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Forum: Pentax KP 06-21-2019, 04:30 AM  
Some backyard shots with KP, Tamron 90mm macro, Pentax HD55-300
Posted By tljensen
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Here is one of a series captured at Lupine Meadows in the Grand Teton National Park in 2018. Pentax KP, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens. Oh, Teton National Park is in my back yard.
Forum: Pentax KP 05-29-2019, 09:41 PM  
KP and 16-85
Posted By tljensen
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My other lenses are a 10-20 Sigma 3.5, a Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro and a Pentax 55-300 PLM. So I have the entire range covered, but I keep the 16-85 on when not using the others for a specific purpose. The Tamron is a great macro lens, and is also very sharp as a telephoto.The Sigma 10-20 is good for indoor architecture, landscapes where the foreground is a significant element, and is somewhat useful for telephotography. I am starting t warm up more to the 55-300 as a wildlife lens, I have some pretty good shots, some better than my Nikon 200-500 simply because is easier to handle. As for grips, I put the big grip on, got used to it and never looked back. Because of some limited hand movement from an injury the larger grip works better for me, and the lightweight of the entire KP setup, much easier to handle than the Nikon counterpart.
Forum: Pentax KP 05-27-2019, 05:14 AM  
KP and 16-85
Posted By tljensen
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Its a perfect match! My 16-85 is exceptionally sharp and handles well. It was the first lens I bought after I received my KP and have no regrets. Its on my camera 90% of the time.
Forum: Pentax KP 05-14-2019, 10:12 PM  
Small issue with back-button focus
Posted By tljensen
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I tried back button focus on my KP for a few months but never really warmed up to it. Instead I reprogrammed it for back button exposure lock. For me, that's more usable. If there is an area that is getting blown out, like the light area of a cloud, then I simply point to the blown out area, hit the back button, then go back to the subject. An other use is to set the exposure on the subject then move the camera so the subject is not in the center of the image. Hitting the back AE button presents a "star" in the view finder so you know when it has locked exposure. Hit it again and the camera returns to normal. Both my KP and D750 are now set up this way and I find it much more useful than back button focus.
Forum: Pentax KP 05-14-2019, 11:13 AM  
Post Your Best KP Shots
Posted By tljensen
Replies: 1,242
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Here is a photo taken with my KP and a JC Penny 135mm f/2.8 lens. Photo was taken indoors with natural light. Bokeh totally blended the detail of the wall just a few feet behind the flower.
Forum: Pentax KP 05-14-2019, 11:06 AM  
Post Your Best KP Shots
Posted By tljensen
Replies: 1,242
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Here are two held held shots taken with KP and 55-300mm PLM. Trumpeter Swan is 1/1000 sec f/7.1, ISO-320. Moon, which s very bright, is 1/250, f/11, ISO-640, exposure compensation -1.7.
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 04-05-2019, 02:46 AM  
Acceleration Chip (K1mkII, KP and K70) - What's the Difference
Posted By tljensen
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Pentax is not alone. Look at "" to compare dynamic range of image sensors vs ISO for just about any camera. The Pentax K70, KP, and K1 II have a significant bump in the curve around ISO 640, older models do not. That tells me that amplifier/filter stages are being switched for different ISO settings. Similar bumps appear for the newer Sonys, Ricoh GR-III, Nikon D850, Z6, and Z7, but older Nikon models do not have the bump. It appears Pentax is switching in more gain than others to amplify low level signals at higher ISO settings, and that is what extends the apparent ISO sensitivity. I say apparent because it is pretty useless at the highest claimed ISO capability. This staged amplification seems to be a recent development that probably came from the sensor manufacturer, Sony, and that is why there is probably only one engineer at Pentax that really knows what is going on, and Ricoh won't let him talk to the public.
I found the photonstophotos,net site while searching to find a reason why there appeared to be less noise on my KP at ISO 640 vs. ISO 400. As far as I can tell from the curves, and my own shooting experience, there is virtually no difference in dynamic range and noise at ISO 100 or ISO 640, so 640 is my new floor for low light shooting.
Forum: Pentax KP 04-05-2019, 01:52 AM  
What lenses do you use on your KP?
Posted By tljensen
Replies: 28
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I have the Sigma 10-20 f/3.5, Pentax 16-85, Pentax 55-300 PLM, and Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro. These all fit nicely in my small Lowpro Flipside bag with room to spare. I have found the 16-85 is sharper than any of my vintage 50mm or 28mm or M42 lenses, so they are seldom used. The 16-85 is always on my camera unless I need to the specific capabilities of the others. The Tamron 90mm macro is excellent, very sharp. I am still trying to love the 55-300 PLM and the Sigma 10-20, not there yet. The bag has met the goal of being small, its always with me. My other system is the much bulkier Nikon D750 with a complement of heavy lenses and extra baggage to pack big lenses, too much.
Forum: Pentax KP 04-05-2019, 01:14 AM  
KP and Tamron 90mm macro
Posted By tljensen
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I have the same (272E?) lens for my KP, it is excellent, always in my bag or on my camera. As you mentioned the ring is narrow and hard to grip. I leave the ring in the A position and use the front dial on the KP to select aperture. My fingers must be smaller, I can press the tiny button on top of the ring to move it out of the A position, then it can be gripped and rotated from the sides, and it can be rotated back in to the A position without pressing the tiny button. But the camera will not know what the aperture setting is. You can also take aperture ring out of the A position before mounting it on the camera. To answer the other part of your question, I don't know why one would ever need to do that, unless you just wanted to make sure the aperture did not change. Sometimes as I am fiddling with the knobs and settings, then go back to take a shot all of my previous exposure settings have changed, so fixing the aperture would be one less variable that could change. (I am stretching here for a reason to do so.)
Forum: Pentax DSLR Discussion 01-21-2019, 05:05 PM  
Extremely low temperatures : What to expect and how to counter-balance it?
Posted By tljensen
Replies: 75
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Here is a suggestion for dew-proofing or frost proofing the front of the lens:

You Tube

If the link stops working, it basically says: use a lens hood to keep dew from falling on the lens; use hand warmers wrapped around the lens hood to keep it frost free; or use a fan, assuming you have power.

Other than that, I keep my camera and lenses in the bag until they have acclimated, especially coming inside when the camera and lens surface temperatures are below freezing, allow extra time for this. Warm up slowly.

For portable power I have a Stanely FATMAX power station that has two AC outlets, and two USB charging ports. (It can also start cars with dead batteries and inflate soccer balls.) I use this as a power source when using my KP, K5, Nikon D750, or Celestron telescope. Get an AC adapter for your K3 and plug it into the power station. I can run all night long without fear of losing power.
Forum: Photographic Industry and Professionals 01-13-2019, 04:36 PM  
Fantastic Bird Photos - NY Times
Posted By tljensen
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A related question is us humans. Why do we pursue art at all? From the earliest traces of mankind we find art and jewelry. Why? Why do I mow my lawn or plant flowers or wash my truck? Do we have a connection with a butterfly? Why photography?
Forum: Pentax SLR Lens Discussion 11-05-2018, 08:44 PM  
Recommend me budget 300mm for kid activities
Posted By tljensen
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I have a KP and have been pondering my options for a long lens. My main lens is a 16-85 DA which I love and would like to supplement it with an equal quality long lens that is "sharp", has to be sharp. Most of the reviews for the 55-300 reveal that it is not sharp at 300mm, but may be at other ranges. The older 55-300 is rated 8.4 here on the Pentax forum, and I already have a old Sigma 100-300 DL and a 'Quantaray Tech-10 PF AF (Sigma, yes it is a Sigma) 70-300 f/4-5.6 LDO'. They are rated 8.2 and 8.1 respectively. They both work fine on the KP but I cant decide which one is sharper or better, both are sharpest at F/8, both have taken nice pictures (not excellent but my wife likes them), and both are soft at 300mm. If you want to try a "budget" lens for cheap try one of these to get an idea if you want to spend a lot more for a 55-300 PLM which may be only slightly sharper. Pentax AF performance for sports is not good but the 55-300 PLM would probably the best choice for sports. I think you will find that even if you get a focused image it will not be sharp at 300mm and especially if it is low-light conditions where you need a fast lens. The choices I am considering are the Pentax 60-250 f/4 and the Tamron 70-200 f/2.8. If you are not concerned about low-light then you might also consider the Pentax 18-300 rated 9.0.
My other camera is a Nikon D750 with Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens so I don't really need a long lens for Pentax, except I like shooting with Pentax better. I am keeping Nikon because I do not see Pentax AF catching up any time soon.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 09-27-2018, 02:18 PM  
My KP bag
Posted By tljensen
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Sorry I did not respond to this sooner. I was reviewing this thread and spotted this. As for Pentax vs Nikon vs anybody, I am pretty neutral. Except its in my DNA to be different whether it makes sense or not. So I feel quite comfortable in a room of Cannonites and Nikonites with my Pentax. The Nikon is better for things that move and I am still trying to perfect getting birds in flight. My D750 seems to be one if the best DSLRs in that respect. The KP shooting modes are better than Nikon. This morning I was driving by a pumpkin patch and the sun was just coming up. I stopped and set up the KP on a tripod, selected HDR, 5 steps, 1EV between shots, and a 12-second delay before the first shot. The 12-second delay gave me enough time to walk away from the camera so my shadow would not be seen. I don't know how to do that on the Nikon. I am quite happy with both cameras. But next I long for a Z7, or at least a Z6, or Fuji, and I couldn't go wrong with a K1. I loved the Sony A65 I gave my grandson. I am not waiting around for the fabled K3iii, unless it becomes a reality.
Forum: Sold Items 09-24-2018, 11:59 PM  
For Sale - Sold: Pentax K5 with 18-55 3.5-5.6 AL WR lens, 3 batteries, 2 chargers, and infrared remote
Posted By tljensen
Replies: 0
Views: 413 Marketplace Listing

Item for Sale
Pentax K5 with 18-55 3.5-5.6 AL WR lens, 3 batteries, 2 chargers, and infrared remote

Asking Price
250.00 USD

Item Location
Idaho Falls (United States)

Item Description
Pentax K5 with 18-55 lens and accessories. 2 battery chargers, one Pentax battery and two third party batteries, everything work well. Infrared remote control. Shutter count less than 6000. Shipping will be based on destination. This was my first Pentax and I have now moved up to the a KP. I could easily keep this camera, but I now want to move up to a K1 so I need to sell some stuff.

Are you the original owner of the item being sold?

Are you selling or trading this item?

Item Condition (Key)

Shipping Destinations

Shipping Charge

Shipping Services

Accepted Payment Types

Return Policy & Additional Details
Will accept return if not as described. Buyer must notify seller within 5 days if a return is requested. Buyer must prepay shipping back to seller

Please send me a private message if interested in the item!
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 08-20-2018, 03:04 PM  
My KP bag
Posted By tljensen
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As to my Danish name, my great grandfather was a deck hand aboard a ship that brought immigrants to the US. On his last trip he met the love of his life, they got off the boat and headed west to Wyoming. No Ellis Island as far as I know. He was from Denmark. Several years ago my son had the pleasure of traveling to Denmark, he looked up a related family who gladly gave him a tour.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 08-20-2018, 02:53 PM  
My KP bag
Posted By tljensen
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Here is a photo of the carabiner I have on my two main cameras.. I bought them at an outdoor mountaineering type store. It s OK, except it has released if the strap or camera ring should snag the clip. There are other carabiners and quick release straps that may be more secure but I do not have specific experience with them. I usually shoot without the neck strap.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 08-20-2018, 01:51 PM  
My KP bag
Posted By tljensen
Replies: 15
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The bag is a Lowepro Flipside 300.
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions 08-19-2018, 07:18 PM  
My KP bag
Posted By tljensen
Replies: 15
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Hello! This is my first post so I thought I would share what is in my KP bag. But first I will explain how I got here. A few years my Nikon D600 and bag was stolen, I was using it to photograph some industrial equipment for modification. I needed a cheap capable camera because I was not about to take anything expensive there again. So I got a used K5, I already had some old Pentax manual lenses from a K01 I owned for about 1 week, and I bought a used 18-55 kit lens to go with it. My total all in price was less than $400. I found the K5 much nicer than expected (based on my K01 experience), more than adequate for the job. I eventually did replace the D600 with a D750 because I still had some nice Nikon lenses. I kept the K5 for its size and convenience, and eventually talked myself into a KP. So now I have all three.

Here is my KP bag. Pentax KP, Pentax-DA 18-85 1:3.5-5.6 ED DC WR zoom, Tamron 90mm F/2.8 macro, SMC Pentax-M 50mm F/1.7, and Sigma 100-300 1:4.5-6.7 DL zoom. Accessories include small carabiners to hold the strap on for easy removal, two batteries, large hard case for storing tiny SD memory cards, JJC-TM-PK1 remote and intervalometer, and HQRP AC Adapter. For several months after buying the KP I collected several more lenses at thrift stores, obscure on line auctions, and yard sales. These include the radioactive Takumar 50mm 1.4, M42 adapter, Quantaray (Sigma) zoom, a very sharp JC Penny 135mm F/2.8, Sears, Mamiya, and more Pentax 50mm lenses. Of all the 50mm lenses I like the SMC Pentax-M the best. The Takumar is too soft for me but will keep it for show and tell. The Tamron 90mm macro is the sharpest lens for close up work and I would recommend it for any camera. The Pentax 18-85 is very sharp and my favorite walk around lens. For serious zoom I have my D750 200-500 with 1.4 teleconverter so I will not be looking for quality long lenses for the Pentax, at least for now. Attached is a photo taken with the lowly $15 Sigma 100-300 at 100mm, F8, ISO 1250, 1/3200 sec. I obscured his face.
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