Forum: Lens Clubs 11-09-2010, 10:23 AM  
Vivitar Lens Club - share the beauty
Posted By H-Alien
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Unfortunately it isn't the close focusing version, just the "plain old standard" ;)

Can't complain though sofar I like it compared to the m135. It's a bit heavier, bit bigger and the cap is terrible but the images produced are at least equal to the m135. I haven't tested it yet but I'm almost certain that the focusing distance off the"standard" vivitar is still allot smaller then it is with the pentax m135. And with extension tubes added you still have decent distance to the subjects for some "beginners-macro"
Forum: Lens Clubs 11-09-2010, 04:33 AM  
Vivitar Lens Club - share the beauty
Posted By H-Alien
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Had a steal on ebay last week for an old set including a Vivitar 135mm f2.8 and a set of Vivitar AT-22 extension tubes, so here are my first tries with them combined.

with 68mm of tubes

With 32mm of tubes

They're both handheld and my first time ever using extension is the DOF tiny! Really hard trying to get the right bits in focus, which resulted in some bad framing on most shots since I was too busy trying to get the focus right. Now I understand the need for a good set of macro rails :)

I love the 135mm so far, it is very crisp, colours seem to be a bit more alive then on my pentax m-135 3.5
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 11-06-2010, 05:12 AM  
Vivitar 28mm As FA31mm Replacement?
Posted By H-Alien
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Just received my package from e-bay, for a 100 dollars got myself;

2 x Asahi Pentax MV camera (1 for spare parts, not operational)
Vivitar 135 mm 1: 2,8 auto telephoto ø55 mm lens
Vivitar 28 mm 1: 2 auto wide-angle ø55 mm

smc Pentax-M 1: 2 50 mm
smc Pentax-M 1 : 1,7 50 mm
Vivitar automatic extension tube AT-22 36 mm
Vivitar automatic extension tube AT-22 20 mm
Vivitar automatic extension tube AT-22 12 mm
Tumax 118A flash (for the MV)
Sneider Kreuznach B+W colourfilter

All the lenses need some exterior cleaning but are optically fine, except for the 28mm which unfortunately has a rather large piece of dust inside.

I was primarily looking for the extension tubes (already own the pentax-m 1.7 and a pentax m 135mm, looking forward to comparing the pentax and vivitar 135mm) but the 28mm Vivitar further sparked my interest.

From the description it looks to be the K12 but I'm wondering about the mount. On the side of the lens it reads "lens made in japan P/K" but it isn't like my other K-mounts in that the metal strip next to the diaphragm actuator is much much longer then I'm used to seeing.

The question is what kind of mount is this and how to fit in on a k200d?

EDIT: Nevermind, another thread in this forum guided me to this page, so I removed the excess material and everything is working perfectly now. Luckily the piece of dust doesn't show on the pictures so i will leave it as it is.

Forum: Photo Critique 07-21-2010, 12:35 AM  
Nature Three time's a charm (series)
Posted By H-Alien
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Spent some time shooting with the M50 at F1.7, trying to get some dreamy-like closeups.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 07-14-2010, 01:53 PM  
Macro Insects
Posted By H-Alien
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#4 is really creepy...those eyes! excellent shot
Forum: Post Your Photos! 07-14-2010, 01:28 PM  
Nature backyard butterfly
Posted By H-Alien
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just a ordinary butterfly in the backyard. We had an power blackout so there wasn't much to do but spend some time chasing butterlies in the backyard :) I must say that I like the bokeh that this lens gives, I like it as a bug/animal shooter. I don't really like the position of the butterfly, too much in the center too my liking but those things just keep changing positions....annoying fella's...
Forum: Lens Clubs 07-11-2010, 04:50 AM  
The M Club!
Posted By H-Alien
Replies: 8,708
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Schmidlapper I would love the see the tamron shots aswell as a comparison, do you still have those shots?
Forum: Post Your Photos! 07-08-2010, 01:27 PM  
Nature Seathwaite Falls
Posted By H-Alien
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what black mark near the bottom? At first that looked like a gap in the water, didn't bother me at all...

pretty solid for being handheld, I like moving water :)
Forum: Post Your Photos! 07-07-2010, 02:13 AM  
Landscape Road to Baal
Posted By H-Alien
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Had to bring my car to the garage so in the meanwhile I went out for a small walk to play around with my newly acquired Zenitar 16mm.

Forum: Post Your Photos! 07-07-2010, 02:06 AM  
Nature As swedish as it gets
Posted By H-Alien
Replies: 6
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really nice, the flag is so subtle that if the title would have been different it would have taken at least 2 looks to figure it out :)
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 07-05-2010, 05:38 AM  
Ultra-wide angle - are there little known gems?
Posted By H-Alien
Replies: 40
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I recently bought a secondhand (but brand new) Zenitar 16mm f2.8
Went out this morning to take some first snapshots (nothing spectacular)

Good example how the fisheye works, the top roof of the church shows no distortion since it's in the middle of the picture, the bottom does show the known fisheye distortion.

However due to the smaller sized sensor of my k200d you can get wide-angle results without screaming fisheye all over it.

And one more B/W conversion

I'm sure the other options provide sharper results and get wider then the Zenitar but if you're in the same situation as me, wanting a wide angle lens (it is quite a bit wider then the 18mm of the kit lens) but not spend a fortune on it.....then the Zenitar seems like a very decent choice. I got mine for €130,- including shipping.

Build quality seems great sofar (although the lenscap seems the wrong way around for me with the tabs at the top and bottom). The biggest issue for me is focusing, which is kind of hard when everything is so tiny in the viewfinder...
Forum: Video and Pentax HDSLRs 07-05-2010, 02:09 AM  
New music video shooted with Pentax lenses
Posted By H-Alien
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What an amazing video! Incredible what can be done with SLRs these days, although I must say that with things like these it's mostly user experince that really makes a photo or video stand out and this is just a great video with a wonderfull song togo along with it.

When you refer to Pentax and Sony image stabilization do you mean the internal stabilization? Is that good enough, I always thought people used those 3rd party external stabilizers with SLRs (or DIY)
Forum: Lens Clubs 06-23-2010, 11:59 AM  
135mm lens club
Posted By H-Alien
Replies: 2,054
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Just recently received my M135 f3.5 for my k200d. Got hold of a rather good sample for 40 euros. First took it out on a boat trip with lots of swans posing but I got a bit dissapointed by the IQ, not sure if it is my limited skills with photography and this lense in particular but the results were rather dull. So I took it out again trying to catch me some birds and squirrels which turned out allot better, things looked much sharper in general and with nice contrast unlike the swan pictures which seemed incredibly dull.

Wasn't fast enough manual focusing to catch him in flight...

Little squirrel probably around f4

Love the messy Bokeh wide open

All pictures checked for levels no apparent pp otherwise all at iso400 I think.
Forum: Lens Clubs 06-22-2010, 11:20 AM  
The 15mm Limited controls my mind - club
Posted By H-Alien
Replies: 11,789
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absolute stunning pictures dunerunner. I especially like the 2nd and 3rd
Forum: Lens Clubs 05-27-2010, 12:10 PM  
The M Club!
Posted By H-Alien
Replies: 8,708
Views: 1,302,141
I recently bought myself a 50mm 1.7 lens and I must say that focusing is a bit of a challenge yet (my first manual lense) but I'm having a blast with it. I love to use it wide open and experiment with it getting the focusing right, luckily some happy animals are more than willing to pose. I must say I love the sharpness of it

Above some random horse I stumbled upon and our cat Harry.

Ps. first post after being a lurker for some time, enjoying the qualities of others :)
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