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Forum: Pentax K-1 10-31-2017, 07:24 PM  
New K1 owner wants to print LARGE
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 20
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Your own experience is going to be much more important than any amount of theory on this.

My suggestion: Make some big prints of various files, and see what you like.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-20-2017, 05:48 PM  
Pentax Value
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 61
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This is as good a description of Pentax's virtues as I've seen.

I also shoot with Canon but don't love it. I'd like to stay with a crop camera -- the modern lenses for the K-1 are really limited and fairly expensive -- so image high-ISO image quality has been a concern. (I shoot a couple K-5s.)

Just bought a used KP, which I want to try for a couple months to see whether it comes close to my 6D. If it does, Canon goes.
Forum: Pentax KP 07-19-2017, 09:32 PM  
Pentax KP vs K5-ii (Is an upgrade worth it?)
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 18
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I rented a KP for a week to make exactly the same decision. In short, I'm still shooting with my K-5IIs.

The reason I was interested was the KP's high-ISO capability -- and it's pretty amazing. But the main reasons I didn't buy one would be very short battery life compared to the K-5; a different battery; and the lack of a top LCD, which bothered me more than I expected. If I spent more than $1k on a new camera I want it to check more boxes. (I wrote more about my experience on the other forum.)

That said, I'm keeping my eye on prices while hoping that Ricoh will put that delicious new sensor in a K-3III body soon....
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 06-12-2017, 06:32 PM  
K-7 Appreciation - The Forefather Forgotten
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 23
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Yes, the K-7 was a landmark camera. I bought mine used after having acquired a K20D, thanks to Mike Johnston's The Online Photographer, and then read reviews of the latest and greatest model. It was. The minute I had the K-7 in my hand I knew we were made for each other. So when the K-5 came out, I bought it without worrying about reviews once I knew it was the same idea, but better.

In the short time I had the K-7 I took a couple thousand photos, many of them for paying clients, and never regretted the purchase. Yes, the high ISO was a little ragged. By the end I was using the rough look for fine-art photos in my garden.

Still use a K-5 and a K-5IIs, and it's hard to imagine giving them up. Unless, say, they'd make a K-5III with the KP sensor.
Forum: Ask B&H Photo! 06-07-2017, 07:57 PM  
KP w/ 50 1.8 for $987 at B&H
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 2
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That's what the listing says right now on the B&H website. Is this accurate?
Forum: Pentax K-1 04-23-2017, 08:59 PM  
Have K1, tried 5D IV and 7D II
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 68
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Norm: The troubles I've had aren't with lag, but inability to lock on quickly to a subject at close range (i.e., a face at a reception), often in low light. So we're not talking delays of anything like 0.15 second. More like a full second or more of fruitless hunting sometimes. Pentax gets there eventually, but Canon usually nails it with no trouble.

Another factor, of course, is people's reaction to having a photographer hold up a camera nearby. You need to be able to get the shot before anyone tries to pose or smile, which means getting focus quickly. In some ways, birds are much easier ;)
Forum: Pentax K-1 04-23-2017, 04:37 PM  
Have K1, tried 5D IV and 7D II
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 68
Views: 4,881
I haven't noticed any initial AF lag in Canon. Can someone suggest a way to replicate it? I've got 6D, 7D and an assortment of L glass.
Forum: Pentax K-1 04-22-2017, 10:17 PM  
Have K1, tried 5D IV and 7D II
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 68
Views: 4,881
The problem I've had with Pentax AF at events is slow focus when taking fairly closeup photos of people and trying to capture fleeting expressions. Pentax is slow enough at acquiring focus that I often miss the photo; with Canon I get it. Either camera would do fine for holding overhead and shooting a large group as in the example photo. The K-3 is better at this than the K-5IIs, but neither is as nimble as the 6D. I haven't spent enough time with the K-1 to understand its AF system. From reading here and on DPR, I gather it takes a bit more practice, but my results so far have been disappointing. Image quality is splendid, though, and I may buy one anyway.
Forum: Pentax K-1 04-22-2017, 08:16 PM  
Have K1, tried 5D IV and 7D II
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 68
Views: 4,881
I own and shoot with both Canon and Pentax systems and have for years. As much as I would like Pentax autofocus to be as good as Canon's, it's just not. Shooting with any of my Canon bodies (1ds, 6D, 7D) is quicker and more reliable for events than either Pentax K-5IIs, K-3 or K-1 (the latter two I've repeatedly rented and tested). Not talking sports or flying birds, just people at receptions.

So why do I shoot with Pentax at all? It's a much more intuitive camera, it's smaller, it's built better, it's unobtrusive, and I like the image quality I get. It's weatherproof, and I live in the Northwest. Pentax is brilliant for travel and hiking. But it's hard for me to believe anyone considers the autofocus to be in the same league as Canon or Nikon.
Forum: Pentax K-1 01-11-2017, 09:41 PM  
Any Regrets After Switching from Canon to K-1?
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 68
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I shoot with both systems. You don't say what lenses you own, unless I missed that, but if you're at all invested in Canon glass you should really look at the 6D, and maybe you should anyway. The 6D is an excellent low-cost camera with extremely good image quality. And great Canon lenses like the 135/2, 85/1.8 and 24-70/4 are considerably cheaper than new Pentax FF equivalents. The flash system is also much better.

Pentax is great as a hiking/travel/bad weather system, and I love shooting with my K-5IIs, but I turn to Canon for paid work (events and portraits) when I need to get it done right without a lot of fuss.
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 01-08-2017, 09:12 PM  
Played with a Leica SL today
Posted By bkpix
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Visited the Leica Store in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Vegas this afternoon. Asked if I might handle an SL, and the clerk delivered one into my hands with the 24-90/2.8-4 zoom attached.

What a piece of kit! The SL is designed, according to the Leica marketing machine, with professional shooters in mind. It's full (35mm) frame, mirrorless, 24Mp sensor, and built like a tank (or like a Leica). Takes a broad variety of lenses, with adapters, including Leica M and R and Canon EF L lenses.

The spec sheet says the body weighs 847g with battery, making it just slightly heavier than my K-5IIs (760g), but it felt much heavier, probably because the 24-90 weighs 1,140g all by itself. So you're talking four and a half pounds of gear to pick up for each photo.

Quick reaction to spending five minutes shooting random photos inside the store: Silky smooth, wonderful feel, extremely good ergonomic design. (The buttons and dials on the body aren't marked, at all, since they can all be customized, the clerk said. Nevertheless I had no problem taking photos and making adjustments.)

Autofocus was fast and accurate, though I naturally didn't get a chance to test tracking. Image quality at ISO 12,800 seemed very good. Quiet shutter, as you might expect. And the clerk absolutely swore the weather sealing is good enough to stand in the pouring rain and take pictures for an hour without any concern.

Would I buy one, if I had $12,500 ($7,500 for the body, $5,000 for the lens) burning a hole in my pocket? Probably not. Too big and too heavy, and even if I won the lottery I might be averse to treating such an expensive camera as just a tool, the way I treat Pentax.

Fun bit of window shopping, though.
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors 01-08-2017, 09:46 AM  
CES Observations
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 97
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I'm in Vegas this weekend, by sheer coincidence. Won't be attending CES -- too much like work -- but have been surrounded daily by its tens of thousands of registrants. From seeing them, I'd say Ricoh/Pentax would be wasting its time and money to beef up its presence here. This is a committed tech crowd, not a bunch of photographers. Very few of them carry conventional cameras. They all dress alike -- jeans, dark t-shirts or golf shirts, blazers or leather jackets -- and I've seen several managing two iPhones at once. Not much sense they're here to discover the next great DSLR.

On the other hand, I saw -- for the first time in my life -- a little white Pentax DSLR (K-X?) being shot by other than a young Japanese woman. It was a 30-something guy (not wearing a CES badge) in front of the Bellagio, photographing the fountain. Didn't get a chance to talk with him.

And I might drop by the Leica store at Caesar's Palace this afternoon. I could sell everything I own and buy an SL and a 50mm lens ;)
Forum: Pentax Forums Giveaways 12-24-2016, 11:46 PM  
PF Christmas 2016 Giveaway!
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 100
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Merry Christmas!
Forum: Pentax K-1 12-17-2016, 11:26 PM  
Upgrade path from K30 to K1: Worth the cost?
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 41
Views: 2,008
I'm guessing from your question that you haven't shot fullframe digital. The question of whether the image quality will be an improvement over crop depends very much on you, the images you shoot and how you present them. If, for example, you shoot mostly in good light and show your work as web images, there will be next to no improvement in image quality from the K-1 or other full frame camera. If you're shooting in low light and printing 20x30, you will see a substantial difference.

Finally, there are other costs involved with the K-1: Buying fullframe lenses of reasonable quality costs more, and you may pay either in money or in time in front of the screen if your computer isn't fast enough to process 36meg files quickly. Also that K-1 and lenses weigh quite a bit more than crop cameras and lenses.

The best way for you to make an informed decision is to rent a K-1 for a week and try it out.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 12-07-2016, 09:02 AM  
Why not have a camera which is configurable from a smartphone?
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 40
Views: 1,538
In general, DSLRs have a poor user interface, based almost entirely on film/mechanical days.

That said, Pentax is better than most. What I would like to see is much more configurability by the user: Allow the photographer to create custom program lines, for example. I'd like wifi that actually works well enough to be useful. I'd like to be able to record all customizations onto an SD card for storage and backup -- or directly onto my computer. USER modes are a good start, but don't go far enough.
Forum: Non-Pentax Cameras: Canon, Nikon, etc. 12-04-2016, 10:21 PM  
Best FF under $1500
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 15
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Well, I might buy a K-1 if it were under $1,500.

Meanwhile, the Canon 6d is a great camera for portrait and landscape work. Very good high ISO, minimalist control structure, very lightweight. Pretty much 95 percent of the goodness of a 5DIII for a fraction of the cost. Can get them on Canon refurb site or used at KEH for around $1,100-$1,200.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 12-04-2016, 03:17 PM  
weather sealing experience with K5
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 11
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Salt water is very destructive. I would, at a minimum, wipe down the outside of the body and lens with a damp cloth.
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 12-04-2016, 02:51 PM  
I'm beginning to be paid, what should I upgrade first?
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 42
Views: 2,240
I second Lithedreamer's advice. Better skills will take your further than better gear.

Meanwhile, try to find a good wedding shooter in your area who would allow you to work as a second a few times.

To get to your actual gear question, I'd be looking for a second body right now, just to head off disaster. Then some kind of sexy (i.e. wide aperture) portrait lens with autofocus.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 12-04-2016, 09:48 AM  
weather sealing experience with K5
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 11
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I"d rinse the camera, with lens still mounted, gently under clean water. Then wipe it down, remove lens, battery and card and put everything in a warm place with a slow fan on it for 12 hours or so. You want to get the corrosive salt spray off.

If that doesn't work, you've got problems.
Forum: Pentax Full Frame 11-25-2016, 03:24 PM  
Pentax K-1 as a wedding camera!
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 109
Views: 14,474
I rented a K-1 last summer to try out. Shot one event with it, and had much the same kind of AF lag issues that have been reported here and elsewhere -- much slower than my k-5IIs. It's a cool portrait and landscape camera, but I wouldn't try a wedding with one, at least without a lot of study into how the AF works and practice with it. I've been shooting with Pentax digital for years (K20D, K-7, K-5, K-5IIs) and am very familiar with the brand. Don't know what was going on with the K-1, and didn't have time while I had it in hand to try to find out.
Forum: Pentax K-1 11-22-2016, 02:00 PM  
OOF images.. Scratching my head.
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 23
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I believe SR is turned off automatically when you use a remote.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 11-22-2016, 01:48 PM  
Looking for a first DSLR
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 23
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I'm also a big fan of the K-5/K-5IIs, and own and use one of each. As others have suggested, if you can find a K-7 -- kind of the prototype K-5 -- you can get it for next to nothing. Has most of the K-5 virtues except rough high ISO and slightly worse autofocus. I used it for a couple years, though, and was happy.

With your budget you could afford a K-7 and a lens that's more interesting than the kit lens -- maybe a 21 or 15 Limited, for example.
Forum: Pentax K-5 11-20-2016, 09:13 PM  
New to DSLR
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 19
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The K-5 remains an excellent camera. What lens(es) did you get with it?
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 05-16-2016, 03:37 PM  
Finally converting from film to digital!
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 14
Views: 924
To stay within budget, try a K-5IIs (used for about $400), a Pentax 12-24/4 (used, about $550) and a 50-200 DAL zoom, (used, about $100). Excellent kit. Add in a DAL 35/2.4 (new, $125) to fill that hole in the mid range.

Have fun!
Forum: Pentax K-5 03-11-2016, 05:56 PM  
Red self timer light flashing
Posted By bkpix
Replies: 4
Views: 900
Perhaps a few more details: What camera model? Did you use an external flash? What kind?

And did the camera get wet in any way?
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