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Forum: Pentax Forums Giveaways 09-07-2016, 05:53 AM  
PF 10th Anniversary - Pentax K-50 1-Day Giveaway! - Entries closed, winner announced.
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 1,825
Views: 81,455
Count me interested as well.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 09-22-2015, 08:09 AM  
Wondering if anyone knows about Elmo gs-1200
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 4
Views: 959
You might want to check this site:
Elmo GS 1200 Projector - Super8wiki

It appears that this is a line of movie projectors that are designed to play movies in Super8 format with the capacity to play a magnetically taped soundtrack at the same time.
Most models are also able to record a magnetically taped soundtrack onto Super8 film.

A little browsing should allow you to find out what you want to know.

Best wishes,
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 08-11-2015, 02:40 PM  
Project 52 52-7-30- Perpestive - HDR (High Dynamic Range images)
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 20
Views: 4,488
Just to let you know - I am not going to be able to judge this competition. I have asked last week's runner-up, Scomatic, to do the honors.

Best wishes to all of you.
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 08-11-2015, 10:55 AM  
Project 52 WINNERS Project 52 52-7-29- Close Up
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 7
Views: 1,344
What a great bunch of pictures!. I feel truly honored to have done so well against stiff competition. Congratulations to Scomatic and Noel for your wonderful photos.
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 08-02-2015, 09:00 AM  
Project 52 52-7-29- Perpestive - Close Up
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 13
Views: 2,978
Taken with SMC Pentax F 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 macro on 70mm macro setting and +2 and +4 close-up filters and Pentax K-x.
The flower has an overall diameter of roughly 2 inches so the field of view here is roughly 1 1/2 inches wide by 1 inch tall.
This was taken handheld which helps explain the ISO of 800 and aperture of f4.5.

IMGP4973 by Bill Mikkelsen, on Flickr
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 07-28-2015, 10:47 AM  
Project 52 52-7-28- Perpestive - Bokeh or Beautiful Blur
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 16
Views: 4,808
Here's a try:

IMGP4603 by Bill Mikkelsen, on Flickr

Taken with my newest lens acquisition, SMC Pentax M 50mm f4 macro at f8, 1/80 sec, ISO 200 on Pentax K-x.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 07-10-2015, 05:12 PM  
K-x shutter issue
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 4
Views: 1,075
I once ran into trouble with my K-x with some photos that were only partially exposed, which sounds like it might be somewhat similar to the problem you describe. In that case the issue was very weak batteries. If you have not tried this, you might try changing the batteries.

If changing to fresh batteries does not help, you might try posting one or more of your images that demonstrates the problems you are having. That might lead to a quicker diagnosis of your problem.

Best wishes,
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 06-01-2015, 08:28 AM  
Caption Contest Caption Contest 1-7 June 2015
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 12
Views: 1,485
Barry the Photographic Parakeet took pixel peeping to a new level.
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 05-15-2015, 07:20 AM  
Weekly Challenge Caption Contest May 13 - 20
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 10
Views: 1,410
After overhearing his older sister's description of a date, Little Bobby wanted to find out what his sister's words meant.
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 05-03-2015, 05:38 PM  
Filling with empties
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 23
Views: 1,689
Very nice and effective design.
Forum: Winners' Showcase 05-03-2015, 05:36 PM  
April, 2015: Runner-up: Crane Surprise
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 39
Views: 3,373
Wonderful color, composition and detail.
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 05-03-2015, 05:34 PM  
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 8
Views: 524
Nominated. Great design with simple parts, great use of negative space, and an aura of mystery.
Forum: Winners' Showcase 05-03-2015, 05:31 PM  
April, 2015: Poppies in the Magic
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 27
Views: 3,869
Nominated. Great shot!
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-25-2015, 08:27 PM  
Caption Contest April 19 to April 26 2015
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 11
Views: 1,577
Truth is that it was Rover who had the interest in Fine Art and thankfully he was paired with a companion person named Bubba who indulged that interest by taking Rover to art museums and galleries and even holding Rover up so he could better take in the art, even though Bubba himself was color-blind and did not much care for art in any case. Such are the vicissitudes of canine-human companionship.
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 04-24-2015, 08:49 AM  
K-X exposure time issue
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 4
Views: 1,153
I'm not quite sure what you mean (I know that this was originally my suggestion and I was not specific), when you speak of the "'slowest' shutter speed that works." In your original post you reported being able to take pictures in dark settings but not in bright settings. That suggests to me that you are able to take photos at slower shutter speeds but not at faster shutter speeds and that 1/1600 would seem to be more likely the fastest shutter speed that works, but that you get under exposed pictures at that speed.

I assume you were trying this in shutter priority mode so that the camera's only options for adjusting exposure (if it needs adjusting) is to change the lens aperture and/or the ISO setting. The lens aperture cannot open wider than it's widest setting (which on the 18-55mm kit lens will be between 3.5 - at 18mm - to 5.6 - at 55mm) and the ISO setting can only be changed by the camera if you have auto-ISO enabled, and then it will only vary between the ISO range you specify. So it is possible that this under-exposed photo was under exposed at 1/1600 was under exposed because the camera had reached its widest aperture setting and highest specified ISO. In that case you could always try a higher ISO setting. However, you should have gotten an exposure warning in the form of a blinking light on the EV display on both the view finder and status screen. This can be overlooked (I've done so several times myself).

I do not think the light sensor is at fault because you report that the camera will take photos in dark settings but not in bright settings, and also it appears to determine a correct exposure in bright settings but then the camera refuses to take the photo (but it will in dark settings). This suggests to me that the sensor itself seems unlikely to be at fault. However, if you are certain that you do NOT get an exposure warning in a situation such as the one you suggest in your example of the 1/1600 photo, then that might lead me to reconsider the sensor as being at fault.

If the shutter were somehow at fault (since it is refusing to take the photo), it does not make sense that the shutter will work in some situations and not in others.

It could be that your problems might be related to some obscure settings somewhere (such as having to do with white balance, custom image settings, dynamic range) or to some electronic or mechanical problem (since you have already re-installed the firmware, we will assume that the firmware is not at issue here). However, I am at a loss as how to best proceed.

Perhaps someone else has better insight into this.

I'll continue to think about this but I am not optimistic. If you do have more information to add, please feel free to post it.

Best wishes,
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-21-2015, 08:10 PM  
Caption Contest Week of April 13-April 19, 2015
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 13
Views: 1,851
I apologize for having lost track of time here.
This contest is now closed.
Thank you all for your participation.
Based on your votes, Arnold is the winner of this round.
Congratulations, Arnold.

My own caption here might have been: You can tell by it's attitude that this tree is a sassy-fras!
Forum: Troubleshooting and Beginner Help 04-19-2015, 10:32 AM  
K-X exposure time issue
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 4
Views: 1,153
I am a K-x user of nearly 5 years myself. I do not think that I've ever had this issue myself.

I do know some things I might check out if I did have this problem. You may well have tried these, but I will post them here in the hope that perhaps one or more of these questions will either help you directly or else help someone more knowledgeable better understand your problem. I apologize in advance if these seem too basic. If it does, this is a reflection of my limited understanding and experience and does not reflect any presumption regarding your own knowledge and skills.

Does this occur when the camera and lens are in manual focus mode?

Does this occur with more than one lens? If this is occurring with an older lens, have you made sure that the aperture ring is set to A and/or that your C Custom Setting for permitting the use of the Aperture Ring (C Custom Setting 4, 22) is set to "permitted"?

If you switch the camera to shutter priority mode can you determine either the slowest shutter speed that will take a picture or the fastest shutter speed that will not take a picture?

When you say the camera will not take a photo in bright situations, do you mean that there is no file created on your SD card (as opposed to creating a blank white image or a blank black image)?

Have you checked your ISO and/or exposure compensation (EV) settings to make sure that these are not contributing to the problem?

Best wishes,
Forum: Monthly Photo Contests 04-18-2015, 04:43 PM  
Azalea stamens
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 0
Views: 570
Although the EXIF shows that this photo was taken with a 50mm lens, my recollection was that it was taken with my Pentax M 28mm f2.8 on a 12mm extension tube. I have reason to doubt that the EXIF shutter speed reading of 1/4000 of a second is accurate either. The aperture reading is my personal guesstimate.

IMGP9232-Edit-Edit by whmik49, on Flickr
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-18-2015, 12:51 PM  
Weekly Challenge Weekly Challenge #322 - Leaf Peeping
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 41
Views: 5,128
Leaf in Mid-Winter by whmik49, on Flickr
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-18-2015, 06:51 AM  
Caption Contest Week of April 13-April 19, 2015
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 13
Views: 1,851
Great entries so far, but there's still time for more entries.

And, as we in the USA will be hearing increasingly more often over the next 18 months or so, "DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!"
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-17-2015, 05:10 PM  
Project 52 WINNERS - 52-7-14-Landscape - Peaceful
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 7
Views: 1,292
Congratulations to Scomatic for a photo that looked like it had "winner" written all over it. Congratulations to Noel for taking 2nd place and thank you Helena for your clear and specific comments and judging, and for third place honors. Interesting entries this week.
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-13-2015, 08:06 AM  
Weekly Challenge #321 - Something's Wrong
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 26
Views: 3,123
On the lighter side, I will submit this, which is an homage to a famous painting by the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte. His image was titled "The Treachery of Images" (well, actually "La trahison des images", which is the title in the original French). For more on Magritte's image see: The Treachery of Images - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I've titled my photo "The Treachery of Doors", because it brings Magritte's piece to mind. As for the actual door, I am sure there is a story there somewhere ...
IMGP0227 by whmik49, on Flickr
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-13-2015, 07:43 AM  
Weekly Challenge Caption Contest: April 6-12, 2015
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 14
Views: 1,494
Thanks Stu for the challenge and for the vote of confidence.

Next week's caption challenge is posted here:

Good luck to all.
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-13-2015, 07:41 AM  
Caption Contest Week of April 13-April 19, 2015
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 13
Views: 1,851
This contest will go from now through Sunday, April 19, 2015. I will try to declare the winner on April 20.

Submissions can be in any written form (no video or audio files) — caption, limerick, motivational, poem or prose — whatever inspires you to describe the photo or catch attention. Submit by replying to the thread.

Contestants may submit more than one entry but it must be in a separate post.

Important: Even if you do not submit an entry, please “like” any posts you feel deserve it as this is how the winner is chosen!

The "thread starter" is the moderator and must post an original photo at the start of the thread.

In case of a tie the moderator will choose one to break the tie. The winner of that contest will be notified ASAP after marking by the current Thread Starter/Contest Host and will become responsible for posting the next original work to be captioned.

Enter often, vote more often. and most important: Have fun !

Read more at:

IMGP8328 by whmik49, on Flickr
Forum: Weekly Photo Challenges 04-12-2015, 05:48 PM  
Project 52 52-7-13-Landscape - Peaceful
Posted By Bill2849
Replies: 15
Views: 2,424
This is a peaceful scene from one of my favorite nearby spots.

IMGP3532 by whmik49, on Flickr
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