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Forum: Post Your Photos! 07-27-2016, 06:38 AM  
Not Work-Safe DNC Protests in Philadelphia
Posted By CreationBear
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Great shots of street theatre, but I like the color version better:

1200px-Cole_Thomas_The_Course_of_Empire_Destruction_1836 by J Barnes, on Flickr

Forum: Photographic Technique 03-12-2011, 01:10 PM  
Why is nature photography so boring?
Posted By magkelly
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One of the things that always amused me about being in SF was the signs everywhere that made a point of telling people to take scenic pictures HERE. I always avoided those spots like the plague because I didn't want anything in my portfolio that could have been taken by any one of another billion people.

Even when I go to popular photographic spots I try to find something to take pictures of at the time that isn't just like the 10,000 shots likely taken by people before me that same month. I can't even stand to wear the same shirt as someone else. Last thing I want is to have my photos look like those of someone else.

IMHO, you do have to study the work of other photographers. It's part of learning the craft, but blatantly going for the same look or photographing the same iconic things? Not if I can help it. I don't want to see Ansel Adam's work updated in my photos. I admire his work, and I've learned a lot from studying him, reading his books, but the last thing I want is BE him.

There are way too many things in this world to photograph to spend your time taking pics of things that have been photographed to death already. If you can't do it and do it differently? Then why even bother? Doing that, for me, that's a major part of what makes the difference between those who will go on forever doing simple snapshots of popular subjects and real photographers. I want very much to be the latter, not the former. I don't want to be someone who just copies art. I want to make it.

I don't mind the occasional snapshot of some place famous, so I can remember somewhere I have been, but even then I don't want that snapshot to look just like it came from some generic drug store post card. Might as well just spend the quarter and buy a post card if that's all I am aiming for....
Forum: Pentax Q 04-19-2016, 01:11 PM  
Osprey at 300m with a telescope (3091mm)
Posted By Phenix jc
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Telescope = ORION 80 EDT 480mm f6 (Triplet Apo)
+ Tele Converter x1.4, the venerable Nikon TC14B, now 672mm
+ Pentax Q7
= 3091mm.eq. 24x36

The safety distance for an Osprey nest is...300m.
...Not very good for photography.

But, here it is : JPEG OOC + sharpen for web forum.

(other thread with this gear : )

General view eq. 40mm 24x36 (Standard 02 5-15mm)

Crop 100%, the nest, Mrs, Mr


Mrs wants to play : Call of Duty

Mr knows his duty

Mr is a Man


Mr is an Artist


Mr is in need for a cigarette ;)
Forum: Post Your Photos! 04-08-2016, 08:38 AM  
Nature Altar of Sacrifice
Posted By godavari
Replies: 5
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Forum: Pentax Full Frame 02-19-2016, 07:26 AM  
Ken Rockwell dismisses K-1 out of hand
Posted By konraDarnok
Replies: 239
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The thing to do is go straight to his advertisers and see if *they* want to be associated with someone who uses Aspergers as an insult, and I'm sure you could create quite a stink by alerting Aspergers advocacy groups to his insults as well. Pentax will do fine without him, but attacking people with learning disabilities because he doesn't like a camera is bullshit.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 02-11-2016, 08:35 AM  
Plastic instead of glass for lens material?
Posted By THoog
Replies: 39
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Saying something is "plastic" really doesn't tell you much about the material. Glass is "plastic", in the sense of being moldable or shapable. When I took materials science, we had to identify the plastic in a part using a catalog of polymers that was a couple inches thick - there were tens of thousands of different kinds of "plastic". Unfortunately, "plastic" has a popular meaning of "cheap and disposable", thanks to polystyrene toys and polyethylene bottles and bags. I have lenses less old than I am with metal parts that are oxidizing and crumbling - "metal" doesn't always mean durable. I have Bakelite (plastic) castings that are much older than I am, and look like new. What matters is what kind of metal, glass, or plastic is used, whether it is appropriate for the job, and whether it is manufactured correctly. For modern lenses, the electronics, motors, and gearing will probably fail long, long before the optical elements, whether glass or plastic.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 11-20-2015, 08:57 AM  
Some FF news
Posted By pathdoc
Replies: 436
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That's a bit hard given that the camera hasn't officially been released yet, but I'm LOLing at all the rest. :D

Remember that in various fictional universes, all sorts of things can happen when you see God - ineffable joy is one, but in some variations beholding His full glory will burn your eyes out and can sometimes kill you or worse. (Remember in the Christmas carol "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night", even the sight of an angel terrifies the hell out of them. And also remember Indy's warning to Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark - so when the spirit of Kumao Kajiwara comes out of the camera on official release day and starts melting the faces of the SoCaNikon crowd, don't look at it.)
Forum: General Photography 11-11-2015, 08:43 AM  
You know you're a photographer when...
Posted By mattb123
Replies: 144
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Or then you wind up late for dinner!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 10-24-2015, 10:56 AM  
Some Crappy shots of the new FF Camera
Posted By Parallax
Replies: 560
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It's very simple. The entire delay is due to the extra time it's taken to develop a two-sided sensor. 36Mp on one side, 42 on the other. That unmarked mystery button is used to flip the sensor so you can select what sensel density you want.
Forum: General Photography 10-20-2015, 05:49 AM  
How do you know you are growing as a photographer?
Posted By TER-OR
Replies: 77
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This year chasing insects in the field my keeper rate was substantially higher than last year. That's growth, right? At least it's improving technique. Same equipment, too. It's satisfying.

I've been sharing my images on a few outlets, trying to educate people about the native insects and flowers - all the while learning about these species myself. It's great to share the images and knowledge and hopefully get people to start noticing things themselves - and hopefully treat the environment better for everyone.
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 09-14-2015, 02:20 PM  
Game Single in September 2015
Posted By ripper2860
Replies: 758
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Finally. Someone that fully understands.
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 05-06-2015, 12:04 PM  
Thematic So Wrong It's Right - Flawed Photos That Just Work
Posted By carpents
Replies: 22
Views: 3,509
Accidental double exposures! Taken with a Pentax ZX-L and a Nikon F100!

Forum: Pentax Q 07-19-2015, 01:15 PM  
Q7 : The Perfect Travel Camera (very long + many images)
Posted By 6BQ5
Replies: 24
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ZombieArmy recently posted a thread asking, "How would you sell someone on the Pentax Q?" This is an interesting question for Q series fans like us here because we love the ecosystem and want to see others appreciate it as well. The challenge with the Q series is that it is a very hard camera to understand. It's quirky because it's about the size of a small P&S, has the controls of a good entry level DSLR/mirrorless, shoots RAW, and has a small number of lenses that can be swapped in and out. This goes against the current premium compact trend where the bodies are a little bigger and the lenses are fixed mount zooms. Let's not also forget that the 1/2.3" and 1/1.7" sensors inside the Q series are teeny tiny compared the 1" sensors found in something like the Sony RX100 series. Despite all the quirks and seeming disadvantages of the Q series, the camera is capable of producing excellent images. This forum and the internet is filled with great examples. I think a successful image is the result of leveraging the Q series' strengths in the right scenario and scene. In other words, the Q series is not a general purpose camera that can do it all. Applying the Q series everywhere will quickly reveal the weakness such as high ISO noise and limited dynamic range while concealing the strengths like good color sensitivity and sharp optics. This is why Q series users always run with a large sensor camera like a Pentax DSLR as well. Something like a DSLR is strong enough to cover more complex lighting scenarios successfully.

With all that in mind, we can easily think of some scenarios where the Q series excels. Photographing model train dioramas and telephotography with K-mount lenses are two such examples. I previously posted about running a half marathon with my Q7 + 01 lens in hand. It is the perfect action camera for the photographer on the go (literally). Today I would like to offer up the Q7 as the photographer's perfect travel camera where the application is tourism and street photography! I always like to remind everyone how small the Q7 is by (re)posting this picture of my Q7 + 06 lens with a screwed-in metal hood.

That picture never gets old for me. There are other small bodies such as the Lumix GM5 but lets not forget that the 06 gives the Q series the equivalent reach of a 200mm lens ... and it still fits in the palm of my hand ... with a metal hood! I can fit my complete Q kit that consists of a Q7 + 01 + 02 + 03 + 06 + spare battery in a simple sling bag. I'd like to see a similar setup from the competition. ;) So let's leave our DSLR and u4/3 cameras behind and let's go to Amsterdam in the Netherlands with our Q7! :D

In addition to being small, the Q7 is a very quiet camera. The leaf shutter makes a very slight "click" when photographing a scene. Switching to an electronic shutter renders the camera completely silent. Being small and quiet enables the Q to go places unnoticed. It's not going to attract attention like a big DSLR. You can get great candid shots of people without making a fuss or causing a scene. My Q7 + 06 recorded this German gentleman traveler striking a very remarkable pose.

_IMP0948 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM 34.1mm f3.2
by Boris, on Flickr

The high ISO setting add some noise that can be seen when pixel peeping but the image is still perfectly adequate for small prints and online sharing. I don't know if he is looking ahead to the long flight ahead but I know I was! While other people are sleeping I'm busy photographing. With the 06 telephoto lens still mounted on my Q7, I turned my camera to my neighbor and found a beautifully lit water cup.

_IMP0967 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM 15mm f3.2
by Boris, on Flickr

The limited dynamic range compared to a big DSLR is obvious to those who know what to look for ... but for the traveler looking for a memory it's perfect. It must have been perfect for the drinker of the cup too because the cup is empty. Maybe he was really thirsty. My other neighbor was probably less thirsty because she left some drink in her beautifully illuminated cup.

_IMP0973 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM 36.9mm f2.8
by Boris, on Flickr

It's amazing to me that these images can be captured on an airplane while flying with the usual bumps and turbulence of air travel. Zoom in by clicking on the image. That will take you to my Flickr account where you can pixel peep to your heart's contentment. Even more amazing is that I can always find something to photograph everywhere. Beauty is all around us. We just need to follow the light and see where it can take us.

I fell in love with the Dutch populace. They are a happy, hale, and hardy folk who don't strive for excess. I did not see anyone complain or stagger around meaninglessly. They are a loving and tolerant people. This Dutch couple seemed like the norm to me.

_IMP1006 02 STANDARD ZOOM 10.1mm f3.5
by Boris, on Flickr

Everyone is on the go - by train, by foot, or by bicycle. Yes, bicycles! How could I get this far in my article without mentioning the most famous mode of transportation in the Netherlands? Take this young lady as an example.

_IMP1072 02 STANDARD ZOOM 5mm f2.8
by Boris, on Flickr

An American would be in shock at this. No helmet, not looking at the road ahead, and using a mobile device! :lol: But despite this seemingly unsafe scenario riders aren't crashing left and right. Capturing that shot was a bit difficult due to the slow AF of the Q7. I was half prepared and half unready. Watching and waiting for the Q7 to focus before the leaf shutter clicks can be dreadful event. "Oh, c'mon-c'mon-c'mon-c'mon-c'mon .... yes!" This next shot of another rider is an improvement. At least he's looking at the road ahead!

_IMP1196 01 STANDARD PRIME 8.5mm f2.2
by Boris, on Flickr

Bicycles to the Dutch seem to be as linked to their culture as cars are to Americans. Amsterdam is filled with bicycles! I think there are more bicycles than people in that city.

_IMP1303 02 STANDARD ZOOM 5mm f3.2
by Boris, on Flickr

There are so many bicycles that most are left unlocked. I suppose if someone takes yours then you just take someone else's. It's all good. Go ahead and pixel peep that image to get a good look at the bicycles lining the canal. While you're at it go peep at the bricks in the buildings and the other fine details. That's the 02 lens at 5mm, f/3.2. The 02 lens gets a bad reputation since it is a kit lens but I find the lens to be excellent when used properly. It can be really, really sharp! Use it wide open or one click down for best IQ.

Canals take a back seat to the bicycle and the foot. I'm sure there was a time when they were teeming with boats but now it seems mostly tour boats go on them. Every now and then you'll see a local travel by canal.

_IMP1035 02 STANDARD ZOOM 5mm f3.2
by Boris, on Flickr

Every good tourist information source will tell travelers to avoid the narrow alleyways of big cities. They are tactically dangerous for vulnerable tourists at the wrong time of day. I find these narrow alleyways some of the most interesting paths to take when exploring. Some of the best restaurants, shops, and photographic scenes are to be found there. These alleyways are packed with bicycles and broken umbrellas. Wait ... what? Umbrellas? Well, that's what I found and here's proof!

_IMP1068 02 STANDARD ZOOM 8.4mm f3.5
by Boris, on Flickr

The 02 lens is starting to soften up just a bit compared to the performance at 5mm but it still performed admirably capturing the details in the ground and the colors of the umbrella.

Amsterdam, and the Netherlands as whole, is a very lush and green country. Everything can't help but grow! There's plenty of rain, it seems, since it rained for four of the seven days I was there. I only had one true sunny day. Rain can be refreshing because it cleans away the grime of the old and makes way for the beauty of the new. Water can also add beauty to what is already beautiful, such as this spider web.

_IMP1175 01 STANDARD PRIME 8.5mm f3.5
by Boris, on Flickr

Now we see the 01 lens in action! Two distinct features of this lens is its excellent sharpness and closer-focusing abilities compared to the zoom lenses. I used f/3.5 to get a little extra depth of field to make sure all the layers of the spider web was captured with best sharpness. Go ahead and pixel peep. You'll see that the droplets act like little lenses and there are many images inside that single image!

Getting a shallow depth of field with the Q series is extremely difficult due to the small sensor. Photographers need to get really, really close to their subject in order to achieve subject isolation ... and even then the bokeh may not be that great. The 01 lens is f/1.9 wide open. I tried photographing this moss up close to give readers an example of blur in the Q series cameras.

_IMP1198 01 STANDARD PRIME 8.5mm f1.9
by Boris, on Flickr

That's about as good as it's going to get with the 01 prime but that's OK. A near infinite depth of field is one of the Q series' strengths in street photographing. A near wide open aperture letting in oodles of light while rendering crisp detail from edge to edge is a photographer's dream. That's how we can capture this young lady walking confidently to her destination.

_IMP1329 02 STANDARD ZOOM 7.5mm f3.2
by Boris, on Flickr

Or how about this worker out for a quick smoking break.

_IMP1342 01 STANDARD PRIME 8.5mm f2.8
by Boris, on Flickr

Sharpness is important in photography and I've touched upon it throughout the article. Many people deride the Q series because there is a perception that the system cannot produce sharp images. In some ways, that is true. The sensor is small and high ISO settings introduce noise that can blur details. That is a fault of the sensor but that should not reflect on the optics. The optics of the Q lenses is excellent! The spider web shown above was one example. It showed how sharp the 01 lens can be. Even the 02 is good! It captured the fine detail of this little kitten without a problem ... and that was near the end of the zoom range at f/4!

_IMP1056 02 STANDARD ZOOM 12.2mm f4
by Boris, on Flickr

The 06 ranks up with the 01 in my sharpness scores. Here's a shot of a stray cat at Wanderlos park in nearby Hoofddorp taken with the 06 also at the far end of its zoom range.

_IMP1229 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM 39.3mm f3.2
by Boris, on Flickr

Even more extreme : walking back to my hotel I saw a massive spider weaving a web by a street light next to the train station. This spider was huge! I would hate to get near it. Thank goodness I had the 06 with me! :D Zoomed in and heavily cropped, I was able to capture the web and the hairs of the spider!

_IMP1281 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM 43.7mm f3.2
by Boris, on Flickr

Even though the Q series' AF performance is a little weak, it shouldn't stop the determined photographer. I wanted to photograph a nearly transparent spider web and had to resort to MF. Thank goodness the Q series offers focusing peaking and auto-zoom! The result :

_IMP1145 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM 42.8mm f3.5
by Boris, on Flickr

That's nearly all the photographs I have to share with the forum in this post. More can be found on my flickr account if this kind of imagery is interesting to you. The Q series is a unique camera system that opens doors to new photographic opportunities. A camera is more than just specs and test scores. It's an experience of usage and the usage has to fit the scene and scenario you find yourself in. The Q packs a lot of control features commonly found in a DSLR into a space normally occupied by P&S and spy cameras. All the lenses are modern marvels that offer excellent sharpness across their range. Perceived performance may be muddied up by high ISO noise but that's a fault of the sensor. I truly hope that Ricoh will upgrade the sensor that registers a little cleaner at all ISO settings.

Let me close with this final image.

_IMP1032 02 STANDARD ZOOM 13.2mm f4
by Boris, on Flickr

If this guy can ride a bike with crutches then we photographers ought to be able to work photographic miracles with our Qs!
Forum: Post Your Photos! 05-20-2015, 01:13 PM  
Landscape Ness Islands
Posted By Kerrowdown
Replies: 14
Views: 1,024
Relaxing lunch time stroll with Contre Jour, a few sparkles, plus a little bokeh highlights going on in the background. :)
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