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Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 03-20-2018, 10:13 PM  
Spotmatic: acidic or basic chemical cleaning of base plate ?
Posted By landstrykere
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thanks. Interesting site. I may buy one of these adapters.
In the meanwhile I did repair the cap with a bit of metal epoxy. Not pretty but fully functional.

Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 03-20-2018, 07:58 AM  
Spotmatic: acidic or basic chemical cleaning of base plate ?
Posted By landstrykere
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you are right. After one day in 7% white vinegar, with some force but not too much applied with a big flat screwdriver end in the damaged cap slot, and it has loosened up. Yes I was wondering how much acidity could also affect the rest of the plate, as at first I wanted to use a 35% vinegar then finally opted for this lower, regular dilution. The plate seems to not be affected (what is seen on it was already there, maybe caused by some former tape glue and/or tinkerings around the battery cap). I let it soak a bit more in order to dissolve corrosion still in the thread. Then brushing of the thread and thorough wash.

Next step is to rebuild the battery cap with some metal epoxy putty and dremeling of a slot, then try the meter (silver-oxyde SR45/V394 battery from the nearest Clas Ohlson).

Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 03-19-2018, 11:03 AM  
Spotmatic: acidic or basic chemical cleaning of base plate ?
Posted By landstrykere
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thanks all!

yesterday it was soaked in WD40-like. Now I have rinsed and try to unscrew but it's damn stuck. So after a good cleaning to wash away wd40 remains, it's now soaking in strong vinegar. I'll see tomorrow...

---------- Post added 03-19-18 at 11:09 AM ----------

I seems so... I was looking on Ebay, and few Spotmatic are sold with the same issue: stuck battery cover... I think it's due to the use of alkaline batteries, that leak and the corrosive compound glues the thread.

---------- Post added 03-19-18 at 11:11 AM ----------

thank you! much appreciated. Just for curiosity, to know the do-ability of this, I'll wait some days :)
Forum: Pentax Film SLR Discussion 03-18-2018, 10:49 AM  
Spotmatic: acidic or basic chemical cleaning of base plate ?
Posted By landstrykere
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I have got a Spotmatic for parts because the advance lever was stuck. I have fixed that, also have cleansed and lubricated a bit the mechanism, cleansed focus screen, mirror, viewfinder. So i have an extra functional Spotmatic :).
I try now to fix the base plate. The inside of the battery cover was covered in green corrosion. Was this from old mercury oxide batteries? I have just scratched away most of the corrosion with a blade but the covr is stuck. Some former owner tried hard to unscrew it. By the color it looks like coated (or plated?) brass and the whole base plate may be the same metal.
Some chemical would be needed to unlock this. Just don't know what to use: an acidic or a basic one?

(pictures taken with the Super Takumar 1:4/100mm at f16 in M mode, iso 200 with a K-5)

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 03-12-2018, 10:21 PM  
Remove aperture lever from K series lens = get M42 functionality?
Posted By landstrykere
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after some tries, yes, I totally agree it's not worth the time and risk. For me the reason to try was curiosity about a unified experience on both Spotmatic (or Zenit or old Praktica and such plain manual cameras) and the DSLR. Most of my lenses are M42, and I have a couple K ,so I just thought of maybe using these like the M42. But well it's a bit pointless. And I am not going no buy any more K lenses, just M42, so they can work on old film cameras.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 03-11-2018, 05:56 PM  
Remove aperture lever from K series lens = get M42 functionality?
Posted By landstrykere
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well. I find this thread after I have been playing with my M42 lenses and thinking of using the K ones the same way. Curious about other experiences, so I revive the thread...

I have unscrew a bit of a cheap K lens and the non destructive lever removal or neutralization isn't trivial in this case. This may be common to many lenses...

the lever here is a part of a thick ring inserted on a ballbearing inside the K mount. So there's no unscrewing possible, if it is to removed, it must be cut off:

the ring on ballbearing has a longer lever inside the lens, that does release the diaphragm, and a spring keeps it full open otherwise (when the camera doesn't trigger the lever):

the notch inside the lens, where the internal lever releases/keep the diaphgram aperture:

as I see it, the lever can be neutralized by unscrewing the spring on the internal side of the mount (the spring holding the internal ring of the mount) but the long internal lever must be kept in order to keep a functional aperture ring. That's were it's not trivial...

I think I will just screw everything back on and let it like that. When I took the mount off, I wasn't careful enough, the aperture ring came off also and the small ballbearing doing the clicking stops jumped out somewhere. I had some old olympus lens around, that I have destroyed in order to extract ballbearings and springs; I started with screws but at a certain point had to use a hammer, well...
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-11-2018, 08:34 AM  
for pure manual lenses exposure readings, move from K30 to K-5 or K20 ?
Posted By landstrykere
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interesting explanation.
And also I just found the green button way more natural and intuitive, the closest to manual shooting without any electronics in the way between the light and the film/sensor. While I keep playing with the K-5 and read forums, I have the feeling that many users of DSLR only, may have a "digitalized" thinking where "aperture" doesn't refer anymore to the diaphragm on the lense, or they presuppose that a lens communicates with the camera and if it does not it's a weirdness.
Until now the best with my M42s is: I set an ISO value, like on manual SLR (as much as possible I start always on ISO 100, push up if necessary), chose an aperture on the lens, do the light measurement and shutter setting with the green button, focus in viewfinder, occasionally adjust shutter or EV, shoot.

the whole autofocus and smart lens stuff feels weird to me, but then I shoot standing subjects, monuments, buildings, landscapes.

I found the focus screen shipping with the K-5 not so good, so I have put in a Canon Eg-S.

But now, I am wondering about the K lenses: to cut or not to cut the lever? :D
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 03-04-2018, 04:30 PM  
Bricked K-30
Posted By landstrykere
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btw. it seems there are not many modded Pentax firmwares around...

and it made me switch in an unexpected way from K-30 to K-5 :)
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 03-04-2018, 04:23 PM  
Posted By landstrykere
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interesting thread. I had the other day what I did believe was a partially flashed firmware and bricked K-30, but which in fact was easily solved with a debug modset to clear and reset the system:
Bricked K-30 -
I bought a used K-5, which I am going to keep and sell the K-30. Initially wanted to flash the last firmware on the K-5, but after I read the misadventure of TomGarn I hesitate. SD cards have not the level of unreliability of the floppy disks of old computing days, but yet read/write failures and glitches are not so uncommon.
I guess I could do a flash only with a newly bought SD, formatted on the camera itself before transferring the file. It could be nice too if Pentax had checksums for their bin files, so check integrity after the file is on the SD, prior to processing. But then my K-5 seems to work nicely, and i don't use any of the latest nice shinny smart lenses, so no need to upgrade I guess.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 03-04-2018, 03:49 PM  
Bricked K-30
Posted By landstrykere
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so, i was lucky, did in fact do nothing wrong, the k-30 wasn't actually bricked, but I keep reading about what to do in case of failed flashing. K-30 mainboards are sold on Ebay a hundred USD.
It's this:

the firmware is probably in only one EEPROM, without rescue secondary EEPROM, so in case of failed firmware update from the SD, only option would be to remove the EEPROM, burn the firmware on it with with an EEPROM programmer and re-solder it on the board, which is not trivial at all, or just replace the board.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-04-2018, 05:11 AM  
for pure manual lenses exposure readings, move from K30 to K-5 or K20 ?
Posted By landstrykere
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well, my K30 is resurrected (by booting in debug mode and reset), so I can now easily compare with the K5 bought yesterday, and yes, on the K30, in M mode with dumb lens, shutter speed modification up/down translates in darker/brighter visualization on the LV display.. Not on the K5. What a user on older thread named "exposure simulation" in the LV display : K-S2 Live View Exposure Simulation/Preview -
and Adam named that "full-time preview" in his comment:
K-S2 Live View Exposure Simulation/Preview -
and it seems that the K-S2 and the K3 (at least) do have that "full-time preview"/"exposure simulation". ("exposure simulation" is also can I read further, a Canon jargon)
On the K5, only EV compensation translates in the LV, but not shutter speed.
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 03-03-2018, 09:34 PM  
Bricked K-30
Posted By landstrykere
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of course! i should have thought of the correct name for the modset file ... So yes it did work Now the K30 is back, with K50 features.
Just to illustrate for readers who may wonder about it, shots of:

the debug menu showing upon power on while holding "Menu" down with the SD door open:

and the output of USR DAT CLEAR :

then restart the camera, and configure initial settings as usual (language, date, time).

Thanks ABel, I owe you a beer !
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-03-2018, 12:48 PM  
for pure manual lenses exposure readings, move from K30 to K-5 or K20 ?
Posted By landstrykere
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well, my K-30 is now brain dead after a botched firmware flash ( Bricked K-30 - ) and I bought this afternoon a second hand K-5 (13.500 shutter count).
Something that differs from the K-30: when in M mode, fixed iso, electronic level enabled, in the LiveView, exposure modification isn't shown at the same time that the shutter speed is modified (front dial). In the LiveView of the K-30, increase/decrease of shutter speed did translate into under/over exposition (liveview becoming darker/brighter). I may miss something in the manual, despite it's almost the same configuration tabs and menus (some more niceties in the K-5)
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 03-03-2018, 11:37 AM  
Bricked K-30
Posted By landstrykere
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I was on 1.06, did flash the ABel tweaked 1.10 of the K50 from here Running K-50 firmware on K-30 - . I already flashed the K50 v1.10 couple days ago, then reverted to 1.06, so I could compare the two. Finally yesterday I decided to reflash the K50 v1.10 (wanted the ability to give custom names to the files on the SD). That's where it failed. Maybe I didn't wait long enough after the display turned off upon completion of the flash (when display tells "now loading").
Before that, when I bought the camera, it was on 1.01, and I flashed by steps until 1.06, All times went fine.

the SD was empty, only the firmware bin file in it.

thanks for the addresses. The one in Møllergt. I know of course, as they are also now the main specialized shop in Oslo also. Focus Nordic AS I think is a wholesaler but I can ring them. There's also a repairshop in Skøyen, and the guys with the small shop selling Pentax only in Hauketo/Nordstrand.

---------- Post added 03-03-18 at 11:59 AM ----------

well, not exactly . A couple days ago I flashed your K50 1.10 bin. All good. Then I flash back to 1.06, as I wanted to check/compare some details, Yesterday I wanted to load again from 1.06 to your k50-1.10 and stay there (I like the customization of file names on the SD).

I have just tried your suggestion: blank SD and your modset files on it. Open card door, the camera doesn't power up. It does only after the card door is closed, but then nothing, just the botched info display as described above.

anyway thanks, help appreciated. And good to know the modset file name, I was looking exactly for that

If I have time I will try some forums or chat rooms of guys back pktether, pktriggercord and such, in order to have some clue about the USB communication with the board..
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 03-03-2018, 02:57 AM  
Bricked K-30
Posted By landstrykere
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I have flashed the firmware on the K-30 few times. It worked well every time. I have been flashing computer boards, mobile phones and a few other electronic devices since long, so I am familiar with the basics: full loaded oem battery or corded power, let it time to write fully into the chipset.

This time, I left the K30 flash run as usual until the display blanks, waited a bit, and switched off/on the camera.
Noise and a bit different display than the usual, with some digits blinking:

that's all. No button, no dial is working. Not even the power on/off switch. Camera must be shut down by removing the battery.

Web search about undocumented features, debug process, rescue shortcuts did bring nothing, besides trying to hold down "Menu" and/or "info" and/or "+/-" when powering up.
Most electronic boards have some kind of way to access then, with a combination of keys and/or from a serial connection. But i can't find any documentation for this one.

So, I tried one of the tethering software. I run on BSD or Linux, so I went with pktriggercord (camera connected to PC with USD cable, SD card in the camera).
This sequence brings some result:
1) start pktriggercord (it starts trying to speak to the camera on the USB port).
2) power the camera while holding the "Menu" down

it brings an answer from the camera to pktriggercord, in a GUI it looks like this:

and the LCD shows the same semi-botched display than after booting without pktriggercord running. But this time some buttons work partially: LV, Info, and Menu
I can move into the menu until the configuration tab, but then it freezes just there! :

The idea is to get to the third entry where is the firmware update trigger but it stays frozen there, whatever combination of keys I try.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-02-2018, 01:30 PM  
for pure manual lenses exposure readings, move from K30 to K-5 or K20 ?
Posted By landstrykere
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I am thinking I will just give more time to the K30. I have been taking shots with a couple Takumar and Mir lenses, and me too, I had much better luck with green button and liveview.. Works very nicely.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-02-2018, 01:18 PM  
for pure manual lenses exposure readings, move from K30 to K-5 or K20 ?
Posted By landstrykere
Replies: 29
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well, and sorry, as I am new to Pentax and DSLR not sure what I could have missed, so to be clear and simple, what I was looking for is the digital equivalent of the analogue needle exposure information in a Spotmatic (or a Zenit TTL or whatever SLR with light/spotmeter). In the Spotmatic viewfinder, a needle shows under/over exposure at the same time that the speed dial or aperture are modified. It does real-time measurement. You look only in the viewfinder, while adjusting shutter speed dial and/or aperture on the lens, until the needle is set in the middle (correct exposure):

unless I missed something in the manual, this can not be done on the K-30 in M mode (focus lever on "MF", "Electronic Level" on, "Using Aperture Ring" enabled, iso set to a fixed value, mode dial on "M") in the viewfinder. Green button or DOF preview (raw/fx button set to) do only a spot measurement. Changing the shutter speed with the front dial doesn't show on the electronic level of the viewfinder. Or I really have missed something somewhere.
In LiveView, yes, the LCD displays the exposure modification at the same time that you modify the speed dial.

completely agree. In fact I like it, it can provide all that fine granulation, and the histogram. But then one moves from viewfinder to LCD and back, or have to just work on the LCD, which I don't like. I was expecting something simple and good enough for many shots, like the viewfinder in manual SLR.

ok, great, so I will see if I can try one of these. Otherwise I like very much the K30, for the small size, the possibility to run on AA batteries, and good the times I put on an recent electronic glass.
I guess I have to spend more time learning patience and playing with the peculiarities of using manual lenses on it ...

---------- Post added 03-02-18 at 01:28 PM ----------

I am thinking I will just give more time to the K30. I have been taking shots recently mostly with a couple Takumar and Mir lenses, and me too, I had much better luck with green button and liveview.. Works very nicely.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 03-02-2018, 09:53 AM  
for pure manual lenses exposure readings, move from K30 to K-5 or K20 ?
Posted By landstrykere
Replies: 29
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I have a K-30 but I am in the process of using mostly manual M42 lenses, so I can use them on DSLR (with the M42/PK adapters) and on manual cameras (Spotmatic, etc). I had this k-30 since autumn and played initially with electronic lenses. To my dismay, there is no live exposure reading in the viewfinder when one modifies the aperture, in M mode (with all required correct settings) with pure manual lenses (no A stuff, just plain dumb manual optic), so the process of checking/setting exposure is with help of green button/Liveview, bracketing, exposure correction. This can be cumbersome. In fact Ḯ'd better use a lightmeter (needed anyway in case of SV and such). From few manuals that I have downloaded and read, it appears that older mid-range models like the K10 and the K20, and also a bit higher end models like K-5, have a preview function on the on/off switch and from some threads it seems that in this cases exposure reading/setting is shown in viewfinder. In fewer words, what I need is the digital equivalent of the Spotmatic needle (btw, can't understand how such basic old feature isn't available on K30).
If K5 or K20 have it, I may want to change camera. So I was thinking maybe the K5, the K20D or its Samsung GX-20 sibling could do. I even considered the K10 but it's only 10MP (on the other hand very cheap).
Any experiences and advices welcome :)
Forum: Pentax K-30 & K-50 03-01-2018, 01:30 PM  
Running K-50 firmware on K-30
Posted By landstrykere
Replies: 173
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I found this thread when looking for some other hack, but then this one is simple and great. I have flashed this firmware on my K-30. Everything good! Thanks!
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 02-12-2018, 10:00 PM  
PK-ization of the Industar-50
Posted By landstrykere
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some users have infinity focus problems with the M39-M42-PK setting, some not.... many Industar-50 have been tweaked in a diversity of ways, and it may be hard to know the history of the lens. Untouched ones will come directly from old soviet stock.
For people around the Baltic (my case) when in week-end in Saint-Petersburg, there's a small shop in Gostiny Dvor where an Industar-50 costs ~10eur,
Anyway the fun with it, is that it's easy to disassemble and play with:

this guys shows a servicing, and focus tweaking in order to use the lens with a M42-EOS adapter:

You Tube

this one, just moves the rear element for use with a Nikon:

Modifying Russian lens for Nikon (Industar 50-2) by FX-1988 on DeviantArt

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 02-12-2018, 10:24 AM  
PK-ization of the Industar-50
Posted By landstrykere
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The M39-PK adapter locks on the pin of the body, but the thickness of the flange breaks infinity focus. The recessed M42-PK adapter (screwed around a M39-M42 ring) keeps infinity focus but must be removed with the wrench after unscrewing the lense every time and screwed again on the lens for the next use. Very inconvient. So I made an hybrid. Thanks to the peculiar form of the Industar-50 it's easy to set a locking flange around the base. Epoxy putty work well for this.

I searched for a while, included on runet, but didn't found this kind of solution. Am interested about former experiences, variants, etc.

I worked fast, so it's not pretty, epoxy job and sanding could had been better and more accurately done, but the back of the flange is alright enough and functionality good. The paint also was not the finest for this kind of job.
See the esthetic flaws:

and it's good to have now a "regular" K mount with it's rear cap:

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 02-11-2018, 09:34 PM  
PK-ization of the Industar-50
Posted By landstrykere
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This post is about the adaptation of the Industar-50 on a PK body. The classic alternatives are well known and discussed for instance here:
Converting M42 mount to K-mount -
but I can't find online the way I have done it.

the Industar-50 in M39 can be mounted:

- with a M39-PK adapter, I know only one kind, flanged:

it has the notch for the pin lock, so easy to put in and out, and it covers the pk bayonet external connectors on the camera body:

but the flange puts the lens ahead and infinity focus is lost

- with a M42 recessed adapter on a M39-M42 ring. Which is also the way to mount the M42 version of the Industar-50:

the M42-PK Pentax or replica:

inconvenient: the lens must be unscrewed and the wrench used to extract the M42-PK adapter every time.
And the connectors ring of the body is not covered:

So I wanted to cut the M39-PK adapter, to keep just the external lip with the locking notch, and set it around the base edge of the Industar-50, in order to get a locking, infinity compatible, and large enough to cover body connectors, mount.

the base of the Industar-50 is 50mm.
The idea was to use:

- hole cutting saw blade of 51mm, in order to leave ~1mm between the hole cut in the M30-PK adapter and the lens base
- epoxy putty, to fill in the gap around the lens base and the cut ring.
- sand, brush/polish and paint black
- set the M39-M42-PK adapters together on the lens with blue threadlocker (removable)

the retainer clip on the M42-PK adapter is of course removed (otherwise impossible to unmount the lens)

Industar-50 are very cheap so no need to be afraid.

I have done this relatively fast, without perfect sanding job. It's good, but not pretty.

the M39-PK adapter to be cut, and the hole saw blade:

the M39-PK must be immobilized somewhere somehow. I just screw it on a piece of plank clamped to a table:

it wasn't secured enough with just screws holding it by the edges and it started rotating with the hole saw, I had to bore three small holes in order to immobilize well the M39-PK. A bit messy but working solution:

ok, so M39-PK adapter lips cut off:

some fine sanding of the edges:

now, protect the lens with blue painter masquerading tape (put some piece of paper pulp like toilet paper between the tape and the glas front and back).
Only the base edge of the lens is uncovered, that's were the epoxy putty will "weld" the M39-PK ring:

cut a bit of epoxy stick, mix and knead it, position the ring around the lens base and fill the gap with the epoxy putty. From now on I will pay attention to keep the red point and the locking notch.

then sanding, brushing, polishing. I applied putty twice in order to have a full filling, and sanding before the second coat. This can be done much better, I just did it good enough, not until pretty. On the first picture (back of the lens) the dried epoxy putty is seen in grey, between the base of the lens and the mounting ring:

carefully wax any dust, and clean with denatured alcohol, remote the masquerading tape, fix edges of the epoxy area, clean again:

Masquerading tape again, and ready for paint job. I used a spray of regular metal primer and a spray of black paint. Next time I will use a flat black, the one here is glossy.

So, result of the paint job:

i was careful to masquerade the red point and the notch, on the back:

Next, blue threadlock on the M39-M42-PK adapters, and blue threadlock on the lens thread:

here we can see there ~1,5mm thickness difference between the M39-M42 brass ring and the M42-PK adapter (so will it affect infinity focus?):

End result:

Mounted on a camera:

also, I have metal hood for this lens, it clicks on the aperture ring, so the hood is in fact convenient for setting aperture (It's possible to very carefully epoxy glue the hood on the lens)

Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 11-07-2017, 09:17 AM  
what kind of lense is this?
Posted By landstrykere
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I got a Vivitar 75-205 f3.8 coupled to a "2x matched multiplier", at the same time that I bought a very cheap Pentax-M 80-200. The Vivitar:

I was told the Vivitar was also for Pentax. when I went to pick the lenses I did check that aperture lever and rings were working ok I but didn't check the mount.

At home I noticed the mount of the lense couldn't go into my K-30 body.
So I though maybe that was an old Pentax variation, with extra flange, partial outer lip and that little metal tooth the size of the aperture lever. I did cut that extra stuff, marked on the picture:

once done, the lens does fits in smoothly but can't be rotated more than 1cm, so can't be clicked into position, yet it sits very tight.
just then, I thought about the size of the thread. It's slightly smaller on the Vivitar (Pentax on the left, Vivitar on the right):

i found some topics here about Nikon lenses on Pentax. For instance:
Nikon lens on Pentax body? -
but nothing about flanges and lips needing to be cutted away.

So I'm wondering what mount I got there.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 11-05-2017, 04:12 PM  
Greetings from Norway
Posted By landstrykere
Replies: 7
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Hi all,
I bought a K-30 the other day, and now I am reading anything Pentax related.
Looking around for technical informations, this site is a great resource.
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