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Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 06-02-2018, 08:14 PM  
DA*300 and K1
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 9
Views: 779
Cropped after being shot in FF or in crop mode? I've thought about getting a K-1 as an upgrade to my K-3, but my lens set (including the DA* 300 mm) is very crop-centric.
Forum: Pentax Q 05-02-2018, 08:39 PM  
Pentax Q mount macro extension tubes with Autofocus
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 8
Views: 940
My cheaper "no compromise" option is a third-party adapter with a value-priced M 100mm F4 Macro. Total cost was less than $100.
Forum: Pentax Q 04-03-2018, 02:41 PM  
K mount adapter, focal length input question
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 2
Views: 502
As always, thank you.

Forum: Pentax Q 04-03-2018, 02:24 PM  
K mount adapter, focal length input question
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 2
Views: 502
Quick Q question:

When I use a secondary-market adapter for a Q body, the body asks for the focal length of the lens being used. Do I enter 100 mm, because I'm using a 100 mm lens on the adapter, or 560 mm because of the crop factor?

Bigger question: How would an incorrect entry of the focal length manifest itself?

Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 02-28-2018, 10:12 PM  
Moon over the Mosquitoes
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 7
Views: 380
This is more of a processing challenge -- a photo taken five years ago of the moon illuminating clouds over the Mosquito Range near Leadville, Colo., but reprocessed using Lightroom 6, which I didn't have access to when this image was first created.
Forum: Pentax K-70 01-06-2018, 08:07 PM  
K-70 First Use
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 7
Views: 1,124
Nice work! Question: How was the battery performance? I have been a little underwhelmed when taking the K-70 out in the cold. Also, SSGGeezer, you have to take a trip that way when you get the chance. The north shore highway from Duluth has waterfalls all the way up to the Canadian border.
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 12-17-2017, 11:15 PM  
Chives Nose Dive
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 1
Views: 97
This close-up includes a fan of the flower, too.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 10-02-2017, 09:45 PM  
What would happen if I were to use a crop lens with tc on the K1?
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 18
Views: 1,170
I think the solution is obvious: Pentax needs to make a 0.5x teleconverter for the K1 that would disperse the light from crop lenses onto a full frame sensor. (j/k)
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 08-29-2017, 01:56 PM  
Lens Questions for Iceland Trip. New User
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 35
Views: 2,288
You're going to have lots of fun. Please post a few when you get back! One last thing: If you're not checking these sites often, you should: Home-page - Icelandic Meteorological Office | Icelandic Meteorological office and Vegasjá-ENG
Weather and Traffic!
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 08-23-2017, 03:14 PM  
Contest 2017 Solar Eclipse Challenge!
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 99
Views: 9,469
My favorite so far.

Great enough even to justify being in traffic for 8 hours from Glendo to Denver, I hope!
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 08-21-2017, 11:33 PM  
Contest 2017 Solar Eclipse Challenge!
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 99
Views: 9,469
It was touch and go in central Nebraska for the clouds at totality, but in fact the extra drama gave some perspective to my images.
Forum: Pentax K-3 08-13-2017, 01:59 PM  
K3 ii Atrotracer to shoot the eclipse
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 7
Views: 1,156
I've been trying to figure out on the interval shooting what's the best time interval to get a couple of solar widths between each exposure. What has worked for you all?

Oh, and I'll be in Nebraska a couple hundred miles west of you, Rmagers.
Forum: Photographic Technique 07-06-2017, 10:23 PM  
American solar eclipse 2017
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 34
Views: 3,752
It's been so long since I started the post that my situation on bodies has changed -- for the better!

I'm going to be running a K-3 and a K-70, and am planning to be in the Sandhills north of Ogallala. Just need to scout the best windmill for some foreground for the multi-exposure wide shot. I've driven enough of Nebraska (lived in Scottsbluff and Sidney) to know that wheat harvest will be over and most others won't have started.

Have my sheet of film from Thousand Oaks to use as a filter -- either on a 500 reflector or 55-300 zoom, Life is good. Now just practicing voodoo to get a clear day.

I appreciate those thoughts.

Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 07-03-2017, 10:39 PM  
Lens Questions for Iceland Trip. New User
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 35
Views: 2,288
Some shots in Iceland that made a 10-20 fun: Getting Kirkjufell and Kirkjufell waterfall in the same photo; being close to Geysir and getting the full Geysir in frame; and fun inside and outside Hallgrímskirkja (the tall church in Reykjavik). Everything else I used the DA 35mm F2.4 AL -- and a nice ND filter to slow down the waterfalls. Have fun!
Forum: Pentax K-70 06-19-2017, 09:59 PM  
Wi-Fi Help Needed for a K-70 Novice
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 10
Views: 2,259
When you press the Wi-Fi button, a gray wifi icon should appear in the top right of the LCD (near the battery icon, shake reduction and AE metering icon).

When that is turned on, go to Settings in your iPhone and tap wi-fi. Look on the list for Pentax and then some combo of letters and numbers -- that is it.

If you are in another wi-fi hotspot, it won't automatically correct; however, if you're out and about beyond wi-fi, it should. Your iPhone will note there's no internet connection with the Pentax network. That's OK.

Then, you'll need to open your ImageSync app -- you did download that, right? That is another tricky step. It opens to your camera roll or application. I choose application usually. You'll see your phone's pictures. Swipe to the left. If you're connected, you'll start to see what's on your card. A quick tap opens the image, and you can look through them on the phone screen. A tap on the back arrow and you're back to the grid. When you put your finger on the thumbnail and hold it on the screen for a couple of seconds, choices pop up -- I usually pick the one on the left, which saves the pic to the phone. It takes about 10-15 seconds to transfer a file. Even then, it's a little tricky.

I don't use the remote control function. I've got better tools (a remote, a self-timer, etc.) for that function.

The whole process can be finicky -- I use it a lot, but sometimes it takes a few moments for the camera and phone to shake hands. When done right, you'll have the best Instagram account of all your friends. Note, however, that even the jpg files come in big and can fill a phone pretty quick.

Good luck!
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 06-08-2017, 12:24 AM  
Upgrade from Pentax Kx?
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 32
Views: 2,673
I loved my k-x a lot -- and I loved the fact I could stop in at any store on any vacation and get batteries.

But then I realized I was going to get new batteries -- also a lot. And even with the expensive, $8 for a 4-pack super batteries, I was always having to play the game of shifting them around to squeeze the final few electrons out of them. And once depleted, those batteries were a recycling hassle.

If I could convince you on the battery thing -- and what did it for me was finding an after-market car charger compatible with the Li-ion batteries -- I would also suggest a look at the K-S2. It felt like a natural progression from the k-x; light yet rugged. Also, it's a good bit cheaper than the K-70 now, but has some of the nice features like Wi-Fi and the movable display. Image quality I think is better than the k-50, too.
Forum: Sold Items 05-22-2017, 09:14 PM  
For Sale - Sold: DA 35 f2.4, M 135mm f3.5
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 3
Views: 1,002
pm sent on the grip
Forum: Mini-Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories 04-30-2017, 10:04 PM  
Game Single In May 2017
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 215
Views: 8,774
Gonna try my first daily single challenge of my life. I'm nervous so I'm going to play it safe with my DA 35mm F2.8 Macro.

I am looking forward to the challenge of just getting out of the house/office to see more of the outside world.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 04-29-2017, 11:29 PM  
New B&H catalog changes.
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 25
Views: 1,978
I thought the article about medium format on the pages right after the Pentax bodies was interesting.
(Oh, I just read my post again and realized I'm the dork who reads the catalog for the articles ...)
Forum: Sold Items 04-29-2017, 11:23 PM  
For Sale - Sold: SMC Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 6
Views: 1,115
Four lenses sold; a bump for one more: SMC Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL
Forum: Sold Items 04-20-2017, 03:40 PM  
For Sale - Sold: SMC Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 6
Views: 1,115
Update: Nothing is final, but people have spoken initially for the 50s, 50-200 and 100-300. Will update as things progress.
Forum: Sold Items 04-20-2017, 11:17 AM  
For Sale - Sold: SMC Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 6
Views: 1,115 Marketplace Listing

Item for Sale
Student lens blowout

Asking Price
60.00 USD

Item Location
Colorado (United States)

Item Description
I have moved from these consumer-grade lenses to more "enthusiast" models, so these don't make it onto my camera anymore. These would be great for someone looking to expand beyond the kit lens at a low price. In fact, that's what these lenses were for me, for the most part. Both caps for each.

SMC Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL: $60. Bought new, light dust, but none inside the lens that I can see.
SMC Pentax-DA 50mm F1.8: $50. Bought new, light dust but none inside the lens that I can see. (Sold)
SMC Pentax-DA 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR: $60. Bought "new" off eBay (not a store). Light dust but none inside the lens that I can see. (Sold)
SMC Pentax-FA 100-300mm F4.5-5.6: $20. Bought used. Was a workhorse for me at one time, lots of wear but clean optics. Sold.
SMC Pentax-A 50mm F2. $10. Given to me. Looks clean, but it's never been in my rotation.(Sold)
Tokina AT-X 352 35-200mm f3.5-4.5. $10. Given to me. When I look closely at the glass, there seems to be tiny bubbling but doesn't affect IQ. Has a macro function.

Are you the original owner of the item being sold?

Are you selling or trading this item?

Item Condition (Key)

Shipping Destinations
North America

Shipping Charge

Shipping Services

Accepted Payment Types

Return Policy & Additional Details
Returns only if item was obviously not what you thought you were ordering.

Please send me a private message if interested in the item!
Forum: General Photography 03-31-2017, 11:11 PM  
Las Vegas Pentax Flashes?
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 14
Views: 951
There was a hole-in-the-wall shop just north of the MGM and across from New York New York where I got my first glimpse of the K-01 a few years back. Google street view shows it's still open, but I don't see any Pentax gear in the limited view. Camera Zone, 3767 S Las Vegas Blvd.
And this place looks like it might have something generic or could give you the lay of the land:B&C Camera, 4511 W. Sahara Ave

The other thing about B&C is that they offer rental gear, so you might not have to buy something you don't want long term.
Forum: General Photography 03-13-2017, 03:20 PM  
Phoenix Pentax shopping?
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 6
Views: 756
True, and those might fill all of my Nikon or Canon needs, if I had them. But finding Pentax-equipped stores isn't a given, and the website regarding authorized dealers is often behind.
Forum: General Photography 03-13-2017, 02:39 PM  
Phoenix Pentax shopping?
Posted By NoCo Pentaxian
Replies: 6
Views: 756
I'm taking a quick trip from a Pentax desert (no retail outlets anywhere) to the real desert, Phoenix. Are there any retail outlets anymore, or better yet, places where one might find a secondhand lens or two?
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