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Forum: Photographic Technique 06-15-2019, 05:05 AM  
Macro Looking for a doodad thingy.....
Posted By AlwaysAl
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Thinking perhaps a "fly tying vise", lots of variations and often turn up in garage sales, etc.
Also, Jay P Morgan at the "Slanted Lens" and explores lots of creative techniques to hold/pose subjects to get that "shot".
Here's a link to a sample of suspending objects :

You Tube

His general site: The Slanted Lens - YouTube
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 05-18-2019, 06:52 AM  
Pentax IST ds
Posted By AlwaysAl
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Hello Scott, is the card locked? I've had similar experience with the insertiion and removal of the card, the lock slides to locked position.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 04-26-2019, 06:25 PM  
Is this Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 Art for Pentax defective?
Posted By AlwaysAl
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Forum: Digital Processing, Software, and Printing 04-22-2019, 06:20 PM  
Slideshow Software
Posted By AlwaysAl
Replies: 22
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Hi Maria,

I'm also a ProShow user and very happy with the offering. It's got a lot of stuff and fairly intuitive to operate. The folks at Photodex have been great to offer support (when needed). I would caution, ProShow is somewhat insidious; as you use it, the siren song becomes the expansion modules and movement from Gold to Producer which can make the product a fairly expensive investment in a piece of software (but I wouldn't be without it). For display of images, several of my colleagues (we teach) use Microsoft PowerPoint (as have I) and I believe it's included in most "Office" packages free of extra charge. Compared to ProShow, PowerPoint is a little less intuitive but there's a lot of feaures there if you have the time to explore and play and in many ways very comparable to ProShow for a relatively simple display of images.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 02-06-2019, 07:19 AM  
Need help for amateur wedding and equipment.
Posted By AlwaysAl
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Reading through the threads, my response to most would be "exactly". Similar circumstance, niece, shoe-string budget, etc. Shot with two bodies (K-5iis with a Sigma 18-35, K-1 with Pentax 28-105 & Sigma 70-200). Enlisted the help of another niece as "second shooter". The plan was to be opposite to each other (front & rear/side to side) to exploit as many photo opportunities as it was an outdoor wedding, slight adjustments needed to be made to utilize the natural sunlight and as expected it started and ran a little later than planned...funny how quickly that afternoon sun can get to the horizon in a Fall wedding). I normally shoot in RAW (.dng) format for extra security and did so for this event also but it added to the processing time of the 600 shots.
The hindsights; if using your two cameras, make sure the the time on each camera is exact and that the EXIF data identifies each camera. This is essential when establishing a chronological order for the shots (I failed this one...made for a slight processing nightmare!!)
Get someone (other than the shooters) to choreograph and perform crowd control. Add to the exuberance of the day, the various personalities, a little alchohol and keeping the wedding party focused is like herding cats (there's always the great aunt from timbuktu who pushes in and insists on "their shots and poses" basically delaying loosing your "perfect" moment totally oblivious to your interests and role. Found it was difficult to keep an eye on the crowd and do the job of operating the camera at the same time (there's always that "one" that will jump in front of you once you've got the wedding party focused and ready...even with the viewfinder coverage of the Pentax's you don't see that one coming!)
Weddings are personal and getting close makes the shot in my opinion. The majority of the "preferred" shots were covered in that 30-70mm range. The 70-200mm provided a little "help" for some close-ups (during the placing of the rings, etc.) Other than that time, a lot of weight for very little application although the wide aperture did allow a nice bokeh obscuring an otherwise so-so background.
As the day rolls into evening, lighting does become a problem and the shots tend to be more larger group than couples and individuals making the camera flash a little redundant. Found setting the camera on the TAV mode helped with the low light and the dark ambience of the reception hall.
There's the need for the expected "formal" shots but some of the ones most enjoyed were the "goof" shots where the party played to the camera and truly relaxing to enjoy the moment. Figuring out how to "delivery" these images for viewing and knowing the couple weren't the coffee table photo album type, decided to put the images into ProShow making an animation of the day burned to a DVD (along with the whole range of images for printing if desired). They can now relive their "day" by viewing it on TV.
So, for me, it was stressul with lots of learning but it was lots of fun in the end. Would I rush out to find another wedding to shoot; no! Wildlife and machinery are more controllable. For family this participation is now just part of the good memory of that day.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 01-19-2019, 12:14 PM  
APSC Portrait Lens info
Posted By AlwaysAl
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I'm still keeping an eye on a 90mm macro but, so far, have been able to hold those urges in check.
The longer range of the Tamron wasn't my preferences when shooting portraits (that feeling of detachment) but served a purpose when walking around, etc. As much as I still have great respect for the Tamron felt that when coupled with the K-1 it just seemed lacking compared to earlier bodies, What I failed to mention, in the interim (as part of this journey of exploration with the K-1 and its magical qualities that I felt were alluding me) my dealer suggested a try of the 28-105 which has become my walk around lens and, to your point, love the range.
For the APS-C camera, acquired a 50-135 and that's a great lens especially for street shooting. I don't hear or read a lot about this lens but it's a gem!
Further to the Tamron, when the urge to exercise the MZ-S overcomes me, it's the lens to use.
Thanks again for your comments. Al
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 01-02-2019, 07:34 AM  
Christmas lights
Posted By AlwaysAl
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I would like to nominate this photo
Forum: Post Your Photos! 12-17-2018, 07:31 AM  
Machinery Red Ford
Posted By AlwaysAl
Replies: 4
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Thank you both for the comments (and the chuckle).
Forum: Post Your Photos! 12-09-2018, 03:07 PM  
Machinery Red Ford
Posted By AlwaysAl
Replies: 4
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Another nicely restored truck on display at the HCEA's "Last Blast" -- Fall 2018
Forum: Post Your Photos! 10-14-2018, 10:34 AM  
Machinery Vintage Tractor
Posted By AlwaysAl
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A little Fall walk to see the sights at the HCEA Canada's "Last Blast" 2018. Post processing with Photomatix
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 09-02-2018, 08:11 AM  
Movement at Night
Posted By AlwaysAl
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I would like to nominate this photo
Forum: Flashes, Lighting, and Studio 04-15-2018, 07:27 AM  
Getting first external flash
Posted By AlwaysAl
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I've shot rock style music events and, to be honest, lots of fast action, not a lot of good flash-bounce opportunities...seemingly always a dark environment. What works for me is higher ISO, watch and try to work with the stage light patterns for upper body light and use the flash for fill in the lower areas.

At these events, actions is fast and I find there's a need to shoot many times as quick as the flash will recharge (hoping for that perfect capture). So, if this is your environment, make sure your flash recovers quickly and doesn't excessively eat the batteries. On the battery front, found the "black" Eneeloops worked best...shoot a whole night with one set.

Additionally, found that some flashes, in those machine-gun style shoots, the capacitor overheated and recovery slowed potentially missing shots and definitely affecting any learned stride with respect to the lights. Initially, this is what brought me to the Eneeloops (the other batteries would come out too hot to hold) assuming it was the batteries breaking down and overheating the flash. The Eneeloops didn't get hot and quickly realized it was the capacitor.
Next thought was it might have been my flash was worn out but in research to find a replacement discovered this was almost a common phenomena with consumer grade flashes. Finally settled on a Metz and I can hammer away all night and it never even breaks into a sweat. At the time, the off-shore flashes were not readily available so never ventured to testing them although if I was to do it again would definitely consider these options.

Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 02-20-2018, 05:38 PM  
IR remotes and cable remotes for MZ-S
Posted By AlwaysAl
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The "F" IR remote works well with the battery grip. Have owned two of these (the first didn't make it though the wash) and they've worked with all of my Pentax cameras since (and it's easy to carry).
With respect to the battery grip seem to remember needing to turn off the remote switch when not in use as it otherwise would drain the batteries rather rapidly. The two cable releases; the CS-105 is basically just a switch with a mechanical hold function if shooting in "B" mode. Purchased the TS-110 as it did everything the CS-105 did but expanded the shutter options into sequential and other timed shooting requirements. Additionally, the purchase of the AF360 flash unit expands the MZ-S's shutter release options to include front and rear sync. etc.
The nice thing about all of these devices is that they all ran with over the counter batteries ("AA" & "AAA"). Also, always thought the little pouches that Pentax sewed into the MZ-S strap were a great idea and if I had returned the Remote F to that pouch as I should have it wouldn't have been drowned in the laundry.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 11-02-2017, 08:36 PM  
older Sigma 150-500mm question
Posted By AlwaysAl
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I have an older Sigma 150-500, probably about the same vintage you're looking at. This one was purchased new to replace an even older Sigma 170-500 and there was a noticeable improvement in auto-focus performance with this newer version. At the time, I was using a K-20. Subsequently moved to a K-5IIs without issue. As this lens has been one of my "go to" options, when I took the leap to the K-1 it was one of the first lenses to "verify". The trial auto-focus with this combination left me awe seemed to be ideally matched to the K-1.

Attached is an image taken this Summer past with the K-1 and the Sigma 150-500. The day was a little dull with cloud cover, the shot was taken in RAW at 500mm f6.7 @ 1/1000 seconds, ISO 560

For the K-1, there is an automatic switching from full-frame to cropped sensor lenses and this works seamlessly on Pentax lenses. Unfortunately, a little live and learn with the K-1; a couple of times, my Sigmas have switched format to cropped from full-frame resulting in some ruined shots. My work around rule is to lockout the automatic function and manually select the setting appropriate to the lens installed. Haven't had an issue since. Good luck.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 09-15-2017, 04:33 AM  
Sports Chasin'
Posted By AlwaysAl
Replies: 1
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A little on-track action at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park prior to the NASCAR Truck Race.
Forum: Post Your Photos! 09-11-2017, 12:00 PM  
Machinery Flightline
Posted By AlwaysAl
Replies: 4
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The Great War Flying Museum's Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter sitting prior to the show
Forum: Repairs and Warranty Service 05-27-2017, 07:04 PM  
About to send dead AF360FGZ ii for warranty repair
Posted By AlwaysAl
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Several years ago, had what appears to be a similar problem with my AF360. Without boring you with the diagnostic sequence, tried everything, fresh batteries, stuck button or maladjusted swivel head "analysis" and finally found it was the battery door. On my model, the battery door takes a bit of a push to get it into position and locked. In hindsight, it seems I might have been too gentle with my approach and subsequently found that by pushing against the hinge side and aggressively sliding the door closed, the flash came to life. It's almost like there's an internal switch on the hinge that's a little sticky. With my other flash units, just connecting the batteries brought the units to life...perhaps Pentax has a more sophisticated system. Hope this works for you.
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 01-11-2017, 07:01 AM  
Urban Portrait
Posted By AlwaysAl
Replies: 3
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My choice. distant, detached, un-posed. Remains a stranger.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-22-2011, 05:06 PM  
Diopter adjustment
Posted By AlwaysAl
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As a wearer of bifocals, the diopter adjustment has been a god-send.

Recently, at a show, the Pentax representative indicated the proper way to set the diopter adjustment was to remove the lense look towards a light source and adjust the slide until the focus lines appeared clear in the viewfinder. The implication was the actual numerical strength of the adjustment was secondary to gaining comfortable functionality.

Previous to this "lesson" had always checked/set the diopter with the lense on and auto-focused on a detailed subject. Since adopting this new process, I find the images a little clearer and I can shoot without glasses on.

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